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Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, Dept of Western Mss: 1996 Accessions

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  • French medical recipe book, “secreta secretorum” 17th cent (MS 7298)
  • Memorandum on the history and statutes of Perugia University 17th cent (MS 7153)
  • Sir Rochester Carr, lunatic: papers rel to the administration of his estate 1683-85 (MS 7143)
  • Jean Astruc, physician: notes from his lectures 1737 (MS 7217)
  • Annotated Bristol pharmacopoeia Manuale Medicanum 1816 (MS 7218)
  • Daily record of cholera cases from Bicester, Oxon 1832 (MS 7219)
  • English medical student's diary from Paris 1834-35 (MS 7147)
  • Joseph Henry Shorthouse, novelist: papers rel to the extraction of teeth 1846 (MS 7202)
  • Herbert Mayo, physiologist: author's copy of Letters on the Truths Contained in Popular Superstitions with MS additions 1849 (MS 7300)
  • Arthur Hugh Clough, poet: memorandum of conversations with Florence Nightingale 1859 (MS 7204)
  • Ackland family, general practitioners, Bideford: papers 19th-20th cent (MSS 7205-16 - addnl to MSS 5410-19)
  • Thomas Newborn Robert Morson, pharmaceutical mfr, London: papers rel to him and his company 19th-20th cent (Acc 350417)
  • Misc veterinary lecture notes and prescriptions 19th-20th cent (MSS 7159-62)
  • Thomas Grimshaw, apothecary of Wormwood Scrubs prison: recipe book c1900 (MS 7144)
  • IM Pittock, medical student: notes of lectures on anatomy and physiology 1943-44 (MS 7142)
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