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Cambridge University, Churchill Archives Centre: 1996 Accessions

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  • Mark Alexander Abrams, social scientist: papers rel to social, political and market research 1946-94 (ABMS)
  • Dr Jeremy William Bray MP (addnl): papers 1990-96 (BRAY)
  • Joseph Francis Ford, diplomat: diaries 1960-64 (FORD)
  • Reginald Hugh Hickling, solicitor: memoirs of last days of the British in South Arabia 1964-67 (HICK)
  • Piotr Leonidovich Kapitza (1894-1984), Soviet scientist (addnl): papers (KPZA)
  • Richard Darwin Keynes (b1919), professor of physiology (addnl): research notes and papers (KEYN)
  • Major-General James Louis Moulton: military and literary papers 1939-81 (MLTN)
  • Eunan O'Halpin, historian: research papers rel to Sir Warren Fisher (OHPN)
  • Sir Eric Clare Edmund Phipps (1875-1945), diplomat (addnl): papers (PHPP)
  • Admiral Sir James Fownes Somerville (1882-1949) (addnl): papers (SMVL)
  • Alexander Robertus Todd, professor of organic chemistry (addnl): papers 1978-96 (TODD)
  • Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle (1907-96), aeronautical engineer: personal and research papers (WTLE)
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