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Major Accessions to Repositories 1997 relating to Science

National, Special and University

Aberdeen University Library

  • George Dunnett, professor of zoology: papers 1971-91 (3541)

Cambridge University Library

  • Charles Darwin (1809-82), naturalist: letters to Daniel Oliver, HW Bates and Lady Dorothy Nevill (DAR 185)
  • Thomas Firminger (1775-1861), assistant to Astronomer Royal: letters (Add 8856/317-20)
  • Thomas Martin (1697-1771), antiquary: commonplace book mostly rel to science (Add 9421)
  • Peter Dennis Mitchell (1920-92), biochemist: corresp and papers (PD Mitchell papers)
  • Augustus de Morgan (1806-71), mathematician: letters to William Hepworth Dixon, historian (Add 9428)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • William Ernest Burcham, scientist: papers rel to Sir John Cockroft and the Cavendish Laboratory (BCHM)
  • Sir John Douglas Cockroft (1897-1967), nuclear physicist (addnl): personal and scientific papers (CKFT)
  • Thomas Graeme Nelson Haldane (1897-1981), scientist (addnl): papers rel to service in the Royal Navy (TGNH)
  • Alexander Robertus Todd, Baron Todd (1907-97), scientist (addnl): professional papers (TODD/closed)

Dundee University Library, Archives and Manuscripts Department

  • McClean Hydrometric Data Collection: records c1910-50

Edinburgh University Library

  • Alexander Craig Aitken (1895-1967), mathematician: letters (E97.57)
  • William Cullen (1710-90), physician: lectures on chemistry and pharmacy (MS 3143)

The Institution of Civil Engineers

  • JH Ellinger, civil engineer: misc papers 1935-82
  • Sir John Fowler Bt (1817-99), engineer: papers
  • Thomas Telford (1757-1834), civil engineer: corresp with Little family
  • Stoyer & Adcock, consulting engineers, London: records 1913-86

The Institution of Electrical Engineers

  • Maria Herries: notes on lectures by Michael Faraday 1835-36 (SC Mss 152)
  • Sir Walter Puckey (1899-1983), engineer: misc papers (NAEST 146)
  • Dr Hans Gerhard Lubszynski (d1997): technical papers (NAEST 147)

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

  • George Stephen Elfer (1916-97), engineer: diaries and papers (Acc 967)
  • Edward Joseph Crooks (1877-1951), engineer: corresp and papers (IMS.280)

Public Record Office

  • Medical Research Council (addnl): files 1913-96 incl committee and working party records (FD 1, FD 5, FD 7, FD 9-13, FD 21, FD 23)
  • Medical Research Council, committee on protection against ionising radiation: minutes and papers 1951 (FD 14)
  • Medical Research Council, neurobiology and mental health board (addnl): minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 17)
  • Medical Research Council, cell biology and disorders board (addnl): minutes and papers 1987-89 (FD 18)
  • Medical Research Council, physiological systems and disorders board (addnl): minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 19)
  • Medical Research Council, tropical medicine research board (addnl): minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 20)
  • Medical Research Council, Clinical Research Centre: papers 1959-94 (FD 24)

Royal Botanic Gardens

  • John William Purseglove (1912-91), tropical crop specialist: papers rel to plant collecting in Uganda and south east Asia
  • Colin G Trapnell: botanical and agricultural papers incl notebooks, diaries and photographs rel to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Southern Africa 1926-70
  • Philip John Owen Trist (1908-96): corresp with Dr CE Hubbard rel to grasses

Science Museum Library

  • William Bayley: volume rel to navigational and astronomical problems 1781 (MS 424)
  • John A Chaldecott, Science Museum: papers rel to scientific instrument makers (ARCH:CHAL)
  • Sir William Crookes (1832-1919), chemist and editor of Chemical News: laboratory books and letters to CH Gimingham, his laboratory assistant (MS 408-10)
  • British Dyestuffs Corporation Ltd: papers rel to experiments with Kromoline 1927-28 (MS 2004)
  • Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and Natural Environment Research Council: papers incl minutes of hydrological research committee 1959-68 (ARCH:CHR)

University of Sheffield Library, Special Collections and Archives

  • Harold Thomas Swan, haematologist: papers rel to clinical use of penicillin (MS 185)

University College London, Manuscripts Room

  • Ernest Hubert Francis Baldwin (1909-69), biochemist: corresp and papers (BALDWIN PAPERS)
  • Sir Roy Cameron (1899-1966), pathologist (addnl): diaries, corresp and papers (CAMERON PAPERS)
  • John Burford Carlill (1814-74), physician: papers (A605)
  • Reginald Edmunds Gibbs (1898-1997), physicist: papers (A615)
  • Institute of Archaeology, University College London: records and manuscript collections incl corresp of Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1853-1942), Egyptologist, and diaries of Frederick Everard Zeuner (1905-63), archaeologist (A611)
  • Department of Statistical Science, University College London: papers rel to Karl Pearson, mathematician and biologist, 1912-58 (A616)

Local Repositories in England

Berkshire Record Office

  • Reading Literary and Scientific Society: minutes and records 1878-1929 (D/EX1432)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Weather diaries rel to Totteridge, Barnet, Hitchin and Potters Bar 1940-79 (Acc 3267)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • Christopher Holmes: meteorological diaries 1980-87 (4300)

Tameside Local Studies Library

  • Stamford Park: weather reports 1888-1970 (Acc 2728)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees

  • Frank Bonser of Deighton: diaries rel to local events and weather 1977-91 (KC854)