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Birmingham City Archives: 1996 Accessions

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  • Birmingham Regional Hospital Board/West Midlands Regional Health Authority (addnl): records 1947-93 (MS 1523 addl)
  • Birmingham Area Health Authority, South Birmingham District/South Birmingham Health Authority: minutes 1960-80 (MS 2053)
  • Birmingham Children's Hospital, Ladywood (addnl): records 1860-1992 (MS 1439 addl)
  • Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital (addnl): late 19th cent-l990 (MS 1919 addl)
  • Queen's Hospital/Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Edgabaston (addnl): cl860-1980 (MS 1942 addl)
  • United Birmingham Hospitals Management Committee (addnl): minutes and papers 1948-74 (MS 1825 addl)
  • Royal School for Deaf Children, Edgbaston (addnl): registers of children and staff c1949-80 (MS 1060 addl)
  • Bateman & Co, architects, Birmingham (addnl): misc records c1825-1930 (MS 1542 addl)
  • G Birch, blacksmith, Curdworth: accounts 1890-1952 (MS 1957)
  • Fletcher Hardware Ltd, hardware merchants, Birmingham: records 19th-20th cent (MS 1996-97)
  • Joseph Gillott & Co, steel pen mfrs, Birmingham: business records and family papers 19th-20th cent (MS 2035)
  • John Hardman & Co Ltd, artists in stained glass, Birmingham (addnl): workmen[APL1]'s time books 1912-22 (MS 175 addl)
  • Bevington & Sons, organ builders, London: work book 1905-31 (MS 1963)
  • Blackett & Howden, organ builders, Newcastle-on-Tyne: estimate, order and wage books 1902-16 (MS 1968)
  • Cousans & Co, organ builders, Lincoln: account books 1917-75 (MS 1975)
  • Grey & Davison, organ builders, London: records 1821-1945 (MS 1965)
  • Griffen & Stroud, organ builders, Bath: records 1913-45 (MS 1987)
  • W Hill & Son, organ builders, London: records 1829-1916 (MS 1962)
  • Harrison & Co, organ builders, Worcester: shop books and corresp 1886-1950 (MS 2011)
  • Hill, Norman & Beard, organ builders, London and Lewes: records 1916-73 (MS 1962)
  • Holt (Reed Organs) & Co, organ builders, Birmingham: misc papers 1913-34 (MS 918)
  • Hope-Jones & Co, organ builders, Norwich: estimate book and order book 1889-1901 (MS 1964)
  • Jardine & Co, organ builders, Manchester: records 1845-1976 (MS 1960)
  • Liddlatt & Sons, organ builders, Leonard Stanley (Glos): account books 1919-40 (MS 1969)
  • Norman & Beard, organ builders, Norwich: records 19th-20th cent (MS 1962)
  • Osmond (JE Minns) & Co, organ builders, Taunton: accounts 1890-1934 (MS 1972)
  • Wadsworth & Co, organ builders, Manchester: shop books and accounts 1861-1946 (MS 1961)
  • Birmingham Diocesan Education Society and related bodies (addnl): minutes 19th-20th cent (BDR addl)
  • Birmingham Church Building Society (addnl): minutes, visitation returns and churchwardens presentations 1831-1989 (BDR addl)
  • Cromwell Hall (undenominational) Mission, Winson Green: Sunday school registers, registers of speakers, accounts and lantern slides 1934-84 (XC 7)
  • Hurst Street Unitarian Church, Birmingham: roll of members, Sunday school minute book and accounts c1880-1934
  • Waverley Road Unitarian Church, Small Heath (addnl): records 20th cent (XC 4 addl)
  • Cadbin Trusts (addnl): trust papers and grant files c1980-90 (MS 1579 addl)
  • Lerah's Trust (addnl): deeds of property at Birmingham and Bordesley 1891-1994 (MS 1275 addl)
  • Rhodes Almshouses Trust: minute books, cash books, memoranda book, corresp and other papers 1879-1990 (MS 2059)
  • Deritend Chapel Endowment Trust (addnl): minutes 1822-41 (MS 1744 addl)
  • Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners (later of Woodworkers), Sutton Coldfield branch: records cl890-1960 (MS 2050)
  • Birmingham Chamber Music Society (addnl): records 20th cent (MS 993 addl)
  • Birmingham Parliament (Debating Society): register of members 1895 (MS 1951)
  • Birmingham Shakespeare Reading Society: letters to William Hillman, secretary c1870-90 (MS 1955)
  • Brewery History Society (addnl): collections rel to public houses and to British and some foreign brewers 20th cent (MS 1865 addl)
  • British Institute of Organ Studies: antiquarian corresp and papers of individual members 19th-20th cent (MSS 1973, 2052 passim)
  • Houlden Organ Reference Library: records and collections rel to organ builders and individual organs 19th-20th cent (MSS 1985, 1996)
  • National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education, Birmingham branch: records cl960-90 (MS 2031)
  • Severn Street Swimming Club records 1899-1995 (MS 2056)
  • RAF Association, 916 Squadron: minutes, accounts, corresp and list of members 1946-96 (MS 2042)
  • Bournville Village Trust (addnl): deeds and papers (MS 1536 addl)
  • Colmore Estate (addnl): copy conveyances, expired leases and misc papers 19th-20th cent (Lee Crowder addl)
  • GR Collis, Russian consular agent at Birmingham: visitors book and scrap album 1839-61 (MS 1948)
  • David Hart, poet and arts administrator (addnl): papers c1960-70 (MS 1892 addl)
  • Bernard Moore of Moseley, photographer: family and personal papers 19th-20th cent (MS 2046)
  • Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl: diary of wedding tour in West of England 1845 (MS 2057)
  • Pumphrey and Palmer families: letters and papers cl839-1950 (MS 2013)
  • Mrs AR Thompson of Erdington: papers rel to her work for the Womens Voluntary Service for Civil Defence c1960-70 (MS 2049)
  • Carl Chinn, historian (addnl): corresp and papers 20th cent (MS 1902 addl)
  • Philip Donnellan (b1924), television and film producer (addnl): misc papers (CPA addl)
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