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Dublin University, Trinity College Library: 1996 Accessions

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  • Sir Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford: misc papers rel to his trial and execution c1640-41 (MSS 10866-67)
  • Sen O'Faolain, writer: MSS of his short story Marmalade (MSS 10868/1-3)
  • Barbara Hemphill (d1858), writer: literary MSS (MSS 10869-72)
  • Mirtn Cadhain (1905-70), author and professor of Irish: papers (MSS 10878-80)
  • Martha Amelia Bernard, mother of John Henry Bernard (archbishop of Dublin and provost of Trinity College Dublin): diary kept while in India 1862-63 (MS 10882)
  • Edith Anna none Somerville, writer: notebook 1893 (MS 10883)
  • Violet Florence Martin, writer as Martin Ross: misc literary MSS and papers 1907-22 (MSS 10884-86)
  • Sir John Coxe Hippisley MP: printed papers annotated by him rel to campaign for Catholic emancipation 1799-1808 (MS 10887)
  • Graham Greene, novelist: letters to Des Lally 1977-78 (MS 10891)
  • Commonplace book (MS 10892)
  • Henri Gabriel Ogilvy (O'Gilvy) de Bordeaux, sous-intendant des camps de Cherbourg: misc papers rel to Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 (MSS 10893-98)
  • Michael Francis O'Donovan, writer and journalist as Frank O'Connor: The Lost Legion with author's MS additions 1936 (MS 10899)
  • Darley family: estate, family and personal papers incl those of Arthur Darley, musician 18th-20th cent (MS 10900)
  • Henry Chichester Hart, botanist, academic, explorer, ornithologist, etymologist and Shakespearean scholar: papers 1876-1908 (MSS 10901-22)
  • John Henry Bernard (1860-1927), provost of Trinity College Dublin and archbishop of Dublin: papers (MS 10923)
  • Preaching friar's pocket book of model sermons in Latin and French 13th cent (MS 10924)
  • British Army 'Memorial to Irish Regiments' Committee: corresp and papers mainly rel to memorial in Westminster Cathedral 1917-21 (MS 10925)
  • Desmond Hawkins (b1908), novelist, critic and broadcaster: letters to him 1938-73 (MS 10926)
  • Lt-Colonel John Edward Fannin, soldier: corresp, diaries and papers incl some rel to their intended publication 1885-1907 (MSS 10927-31)
  • Sermons 17th cent (MS 10932)
  • Address from the University of Dublin, 'chancellor and doctors and masters' to the Right Honorable John Lord Baron Wodehouse on his appointment as lieutenant general and general governor of Ireland 1864 (MS 10933)
  • Vivien Mercier (1919-89), literary historian and diplomat: corresp and papers (MS 10934)
  • Bell, Abraham, & Co, Quaker merchants, New York: corresp and papers rel to trade between New York and Ireland c1822-54 (MS 10935)
  • Neary's, caterers, Dublin: account book for food and drink supplied to Irish race meetings (MS 10936)
  • Robert N Tweedy, engineer: papers incl some rel to his chairmanship of the Canal Commission 1922-26 (MS 10937)
  • Lt-Colonel Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury: game book 1872-73 (MS 10940)
  • Joseph Ronsley, professor of English and author: corresp with Denis Johnston and Cyril Cusack rel to their lectures given at McGill University 1972-84 (MS 10941/1/1-138)
  • Kathleen O'Brien, playwright and author as Kate O'Brien: lecture notes 1973 (MS 10941/3)
  • Daniel Crilly, politician and journalist: corresp 1890-1910 (MS 10942)
  • John Claudius Beresford: misc deeds and papers of his and other families 1750-1900 (MS 10943)
  • Edward Millington Stephens, nephew and biographer of John Millington Synge: account of JM Synge's life and work c1939-50 (MS 10873-77)
  • Edward Synge, bishop of Elphin: letters to his daughter Alicia 1746-52
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