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Major Accessions to Repositories 1996 relating to Military History

National, Special and University

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Captain Owen B Wallis, 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment: corresp and papers rel to the Irish emergency 1919-20 (Add 8856/260-290)
  • Captain William Edward Gibb, East India Company, 14th Madras Native Infantry: journals of British expeditionary force to the Yangtze river and recruiting tour in the Carnatic 1838-39 (Add 9377)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Major-General James Louis Moulton: military and literary papers 1939-81 (MLTN)

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Lt-Colonel George Richard Balston: letters rel to his service as an artillery officer in France and Belgium 1914-19
  • Captain the Reverend Hugh William Fletcher Bishop: papers rel to his service as a chaplain to the Forces and his experiences as a POW 1940-45
  • Lt-General Sir John Brown: letterbook of corresp received while commanding 1/4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment 1916-21
  • Major-General John Campbell: diaries covering his service as a Brigade and Divisional commander in France and Belgium 1916-19
  • Major-General Thomas Bell Lindsay Churchill: papers rel to his command of 2nd Special Service Brigade in Sicily, Italy and Yugoslavia 1943-45
  • Major-General Brian Daunt: papers incl three plays rel to his military career 1943-56
  • Wing Commander Anthony Gadd: diaries and papers recording his career in RAF Coastal Command 1935-45
  • Flight Lieutenant Edward Grey Jones: diaries and other papers as a POW in Java and Borneo 1942-45
  • Dr Otto Heilbrunn: papers rel to guerrilla warfare and counter-insurgency c1950-70
  • Reverend Wilfrid James Hill: diaries and papers rel to his service as an Army chaplain in Sicily, Italy and Germany 1944-45
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir Edmund C Hudleston: papers 1927-67
  • Major James Thomas Byford McCudden: letters rel to his service in the ranks of the Royal Flying Corps 1914-15
  • Miss Muriel HD Maclean: papers rel to her service with the WRNS at Arromanches following the D-Day landings 1944
  • Sir Donald James Dundas Maitland: papers rel to his service with IV Indian Corps in Burma 1945
  • Air Commodore Stanley Jackson Marchbank: papers rel to his service in RAF Bomber Command 1943-44
  • Reverend David Bruce Nicol: letters to his wife while serving as a Chaplain to the Forces in France, Salonika and Palestine 1916-19
  • Dr Richard Alan Pallister: papers of a civilian internee in Singapore 1942-45
  • Mrs Resy Peake: papers rel to her service with Mechanised Transport Corps 1939-46
  • Brigadier Geoffrey Pigot: papers rel to service with the Indian Army 1914-47
  • Brigadier John Mervyn Prower: letters rel to service in Canadian Expeditionary Force 1915-17
  • Major-General George Warren Richards: papers rel to his career with the Royal Armoured Corps 1916-49
  • Squadron Leader PA Robinson: papers rel to his service with the RAF 1943
  • Lt-Commander Norman William Rockingham: papers rel to his naval career 1943-44
  • Lt-Colonel Stanley W Routledge: papers rel to his service with the Psychological Warfare Branch in the South of France and Austria 1944-47
  • General Sir Geoffrey Allen Percival Scoones: papers 1947-95
  • Brigadier Robert Bernard Scott: papers rel to his service in the Indian Army in North Africa, Syria and Italy 1939-43
  • Major-General Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes: corresp rel to a proposed biography of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson 1944
  • Captain William Alfred Thackeray Synge: diaries covering his service in the King's Liverpool Regiment in France and Belgium 1914
  • Sir Lionel Ernest Howard Whitby: papers rel to his service with the Royal Army Medical Corps 1939-45
  • Surgeon-General Sir William Daniel Campbell Williams: diary recording his service with the Australian Imperial Force 1914-15
  • Major-General Orde Charles Wingate: papers 1920-50

Leeds University, Brotherton Library, Liddle Collection

  • Lt James Scott-Ferguson, 4th Battalion Seaforths: corresp and papers 1917-18
  • Lt Hugh Livingston, RGA: corresp 1914-18
  • Robin Cossons, RAMC: diary 1917
  • Major-General Sir Evelyn Dalrymple Fanshawe: flying log book and diary 1918
  • CD Titmuss, Rfn 15th London Regiment: diary, notebook and papers 1917
  • Private Horace Severn, DLI: notebooks of war news 1915-16
  • TJ Newell, Dvr ASC: notebook 1914-15
  • Brigadier HE Russell, Staff Officer GHQ Middle East: corresp 1940
  • Lt Colin Harrison, Royal Scots Greys: corresp while serving in the Boer War 1899-KIA
  • Captain Frederick Alleyne Corfield, ASC: corresp and diary 1914-18
  • Stuart Campbell, Lance Bombardier RA: papers rel to time as POW 1943
  • Private TB Gresham, 6th Battalion Manchester: corresp 1914-18
  • Brigadier Sir Arthur Maxwell Ramsden: papers 1914-45
  • Private Joseph Youhill, Army Ordnance Corps: diary 1915
  • Captain Maurice Frank Campbell Willson, 2/20 London Regiment: corresp 1915-18
  • HV Hart, 2nd Lt 6th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment: diary 1917
  • Lt-Colonel Foucar: notes rel to the Burma campaign 1939-45
  • Private Walter James Rose, 1/5th Battalion Suffolk Regiment: diary and misc papers 1914-18
  • CSM JR Lucas, 6th London Regiment and School of Musketry: diary and misc papers 1914-16
  • BT Harwood LAC, RAF: diary and misc papers 1944
  • Major ER Collins, 1st Battalion East Lancashire, and WW Collins, AB RN: corresp 1914-18
  • Gordon Olley, RFC: corresp 1917
  • Sergeant WG Harrison, Cheshire Yeomanry: corresp 1945
  • Lt CF Kearns, Canadian RAF: flying log book and notebook while in Russia 1919
  • James W Pilton, RCAF Leading Aircraftman: memoirs and research notes on radar
  • Roger Mortimer, Coldstream Guards: corresp as POW 1944-45

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Lt-Colonel Norman Alexander Barber: corresp, diary and papers rel to service with BEF and as POW in the Far East 1939-45
  • Major-General Ian Herbert Fitzgerald Boyd: diaries c1935-59
  • Lt-General Sir Napier Crookenden: corresp and papers incl research notes rel to his books 1969-74
  • Air Commodore George Bentley Dacre: diaries (copies) 1911-17
  • Captain Russell Grenfell, RN: diary and papers incl some copies 1916-45
  • Brigadier Trevor Hart Dyke: papers rel to life and career 1905-48
  • Brigadier Eric Wilfrid Langlands: papers rel to service in the Indian Army (copies) 1918-47
  • Major-General John Sydney Lethbridge: corresp and papers rel to Burmese campaigns 1943-45
  • Colonel RC Mace: notes and papers many rel to Dogra Regiment 1923-44
  • Wing Commander FJ Mowbray: account of an attempt to extend air cover for merchant shipping in North Atlantic 1996
  • Captain Henry Laurence Slingsby: transcripts of diary entries and letters home from France and Belgium 1914-17
  • Lt-Colonel William Laurence Slingsby: corresp and papers rel to his career 1939-62
  • Air Marshal Sir Frederick Beresford Sowrey: family and personal corresp most while commandant of National Defence College and director-general of RAF training 1917-77
  • Major-General Dennis Edmund Blaquière Talbot: diaries, corresp and papers many rel to fall of Calais and his service in Malaya 1940-91
  • Brigadier Peter Trevenan Thwaites: corresp and papers rel to service in the armed forces of the Sultan of Muscat and Oman 1969
  • Lt-Colonel Richard Gittins Wall: diary mainly rel to Normandy landings 1940-44
  • Group Captain Hugh Joseph Wilson: logbooks, reports, corresp and papers incl sections of MS autobiography 1928-90
  • Copy accounts of the service of individual units of the Indian Army in the Far East during World War II (Misc 61)

Oxford University, St Anthony's College, Middle East Centre

  • Major-General John David Carew Graham: papers rel to service with the armed forces of the Sultan of Oman 1970-72

Museum of Welsh Life

  • Letters from World War I soldiers in France sent to Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea 1915-16 (3712/4-11)

National Army Museum

  • Lt Hugh Gordon, 1st Foot: papers 1811-22 (9604-173)
  • General John Hodgson: corresp rel to his colonelcy of 3rd Garrison Battalion 1813-16 (9610-69)
  • Private Samuel West, 16th Lancers: letters from India 1822-26 (9604-220)
  • Private John Pine, Rifle Brigade: letters from the Cape of Good Hope and the Crimea 1850-55 (9605-4)
  • Private Henry Clayton, 17th Foot: letters from Ireland, Crimea and Canada 1854-59 (9611-53)
  • Lt Andrew Nugent, 2nd Dragoons: letters from the Crimea 1854-55 (9601-22)
  • General Sir George Henry Smith Willis: papers rel to army reform and command of the Northern and Southern Districts 1860-89 (9611-54)
  • Colonel William Northcote Davis: memoirs of his service in the 9th and 5th West Middlesex Rifle Volunteers and the 11th Bn London Regiment and its antecedents 1872-1933 (9604-26)
  • Lt-Colonel Sir Henry Earle, 3rd Bt: corresp and papers 1870-1919 (9611-60)
  • Trooper William Kuhn, British South Africa Police: letters 1898-1901 (9604-15)
  • General Sir Walter King Venning: diaries 1902-53 (9605-11)
  • Major-General Llewellyn Alberic Emilius Price-Davies VC, King's Royal Rifle Corps: diaries 1899-1944 (9610-109- transferred from Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
  • Captain Archibald Scott Garnham: papers rel to 191 Prisoners of War Company and W Company 8th Bn Hampshire Regiment (Isle of Wight Rifles) 1914-24 (9611-92)
  • Major Geoffrey Tylden (1883-1970), military historian: research papers especially rel to British military activity in South Africa (9610-104 - transferred from Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
  • 18th and 17th Middlesex Home Guard Battalions: files and papers, including material rel to the GEC Hirst Research laboratories, Wembley, 1931-44 (9601-70)
  • Brigadier Roy Gilbert Thurburn: papers 1939-74 (9610-95 - transferred from Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
  • Bombay Grenadiers Regimental Association: records and papers 1947-91 (9601-61)

Public Record Office

  • Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence, Air Department (addnl): private office papers (AIR 19)
  • Ministry of Defence, private office (addnl): papers (DEFE 13)
  • Field-Marshal Viscount Wolseley (1833-1913) (addnl): papers (WO 147)

Royal Air Force Museum

  • Dennis Richards, writer: research papers rel to The Hardest Victory (AC 96/5)
  • Major WR Snow: corresp and papers 1916-18 (AC 96/37)
  • Air Commodore Edward Alexander Dimsdale Masterman (1880-1957): papers (AC 96/46)
  • Pilot Officer Ernest Schofield: papers from Arctic reconnaissance flights 1942 (AC 96/47)
  • Group Captain Robert Ritchie Greenlaw: logbooks and papers 1917-43 (AC 96/51)

Royal Commonwealth Society Library

  • Kenneth A Brundle: 'Escape from Singapore 1942 - an architect's memories of Malaya and Singapore 1941-42 including an escape from Singapore February 1942' (British Association of Malaya Addenda).

Southampton University Library

  • Sir Robert Hugh Kennedy, Commissary-General: corresp and papers mainly rel to service in the Peninsular War 1793-1831 (MS 271)
  • John Wilson Croker, secretary to the Admiralty: corresp with Lord Palmerston rel to military and political matters 1810-56 (MS 273)
  • Spanish papers relating to the Peninsular War in Spain 1808-18 (MS 277)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Henri Gabriel Ogilvy (O'Gilvy) de Bordeaux, sous-intendant des camps de Cherbourg: misc papers rel to Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 (MSS 10893-98)
  • British Army 'Memorial to Irish Regiments' Committee: corresp and papers mainly rel to memorial in Westminster Cathedral 1917-21 (MS 10925)
  • Lt-Colonel John Edward Fannin, soldier: corresp, diaries and papers incl some rel to their intended publication 1885-1907 (MSS 10927-31)

Local Repositories in England

Birmingham City Archives

  • RAF Association, 916 Squadron: minutes, accounts, corresp and list of members 1946-96 (MS 2042)

Buckinghamshire Record Office

  • Misc corresp and papers rel to the Royal Bucks Hussars and other local military units 1914-80 (AR 75/96)
  • WA Underwood, soldier: diaries 1916-19 (AR 130/96)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Suffolk Regiment (addnl): records 19th cent-1966 (GB 554)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Cambridge

  • Wale family of Little Shelford: records incl those of General Sir Charles Wale as governor of Martinique 1628-1906 (R96/109)
  • James Burkett, soldier: journal and diaries with Egyptian Expeditionary Force 1915-19 (R96/72)

Chester Archives

  • Burma Star Association, Chester branch: minutes 1977-93 (CR797)

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle

  • RAF 14 Maintenance Unit, Carlisle: records 20th cent (T/RAF)

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • Corporal Eric Diss, POW in Palembang, Sumatra (addnl): diary and papers 1942-45 (BDB 36 addnl)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Fred Redfern (d1919), soldier: personal papers (D4442)
  • Air Training Corps 348 Squadron, Ilkeston: register 1941-47 (D4460)

Ealing Local Studies Library

  • Ealing and Brentford Volunteer Corps: misc papers rel to (Acc 163)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Royal Observer Corp records c1937-91 (36M96)

Hereford and Worcester Record Office

  • Herefordshire Regiments/Light Infantry (TA): records 1920-66

Hertfordshire Record Office

  • US Air Force 398th Bomb Group, Nuthampstead: records 1940-96

Lancashire Record Office

  • Sergeant Joshua Kelsall of Preston: diary of his service in France with the Rifle Brigade 1914-15 (DDX 2084 Acc 7947)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Syer family: papers incl records of military service 1919-45 (DE4952)
  • James Perkins, Leicestershire Regt: pocket ledger 1897-1903 (DE4936)
  • 6th Leicestershire Regt: transport platoon roll 1914-16 (DE4958)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Nicholson family of Norwich: WW2 papers incl Red Cross corresp (Acc 15/2/96)

Oldham Archives Service

  • Oldham Local Militia standing orders 1809 (1996-004)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • Garsington Home Guard records 1940-44 (Acc 4130)

Sandwell Community History and Archives Service

  • George Whitehouse of West Bromwich: papers incl war diary 1935-76 (9646)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Wing Commander Lionel Cohen: papers 19th-20th cent (Acc 10626)

Tameside Archive Service

  • Ashton Home Guard: log book 1940-41 (Acc 2631)
  • Manchester Regiment (addnl): misc records 1885-1995

Tyne & Wear Archives Service

  • Birtley War Memorial Committee: minutes and corresp 1939-63

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • William Danby, writer: corresp and papers incl some rel to Mashamshire Volunteers 1798-1815 (ZS)

Local Repositories in Wales

Carmarthenshire Record Office

  • Third Battalion Home Guard, Gwendraeth area: corresp 1943-45 (CDX/553)

Local Repositories in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

  • Attorney General's Office: occupation files and Feldkommandantur files 1940-46 (D/Z)
  • Lady Le Masurier: collection of papers rel to occupation 1943-45 (L/F/22)

States of Guernsey Island Archives Service

  • Wilf Duquernin: account of escape from Guernsey 1940 (G004/20Y)

Manx National Heritage Library

  • Knockaloe Alien Detention Camp, Patrick: catering records 1915-19 (Acc 9377)