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Major Accessions to Repositories 1996 relating to Medicine

National, Special and University

Aberdeen University, Department of Special Collections and Archives

  • Alexander Logie Stalker, pathologist: papers c1900-80 (AUL MS 3471)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • John Woodward, geologist and physician: geological notebook c1722 (Add 9386)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Richard Darwin Keynes (b1919), professor of physiology (addnl): research notes and papers (KEYN)

Dundee University Library, Archives and Manuscripts Department

  • Dundee Royal Infirmary (addnl): records 1901-79 (THB1)
  • Maryfield Hospital (addnl): records 1901-79 (THB14)

Durham University (Sudan Archive)

  • David James Lewis, medical entomologist: corresp and papers 1944-55 (G//S 1129)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Robert Whitelaw: student lecture notes on pathology c1885 (MS Gen)

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Sir Lionel Ernest Howard Whitby: papers rel to his service with the Royal Army Medical Corps 1939-45

Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library

  • Miriam Hebron, educational psychologist: research papers c1960-80

Leeds University, Brotherton Library, Liddle Collection

  • Robin Cossons, RAMC: diary 1917

National Library of Scotland

  • Osborne Henry Mavor, physician and playwright as James Bridie: corresp and papers 1904-88 (Acc 11309-10)

Newcastle upon Tyne University, Robinson Library

  • Charles John Gibb (1824-1916), physician: papers rel to him

Nottingham University Library, Manuscripts Department

  • General Hospital, Nottingham (addnl): records 1977-92 (ACC 1437, 1447)

Public Record Office

  • General Nursing Council for England and Wales, registrar: general corresp and papers (DT 16)
  • Medical Research Council: records (FD 3, 7, 9-20)

Royal College of Surgeons

  • Sir Astley Paston Cooper (1768-1841), 1st Bt and surgeon (addnl): draft paper (MSS Add 556)

London University, School of Oriental and African Studies Library

  • Medical Services Ministries (formerley Missionary School of Medicine) records 20th cent (MSM)

Science Museum Library

  • J Newstead, doctor: letters to his father rel to medical training (MS 2038)

Sheffield University Library

  • Sir Charles Stuart-Harris, physician: case-book 1929 (MS 182)
  • Harold Miller (1909-95), professor of medical physics: papers (MS 184)

Wellcome Institute, Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) (addnl): files c1980-90 (PP/ASH)
  • Professor Norman Henry Ashton (1913), ophthalmologist (addnl): memoirs (PP/ASH)
  • Sir Francis Avery Jones (b1910), gastroenterologist: corresp and papers (GC/198)
  • Hugh Baron, gastroenterologist: papers incl some rel to development of drug balsalazide 1979-86 (GC/199)
  • Edward John Mostyn Bowlby, psychiatrist and biographer(addnl): corresp incl further letters to his wife 1921-40 (PP/BOW)
  • Carlos Paton Blacker (1895-1975), secretary of the Eugenics Society: papers as secretary (SA/EUG)
  • Max Blythe/Central Council for Health Education: transcripts of interviews and a poster collection (GC/196)
  • David John Bradley, medical scientist (addnl): papers rel to his research and committee work c1980-90 (WT/WB)
  • British Empire Cancer Campaign records 1923-90 (SA/BEC)
  • British Health Care Arts records 1984-93 (SA/WC)
  • British Social Hygiene Council (formerly National Council for Combatting Venereal Disease): minutes of various committees (SA/BSH)
  • British Society of Gastroenterology (addnl): corresp incl that with Professor Lennard-Jones (SA/BSG)
  • Casualties Union: records incl branch files and journals 1943- (SA/CAS)
  • Herbert Davis Chalke, journalist and writer on medical history: papers rel to public health c1931-77 (GC/200)
  • Edwin Clarke (1919-96), neurologist and historian of medicine: papers incl draft book Academic Medical History in Britain (PP/ESC)
  • Surgeon-Captain Thomas Latimer Cleave (1912-83), Royal Navy: corresp and papers (PP/TLC)
  • Sir William Allen Daley (1887-1968), London County Council and medical administrator: papers (PP/AWD)
  • Grantly Dick-Read (1890-1959), physician (addnl): corresp and papers (PP/GDR)
  • Sir William Richard Shaboe Doll (b1912), epidemiologist (addnl): papers rel to toxic syndrome (PP/DOL)
  • European Collaborative Health Services Study (ECHSS): research papers comparing health care efficiency in Europe c1978-95 (GC/190)
  • Letitia Denny Fairfield (1885-1974), barrister and senior medical officer of London County Council: misc papers (GC/193)
  • Family Planning Association (addnl): records c1980-95 (SA/FPA)
  • Dame Honor Bridget Fell (1900-86), biologist and director of Strangeways Research Laboratory (addnl): notebooks (PP/HBF)
  • Fulham Road Pharmacy: prescription registers 1889-1904 (GC/189)
  • John H Glyn: corresp with Paul Hench and others rel to publication of Cortisone Therapy mainly applied to Rheumatic Diseases (GC/188)
  • Sir George Edward Godber (b1908), civil servant: papers (GC/201)
  • Group Analytic Society (addnl): records c1970-90 (SA/GAS)
  • Central Midwives Board Register: register of cases handled by Mrs Nora Hains 1935-41 (GC/202)
  • Vernon F Hall (b1904), anaesthetist: papers incl unpublished autobiography (GC/203)
  • Sir Henry Head, neurologist (addnl): corresp with Ruth Mayhew 1877-1900 (PP/HEA)
  • Health Visitors Association (addnl): papers incl minutes of Institute of Infant Welfare Fund 1960-85 (SA/HVA)
  • Stuart W Hinds, paediatrician: papers on child health and draft history of paediatrics c1950-59 (GC/204)
  • John Holden, Haydock Health Centre (addnl): Holden's day books, papers rel to Fellowship by assessment of RCGP and records of the St Helens Medical Audit Advisory Group 1990-96 (GP/19)
  • Thomas Cecil Hunt (1901-80), gastroenterologist (addnl): papers rel to medical education in West Africa (GC/46)
  • Stephen Alexander MacKeith, psychiatrist: psychiatric records of private practice in Norwich and autobiographical notes c1957-58 (GC/206)
  • Sir Arthur Salusbury MacNalty (1880-1969), chief medical officer of Ministry of Health: draft history of medicine in Britain (GC/119)
  • Guy Frederick Marrian (1904-81), biochemist: corresp and papers incl working papers as director of ICRF 1959-68 (PP/GFM)
  • MRC Blood Group Unit: records incl some corresp and papers of director Robert Race 1942-79 (SA/BGU)
  • Medical Womens Federation (addnl): papers of Dr AE Sanderson rel to her work on menstrual hygiene in girls and women c1920-30 (SA/MWF)
  • Otto Neubauer, biomedical scientist: research notebooks 1913-15 (GC/207)
  • Neil Stamford Painter (1923-89) surgeon and researcher on diverticular disease: corresp and papers incl x-rays and Manor House Hospital patient notes (PP/NSP)
  • John Dalziel Wyndham Pearce, clinical psychiatrist: papers incl misc records from committees rel to clinical psychiatry 1937-88 (GC/192)
  • CI Pelton: pre and early NHS case record envelopes (GP/28)
  • Sir Rudolph Albert Peters, biochemist: corresp and papers rel to jaundice c1943-44
  • British Anti-Lewisite: reports and papers c1941-52 (GC/197)
  • Physiological Society (addnl): records incl those from the Oxford office c1977-90 (SA/PHY)
  • Prout Club records 1977-94 (SA/PRO)
  • Queens Nursing Institute (addnl): records 1842-1939 (SA/QNI)
  • Alastair Robb-Smith, pathologist: corresp and papers rel to consultancy work 1934-47 (GC/182)
  • James Stewart Robertson, community physician: career papers (PP/JSR)
  • Royal Army Medical Corps Muniment Collection (addnl): misc records incl various memoirs and diaries, corresp of Sir Alexander Drummond (RAMC 2213, 2216, 2219, 2221 2223-82)
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Department of Pharmacology: departmental order books 1954-67 (GC/183)
  • Dr Bernard Sandler (b1907) (addnl): corresp and papers rel to infertility (GC/149)
  • Wendy Diane Savage (b1935), obstetrician and gynaecologist: personal papers and records rel to GMC inquiry into her (PP/WDS)
  • John Seal: corresp and papers rel to the Cholera Research Laboratory in Dacca, Bangladesh (GC/209)
  • Dame Mary Ann Dacomb Scharlieb, physician: corresp incl some of her son Herbert 1880-1912 (GC/190)
  • Society of Medical Officers of Health: records incl some local branches 1856-20th cent (SA/SMO)
  • Society for Social Medicine (addnl): records 1988-92 (SA/SSM)
  • Dr Anne Summers, medical historian: letters rel to Women's Hour broadcast on health before the NHS 1987 (GC/208)
  • Dame Janet Maria Vaughan (1899-1993), principal of Somerville College and pathologist: papers rel to Emergency Blood Transfusion Service, the liberation of Belsen and social medicine (GC/186)
  • Voluntary Euthanasia Society (addnl): records 1963-90 (SA/VES)
  • Air Marshal Sir Harold Edward Whittingham (1887-1983), pathologist and consultant in aviation medicine (addnl): papers (PP/HEW)
  • Colonel (Hon) Sir William Henry Willcox (1870-1941), physician and toxicologist: papers (GC/185)
  • World Federation of Right to Die Societies: misc papers (SA/WFR)
  • World Organization of Gastroenterology: records 1960-94 (SA/OMG)

Wellcome Institute, Department of Western Manuscripts

  • French medical recipe book, secreta secretorum 17th cent (MS 7298)
  • Memorandum on the history and statutes of Perugia University 17th cent (MS 7153)
  • Sir Rochester Carr, lunatic: papers rel to the administration of his estate 1683-85 (MS 7143)
  • Jean Astruc, physician: notes from his lectures 1737 (MS 7217)
  • Annotated Bristol pharmacopoeia Manuale Medicanum 1816 (MS 7218)
  • Daily record of cholera cases from Bicester, Oxon 1832 (MS 7219)
  • English medical student's diary from Paris 1834-35 (MS 7147)
  • Joseph Henry Shorthouse, novelist: papers rel to the extraction of teeth 1846 (MS 7202)
  • Herbert Mayo, physiologist: author's copy of Letters on the Truths Contained in Popular Superstitions with MS additions 1849 (MS 7300)
  • Arthur Hugh Clough, poet: memorandum of conversations with Florence Nightingale 1859 (MS 7204)
  • Ackland family, general practitioners, Bideford: papers 19th-20th cent (MSS 7205-16 - addnl to MSS 5410-19)
  • Thomas Newborn Robert Morson, pharmaceutical mfr, London: papers rel to him and his company 19th-20th cent (Acc 350417)
  • Misc veterinary lecture notes and prescriptions 19th-20th cent (MSS 7159-62)
  • Thomas Grimshaw, apothecary of Wormwood Scrubs prison: recipe book c1900 (MS 7144)
  • IM Pittock, medical student: notes of lectures on anatomy and physiology 1943-44 (MS 7142)

Local Repositories in England

Birmingham City Archives

  • Birmingham Regional Hospital Board/West Midlands Regional Health Authority (addnl): records 1947-93 (MS 1523 addl)
  • Birmingham Area Health Authority, South Birmingham District/South Birmingham Health Authority: minutes 1960-80 (MS 2053)
  • Birmingham Children's Hospital, Ladywood (addnl): records 1860-1992 (MS 1439 addl)
  • Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital (addnl): late 19th cent-l990 (MS 1919 addl)
  • Queen's Hospital/Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Edgabaston (addnl): cl860-1980 (MS 1942 addl)
  • United Birmingham Hospitals Management Committee (addnl): minutes and papers 1948-74 (MS 1825 addl)
  • Royal School for Deaf Children, Edgbaston (addnl): registers of children and staff c1949-80 (MS 1060 addl)

Bristol Record Office

  • South West Regional Health Authority: files and volumes 1947-94 (Acc 40837)
  • Bristol Institution for the Deaf and Dumb: minutes and reports 1840-1908 (Acc.40861)
  • Bristol Centre for the Deaf: minutes and reports 1884-1973 (Acc 40862)

Buckinghamshire Record Office

  • Christ's Hospital, Buckingham: records 1704-1827 (AR 16/96)

Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Royal Sea Bathing Hospital, Margate: records 19th-20th cent (MH/T)

Chester Archives

  • Ellesmere Port Hospital: surgical casebook c1888-93 (HE/8)

Cornwall Record Office

  • Barncoose Hospital, Redruth: records 1911-51 (X985/1-11)

Croydon Archives Service

  • Cane Hill Hospital, Coulsdon: records c1890-1988 (SB6)

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • Vickerstown District Nursing Association: minute books 1904-48 (BD/So 73)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Litchurch Board of Health records (D4533)
  • Chesterfield Hospital Management Committee: minutes 1947-78 (D4555)
  • Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Royal Hospital (addnl): board minutes (D4148)
  • Sheffield Regional Hospital Board, incl North Derbyshire: minutes 1947-74 (D4556)
  • Derby Group of Hospitals Local Joint Co-ordinating Committee: minutes 1947-48 (D4542)
  • Derby and Buxton Joint Smallpox Hospital Committee: minutes 1914-48 (D4543)
  • Aston Hall Hospital, House Committee: minutes 1955-70 (D4565)
  • Royal Derby and Derbyshire Nursing and Sanitary Association: minutes (D4566)
  • Devonshire Royal Hospital, Buxton and Buxton Bath Charity records 1810-1913 (D4508)
  • Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Derby (addnl): records 1804-20th cent (D1190)
  • Bakewell Firs War Memorial Cottage Hospital records 1958-74 (D4557)
  • Newholme Cottage Hospital records 1963-74 (D4558)

Devon Record Office

  • Ashburton and Buckfastleigh Hospital records 1874-1949 (D5524)
  • Devon Local Dental Committee: minutes and out corresp 1981-95 (D5456)

Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

  • League of Friends of the Royal Naval Hospital records 1987-95 (2082)
  • LN Lethbridge, medical officer for Devonport and Okehampton: papers 1939-90 (2142)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Ashurst Hospital records c1950-1970 (121M96)
  • Park Prewett Hospital, Basingstoke (addnl): records c1930-90 (279M87)
  • Knowle Hospital, Fareham (addnl): records 19th-20th cent (48M94)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Suffolk Lung Diseases Care Committee records 1948-96 (G13435)

Isle of Wight County Record Office

  • Frank James Memorial Hospital, East Cowes: records 1903-88 (96/33)

Lambeth Archives

  • Trinity Hospice, Clapham (addnl): records 19th-20th cent (IV/178A)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Victoria Hospital, Blackpool: x-ray registers incl details of emigrants to Australia 1948-75 (HRBP 1 Acc 7980)
  • Blackpool and Fylde Hospital Management Committee: minutes 1948-74 (HRBP 3 Acc 7980)
  • Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde Health Authority: minutes 1974-93 (HRBP 4 Acc 7980)
  • Lancashire Area Health Authority: minutes 1973-82 (AHA Acc 8027)
  • Lancaster Moor Hospital records 1919-59 (HRL Accs 8012, 8096)
  • Royal Albert Asylum, Lancaster: records (HRRA Acc 7966)
  • Lytham Cottage Hospital records (HRLY Acc 8053)
  • Preston and Chorley Hospital Management Committee: minutes 1948-74 (HRPC Acc 8027)
  • Preston District Health Authority: district management team minutes and staff training files 1974-82 (HRP Acc 8027)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Carlton Hayes Hospital records c1890-1990 (DE4866)
  • Towers Hospital, Leicester: diarrhoea and dysentery register 1894-1960 (DE5065)
  • James Down, surgeon: corresp rel to gas manufacture 1831 (DE4951)

North East Lincolnshire Archives

  • Civil Defence Officer, Grimsby Group Hospitals: records 1953-73 (383/28)
  • Scunthorpe Local Board of Health: minutes 1890-94 (137)

London Metropolitan Archives

  • Brook General Hospital records 1896-1963 (H20/BK)
  • South East Thames Regional Health Authority: records incl those of predecessor bodies 1894-1995 (HA/SE)
  • Horton Hospital records 1821-1990 (H22/HT)
  • Banstead Hospital records 1871-1981 (H22/BN)
  • Saint Thomas' Hospital: friends annual reports 1992-95 (H1/ST/R2/33-35)
  • North Thames Regional Health Authority: minutes, agendas and reports 1947-92 (HA/NT)
  • South Thames Regional Health Authority: minutes, agendas and reports 1947-90 (HA/ST)
  • Saint Alfege's Hospital: clinico-pathological meeting minutes 1948-51 (H43)
  • Woolwich Memorial Hospital records 1912-75 (H44)
  • Tooting Bec Hospital: minutes and registers 1902-77 (H45)
  • Foundling Hospital: general court and committee minutes 1738-1954 (A/FH/K01)
  • Springfield Hospital: minutes and registers 1850-1980 (H46)
  • Wandsworth Hospital Management Group: minutes 1970-75
  • Lambeth Hospital Management Group: minutes minutes 1970-75
  • Saint James' Hospital: minutes and papers
  • South Western Metropolitan Hospital Management Group: minutes and corresp 1970-85
  • Clapham Maternity Hospital: minutes
  • Battersea And Putney Hospital Management Group: minutes and files
  • Wier Hospital: minutes
  • Saint Charles Hospital: minutes
  • Mildmay Mission Hospital: minutes
  • Springfield Hospital records
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital: minutes and year books 1806-1988 (H47)
  • Lambeth Hospital: case books
  • Horton Hospital: case registers 1939-52 (H22/HT/MTU)
  • Queen Charlotte's Hospital: trainee midwives case book 1935

Oxfordshire Archives

  • Oxfordshire Health Authority records 20th cent (Acc 4124)

Southampton Archives Services

  • Southampton General Hospital records c1900-80 (D/Z 977)
  • Fred Wooley House (formerly Hampshire Home of Recovery): records 1919-80 (D/FWH)

Staffordshire Record Office

  • St. Edward's Hospital, Cheddleton: records c1889-1950 (D5490)

Surrey Record Office

  • Epsom District Hospital and Epsom Group Hospitals: staff records c1900-74 (6334)
  • Leatherhead and Cuddington Hospitals: staff records nd (6334)
  • Brompton Hospital, Frimley: records incl corresp of the medical superintendent and papers rel to wills and bequests 20th cent (6350)
  • East Surrey Health Authority: records incl those of predecessor bodies 1990-95 (6355)

Sutton Heritage Service, Archive and Local Studies Department

  • Wandle Valley Joint Hospital Board (addnl): records (Acc 250)

Tyne & Wear Archives Service

  • Northern Yorkshire Regional Health Authority: records incl Newcastle Regional Hospital Board, individual hospitals and Cleveland Child Abuse Enquiry
  • Sunderland Hospital Management Committee, Area Health Authority and District Health Authority 1960-91
  • St John's Ambulance Brigade, Dunston division: registers and records sheets 1912-21
  • Newcastle and Northumberland Sanatorium: minutes 1905-12
  • Gateshead Dispensary: annual reports and other papers 1832-1903
  • Cherry Knowle Hospital, Ryhope: records 19th-20th cent
  • Walkers, Parker & Co Ltd, lead mfrs, Newcastle upon Tyne: health records of employees 1941-48
  • King James Hospital, Gateshead: register of applicants as bedesmen 1956-66

Walsall Archives Service

  • Walsall Health Authority and Family Practitioner Committee records 1940-86 (Acc 875)
  • Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison, nurse: letters to Kenyon Jones 1876-77 (Acc 887, 889)

Wigan Archives Service

  • Hindley: midwife's case registers 1905-24 (Acc 3036)
  • Unknown doctor's treatment ledger 1838-67 (Acc 3035)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Aysgarth RDC Medical Officer of Health: reports 1930-58 (DC/AYS)
  • Bedale RDC Medical Officer of Health: reports 1923-70 (DC/BED)
  • Kirbymoorside RDC Medical Officer of Health: reports and misc records 1906-60 (DC/KMO)
  • Malton RDC Medical Officer of Health: reports 1895-1913 (DC/MLR)
  • Malton UDC Medical Officer of Health: reports 1890-1946 (DC/MLU)
  • Whitby RDC Medical Officer of Health: reports 1930-72 (DC/WHR)
  • Yorkshire Regional Health Authority: minutes 1984-92 (NHS/RHA/Y)

Local Repositories in Wales

Denbighshire Record Office

  • Ruthin Hospital Charities: misc records 1784-20th cent (PD/90/5)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Mold Hospital, board of management: minutes 1929-48 (H/8)

Gwynedd, Caernarfon Area Record Office

  • Gwynedd Health Authority records 1947-90 (XY 6-7)