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Major Accessions to Repositories 1997 relating to Art

National, Special and University

Cambridge University Library

  • John Robert Monsell (1877-1952), illustrator: corresp and papers (Add 9437)

Glasgow University Library

  • Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), etcher and surgeon: corresp, papers and artefacts rel to Whistler family (MS Whistler)

The University of Hull, Brynmor Jones Library

  • Louie Burrell (1873-1971), artist: corresp

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Frank Owen Salisbury, historical and ceremonial portrait and landscape painter: corresp rel to portrait of Jack Cornwell VC 1916-18

Kings College Library

  • Roger Fry (1866-1934), art critic and artist (addnl): sketch books (REF)

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • William Skeoch Cumming, painter (addnl): corresp and papers c1894-1900 (Acc 11544)
  • Charles McCall (1907-89), painter: corresp and papers (Acc 11494)
  • Sir Henry Raeburn, painter: corresp and papers rel to financial affairs 1807-18 (Acc 11547)

National Library of Wales, Department of Manuscripts and Records

  • Augustus Edwin John (1878-1961), artist (addnl): corresp (NLW MSS 23508D, 23567D)
  • David Jones (1895-1974), artist and writer (addnl): corresp (NLW MSS 23537E, 23541E, 23559E)

Scottish Record Office

  • Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland: minutes and case files 1961-96 (RF)

Tate Gallery

  • Maxwell A Armfield (1881-1972), painter and designer: corresp and papers (TGA976)
  • John Dodgson (1890-1969), painter: sketch books (TGA972)
  • Alan Durst (1883-1970), sculptor: corresp and papers (TGA973)
  • George Fuller, artist: corresp 1965-87 (TGA9716)
  • Barbara Ker-Seymer, artist: corresp and papers 1925-81 (TGA974)
  • Bernard Meninsky (1891-1950), painter: drawings (TGA9715)
  • EQ Nicholson (1908-92), painter and designer: corresp and papers (TGA977)
  • Glyn Philpot (1884-1937), painter and sculptor: corresp and papers (TGA9714)
  • Patrick Symons (b1925), painter: corresp and papers (TGA9711)
  • Roland, Browse & Delbanco Gallery, London: business records 1944-82 (TGA975)
  • Edward Totah Gallery, London: records 1979-91 (TGA978)
  • British Council: administrative records rel to Visual Arts 1936-67 (TGA9712)
  • Contemporary Art Society (addnl): records 1946-90 (TGA979)

University College London, Manuscripts Room

  • Slade School of Fine Art, University College London: records 1868-1995 (SLADE ARCHIVE)

Victoria and Albert Museum, National Art Library, Archive of Art and Design

  • Antoni and Alison, fashion designers: papers c1983-97 (AAD/1997/20)
  • George Gamon Adams (1821-98), sculptor: papers (AAD/1997/12)
  • Ervin Bossanyi, painter and stained glass artist (addnl): cartoons and designs c1924-70 (AAD/1997/11)
  • Loulou Brown, fashion illustrator: papers 1916-50 (AAD/1997/10)
  • Eric Fraser(1902-83), graphic artist and illustrator: papers (AAD/1997/16)
  • George Him, graphic designer: papers c1920-82 (AAD/1997/19)
  • Vera Law, calligrapher and gilder: papers 1923-68 (AAD/1997/5)
  • Mark Luka, fashion designer: papers 1919-71 (AAD/1997/6)
  • Rosamonde Nairac, ceramic and tableware designer: papers 1963-92 (AAD/1997/3)
  • Harold Shelton, artist and principal of Hornsey College of Art: papers c1940-89 (AAD/1997/9)
  • Birgit Skiold (1923-82), printer and founder of the Print Studio: papers (AAD/1997/18)
  • Cadogan Press, magazine publisher: records 1980-91 (AAD/1997/2)
  • Heal & Son Holdings plc, bedding and furniture mfrs and retailer, London (addnl): records c1980-95 (AAD/1997/4)
  • London Lorries Ltd, commercial motor body builders: records c1920-33 (AAD/1997/17)
  • Crafts Council (addnl): records c1984-94 (ADD/1997/1)
  • Design and Industries Association (addnl): records 1915-86 (AAD/1997/7)
  • Royal Society of British Artists: records 1823-1985 (AAD/1997/8)
  • Society of Women Artists (addnl): records c1980-96 (AAD/1997/14)
  • Krazy Kat Arkive of Twentieth Century Popular Culture: collection of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, sculptor c1980-97 (AAD/1997/15)

Local Repositories in England

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • E Sansom: cartoons of managers and staff at Vickers, Barrow c1930-39 (BDP78)

Cumbria Record Office, Kendal

  • Nicholson family of Kirkby Thore: family papers incl papers and photographs of Emily Nicholson, artist, 19th-20th cent (WDX 1251)

Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Hawkhurst Arts and Crafts Guild: records 20th cent (Ch121)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Abbott and Co, stained glass mfrs, Lancaster: records 19th-20th cent (DDAB)

Corporation of London Records Office

  • Barbican Art Gallery, London: exhibition records c1982-96 (ACCN/1997/005, 007)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • West Oxfordshire Decorative and Fine Arts Society: records 1968-93 (4275)

Southampton Archives Services

  • Southampton City Art Gallery: corresp 1930-68 (SC/ART)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale

  • Halifax Rembrandt Club/Halifax Art Society: records 1875-1975 (AS)

Local Repositories in Wales

West Glamorgan Archive Service

  • Celtic Studios, stained glass mfrs, Swansea (addnl): records 20th cent

Local Repositories in Scotland

Angus Archives

  • David Pegg, painter, Forfar: accounts 1843-47 (MS 570)