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Cambridge University Library: 1996 Accessions

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  • Sir Cecil Thomas Carr, lawyer: letters to him from Felix Frankfurter, Charles Clark, MN Cardozo and Harlan Stone 1935 (Add 8856/243-54)
  • Captain Owen B Wallis, 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment: corresp and papers rel to the Irish emergency 1919-20 (Add 8856/260-290)
  • Franck Thomas Arnold, musicologist: letters to him from musicologists 1923-38 (Add 8856/294-306)
  • Lorenzo Segni and Francesco Medici (addnl): business letters to them from correspondents in Genoa and Livorno 1626-27 (Add 8963)
  • Lady Maud Hoare, Viscountess Templewood (addnl): personal corresp and papers 1910-62
  • Maria Aufrère, later Squires: commonplace book c1795-1834 (Add 9353)
  • Catalogue of Knights of the Bath and Knights Banneret created by Henry VIII at his coronation 1509, with descriptions of their arms, crests and quarterings. and also those of 'divers lords, knightes esquiers, and gentlemen' 1650 (Add 9354)
  • Dorothea Oschinsky (1910-95), historian: doctoral thesis and letters from other historians (Add 9355)
  • Henry Bell Wortley, naval architect: papers c1888-1920 (Add 9356)
  • Meyer Fortes, anthropologist: papers rel to Ashanti Social Survey 1945-46 (Add 9359)
  • John Hay, 2nd Earl of Tweeddale: letters to him, from his son Lord Yester, members of his family, and his London agent Andrew Hay 1672-92 (Add 9362)
  • James Bate, clergyman and theological writer: treatise in the form of a letter to George Bryant 'Heaven impossible to be open to all men' 1748 (Add 9363)
  • S Osborne, naval cadet: log books from HMSs Sans Pareil, Bellerophon, Victory and Exmouth during Crimea and Baltic campaigns 1853-56 (Add 9364)
  • MS gazetteer of England and Wales, late 18th or early 19th cent (Add 9365)
  • Sir John Robert Seeley, historian: letters to Robert Herbert Quick c1868-91 (Add 9366)
  • William Hugh Plommer (1922-83), classicist: corresp and papers (Add 9367)
  • 'For Intellectual Liberty', an association of intellectuals formed to combat the threat of fascism: minutes and papers 1935-40 (Add 9369)
  • Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, composer: letters to Novello & Co Ltd, music publishers, London c1870-1914 (Add 9370)
  • Volume containing a MS account of the coronation of Anne Boleyn, heraldic 'obituaries' 1585-98, lists of Knights of the Garter c1470-1590, ordinances on precedence, descent of baronies etc. (Add 9374)
  • Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, poet and prose writer: letters to him c1909-67 (Add 9375)
  • Captain William Edward Gibb, East India Company, 14th Madras Native Infantry: journals of British expeditionary force to the Yangtze river and recruiting tour in the Carnatic 1838-39 (Add 9377)
  • GA Douglas: naval log books of HMSs Impérieuse and Coromandel during Taiping Rebellion 1861-65 (Add 9378)
  • Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-92), astronomer royal: corresp and papers (Add 9383)
  • Hugh Rank: autograph collection of German letters 18th-19th cent (Add 9384)
  • John Woodward, geologist and physician: geological notebook c1722 (Add 9386)
  • Alexander de Ariosti (d1484): 'Tractatus contractuum editus a fratre Alexandro de Ariostis de Feraria ordinis minorum' Italy (Bologna?) late 15th cent (Add9387)
  • Gilbert Cannan (1884-1955), novelist and dramatist: novels, writings and corresp with his biographer (Add 9388)
  • Joseph Bonomi (1796-1878), egyptologist and curator of the Soane Museum: corresp and papers (Add 9389)
  • Henry Barclay Swete, regius professor of divinity at Cambridge: lectures 'Some rivals of early Christianity' 1907 (Add 9390)
  • Alan England Brooke, biblical scholar: MS of 'Origen's commentary on St John' and lecture notes on Gospels of St Luke c1925 (Add 9391)
  • Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1738-1828), naval captain and MP and his son Sir Graham Eden Hammond (1779-1862), admiral: corresp and papers (Add 9394)
  • Daphne du Maurier, novelist: letters to Régis Bouis 1957-68 (Add 9395)
  • Charles Gabriel Seligman (1873-1940), ethnologist: papers (Add 9396)
  • John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute: account book 1764-66 (Add 9399)
  • Marcus Gervais Beresford, archbishop of Armagh: corresp and papers c1856-82 (Add 9407)
  • Sir John Grahame Douglas Clark (1907-95), professor of archaeology: corresp and papers (Add 9409) NB restricted: special permission needed for access and for publication.
  • Martin Sarmiento: scheme of books for private library of a lawyer 1775 (Add 9412)
  • Norman Rene Del Mar, conductor: letters to him from other composers c1954-84 (Add 9413)
  • Captain Charles Sotheby: naval letterbook of HMS Seringapatam 1826-27 (Add 9416)
  • John Lingard (1771-1851), Roman Catholic priest and historian: corresp and papers (Add 9418)
  • Mark Aloysius Tierney (1795-1852), Roman Catholic historian: corresp and papers (Add 9419)
  • Henry T Ellis: naval journals kept aboard HMS Styx during Kaffir and Burmese Wars 1852-53 (Add 9420)
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