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King's College London, Liddell Hart Centre For Military Archives: 1996 Accessions

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  • Lt-Colonel Norman Alexander Barber: corresp, diary and papers rel to service with BEF and as POW in the Far East 1939-45
  • Rear-Admiral Arthur Seymour Bolt: night order book aboard HMS Theseus during Korean war 1950-51
  • Major-General Ian Herbert Fitzgerald Boyd: diaries c1935-59
  • Sir Frank Cooper, civil servant and industrialist: corresp and papers rel to European defence policy 1984-90
  • Brigadier Colin Hunter Cowan: account of Earl Mountbatten's visit to UN 1965
  • Lt-General Sir Napier Crookenden: corresp and papers incl research notes rel to his books 1969-74
  • Air Commodore George Bentley Dacre: diaries (copies) 1911-17
  • Commander Henry Dudley Graham de Chair: journal 1935-39
  • Brian Lapping, television producer: papers rel to television series The Fall of the Wall 1994
  • Captain Russell Grenfell, RN: diary and papers incl some copies 1916-45
  • Brigadier Trevor Hart Dyke: papers rel to life and career 1905-48
  • Brigadier Eric Wilfrid Langlands: papers rel to service in the Indian Army (copies) 1918-47
  • Major-General John Sydney Lethbridge: corresp and papers rel to Burmese campaigns 1943-45
  • Lady Liddell Hart: personal corresp with friends and colleagues of Sir Basil Liddell Hart 1970-96 (See also ref: LH1)
  • Colonel RC Mace: notes and papers many rel to Dogra Regiment 1923-44
  • Wing Commander FJ Mowbray: account of an attempt to extend air cover for merchant shipping in North Atlantic 1996
  • Commander Arthur John Cinnamond Pomeroy: papers rel to career with Royal Naval Reserve 1926-50
  • Rear-Admiral William Halford Selby: memoirs 1902-56
  • Captain Henry Laurence Slingsby: transcripts of diary entries and letters home from France and Belgium 1914-17
  • Lt-Colonel William Laurence Slingsby: corresp and papers rel to his career 1939-62
  • Air Marshal Sir Frederick Beresford Sowrey: family and personal corresp most while commandant of National Defence College and director-general of RAF training 1917-77
  • Major-General Dennis Edmund Blaquière Talbot: diaries, corresp and papers many rel to fall of Calais and his service in Malaya 1940-91
  • Brigadier Peter Trevenan Thwaites: corresp and papers rel to service in the armed forces of the Sultan of Muscat and Oman 1969
  • Lt-Colonel Richard Gittins Wall: diary mainly rel to Normandy landings 1940-44
  • Rear-Admiral John Charles Warsop: MS notes on the new officer structure in the Navy 1994
  • Group Captain Hugh Joseph Wilson: logbooks, reports, corresp and papers incl sections of MS autobiography 1928-90
  • Copy accounts of the service of individual units of the Indian Army in the Far East during World War II (Misc 61)
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