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Major Accessions to Repositories 1996 relating to Maritime History

National, Special and University

British Library, Department of Manuscripts

  • Sir Walter Raleigh, naval commander and author: misc papers rel to him 16th-17th cent

British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

  • James Horsburgh, East India Company hydrographer and geographer: letterbook and notebook 1796-1823 (MSS Eur F305)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Henry Bell Wortley, naval architect: papers c1888-1920 (Add 9356)
  • S Osborne, naval cadet: log books from HMSs Sans Pareil, Bellerophon, Victory and Exmouth during Crimea and Baltic campaigns 1853-56 (Add 9364)
  • GA Douglas: naval log books of HMSs Impérieuse and Coromandel during Taiping Rebellion 1861-65 (Add 9378)
  • Sir Andrew Snape Hamond (1738-1828), naval captain and MP and his son Sir Graham Eden Hammond (1779-1862), admiral: corresp and papers (Add 9394)
  • Captain Charles Sotheby: naval letterbook of HMS Seringapatam 1826-27 (Add 9416)
  • Henry T Ellis: naval journals kept aboard HMS Styx during Kaffir and Burmese Wars 1852-53 (Add 9420)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Admiral Sir James Fownes Somerville (1882-1949) (addnl): papers (SMVL)

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Lt-Commander Norman William Rockingham: papers 1943-44

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

  • Thomas Turton Jones, ship repairer: notebook 1893-95 (IMS 257-58)

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Studies

  • Rear-Admiral Arthur Seymour Bolt: night order book aboard HMS Theseus during Korean war 1950-51
  • Commander Henry Dudley Graham de Chair: journal 1935-39
  • Captain Russell Grenfell, RN: diary and papers incl some copies 1916-45
  • Commander Arthur John Cinnamond Pomeroy: papers rel to career with Royal Naval Reserve 1926-50
  • Rear-Admiral William Halford Selby: memoirs 1902-56
  • Rear-Admiral John Charles Warsop: MS notes on the new officer structure in the Navy 1994

National Maritime Museum

  • Joseph Pape: journal kept while POW 1799 (X96/033)
  • JK Tower: letters written to Lt JM Treleaven 1946-50 (X96/034)
  • George William Woolcott, evangelist: diary c1828 (X96/035)
  • Unattributed journal kept aboard the Iron Duke 1871-72 (X96/036)
  • Francis Reynalds, master mariner: diary 1796-1810 (X96/050)
  • Unattributed journal (transcript) kept during the Cartagena expedition 1740-41 (X96/073)

National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside, Maritime Records Centre

  • Mercutio, barque: account book 1845-54 (DX/1594)
  • Edward Roberts: typescript of corresp of WWII merchant seamen internees in France and Germany (DX/1585)
  • Merchant Navy: blacklist of offenders not to be employed on government requisitioned vessels 1897-1952 (DX/1600/R)
  • Fraser v Nevins, Welsh & Co, Liverpool: case records c1870-87 (B/NEV)
  • James Starkey: typescript volume of his travels 1836-45 (DX/1615)
  • Robert Adamson, ship's engineer: log written while aboard Guion Line SS Nevada 1887-89 (DX/1668)
  • Albion, barque: misc records incl accounts, captain's corresp, receipts and insurance policies (D/ALB)
  • Marco Polo: log of a voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne 1853

Public Record Office

  • International Whaling Commission (addnl): records (DG 2, 3)
  • International Whaling Commission, International Decades of Cetacean Research: whale assessment surveys records (DG 7)

Royal Naval Museum

  • John Scott, official secretary to Nelson on board HMS Victory: letterbook rel to his private prize agency for flag officers in the Mediterranean fleet 1803-05 (1996/1)

Science Museum Library

  • Admiralty papers rel to boat construction (MS 571)
  • Samuel Collier, Royal Navy Mechanician candidate: notebooks covering course work in marine engineering c1909-17 (MS 2091)
  • J Foster Petree: papers rel to his involvement with Junior Institution of Engineers and the Society for Nautical Research (MS 2032)
  • Admiral Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew (1760-1834) (addnl): papers (MS 2030)
  • John Ricketts Vezey, cable engineer: papers rel to submarine telegraph and telephone cables c1920-40 (MS 2028)

Scottish Record Office

  • Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald, Admiral (addnl): letters rel to ship ventilation 1848-52 (GD233)

Southampton University Library

  • John Wilson Croker, secretary to the Admiralty: corresp with Lord Palmerston rel to military and political matters 1810-56 (MS 273)

Warwick University Modern Records Centre

  • Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom: records incl those of predecessor bodies 19th-20th cent (MSS 367)
  • Shipbuilding and Allied Industries Management Association: misc records 1975-93 (MSS 370)

Wellcome Institute, Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • Surgeon-Captain Thomas Latimer Cleave (1912-83), RN: corresp and papers (PP/TLC)

Local Repositories in England

Cheshire Record Office

  • John Cawley & Co, ship builders, Northwich: account book 1844-51 (Acc 5302)

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters

  • HM Customs and Excise (addnl): Maryport and Silloth port records 19th-20th cent (TRS7)

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • Naval Construction & Armaments Co Ltd, Barrow in Furness: letterbook 1893-94 (BDX 325)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Wallace Tivey, seaman: letters to his wife 1931-52 (D4567)

Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

  • Institute of Maritime Studies, University of Plymouth: student and other records 18th-20th cent (2087, 2134)
  • Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery: records rel to the Royal Navy 1581-17th cent (2103)
  • Merchant Navy Association, Plymouth branch: records 1988-94 (2107)

Lancashire Record Office

  • North-Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee: files 1895-1992 (CC/SF Acc 8057)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Margaret Cook, brig: log 1850-52 (MC 661)

Local Repositories in Wales

Ceredigion Archives

  • Registry of British ships, Cardigan transaction register 1855-1969 (TSR)

Glamorgan Record Office

  • Barry Pilotage Board: registers and minutes of pilots' meetings 1889-1968 (Acc 1996/123)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Angus Archives

  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Arbroath branch: records 1854-1983

Local Repositories in Guernsey and the Isle of Man

States of Guernsey Island Archives Service

  • James Peter Caplin Priaulx Raban (1918-96), maritime historian and Anglican clergyman: research papers incl some rel to privateers (AQ 098-102)

Manx National Heritage Library

  • Isle of Man Steam Packet Co records 1829-1960 (Acc 9694)