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Major Accessions to Repositories 1997 relating to Medicine

National, Special and University

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • John Lowe, physician to Edward VIII: corresp

Dundee University Library, Archives and Manuscripts Department

  • Tayside Health Board (addnl): records rel to Dundee Royal Infirmary, Dundee Convalescent Home, Dundee Dental Hospital and Maryfield Hospital

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections Department

  • John Gregory (1724-73), professor of medicine: lectures on the practice of physic (97.44)

Glasgow University Archives and Business Record Centre

  • Malcolm Davison, clinical physicist: teaching notes 20th cent (HB97)
  • Sir Norman Roy Grist, professor of infectious diseases (addnl): files 1957-89 (HB63)
  • Bernard Isaacs, geriatrician: memoirs of Foresthall Hospital, Glasgow 1958-64 (HB99)
  • Robert Thin Craig Robertson (1845-1920), ships surgeon: diary of voyage around South America 1871 (HB98)
  • Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow: ward journals and venereal disease patient statistics 20th cent (HB65)
  • Gartnavel Royal Hospital, Glasgow: minutes and papers 1962-86 (HB13)
  • Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital: minutes and registers 1834-1974 (HB45)
  • Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow: scarlet fever ward notebooks 1911-20 (HB42)
  • Stoneygates Hospital, Glasgow: corresp and papers rel to deceased and discharged patients 1950-59 (HB20)
  • Woodilee Hospital, Glasgow: records and architects drawings c1924-61 (HB30)

Glasgow University Library

  • Ronald David Laing (b1927), psychiatrist: diaries, corresp, case notes and papers (MS Laing)

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Surgeon Captain Brian R Alderson RN (addnl): papers rel to service 1939-40
  • Sir Cuthbert Sprawson (1877-1956), Director General of the Indian Medical Service: memoir rel to career

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Miss Winifred Seymour, nursing orderly: diaries rel to service in Salonika 1915-16

University of Liverpool, Department of Special Collections and Archives

  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine: records 20th cent (D. 745)

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • William Menzies, surgeon, Rannoch: family corresp 1812-52 (Acc 11488)

Public Record Office

  • Medical Research Council (addnl): files 1913-96 incl committee and working party records (FD 1, FD 5, FD 7, FD 9-13, FD 21, FD 23)
  • Medical Research Council, committee on protection against ionising radiation: minutes and papers 1951 (FD 14)
  • Medical Research Council, neurobiology and mental health board (addnl): minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 17)
  • Medical Research Council, cell biology and disorders board (addnl): minutes and papers 1987-89 (FD 18)
  • Medical Research Council, physiological systems and disorders board (addnl): minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 19)
  • Medical Research Council, tropical medicine research board (addnl): minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 20)
  • Medical Research Council, Clinical Research Centre: papers 1959-94 (FD 24)
  • Medical Research Council, health services research panel and committee, and health services and public health research board: minutes and papers 1981-89 (FD 25)

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Sir Astley Paston Cooper Bt (1768-1841), surgeon: letters
  • Sir James Patterson Ross (1895-1980), surgeon: diary
  • American College of Surgeons: notes on a meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1954

Scottish Record Office

  • National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting for Scotland: minutes and papers 1995 (NM12-13)

University of Sheffield Library, Special Collections and Archives

  • Harold Thomas Swan, haematologist: papers rel to clinical use of penicillin (MS 185)

University College London, Manuscripts Room

  • Sir Roy Cameron (1899-1966), pathologist (addnl): diaries, corresp and papers (CAMERON PAPERS)
  • John Burford Carlill (1814-74), physician: papers (A605)
  • University College Hospital: records and photographs 1880-1989 (UCH ARCHIVES)

Warwick University Modern Records Centre

  • Margaret Stacey, professor of sociology (addnl): papers rel to General Medical Council 1976-84 (MSS.184)
  • Medical Staff Association (addnl): minutes 1909-70 (MSS.37/MS)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, Department of Western Manuscripts

  • Alfred Bowyer Barton (1825-1905), surgeon: journal and sketches of Yangtse expedition (acc 350792)
  • Katherine Harman, medical inspector (education) London County Council: travel journal of British Medical Association world tour 1935 (MS 7394)
  • Charles McIvhor Goyder, surgeon, Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne: casebook 1879-81 (MS 7393)
  • John William Mudge (1817-86), surgeon: journal rel to Burma, southern India and Ceylon (MS 7454)
  • William Oldham, hatter, London: commonplace book rel to philosophy and mesmerism 1828-39 (MS 7299)
  • James Patterson, teacher at the Manchester Deaf and Dumb Institution: diary 1858-59 (MSS 7352-7353)
  • Charles Irving Smith (1809-71), surgeon: commonplace book rel to Bangalore, India (MS 7367)
  • James Mann Williamson, doctor, Ventnor: casebooks 1883-1900 (acc 350744)
  • John Harley, dispensing chemists, London: prescription books 1885-1926 (acc 350774)
  • Thomas Morson & Son Ltd, manufacturing chemists, London (addnl): records incl photographs, late 19th-20th cent (SA/MOR)
  • Apothecary, West Riding of Yorkshire: account book 1703-10 (MS 7500)
  • Medical practitioner, Scotland: casebook 1726-28 (MS 7501)
  • Medical recipe books 17th-19th cent (MSS 7365-7366)
  • Veterinary recipe books 19th cent (MSS 7455-7459)
  • Edinburgh Royal Infirmary: students notes of cases 1805-06 (MS 7410)
  • Notebook of medical lectures 1820-29 (acc 350779)

Contemporary Medical Archives Centre, Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine

  • Dr Leigh Ashton, medical missionary: papers rel to smallpox epidemic, Kenya 1945 (GC/195)
  • Sir William Bayliss (1860-1924), physiologist: corresp and papers (GC/223)
  • Carlos Paton Blacker (1860-1975), psychologist, general secretary of Eugenics Society (addnl): corresp and papers (PP/CPB)
  • Donald Blacklock (1879-1953), professor of tropical medicine: corresp and papers rel to malaria control in West Africa (GC/215)
  • Katharina Dalton, gynaecologist: records rel to Palmers Green practice 1950-69
  • Mary Louisa Drabble (1900-72), general practitioner: personal papers (GC/227)
  • Sir Charles Fletcher (1911-95), epidemiologist: papers (PP/CMF)
  • Sir John Gaddum (1900-65), pharmacologist: corresp and papers (GC/213)
  • Henry Greenberg: papers rel to Richard Hunter (1923-81) and Ida Macalpine (1899-1974), psychiatrists and historians (GC/218)
  • Harold Burnett Hewitt, cancer researcher: memoir (typescript) (GC/222)
  • Surgeon Captain Montague Henry Knapp (1867-1952) (addnl): papers (GC/85)
  • John Stewart Lawrence: records rel to arthritis
  • Henry MacIlwain (1912-92), biochemist and neurochemist: personal and working papers (PP/MCI)
  • Florence Fenwick Miller (1854-1935), pioneer medical woman: autobiography (typescript) (GC/228)
  • Frederick Murgatroyd (1902-51), Wellcome professor of tropical medicine (addnl): corresp (GC/27)
  • Dorothea Clara Nasmyth (1879-1967), general practitioner: diary during World War I (typescript) (GC/219)
  • Patrick Quinn, general practitioner: records rel to practice in New Cross, London 1918-33 (GP/30)
  • Jack M Small: papers rel to Midland Centre for Neurosurgery, Smethwick 20th cent (GC/229)
  • Robert J Stout, anaesthetist: pathologies and notes rel to administration of anaesthesia (GC/226)
  • Professor Tadeus Reichstein: corresp rel to isolation of elecrocorcin 1952-59 (GC/224)
  • Harrods store, London, pharmacy department: prescription registers 1935-77 (GC/214)
  • British Association of Occupational Therapists: records 1936-97 (SA/BAO)
  • British Society of Gastroenterology (addnl): minutes and files 1972-96 (SA/BSG)
  • Group Analytic Society (addnl): minutes, corresp and papers 1970-96 (SA/GAS)
  • International Academy of the History of Medicine: records 1963-73 (SA/IAH)
  • Medical Research Council, Infant Malnutrition Research Unit, Uganda: notebooks and microfilm 1960-67 (GC/212)
  • Medical Womens Federation (addnl): minutes of the London Association of Registered Medical Women and of the Overseas and Northampton Associations c1879-1956 (SA/MWF)
  • Nations Fund for Nurses: minutes and records incl related bodies 1916-80 (SA/NFN)
  • Neonatal Society (addnl): minutes and papers 1959-96 (SA/NNS)
  • Physiological Society (addnl): papers c1979-89 (SA/PHY)
  • Queens Nursing Institute (addnl): records incl papers rel to the Central Council for District Nursing and District Nursing Associations 1921-79 (SA/QNI)
  • Royal College of Pathologists: misc records incl minutes of the Central Penicillin Committee, Leeds
  • Travelling Surgical Society: records 1920-90 (SA/TSS)

Local Repositories in England

Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service

  • Bedford and Fairfield Hospitals: records and plans (HO, LF)

Birmingham City Archives

  • Birmingham Childrens Hospital (addnl): minutes and files 1861-1969 (MS 1439)
  • Birmingham University Hospital (addnl): minutes, operation registers and drawings 20th cent (MS 1942)

Bolton Archive and Local Studies

  • Kearsley District Nursing Association: minutes 1928-47

Bury Archive Service

  • Robinson Kay Home (Northern Counties Hospital for Incurables), Ladies Committee: minute books 1920-77 (GRK)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office

  • Sir Pendrill Charles Varrier-Jones (1883-1941), physician and founder of Papworth Village Settlement (addnl): papers rel to treatment of tuberculosis and management of sanatoria and settlements
  • Flanders, chemists and opticians, Cambridge: prescription and account books 1880-1962
  • North Cambridgeshire Hospital Management Committee: minutes and papers 1953-74
  • North Cambridgeshire (Cottage) Hospital, Wisbech: records 1873-1989

Cheshire Record Office

  • Cranage Hall Hospital: administrative and patient records 1920-80 (NHC 5)

Coventry City Archives

  • Foleshill Aid in Sickness Fund (former Foleshill Nursing Association): minutes, corresp and financial records 1900-90 (PA1991)

Devon Record Office

  • Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital: minutes, registers, files and corresp 1927-89 (5581)
  • Torbay Infirmary and Dispensary: minutes 1840-50 (5555)

North Devon Record Office

  • Boots Co Ltd, pharmaceutical mfrs and retailers, Ilfracombe branch: prescription books 1926-96 (B483)
  • North Devon Infirmary: minutes 1864-91 (B292add10)

Hammersmith and Fulham Archives and Local History Centre

  • West London Hospital (addnl): records

Hampshire Record Office

  • Mount Hospital and Sanatorium, Bishopstoke: records incl patient notes 20th cent (77M97)
  • Park Prewett Hospital, Basingstoke (addnl): records incl case files and plans 1877-1975 (279M87)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • League of Friends of Shenley Hospital: records 1959-97 (Acc 3281)

Hull City Archives

  • Hull Royal Infirmary Nurses League: records (DSBNL)

East Kent Record Office

  • Victoria Home for Invalid Children, Haine Hospital, Ramsgate and Eastry Hospital: records (EK/U1)

Lancashire Record Office

  • R Cunliffe Shaw, doctor, Preston: papers c1880-1973 (DDS)
  • Whittingham Hospital: minutes, patient files and staff records 1870-1996 (HRW)

London Metropolitan Archives

  • Joyce Green Hospital: records rel to small pox 1884-1934 (H48)
  • Friern Hospital: registers 1940-93
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital, institute of ophthalmology: minutes and records 1843-1940
  • Royal Northern Hospital: minutes, registers and plans 1861-1980 (H33/RN)
  • Saint Bernards Hospital, Hanwell: case papers c1974-90 (H11/HLL)
  • Saint Thomas Hospital: committee and teaching papers 1914-80
  • Tooting Bec Hospital: registers 1955-92

Plymouth and West Devon Area Record Office

  • Plymouth NHS Hospitals Trust: birth registers 1957-83 (acc 2213)

Sheffield Archives

  • Middlewood Hospital, Sheffield: records 1873-1995
  • Trent Regional Health Authority: records 1948-74

Southwark Local Studies Library

  • Camberwell House, private mental asylum: deeds incl deeds rel to the Royal Naval School c1790-1920

Staffordshire Record Office

  • Stallington Hall Hospital: records 1920-87 (D5562)

Surrey Record Office

  • Manor and St Ebbas Hospitals, Epsom (addnl): records c1899-1990 (6380, 6390)
  • Netherne Hospital, Coulsdon: records 20th cent (6376)
  • Springfield Hospital, Tooting (Surrey County Asylum): casebooks 1849-1939 (6367)
  • West Park Hospital, Epsom (addnl): records c1920-50 (6366)

East Sussex Record Office

  • J Griffiths Richards, dispensing chemists, ophthalmic opticians and surgical instrument makers, Hastings: records 1868-1951 (ACC 7545)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • Newcastle General Hospital: childrens admission registers 1973-89
  • St Nicholas Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne: records c1886-1993
  • Preston Hospital, North Shields: plans 1964-82
  • Sanderson Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne: records
  • Fountain View Hospital (formerly High Teams Institution), Gateshead: admission registers 1921-67 (H0/FV)
  • Hunters Moor Hospital: list of patients and patients reports c1903-50 (H0/HM)
  • Hebburn Isolation Hospital: admission registers 1936-96

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford

  • Bradford Medico-Chirurgical Society (addnl): records 1874-1923 (4D97)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees

  • Dorothy Wood, health visitor and school nurse, Marsden: papers 1917-96 (KC853)
  • St John Ambulance, Dearne Valley Division: records c1885-1996 (KC872)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds

  • Society of Medical Officers of Health, Yorkshire branch (addnl): minutes and records 1971-81 (4201)

Local Repositories in Wales

Anglesey County Record Office

  • Llangefni sub-district: vaccination register 1890-98 (WM 1785)

Glamorgan Record Office

  • National Health Service, Cardiff, Glamorgan and Merthyr executive councils: minutes 1947-70 (1997/89, 117)

Powys County Archives Office

  • Powys Health Care Trust: records 1920-79 (P/H)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Angus Archives

  • Fyffe-Jamieson Maternity Home: house committee minutes 1938-48 (MS 554)
  • Montrose Infirmary: accounts for provisions and decoration 1855 (MS 528)

North Lanarkshire Archives

  • Dr Lumsden, Airdrie Burgh Medical Officer of Health: papers c1937-92 (U41)

Local Repositories in the Channel Islands

States of Guernsey Island Archives Service

  • J Aikman, doctor: report on St Peter Port Hospital 1876-78