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Major Accessions to Repositories 1996 relating to Imperial And Commonwealth History

National, Special and University Repositories

Aberdeen University, Department of Special Collections and Archives

  • Patrick K Booker: official and personal papers mainly rel to the Federation of South Arabia and Adenisation c1950-70 (AUL MS 3520)

Bodleian Library

  • Sir Walter Douglas (Con) O'Neill (1912-88), diplomat: papers

British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

  • Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive of Plassey: corresp and papers 1728-1832 (MSS Eur G37)
  • James Horsburgh, East India Company hydrographer and geographer: letterbook and notebook 1796-1823 (MSS Eur F305)
  • George Nathaniel Curzon, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston: corresp and papers 1866-1925 (MSS Eur F111-12)
  • Mary Victoria Curzon, wife of George Nathaniel Curzon: corresp 1887-1906 (MSS Eur F306)
  • Sir George Henry Sutherland, businessman in India: corresp, annual reports and balance sheets rel to Begg, Dunlop & Co c1890-1937 (MSS Eur F308)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Captain Owen B Wallis, 1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment: corresp and papers rel to the Irish emergency 1919-20 (Add 8856/260-290)
  • Meyer Fortes, anthropologist: papers rel to Ashanti Social Survey 1945-46 (Add 9359)
  • S Osborne, naval cadet: log books from HMSs Sans Pareil, Bellerophon, Victory and Exmouth during Crimea and Baltic campaigns 1853-56 (Add 9364)
  • Captain William Edward Gibb, East India Company, 14th Madras Native Infantry: journals of British expeditionary force to the Yangtze river and recruiting tour in the Carnatic 1838-39 (Add 9377)
  • GA Douglas: naval log books of HMSs Impérieuse and Coromandel during Taiping Rebellion 1861-65 (Add 9378)
  • Henry T Ellis: naval journals kept aboard HMS Styx during Kaffir and Burmese Wars 1852-53 (Add 9420)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Joseph Francis Ford, diplomat: diaries 1960-64 (FORD)
  • Reginald Hugh Hickling, solicitor: memoirs of last days of the British in South Arabia 1964-67 (HICK)
  • Sir Eric Clare Edmund Phipps (1875-1945), diplomat (addnl): papers (PHPP)

Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections

  • Sir Evelyn Baring,1st Baron Howick of Glendale: career papers esp rel to period as governor of Kenya 1952-59 (Misc. 1995/96:19)

Durham University, Sudan Archive

  • EG Bowers: diary of an anti-locust reconaissance trip from Cairo to El Fasher 1945 (G//S 1141)
  • Reginald Davies, colonial administrator: corresp and papers 1911-42 (G//S 1134)
  • David James Lewis, medical entomologist: corresp and papers 1944-55 (G//S 1129)
  • Sir William Henry Tusker Luce, diplomat: corresp and papers 1930-56 (G//S 1144)
  • Maurice Stanley Lush, colonial administrator: corresp and papers 1916-59 (G//S 1144)

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Sir Donald James Dundas Maitland: papers rel to his service with IV Indian Corps in Burma 1945
  • Reverend David Bruce Nicol: letters to his wife while serving as a chaplain to the forces in France, Salonika and Palestine 1916-19
  • Dr Richard Alan Pallister: papers of a civilian internee in Singapore 1942-45
  • Brigadier Geoffrey Pigot: papers rel to service with the Indian Army 1914-47
  • Brigadier John Mervyn Prower: letters rel to service in Canadian Expeditionary Force 1915-17
  • Surgeon-General Sir William Daniel Campbell Williams: diary recording his service with the Australian Imperial Force 1914-15

Institute of Commonwealth Studies

  • Gencor Ltd, mining company, South Africa (addnl): misc records 1909-87
  • Madge Gill, Institute of Education: report on racial policy in colonial areas 1953
  • Rosie Goldsmith, radio producer: scripts and audio tapes of Diverging Dominions 1996
  • Colin Legum, journalist (addnl): research papers rel to colonial and commonwealth matters 1950-77
  • Mukwaba and others v Mukibira and others, Uganda High Court: records 1954

Lambeth Palace Library

  • Cyril Edgar Stuart (1892-1982), bishop of Uganda: typescript memoirs

Leeds University, Brotherton Library, Liddle Collection

  • Lt Colin Harrison, Royal Scots Greys: corresp while serving in the Boer War
  • Lt-Colonel Foucar: notes rel to the Burma campaign 1939-45

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Studies

  • Brigadier Eric Wilfrid Langlands: papers rel to service in the Indian Army (copies) 1918-47
  • Major-General John Sydney Lethbridge: corresp and papers rel to Burmese campaigns 1943-45

Oxford University, St Anthony's College, Middle East Centre

  • Herbert R Sykes: tour diaries, survey reports and lectures rel to Persian geography 1902-07

National Army Museum

  • Private Samuel West, 16th Lancers: letters from India 1822-26 (9604-220)
  • Private John Pine, Rifle Brigade: letters from the Cape of Good Hope and the Crimea 1850-55 (9605-4)
  • Private Henry Clayton, 17th Foot: letters from Ireland, Crimea and Canada 1854-59 (9611-53)
  • Lt Andrew Nugent, 2nd Dragoons: letters from the Crimea 1854-55 (9601-22)
  • Trooper William Kuhn, British South Africa Police: letters 1898-1901 (9604-15)
  • Major Geoffrey Tylden (1883-1970), military historian: research papers especially rel to British military activity in South Africa (9610-104 - transferred from Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
  • Bombay Grenadiers Regimental Association: records and papers 1947-91 (9601-61)

National Library of Scotland

  • Sir Robert Heatlie Scott, diplomat and civil servant (addnl): papers 1924-80 (Acc 11331)

National Maritime Museum Manuscripts Section

  • Unattributed journal (transcript) kept during the Cartagena expedition 1740-41 (X96/073)

Public Record Office

  • British Council (addnl): records (BW 1, 2, 40, 83)
  • Field-Marshal Viscount Wolseley (1833-1913) (addnl): papers (WO 147)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Unionist Anti-Partition League, Dublin: records 1905-26 (D/4125)

Rhodes House Library

  • Sir Gawain Westray Bell, governor of Nigeria: papers rel to governorship of Nigeria and of postings elsewhere 1957-62
  • Devlin Commission: papers of the Nyasaland enquiry 1959
  • Pauling plc, civil engineering contractors, London: papers rel to civil engineering works in southern Africa and elsewhere 1894-1982
  • Flora Shaw, Lady Lugard (1852-1929): papers
  • John Wentworth Stacpoole, civil servant: diaries while district officer in Sierra Leone 1959-60

Royal Commonwealth Society Library

  • Adolf B Brewster (1854-1937): papers rel to Fiji (MSS 91)
  • Kenneth A Brundle: 'Escape from Singapore 1942 - an architect's memories of Malaya and Singapore 1941-42 including an escape from Singapore February 1942' (British Association of Malaya Addenda).
  • Sir Albert Cecil Day, civil servant: misc records covering the years when Day was secretary to the governor of New Zealand 1911-35 (MSS 89)
  • Margaret Joyce Field, writer and anthropologist: papers rel to a murder trial in the Supreme Court of the Gold Coast 1944 (MSS 448)
  • Alexander Hepple (1904-83), South African politician: 'The South African Labour Party 1908-56' (Case A72) NB No reproduction without prior permission from Professor BA Hepple
  • Guy Edward Wheeler (1921-95), writer: papers rel to schooldays in India c1920-30 (MSS 11c99w)
  • Robert Henry Walker, archdeacon of Uganda: letters c1890-1906 (MSS 45)
  • Sir Philip Crampton Smyly, Crown Advocate in Sierra Leone: corresp and papers rel to Sierra Leone 1895-1953 (MSS 446)

London University, School of Oriental and African Studies

  • Medical Services Ministries (formerley Missionary School of Medicine) records 20th cent (MSM)
  • Bogumil Witalis Andrzejewske (b1922), professor of linguistics: papers mostly rel to Somali and Oromo languages and literature
  • James T Hardyman, missionary: papers
  • Derek Alec Rawcliffe, bishop of Glasgow: papers rel to his time as bishop of New Hebrides c1960-75 (PP MS 61)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Martha Amelia Bernard, mother of John Henry Bernard (archbishop of Dublin and provost of Trinity College Dublin): diary kept while in India 1862-63 (MS 10882)
  • British Army 'Memorial to Irish Regiments' Committee: corresp and papers mainly rel to memorial in Westminster Cathedral 1917-21 (MS 10925)

Wellcome Institute, Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • British Empire Cancer Campaign: records 1923-90 (SA/BEC)
  • Dr Thomas Cecil Hunt (1901-80), gastroenterologist (addnl): papers rel to medical education in West Africa (GC/46)

Local Repositories in England and Scotland

Angus Archives

  • Christian Sherriff of Brechin and William Stevenson of Madras: corresp 1865-67

Cambridgeshire County Record Office

  • Wale family of Little Shelford: records incl those of General Sir Charles Wale as governor of Martinique 1628-1906 (R96/109)
  • James Burkett, soldier: journal and diaries with Egyptian Expeditionary Force 1915-19 (R96/72)

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • Corporal Eric Diss, POW in Palembang, Sumatra (addnl): diary and papers 1942-45 (BDB 36 addnl)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Sir Robert John Wilmot-Horton, 3rd Bt, politician: letters to him c1816-41 (D4576)

Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office

  • Archibald Fowler, missionary in Palestine and Arabia: corresp 1893-1918