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Major Accessions to Repositories in 1996 relating to Scottish History

National, Special and University

Aberdeen University, Department of Special Collections and Archives

  • William Dunbar (Buff) Hardie (entertainer), Stephen Robertson and George Donald: records rel to Scotland the What? comedy revue 1969-94 (AUL MS 3437)
  • Ogston & Tennant Ltd, soap mfrs, Aberdeen: records 1926-36 (AUL MS 3452)
  • Peter D Strachan, editor of the Buchan Observer: papers 20th cent (AUL MS 3454)
  • Colin MacLean, assistant director of Scottish Museums Council: papers incl some rel to AUP 1970-90 (AUL MS 3457)
  • Castle Fraser papers (AUL MS 3470)
  • Alexander Logie Stalker, pathologist: papers c1900-80 (AUL MS 3471)
  • Helen Beaton, writer: MS of At the Back O'Bennachie 1915 (AUL MS 3477)
  • David Lewis: papers rel to life and works of Karl Barth c1950-95 (AUL MS 3478)
  • Murray and Johnstone families of Aberdeen and Peterhead: corresp 1829-40 (AUL MS 3480)
  • David Burnett: papers c1920-80 (AUL MS 3487)
  • Walter Keir: papers and corresp from Hugh MacDiarmaid (CM Grieve) 1920-84 (AUL MS 3489)
  • James John MacGregor, agricultural economist: research papers c1947-55 (AUL MS 3494)
  • Peter Rourke: notes rel to Scottish castles c1960-94 (AUL MS 3498)
  • St Andrew's Cathedral records 1700-1980 (AUL MS 3499)
  • Marshal James Francis Edward Keith: corresp from James Keith 1719-33 (AUL MS 3500)
  • Third Statistical Account of Scotland: corresp and editorial papers relating to vol XXIX, Kincardineshire c1985 (AUL MS 3506)
  • Grampian Regional Transport Ltd, bus service operators, Aberdeen: misc records c1890-1993 (AUL MS 3508)
  • William Knight, natural philosopher: lectures on natural philosophy 1837 (AUL MS 3513)
  • Sir William Robertson Nicoll and family: misc corresp and papers 1867-1971 (AUL MS 3518)
  • Patrick K Booker: official and personal papers mainly rel to the Federation of South Arabia and Adenisation c1950-70 (AUL MS 3520)
  • Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, physicist: research papers and journals rel to atmospheric physics c1890-1959 (linked to MS 3152) (AUL MS 3525)

Dundee University, Department of Archives and Manuscripts

  • Dundee Institute of Architects records 1884-1970 (AccM/337)
  • Gauldie, Hardie & Sharp, architects, Dundee: records 1809-1973 (AccM/335)
  • Arthur Foote, poet: papers rel to 1959-92 (AccM/334)
  • British Jute Trade Research Association records 1867-1992 (AccM/333)
  • Centre for Tayside and Fife Studies records 1990-95 (AccM/332)
  • Hill and Don families: family papers 1877-1938 (AccM/331)
  • Dundee Royal Infirmary (addnl): records 1901-79 (THB1)
  • Maryfield Hospital (addnl): records 1901-79 (THB14)
  • Don Brothers, Buist & Co Ltd, jute and flax spinners and mfrs, Forfar and Dundee (addnl): misc records incl papers of Hill family c1860-1970 (AccM/331, MS 100)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Joseph Black (1728-99), chemist: lecture notes (E96.40)
  • George Mackay Brown, author (addnl): MSS c1980-95 (E96.58)
  • Walter John de la Mare, author and poet: letters to Joan Hassall and CV Wedgwood 1947-53 (E96.1, 9)
  • Robert Nye, writer (addnl): MSS c1990-95 (E96.59)
  • Robert Bertram Serjeant (1915-93), professor of Arabic: papers (E96.57)
  • Fred Urquhart, novelist and journalist: letters to R Greacen 1990-95 (E96.6)

Glasgow University Archives and Business Records Centre

  • Kelvin Diesels, marine engine mfrs, Glasgow: job and visitors books (UGD367)
  • Stoddart Holdings Ltd (addnl): price list and procuring book (UGD265)
  • Paul Walker, chairman of CBI Scotland: speeches 1989-91 (UGD364)
  • Frederick Robert Storrie, lecturer in chemistry: papers c1920-70 (DC487)
  • William Dawson Lamont, philosopher and principal of Makerere College: papers 20th cent

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Edwin George Morgan, writer and professor of English (addnl): corresp and papers 1983-93 (MS Morgan)
  • James Craig: notes on logic 1849-50 (MS Gen 868)
  • Alec Lawrence Macfie (1898-1980), professor of economics: corresp and papers (MS Gen 1643)
  • John Muir: sermons recorded by John McLean 1851-52 (MS Gen)
  • Carl Paul Barbier: papers and corresp with JM Whistler (MS Barbier)
  • Robert Whitelaw: student lecture notes on pathology c1885 (MS Gen)
  • James Robson: papers rel to material in Farmer collection
  • Norman W Graham: student notes of history lectures 1931-36 (MS Gen)
  • Denys Miller Sutton (1917-91), art critic and editor of Apollo (addnl): papers (MS Sutton)
  • Tom Leonard, biographer: corresp and papers rel to his biography of James Thomson (MS Gen)
  • David Hume, judge and Baron of Scottish Exchequer: lectures on Scottish law delivered at the University of Edinburgh 1804-09 (MS Gen 869-71)
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay, poet: corresp and papers 1967-81 (MS Gen)
  • Edinburgh International Festival Fringe: business corresp and papers
  • Gateway Theatre Co: minute books
  • Eddie Boyd: scripts and other writings
  • Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow: business and financial papers
  • Scottish Ballet: board papers, financial records and corresp
  • Mayfest, Glasgow: accounts, minutes and box office returns
  • Osborne Henry Mavor (1888-1951), playwright as James Bridie: papers and corresp rel to his work with Citizens' Theatre

National Library of Scotland

  • Baring family, Barons Ashburton: corresp and papers (Acc 11388)
  • Sir John Peter Boileau, 1st Bt and archaeologist: European travel journals 1816-42 (Acc 11390)
  • Angus Lindsay Calder, academic and author (addnl): corresp and papers 1961-89 (Acc 11312)
  • Camanachd Association, and North and South of Scotland Shinty associations: minutes, 1893-1989 (Acc 11384)
  • Chapman, literary magazine, Edinburgh (addnl): papers 1985-88 (Acc 11319)
  • Douglas and Palmer-Douglas family of Cavers, Roxburghshire: deeds and printed petitions 1619-1845 (Acc 11350)
  • George Norman Douglas, author and traveller: corresp and papers by and rel to him 1917-71 (Acc 11365)
  • Edinburgh Film Festival: records and photographic archive 1945-90 (Acc 11308)
  • Elliot Murray Kynynmound family, Earls of Minto, Roxburghshire (addnl): deeds and printed petitions 1745-1922 (Acc 11349)
  • Gairm, Gaelic magazine, Glasgow, and Gairm Publications (addnl): editorial corresp and papers 1972-96 (Acc 11391)
  • Bontine Cunninghame Graham family of Gartmore, Perthshire and Ardoch, Dunbarton: family corresp and papers 1764-1989 (Acc 11335)
  • David Octavius Hill, artist and photographer: letters to Sir Joseph Noel Paton 1851-55 (Acc 11315)
  • Lindsay family, Earls of Crawford and Balcarres, Fife: deeds and printed petitions 1596-1830 (Acc 11351)
  • Lockhart family of Lee and Carnwath, Lanarkshire (addnl): deeds, legal and financial papers 1599-1819 (Acc 11348)
  • Andrew Lumisden, secretary to Prince Charles Edward Stuart while in Rome (addnl): letterbook 1751-55 (Acc 11328)
  • Osborne Henry Mavor, physician and playwright as James Bridie: corresp and papers 1904-88 (Acc 11309-10)
  • Moubray family of Cockairnie, Fife (addnl): charters and other formal papers c1500-1850 (Acc 11339)
  • Morning Star Press, Edinburgh: records 1990-96 (Acc 11341)
  • Aonghas MacNeacail, author and poet (addnl): corresp and papers c1970-95 (Acc 11334)
  • St. Andrew Society, Edinburgh: minutes and other papers 1908-81 (Acc 11371)
  • Saltire Society, Edinburgh (addnl): records 1944-95 (Acc 11374)
  • Sir Robert Heatlie Scott, diplomat and civil servant (addnl): papers 1924-80 (Acc 11331)
  • Scottish Conservative and Unionist Association records 1878-1991 (Acc 11368)
  • Scottish Genealogy Society records 1954-90 (Acc 11327)
  • Scottish Literary Journal, Aberdeen: corresp and papers 1989-95 (Acc 11340)
  • Scottish Plebiscite Appeal Fund: secretary's corresp and papers 1961-64 (Acc 11373)
  • Dr James Valentine: papers incl material rel to the formation of the National Party of Scotland (later Scottish National Party) 1927-96 (Acc 11392)
  • Very Reverend Ronald Selby Wright, religious broadcaster and minister of the Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh: corresp and papers c1930-94 (Acc 11296)

Scottish Catholic Archives

  • Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien, archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh: papers incl records rel to Poor Clares Convent in Edinburgh c1930-90
  • Edward Hyland, canon of Edinburgh Cathedral: papers mostly rel to parish matters
  • Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh: deeds incl some rel to Theatre Royal
  • Diocese of Argyll and the Isles: records incl those rel to individual missions
  • Andrew Scott, vicar apostolic of western district (addnl): letters to him 1815
  • Maurice Taylor, bishop of Galloway: papers incl records from Synod of Bishops 1994
  • Papers rel to Papal visit to Scotland 1982
  • Harkins Bookshop, Edinburgh: records

Scottish College of Textiles

  • Malcolm Campbell, textile designer: collections rel to textiles c1907-90 (Acc 1996/1)

Scottish Record Office

  • St Andrew's Ambulance Association, Waverley Station section: minutes 1914-75 (BR/LNE/4, BR/NBR/4, BR/RSR/4)
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, Scotland: radio and television scripts 1973-93 (BBC1-2)
  • Dunfermline burgh writs and papers 16th-19th cent (B20)
  • Alyth Heritors' records 1848-1907 (HR572)
  • Andrew Russell, merchant: Rotterdam tax assessments 1680-97 (GD1/885)
  • Fletcher family of Dunans: family and legal corresp and papers 1723-1861 (GD1/1184)
  • J & RA Robertson, solicitors, Edinburgh: letterbook 1864-1924 (GD1/1191)
  • Seton family: family corresp and papers 1480-1922 (GD1/1192)
  • Basley family: corresp 1802-1948 (GD1/1195)
  • MacDonald family of Gairloch: corresp 1849-1978 (GD1/1196)
  • Scottish Association of Directors of Water and Sewerage Services: minutes (GD1/1197)
  • Kennedy-Erskine family of Dun (addnl): family, estate and Justiciary of the Court of the Borders papers 1677-1810 (GD123)
  • Hepburne-Scott family, Barons Polwarth (addnl): personal and political papers of Lord Polwarth 20th cent (GD157)
  • St Clair-Erskine family, Earls of Rosslyn, Alva (addnl): legal and estate papers 1673-1976 (GD164)
  • Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Admiral (addnl): letters rel to ship ventilation 1848-52 (GD233)
  • Carnegie United Kingdom Trust (addnl): minutes 1982-93 (GD281)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Aberdeen City Archives

  • RG Tosh, local councillor: papers (Acc 019)
  • Longacre Friendly Society records (Acc 023)
  • Sir David Stewart (1835-1919), businessman and Lord Provost of Aberdeen: papers (Acc 077)
  • Grampian Association of Head Teachers records (Acc 031)
  • Burgh of Peterhead records (Accs 043-44, 065, 069)
  • Kincardineshire Auction Marts records (Acc 051)

Angus Archives

  • Scott family of Comieston: family papers 1690-1790
  • Montrose Star Golf Club: minute book 1868-90
  • Montrose Subscription Assemblies: cash book 1814
  • Charles Jamieson of London and Isabella Cunningham of Brechin: corresp and papers 1912-51
  • Catherine Hollingworth of Brechin: misc papers 1936-85
  • Brechin Cricket Club: score book 1850-1914
  • Forfar Tailors Incorporation: minute books and legal papers 1619-1898
  • Forfar Shoemakers Incorporation: minute and letter books 1626-1845
  • Arbroath Shoemakers Incorporation: minute books 1738-1937
  • Brechin Shoemakers Incorporation: minute book 1600-1849
  • Forfar Weavers Incorporation: minute book 1627-1826
  • Brechin Bakers Incorporation: minute books and legal papers 1602-1888
  • Brechin Tailors Incorporation: minute book 1660-1885
  • Arbroath Hammermens Incorporation: minute and cash books 1884-1938
  • Arbroath Glovers Incorporation: minute books 1653-1938
  • Arbroath Guildry Incorporation: minute books 1795-1823
  • Brechin Conveners Book: minute book 1682-1875
  • Arbroath Convenery Court: minute book 1751-1938
  • Brechin Hammermens Incorporation: minute book 1780-1824
  • Montrose Smiths and Hammermens Incorporation: subscription book 1725-64
  • Montrose Royal St Cripin Lodge: minute books 1823-63
  • Brechin Weavers Incorporation: minute book and treasurer's accounts 1769-1878
  • David Waterson, Brechin: corresp and poems c1930-39
  • Carnoustie Co-operative Association Ltd: minute books and balance sheets 1921-59
  • Angus Burghs Association: minute book 1952-75
  • George Fairweather, funeral director, Montrose: cash books 1911-71
  • Manse Building Committee, St. John Street United Presbyterian Church, Montrose: minute book, plans and papers 1880-83
  • Montrose Ecumenical Group: minute book 1965-76
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Arbroath branch: records 1854-1983
  • Maisondieu Lodge no. 2041 of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds: minute books 1884-1946
  • 19th Angus Rover Scouts: minute books 1933-36
  • Christian Sherriff of Brechin and William Stevenson of Madras: corresp 1865-67

Ayrshire Archives

  • Royal Burgh of Irvine: charters rel to land grants 16th cent (Acc 132)
  • Girvan Harbour Trustees records c1800-1920 (Acc 133)
  • Girvan Town Council records c1880-1950 (Acc 134)
  • Dalquharran Colliery records c1800-50 (Acc 135)

Dumfries & Galloway Archives

  • Dumfries and Maxwelltown, Annan, Carronbridge, Dalbeattie and Creetown Co-operative societies: records 1879-1960 (GGD 273)
  • Dumfries Post Office Whitley Committee: minutes 1927-41 (GGD 277)
  • Dumfries Junior Chamber of Commerce records 1970-95 (GGD 285)
  • John Cumming, boatbuilder, Kippford: family papers 1874-1948 (GGD 288)
  • Grierson and Davidson families of Dumfries: family papers c1870-90 (GGD 299)

Dundee District Archive and Record Centre

  • City of Dundee District Council, Labour group: minutes 1974-96 (GD/LG)
  • Flax and Linen Association (formerly Scottish Flaxspinners and Manufacturers Association): minutes incl papers rel to meetings of Confederation Internationale du Lin et du Chanvre 1917-91 (GD/FLA)
  • National Union of Insurance Workers (Prudential), Dundee branch: minutes 1924-79 (GD/X272)
  • Lochee Union Weavers Lodge: minutes, accounts and misc records (GD/X302)
  • Plumbing Trades Union, Dundee lodge: minutes 1924-74 (GD/X270)
  • Dundee Fireplace and Tile Merchants Association: minutes, accounts and corresp 1949-78 (GD/X271)
  • Martin Johnson, district valuator: working papers c1919-65 (GD/X273)
  • Alex Strachan, transport engineer: misc collections and papers rel to Dundee and Tayside buses c1926-90 (GD/X300)
  • In Camera/Spanphoto, illustrative photographers, Dundee and Broughty Ferry: records c1971-80 (GD/IC)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Records of various trusts 18th-20th cent (328)
  • Robert Ainslie of Cousland and Blanceburn: papers 18th-19th cent (329)
  • Davidson of Muirhouse and Haiton: legal papers 19th cent (330) [transferred by the National Register of Archives, Scotland. Previously held at the Scottish Record Office, reference TD95/43]
  • Allan of Hillside: legal papers 19th cent (331) [transferred by the National Register of Archives, Scotland. Previously held at the Scottish Record Office, reference TD95/44]
  • Hay-Fleming family of Edinburgh: legal papers rel to property owned by them 18th-19th cent (334) [transferred by the National Register of Archives, Scotland. Previously held at the Scottish Record Office, reference TD79/40]
  • Edinburgh District Council, Finance Department: financial records c1894-1975 (336)
  • Scott & Paterson, chartered accountants, Edinburgh: misc records 20th cent (338)
  • Trustees of Gibson and Walker: legal papers 19th cent (342) [transferred by the National Register of Archives, Scotland. Previously held by the Scottish Record Office, reference TD85/102]
  • Edinburgh District Council, Economic Development and Estates Department: records 1897-1975 (344)
  • St. Philip's Church, Joppa: abstracts of accounts 20th cent (349)
  • Edinburgh District Council, City Development Department: reports 1961-67 (350)
  • Edinburgh District Council, Legal Services Department: contract ledger 1970-75 (351)
  • Unkown bookseller, Edinburgh: records c1788-1809 (352)
  • Edinburgh District Council, Members Services Department: council diaries, standing orders and local government election results 1977-92 (356)
  • Forth Road Bridge Joint Board records c1975-92 (362)
  • Seton family: corresp and papers 19th cent (363)
  • Lothian Regional Council records c1958-80 (365)
  • Estate Trust books 1907-51 (366)
  • Edinburgh District Council, Environmental Health Department: records c1900-31 (368)
  • Edinburgh District Council, Emergency Planning Department: civil defence files 1964-92 (370)
  • Edinburgh Royal High School records c1700-1950 (372)
  • Sir James Steel Trust records 1682-1982 (373)
  • Edinburgh Exhibition Trust: minutes and accounts 1888-1976 (378)

Glasgow City Archives

  • Coal Merchants Association of Scotland Ltd: records 1908-72 (TD1367)
  • Scottish Unionist/Conservative Club: records c1920-50 (TD1373)
  • Alexander Harper Kitson (b1921), trade unionist: papers incl records of Scottish Motormen's Union and TGWU 20th cent (TD1377)
  • Episcopal Church of Scotland, United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway: diocesan and church records 18th-20th cent (TD1378)
  • Toffolo, Jackson & Co Ltd, terrazzo workers, Glasgow: records 20th cent (TD1379)
  • Amalgamated Engineering Workers Union, Lanarkshire area: records incl those of predecessor organisations c1880-1980 (TD1383)
  • Labour Party Scottish Council: misc records c1930-80 (TD1384)
  • Campbell Club: minute book 1839-44 (TD1392)

City of Glasgow, Mitchell Library

  • Brian Whittingham, poet: poems (891746)
  • Alison Louise Kennedy, author: working papers for books So I Am Glad and Original Bliss 1995-96 (891747)

North Highland Archive

  • Wick and Latheron Combination Poorhouse (later Forse House): records 1882-1960
  • Wick and Pultneytown District Nursing Association: minute books 1893-1946
  • Wick Harbour Trust records 1850-1990
  • Wick Customs and Excise records 1850-1960

Highland Council Archives

  • Guildry Incorporation of Inverness: minute books and accounts 1858-1964 (D391)
  • Inverness Building Society: minute book and papers 1894-1970 (D407)
  • Miss M MacDougall, Inverness Museum curator and librarian: research papers rel to Inverness history 1936-60 (D390)
  • Croy farm: account book 1832-39 (D392)
  • Association of Inspectors of the Poor in the Northern Counties of Scotland: minute book 1860-74 (R107)

Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre

  • Borders Police records 1854-1987 (D/90)
  • Selkirk Savings Bank: cash book 1835-41 (SBA/8)
  • Smailholm Kirk: collection book 1822-47 (SBA/10)
  • W & R Haldane, solicitors, Galashiels: deeds and papers 1641-1926 (SC/S/81)
  • Borders Health Board: hospital records (SBA/4)
  • Fleming & Wood, chartered accountants, Ravensdowne and Berwick: files (SBA/11)