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Major Accessions to Repositories 1996 relating to Science

Aberdeen University, Department of Special Collections and Archives

  • Alexander Logie Stalker, pathologist: papers c1900-80 (AUL MS 3471)
  • Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, physicist: research papers and journals rel to atmospheric physics c1890-1959 (linked to MS 3152) (AUL MS 3525)
  • William Knight, natural philosopher: lectures on natural philosophy 1837 (AUL MS 3513)

Bodleian Library

  • Herbert Marcus Powell (1906-1991), chemical crystallographer: corresp and papers

Bristol University Library

  • Howard Everest Hinton (1912-77), entomologist: corresp and papers (DM 1718)
  • Brunel family, civil engineers (addnl): papers (DM 1707-61)
  • Robin Ralph Jamison (1912-91), engineer: corresp and papers (DM 1717)

British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

  • James Horsburgh, East India Company hydrographer and geographer: letterbook and notebook 1796-1823 (MSS Eur F305)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-92), astronomer royal: corresp and papers (Add 9383)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office

  • Sir Pendrill Charles Varrier-Jones, physician: corresp and scrapbooks of newscuttings 1901-36 (R96/80)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Piotr Leonidovich Kapitza (1894-1984), Soviet scientist (addnl): papers (KPZA)
  • Richard Darwin Keynes (b1919), professor of physiology (addnl): research notes and papers (KEYN)
  • Alexander Robertus Todd, professor of organic chemistry (addnl): papers 1978-96 (TODD)
  • Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle (1907-96), aeronautical engineer: personal and research papers (WTLE)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Joseph Black (1728-99), chemist: lecture notes (E96.40)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Robert Whitelaw: student lecture notes on pathology c1885 (MS Gen)

Glasgow University, Archives and Business Records Centre

  • Frederick Robert Storrie, lecturer in chemistry: papers c1920-70 (DC487)

Imperial College Archives

  • Sir Thomas Henry Holland, geologist and educational administrator: family corresp 1887-1918
  • Alexander Eugen Conrady (1866-1944), professor of optical design: research papers

Institution of Civil Engineers

  • JH Ellinger, fellow of Institution of Civil Engineers: papers rel to aeronautical, marine, nuclear and mechanical engineering c1935-92
  • Harry Knott, employee of Redpath Brown & Co Ltd, structural steel mfrs and constructional engineers, Edinburgh: papers
  • Sir Marc Isambard Brunel (1769-1849), civil engineer: letters rel to Thames Tunnel

Institution of Electrical Engineers

  • TC Gilbert, electrical engineer: papers (NAEST 137)

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

  • Alexander Caldwell Hutchinson, engineer: papers incl some rel to wartime patents and inventions 1924-81 (IMS 259-82)

King's College Library Modern Archive Centre

  • Alan Mathison Turing, mathematician (addnl): corresp and papers 1935-54

Leeds University, Brotherton Library, Liddle Collection

  • James W Pilton, RCAF Leading Aircraftman: memoirs and research notes on radar

National Primary Education Archive

  • Department of Education and Science, Architects and Building branch: papers deposited along with the photographic archive c1930-90 (Acc 96/7)

Reading University Library

  • George William Series (1920-95), professor of physics: corresp and papers

Royal Botanic Gardens Library and Archives

  • Norman Grainger Bissett, scientist: corresp and papers rel to plant alkaloids and ethnography 1946-93

Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives, Cambridge University Library

  • David Kinnebrook, astronomer: letters to his father c1772-1802 (RGO207)

Sandwell Community History and Archives Service

  • JP Lester: research papers rel to JJ Shaw seismologist of West Bromwich c1990-95 (9602)

Science Museum Library

  • Colonel Sir Henry George Lyons, geographer and meteorologist: journal incl corresp 1905-43 (MS 570)
  • Sir Howard Grubb, scientist: papers rel to astronomical instrument making 1893-1914 (MS 2076)
  • Donald Macadie, inventor: papers c1922-53 (MS 2015)
  • Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker (1868-1958), meteorologist: letters to him (MS 2012)
  • Sir Henry Norman, 1st Bt: papers rel to work on wireless telegraphy 1913-21 (MS 2077)
  • Stephen Hales, physiologist and inventor (addnl): collection of MSS rel to his work on ventilators (MS 2001)
  • JHR Body: papers rel to pioneers in electrical engineering c1970-80 (MS 2021)
  • John Ricketts Vezey, cable engineer: papers rel to submarine telegraph and telephone cables c1920-40 (MS 2028)

Sheffield University Library

  • Harold Miller (1909-95), professor of medical physics: papers (MS 184)

London University, University College London

  • Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson Massey (1908-83), physicist: corresp and papers (MS ADD 399)
  • Karl Pearson (1857-1936), mathematician and biologist (addnl): corresp and papers incl those of his son Egon Sharpe Pearson (PEARSON PAPERS)

Warwick University Modern Records Centre

  • Ernest Lewis, teacher and industrial scientist: papers rel to the Bridge course for introducing public school pupils to industry (MSS 362)

Wellcome Institute, Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • Norman Henry Ashton (b1913), ophthalmologist (addnl): memoirs (PP/ASH)
  • David John Bradley, medical scientist (addnl): papers rel to his research and committee work c1980-90 (WT/WB)
  • Dame Honor Bridget Fell (1900-86), biologist and director of Strangeways Research Laboratory (addnl): notebooks (PP/HBF)
  • John Seal: corresp and papers rel to the Cholera Research Laboratory in Dacca, Bangladesh (GC/209
  • Alastair Robb-Smith, pathologist: corresp and papers rel to consultancy work 1934-47 (GC/182)
  • Guy Frederick Marrian (1904-81), biochemist: corresp and papers incl working papers as director of ICRF 1959-68 (PP/GFM)
  • Otto Neubauer, biomedical scientist: research notebooks 1913-15 (GC/207)
  • Air Marshal Sir Harold Edward Whittingham (1887-1983), pathologist and consultant in aviation medicine (addnl): papers (PP/HEW)

Wellcome Institute, Department of Western Manuscripts

  • Jean Astruc, physician: notes from his lectures 1737 (MS 7217)