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Major Accessions to Repositories 1996 relating to Business

National, Special and University

Aberdeen University Library

  • Ogston & Tennant Ltd, soap mfrs, Aberdeen: records 1926-36 (AUL MS 3452)
  • Grampian Regional Transport Ltd, bus service operators, Aberdeen: misc records c1890-1993 (AUL MS 3508)

British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

  • Sir George Henry Sutherland, businessman in India: corresp, annual reports and balance sheets rel to Begg, Dunlop & Co c1890-1937 (MSS Eur F308)

Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, composer: letters to Novello & Co Ltd, music publishers, London c1870-1914 (Add 9370)
  • Lorenzo Segni and Francesco Medici (addnl): business letters to them from correspondents in Genoa and Livorno 1626-27 (Add 8963)

Dundee University Library, Archives and Manuscripts Department

  • Gauldie, Hardie & Sharp, architects, Dundee: records 1809-1973 (AccM/335)
  • Don Brothers, Buist & Co Ltd, jute and flax spinners and mfrs, Forfar and Dundee (addnl): misc records incl personal papers of Hill family c1860-1970 (AccM/331, MS 100)

Glasgow University Archives and Business Records Centre

  • Kelvin Diesels Ltd, marine engine mfrs, Glasgow: job and visitors books (UGD367)
  • Stoddart Holdings Ltd (addnl): price list and procuring book (UGD265)
  • Paul Walker, chairman of CBI Scotland: speeches 1989-91 (UGD364)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Edinburgh International Festival Fringe: business corresp and papers
  • Gateway Theatre Company: minute books
  • Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow: business and financial papers
  • Scottish Ballet: board papers, financial records and corresp
  • Mayfest, Glasgow: accounts, minutes and box office returns

Institute of Commonwealth Studies

  • Gencor Ltd, mining company, South Africa (addnl): misc records 1909-87

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

  • John Jones & Arthur Potts, engineering partners, Newton-le-Willows: corresp and papers 1815-49 (IMS 243-54)

Museum of Welsh Life

  • John Davies, coachbuilder and wheelwright, Shringrig, Nelson: account books 1907-33 (3697/1-3)
  • Owen Davies, blacksmith, New Quay: account book 1866-95 (3732)
  • AF Webb & WA Griffiths, architects, Blackwood and Ponfilanfraith: plans of houses at Penllywn, Ponfilanfraith (3733/1-3)
  • Sub-Postmaster, Llanddeusant, Carmarthenshire: log book 1911-27 (3685)
  • William Evans, carpenter, wheelwright and undertaker of Llangynwyd, Glamorgan: accounts c1868-1921 (3731/1-3)

National Library of Ireland

  • Earley & Co, stained glass artists, Dublin: letters and receipts c1920-24

National Library of Scotland

  • Chapman, literary magazine, Edinburgh (addnl): papers 1985-88 (Acc 11319)
  • Edinburgh Film Festival: records and photographic archive 1945-90 (Acc 11308)
  • Gairm, Gaelic magazine, Glasgow, and Gairm Publications (addnl): editorial corresp and papers 1972-96 (Acc 11391)
  • Morning Star Press, Edinburgh: records 1990-96 (Acc 11341)
  • Scottish Literary Journal, Aberdeen: corresp and papers 1989-95 (Acc 11340)

National Railway Museum

  • GEC Alsthom, electrical and electronic equipment mfrs, London: records incl those of predecessor companies and subsidiaries c1846-1994 (1996-7233)
  • British Railways Board: papers rel to visits made by the chairman and other officials 1976-83 (1996-7912)

Public Record Office

  • Milk Marketing Board (addnl): records (JV 1-3, 6, 11-12)

Reading University Library

  • Longman Group Ltd, publishers, London (addnl): contracts
  • Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, publishers, London(addnl): records
  • Jonathan Cape Ltd (Random House UK), publishers, London (addnl): records
  • Chatto & Windus Ltd (Random House UK), publishers, London (addnl): records
  • Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, publishers (addnl): records

Reading University, Rural History Centre

  • Bowker Air Services Ltd, agricultural crop spraying contractors, Rush Green: records (DX 136)

Rhodes House Library

  • Pauling plc, civil engineering contractors, London: papers rel to civil engineering works in southern Africa and elsewhere 1894-1982

Science Museum Library

  • Arthur Guinness, Son & Co Ltd, brewers, London: research papers rel to fermentation process 1957-66 (MS 2013)

Scottish Catholic Archives

  • Harkins Bookshop, Edinburgh: records

Scottish Record Office

  • British Broadcasting Corporation, Scotland: radio and television scripts 1973-93 (BBC1-2)
  • Andrew Russell, merchant: Rotterdam tax assessments 1680-97 (GD1/885)
  • J & RA Robertson, solicitors, Edinburgh: letterbook 1864-1924 (GD1/1191)

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office

  • Walter J Dawe, men's outfitter, Stratford-upon-Avon: personal and business papers 1887-1957 (DR925)

Tate Gallery Archive

  • Godfrey Phillips Gallery, London: records 1926-32 (TGA 9611)

Theatre Museum

  • Ambassadors Theatre, London: records (RP96/416)
  • Intimate Theatre, London: account books (RP96/1545)
  • Richard Leacroft, architect: papers (RP90/2358)
  • Wyndham's Theatre, London: records (RP96/2128)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Bell, Abraham, & Co, Quaker merchants, New York: corresp and papers rel to trade between New York and Ireland c1822-54 (MS 10935)
  • Neary's, caterers, Dublin: account book for food and drink supplied to Irish race meetings (MS 10936)

Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design

  • Heal & Son Ltd, bedding and furniture mfrs and retailers, London (addnl): records 1850-1970 (AAD/1996/8)
  • Joseph Bell & Son Ltd, stained glass designers and mfrs, Bristol: records 1840-1996 (AAD/1996/9)

Warwick University Library Modern Records Centre

  • Confederation of British Industry (addnl): records c1970-80 (MSS 200)
  • Engineering Employers' Federation (addnl): corresp 1975-85 (MSS 237)
  • Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd [Rubery Owen & Co Ltd, mfrs of vehicle and aircraft bodies and components, machine tools and structural steels, Darlaston], (addnl): records incl some of Sir Alfred Owen's papers (MSS 338)
  • Alcan Foils, Wembley: papers rel to industrial relations 1968-83 (MSS 361)
  • Iron and steel employers' and trade associations incl Steel Ingot Makers' Association and Cleveland Ironmakers' Association: records 1866-1960 (MSS 365)
  • Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom: records incl those of predecessor bodies 19th-20th cent (MSS 367)
  • Shipbuilding and Allied Industries Management Association: misc records 1975-93 (MSS 370)

Wellcome Institute, Department of Western Manuscripts

  • Thomas Newborn Robert Morson, pharmaceutical mfr, London: papers rel to him and his company 19th-20th cent (Acc 350417)

Local Repositories in England

Birmingham City Archives

  • Bateman & Co, architects, Birmingham (addnl): misc records c1825-1930 (MS 1542 addl)
  • G Birch, blacksmith, Curdworth: accounts 1890-1952 (MS 1957)
  • Fletcher Hardware Ltd, hardware merchants, Birmingham: records 19th-20th cent (MS 1996-97)
  • Joseph Gillott & Co, steel pen mfrs, Birmingham: business records and family papers 19th-20th cent (MS 2035)
  • John Hardman & Co Ltd, artists in stained glass, Birmingham (addnl): workmen[APL1]'s time books 1912-22 (MS 175 addl)
  • Bevington & Sons, organ builders, London: work book 1905-31 (MS 1963)
  • Blackett & Howden, organ builders, Newcastle upon Tyne: estimate, order and wage books 1902-16 (MS 1968)
  • Cousans & Co, organ builders, Lincoln: account books 1917-75 (MS 1975)
  • Grey & Davison, organ builders, London: records 1821-1945 (MS 1965)
  • Griffen & Stroud, organ builders, Bath: records 1913-45 (MS 1987)
  • W Hill & Son, organ builders, London: records 1829-1916 (MS 1962)
  • Harrison & Co, organ builders, Worcester: shop books and corresp 1886-1950 (MS 2011)
  • Hill, Norman & Beard, organ builders, London and Lewes: records 1916-73 (MS 1962)
  • Holt (Reed Organs) & Co, organ builders, Birmingham: misc papers 1913-34 (MS 918)
  • Hope-Jones & Co, organ builders, Norwich: estimate book and order book 1889-1901 (MS 1964)
  • Jardine & Co, organ builders, Manchester: records 1845-1976 (MS 1960)
  • Liddlatt & Sons, organ builders, Leonard Stanley (Glos): account books 1919-40 (MS 1969)
  • Norman & Beard, organ builders, Norwich: records 19th-20th cent (MS 1962)
  • Osmond (JE Minns) & Co, organ builders, Taunton: accounts 1890-1934 (MS 1972)
  • Wadsworth & Co, organ builders, Manchester: shop books and accounts 1861-1946 (MS 1961)

Black Country Museum

  • Rounds Coal and Fireclay mines, Brierley Hill: plans, wages and account books, corresp 1890-1960

Bolton Archive and Local Studies Service

  • J & W Kirkham, Ltd, brassfounders, Bolton (addnl): records 1865-1994 (ZZ/550)
  • Bolton Hide, Skin & Fat Co Ltd, hide and skin merchants, Bolton (addnl): records 1872-1996 (ZZ/604)
  • Bradshaw, Gass & Hope, architects, Bolton (addnl): corresp and papers c1910-60 (ZBGH)
  • Wood family, engineers of Victoria Foundry, Bolton: misc family papers 19th-20th cent (ZWOO)
  • Eagley Co-operative Society, Turton: membership register 1859-1913 (FCO/7)

Bristol Record Office

  • Strachan & Henshaw, machine engineers and producers, Bristol: papers and photographs 19th-20th cent (Accs 40823, 40824)
  • Stothert & Pitt, engineers, Bristol: administration files 20th cent (Acc 40896)
  • John Harvey & Sons Ltd, wine and spirit merchants, Bristol: records 19th-20th cent (Acc 40913)

Buckinghamshire Record Office

  • E Gomme Ltd, furniture makers, High Wycombe: salesman's book c1940-49 (AR 9/96)
  • Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd, printers, Aylesbury (addnl): stock books, plates and ledgers c1899-1972 (AR 15/96)
  • Sedgwick Son & Weall, valuers, Watford: valuation books 1866-1935 (AR 48/96)
  • Newsagents, Aylesbury: record books c1946 (AR 52/96)
  • Raffety Buckland & Co Ltd, estate agents, Beaconsfield: records 1967-89 (AR 101/96)
  • Parrott & Coales, solicitors, Aylesbury (addnl): records 1830-1950 (AR 112/96)

Burton-Upon-Trent Archives

  • Burton-upon-Trent Constructional Engineering Co: minutes and accounts 1914-51 (D95)

Bury Archive Service

  • National Federation of Business and Professional Womens Club, Bury branch: records 1945-96 [GPW] (1996/004)
  • Yates, Duxbury & Son Ltd, papermakers, Bury: minute book 1909-80 [BYD] (1996/011)
  • Woodcock & Sons, solicitors, Bury (addnl): Crompton genealogical research notes c1918-35 [BWO] (1996/012)
  • Thomas Preston Ltd, paper bag mfrs, Radcliffe: accounts and misc records 1913-50 [BTP] (1996/019)
  • Cyrus Ainsworth, nurseryman, Ainsworth: misc family and business papers 1866-1908 [BAW] (1996/020)
  • Edmund Taylor of Bury: cloth accounts book 1738-66 [BET] (1996/020)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Athenaeum Subscription Rooms, Bury St Edmunds: records 1881-1992 (GC 555)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Cambridge

  • AG Gray, baker, Balsham: records 1933-41 (R96/107)

Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Russell's Gravesend Brewery Ltd, Gravesend: accounts 1924-61 (U3321)

Cheshire Record Office

  • North Cheshire Land Co: papers rel to 1877-1900 (Acc 5300)
  • John Cawley & Co, ship builders, Northwich: account book 1844-51 (Acc 5302)
  • Poynton & Worth Industrial Co-operative Society: committee minutes 1904-09 (Acc 5236)
  • Crewe Co-operative Society records 1856-1981 (Acc 5291)

Chester Archives

  • Chester Leadworks (addnl): records 1890-1992 (CR586)

Cornwall Record Office

  • AC Parry, decorator, St Agnes: accounts and papers 1940-70 (AD 1092/1-13)
  • William Blamey, carpenter, Veryan: account books 1900-03 (AD 1105)
  • Kenneth Jones, solicitor, Liskeard: office files 1947-73 (X999/1-20)

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters

  • Cumbrian Co-operative Society Ltd: records from shops in various towns 19th-20th cent (DB 135)

Cumbria Record Office, Kendal

  • Lakeland Publishing Co Ltd: The Lakeland Echo weekly newspaper advertising invoice books 1979-80 (WDB 124)
  • Shap Granite Co Ltd records 1908-91 (WDB 123)
  • James Thompson & Co, card mfrs, Kendal (addnl): order books 1879-87 (WDB 120)

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • Naval Construction & Armaments Co Ltd, Barrow in Furness: letterbook 1893-94 (BDX 325)

Cumbria Record Office and Local Studies Library

  • Cleator Moor, Egremont, Harrington, and Workington co-operative societies: records 1862-1988 (YDB 38)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Manners Colliery Co Ltd, Ilkeston: minutes and manager's diaries 1880-1951 (D4493)
  • A Storer & Sons, engineers, Riddings (addnl): records 1930-1996 (D4471)
  • Richard Johnson & Nephew Ltd, iron masters and wire manufacturers, Ambergate: misc records 1899-1974 (D4484)
  • John W Wood, master butcher, Riddings: records 1964-68 (D4449)
  • Edward Lucas & Son Ltd, ironfounders, Dronfield: records 18th-20th cent (D4447)
  • Ferodo Ltd, brake lining mfrs, Chapel-en-le-Frith: records 1897-1996 (D4569)
  • Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Electric Power Co records 1902-09 (D4467)
  • RH Moss Ltd, plumbers, Long Eaton (addnl): records c1952-92 (D2952)
  • CH Readman, stained glass makers, Long Eaton (addnl): order book and other records 20th cent (D2952)
  • Butterley Co Ltd, colliery owners, Ripley (addnl): records (D503)
  • East Midlands Industrial Development Association: minutes 20th cent (D4546)
  • Kennings Ltd, car dealers, Chesterfield: records 20th cent (D4547)
  • Jackson, solicitors, Belper: records 19th-20th cent (D4568)
  • East Midland Motor Services Ltd, Chesterfield: records incl those of local bus companies taken over 1929-88 (D4435)
  • Coldwell Mineral Water Co, Wirksworth: records 1895-1900 (D4441)

Devon Record Office

  • Watts, Blake & Bearne Co Ltd, ball and china clay merchants, Newton Abbott: records c1905-65 (D4732/1)
  • Whiddon Tin Mine, Ashburton: "Tutworth Setting Book" 1846-49 (D5518)

Plymouth and West Devon Area Record Office

  • South West Water Authority (addnl): records 1914-74 (2099)
  • Tavistock Printing Co Ltd, Tavistock: records 1867-1972 (2119)
  • Lawrence Spear, solicitors, Plymouth (addnl): clients' papers 19th-20th cent (2133)
  • Farley's Infant Food Co Ltd, Plymouth: minutes 1919-38 (2162)

Doncaster Archives Department

  • Thomas Barron Ltd, Phoenix Glass works, Mexborough: accounts, corresp, records of customers and employees 1896-1923 (DY. BRN)
  • Lindholme Estates Co Ltd, Doncaster: records 1811-1947 (DY. LIND)

Dudley Archives and Local History Service

  • Ronald Charles Turner, chemist, Halesowen (addnl): records (Acc 997)
  • Stourbridge Dispensary: minutes 1833-40 (Acc 9013)

Durham County Record Office

  • Trustee Savings Bank, Darlington: records 1837-1974 (D/TSB)
  • Morrison Busty Colliery, Annfield Plain (South Moor Colliery): records 20th cent (D/X 1148)
  • National Farmers Union, North Riding and Durham branch: records 20th cent (D/NFU)
  • Grocers and Provision Dealers Association and North-East Council of Grocers, Bishop Auckland and South-West Durham branch: records 1915-79 (D/X 1150)

Essex Record Office

  • H & TC Godley, rope and tent makers, Chelmsford: financial records 1866-1925 (D/F 211)
  • National Federation of Business and Professional Womens Club, Chelmsford branch: records 1945-74 (D/Z 304)

Essex Record Office, Colchester and North East Essex Branch

  • John Ward, farmer, Hall Farm, West Bergholt and Colchester: accounts and valuation papers 1829-72 (D/F 209)

Essex Record Office, Southend Branch

  • AE Milbourn & Sons Ltd, farmers, Great Wakering and North Shoebury: farm accounts 1939-67 (D/F 207)
  • Alec Steel, farmer, Prittlewell, Shopland and Sutton: accounts, harvest agreements and misc farm records 1906-90 (D/F 210)

Greenwich Local History Library

  • Siemens Bros & Co Ltd, mfrs of electrical cables, wires and batteries, Woolwich: letterbook 1934-40

Guildhall Library

  • Agassiz, Lewis/Agassiz & Co, merchants dealing in tropical foodstuffs, London: personal and business records 1781-1828
  • William Coare, wine and brandy merchant, London: records 1765-1831
  • County Fire Office Ltd, insurance company, London: records 19th-20th cent
  • Harrisons & Crosfield Ltd, merchants, London (addnl): records 1920-95
  • J Carter & Co Ltd, office furnishers and fitters, London: records 20th cent
  • Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd, London: records 1677-1989

Hackney Archives Department

  • Phines Freedman & Co, furniture and moulding warehousemen, Shoreditch: corresp rel to fire at premises 1885-87(M4535)
  • W Bailey & Son, furniture and looking glass mfrs, Shoreditch (addnl): business and family papers 1808-97 (D/B/BAI 9-22)
  • LI Rosenthal & Co, boot mfrs, Shoreditch: financial records 1935-38 (M4541)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Arnold Tilbury (formerly Pink & Arnold), estate agents, Wickham (addnl): records 19th-20th cent (117M91)

Hertfordshire Record Office

  • Hawkins Russell Jones, solicitors, Hitchin: title deeds and other records 13th-20th cent (Accs 3113, 3156)
  • Addis Ltd, toothbrush mfrs, Hertford (addnl): records 1892-1995 (Accs 3168, 3193)
  • John Dickinson Ltd, paper and stationery mfrs, Bristol (addnl): corresp files 1914-36 (Acc 3191)
  • Colne Valley Water Co, Lee Valley Water Co and other water companies to which Three Valleys Water was the successor: records 19th-20th cent (Accs 3127, 3143, 3154)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Records compiled for the history of Fisons plc, 20th cent (HD1825)

Kingston Upon Hull City Record Office

  • Lofthouse & Saltmer, manufacturing chemists, Hull: records (DBLS)

Lancashire Record Office

  • JH Richardson, builder, Morecambe: diaries 1967-71 (DDX 1976)
  • Thomas Moon, wheelwright and coachbuilder, Eccleston: ledgers 1862-1911 (DDX 1357)
  • National Coal Board, North-Western division: records 1947-73 (NC)
  • Confectioners, Ashton: recipe book c1900-10 (DDX 2119)
  • Gillow & Co, furniture makers, Lancaster: invoices 1891-95 (DDX 1439)
  • Thomas Whipp, grocer, Twiston: account book 1829-30 (DDX 2099)
  • James Bailey, ironmonger, Blackburn: records 19th-20th cent (DDX 2087)
  • Bow Lane Market, Preston: reports, corresp and plans rel to new fruit and vegetable market 1959-65 (DDX 2112)
  • Rishton & Antley Motor Co Ltd, Accrington: records c1920 (DDX 2114)
  • Thomas Whitehead, solicitor, Preston: deeds and corresp rel to the Fleetwood Estate Company's interest in Flakefleet Brickworks, Fleetwood 1876-97 (DDX 1856)
  • Reddish, Heys & Ranson, solicitors, Church and Accrington: records c1836-1930 (DDX 2114)
  • Abbott & Co Ltd, glass stainers, Lancaster: records 19th-20th cent (DDAB)
  • Mr Ratcliffe, stonemason, Fleetwood: account book 1907-11 (DDX 1856)
  • John Bulcock, tailor, Twiston: account book 1785-1812 (DDX 2099)
  • Porritts & Spencer Ltd, felt and woollen mfrs, Helmshore: share prospectus and letters 1866-1916 (DDX 2085)
  • Henry Sharples, cotton weaver and dealer, Blackburn: papers c1836-50 (DDX 2114)
  • J Stone & Co and Stone-Platt industries, Oldham: misc records 1905-58 (DDPSL)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • William Bromley, wine merchant, Leicester: cash book 1907-20 (DE4858)
  • John German & Son, land agents and surveyors, Ashby de la Zouch: office accounts 1890-1990 (DE4863)
  • Rearsby Components Ltd [British Leyland UK Ltd], motor car component mfrs, Rearsby: misc records and corresp c1970-80 (DE4870)
  • Clutsom & Kemp, elastic web mfrs, Leicester: sample books and financial records c1930-80 (DE4880 incl DE 4873)
  • Salusbury & Woodhouse, solicitors, Leicester: cash journals and general ledgers 1916-72 (DE4931)
  • Ellistown Collieries and Ellistown Brick, Pipe and Fireclay works (Hepworth Building Products): records c1850-1950 (DE4939)
  • Ernest Glynn, draper, Whitwick: ledgers 1912-81 (DE4947)
  • Charles Clark, grocer, Quorn: account book c1890-1931 (DE4961)
  • The English Glass Co, glass mfrs, Leicester: records rel to publicity, staff and management c1930-70 (DE4974)
  • Jack Kyle, plumber, Leicester: personal and business papers 1916-66 (DE5036)

Lewisham Local Studies & Archives

  • Crown Players Co Theatre, London: records 1943-74

Lincolnshire Archives

  • Charles Kirk, architect, Sleaford: journal and account book 1828-48 (MISC DON 1015)
  • Cousans Ltd, organ mfrs, Lincoln: records 19th-20th cent (MISC DON 1016)

North East Lincolnshire Archives

  • Wilkinson & Houghton Ltd, builders and joiners, Grimsby: financial accounts 1896-1945 (1047)
  • Ings Farm, Kirton Lindsey: farm ledger 1922-42 (647)
  • John Lysaght Ltd, ironmasters, steel mfrs and constructional engineers, Scunthorpe: steel works records 1905-66 (1046)
  • Mid-Lincolnshire Iron Co Ltd, iron mfrs, Scunthorpe: financial accounts 1885-1944 (1046)
  • Moortown House Farm: farm day book 1918-22 (647)

London Metropolitan Archives

  • Higgs & Hill Building Ltd, London: records incl Foster & Dicksee joinery (B/HIG)
  • RS Murray & Co Ltd, sweet mfrs, London: recipe books, share certificates and corresp 1910-62 (ACC/3722)
  • Thames Water, London: misc agreements of predecessor companies 1842-1951 (ACC/2558)
  • Howards & Sons Ltd, manufacturing chemists, Ilford: corresp and misc records 1890-1961 (ACC/1037)
  • J Lyons & Co Ltd, food mfrs and caterers, London: records 19th-20th cent

Suffolk Record Office, Lowestoft Branch

  • Golden Sands Holiday Camp Ltd, Hopton-on-Sea: records 1933-85 (Acc 977)
  • Mobbs Bros Ltd, builders, Lowestoft: records 1916-68 (Acc 1092)

Manchester Local Studies Unit

  • Manchester Temperance Hotels Co Ltd: annual reports and accounts c1896-1905 (M618)
  • Manleys Ltd, bakers and confectioners: wages book and Jenner family papers 1886-1922 (M619)
  • Manchester Free Trade Hall: event diaries, corresp and other misc records 1951-88 (M619)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Unidentified Norwich merchant's account 1807 (Acc Evans-Lombe 16/9/96)
  • John Fulcher, meter, King's Lynn: memorandum book rel to work done in the port of King's Lynn 1791-1879 (MC 683)
  • Smallburgh Hall estate: farm accounts 1877-94 (Acc 18/11/96)
  • AJ Caley (later Caley-Mackintosh Ltd), mineral water and confectionery mfrs, Norwich: records incl advertising material 1898-1992 (Accs 26/11/96-17/12/96)
  • Ezra Cornish, ironfounder and agricultural implement mfr, Saxthorpe: accounts 1883-84 (BR 266)
  • Fosters, solicitors, Norwich: clients' papers (Acc 19/7/96)
  • William Gaymer & Son Ltd, cyder makers, Attleborough: legal papers 1906-29 (BR 257)
  • Grout & Co Ltd, silk textile mfrs, Great Yarmouth (addnl): records c1920-70 (BR 237/35-89)
  • Ireland of Cawston: blacksmithying accounts 1841-63 (MC 645)
  • J Moore Ltd, builders, Norwich: accounts and papers c1930-70 (Acc 23/7/96)
  • Pomeroy & Son, solicitors, Wymondham (addnl): clients' records (Accs Porneroy 14/2/96-13/12/96)
  • Arthur R Taylor & Co Ltd, building contractor and timber merchants, Wroxham: wage accounts 1919-36 (BR 260)
  • Great Yarmouth Transport Co Ltd, Great Yarmouth: accounts and other records c1920-50 (Accs 25/9/96 and 16/12/96)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Dennet & Ingle Ltd, builders and contractors, Nottingham (addnl): ledgers, bills of quantities, specifications and plans c1900-60 (Acc 5021)
  • Flewitts & Son, bakers, Nottingham: ledgers, wage books and posters c1900-10 (Acc 5026)
  • John Ludlow Maltby, ironmonger and agricultural engineer, Newark: cash book and order books 1934-54 (Acc 5029)
  • Swift & Wass Ltd, lace machine builders, New Basford: ledgers c1950-70 (DD 1986)
  • Raleigh Industries Ltd, bicyle mfrs, Nottingham (addnl): export customers files c1930-70 (Acc 5062)
  • Harlow & Shelton, estate agents, Nottingham (addnl): ledgers, auction particulars and valuations 20th cent (Acc 5132)
  • Challands, Ross & Co Ltd, coach builders, Nottingham and Bulwell: minutes, financial records and photographs 20th cent (Acc 5174)
  • Netherfield Co-operative Society: accounts 19th-20th cent (Acc 5113)

Oldham Archives Service

  • Platt Brothers & Co Ltd, ironfounders, textile machinery mfrs and colliery proprietors, Oldham: plans of old and new works 1867-94 (1996-016)
  • Bank Top Spinning & Manufacturing Co Ltd: valuation of mill buildings 1913 (1996-023)
  • Failsworth, Greenfield, Oldham, Royton and Uppermill Co-operative societies (addnl): records 1867-1979 (1996-020)
  • Grocers Association, Oldham and Rochdale districts: records 1892-1966 (1996-019)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • The Countryman journal, Burford (addnl): corresp 1991 (Acc 4062)
  • Pavlova Leather Co, Abingdon: records 20th cent (Acc 4063)
  • Oxford Playhouse (addnl): records 20th cent (Accs 4077, 4079)
  • Arbery & Sons Ltd, drapers, Wantage: records c1890-1990 (Acc 4080)
  • Kimberleys, builders, Banbury: records 19th-20th cent (Acc 4115)
  • JH Grant Ltd, constructional engineers, Oxford: records 20th cent (Acc 4164)
  • National Farmers Union, Oxfordshire branch: records 20th cent (Acc 4160)

Portsmouth City Records Office

  • Southsea Dairy Co Ltd: annual reports 1899-1916 (1860A)
  • Flemings, antique dealers, Southsea: records 1943-75 (1873A)
  • Portsmouth United Services Garages Ltd records 1925-71 (1874A)

Rochdale Libraries, Local Studies Department

  • Firgrove Co-operative Society: minute book 1943-50 (C/COOP/10/1)
  • Milnrow Co-operative Society: minutes 1952-58 (C/COOP/10/2)

Rochester upon Medway Studies Centre

  • Thomas Hulkes & John Wildash, brewers, Chatham: records of their co-partnership incl its dissolution 1786-95 (DE505)
  • John Huggins, farmer, Hoo St Werburgh: MS notes and accounts kept in a printed book (DE526)
  • Co-operative Wholesale Society, South-East Retail Group: records 1890-1994 (DE543)

Rotherham Archives and Local Studies Section

  • Don Forge & Engineering Co Ltd, forgings mfrs, Rotherham: sales ledgers and other records 1896-1958

Sheffield Archives

  • Ashton Morton Slack, solicitors, Sheffield: records 1783-1976 (1996/26)
  • Yorkshire Coal Owners Mutual Indemnity Co Ltd, Sheffield: minute book 1898-1952 (1996/64)

Shropshire Records & Research Centre

  • Sentinel Waggon Works, Shrewsbury: records 20th cent (6336)

Somerset Archive and Record Service

  • Joseph Edwards, cloth wholesaler, London: letters to clothmakers in Beckington and elsewhere 1768-70 (DD/S/WT)
  • Callow Rock Quarry, Cheddar: production records and accounts c1920-90 (A/AY'L)

Southampton Archives Services

  • Lamport Bassitt, solicitors (addnl): clients' records and deeds (D/LAM)
  • Peacock & Buchan Ltd, paint mfrs, Southampton: account books and misc records c1860-1960 (D/Z 981)

Staffordshire Record Office

  • J & N Philips & Co Ltd, narrow fabric mfrs, Tean Hall (addnl): records 1685-1986 (D5476)

Stockport Archive Service

  • R Greg & Co Ltd, cotton spinners and doublers, Reddish (addnl): plans 1873-1950 (D1813)

Surrey Record Office

  • WH Slade & Co, millers, Addlestone: account book 1881-87 (4456)
  • John Waterer, Sons & Crisp Ltd, nurserymen, Bagshot (addnl): records 20th cent (4505)
  • CA Bottings & Sons, millers, Albury: records c1920-61 (5359)
  • Coffee Public House Co Ltd, Chertsey: records c1870-1913 (6352)
  • Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead: records c1969-95 (6356)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Hampton & Sons (formerly RE Nightingale), surveyors, auctioneers and valuers, Mayfield: office diaries, account books and scrapbooks 1944-89 (Acc 6799)
  • James Woodhams & Sons, auctioneers, valuers and estate agents, Battle: valuation books, letterbooks, ledgers and clients' records c1861-1960 (Acc 6936)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Chichester Festival Theatre (addnl): records 1992-94 (Acc 10409)

Tameside Archive Service

  • Hurst Brook Co-operative Society: minute book 1879-1931 (Acc 2622)
  • Daniel Adamson & Co Ltd, boilermakers, Dukinfield: records 1869-1977 (Acc 2628)
  • Bowker & Ball Ltd, cotton spinners, Dukinfield: records 1919-95 (Accs 2659-60, 2666-67, 2671)
  • Lees Engineering Works, Park Bridge: accounts 1871-1933 (Acc 2664)
  • East Cheshire Light Railways Syndicate: minute book 1903-13 (Acc 2669)

Tyne & Wear Archives Service

  • J & W Lowry Ltd, builders and contractors, Newcastle upon Tyne: papers rel to Washington and Penshaw brickworks 1891-1930
  • Sunderland Co-operative Society: minutes of committee set up to investigate defalcations by the secretary 1885
  • Unknown tallow and general merchant, Gateshead: account book 1792-93
  • Steel's Pharmacy, Low Fell: poisons register 1872-1905
  • Account for work at Heaton Colliery 1842
  • CA Parsons & Co Ltd, electricity generator mfrs, Newcastle upon Tyne: annual reports and accounts, plans, photographs, publicity booklets
  • Lemington Glassworks Ltd, Lemington: records
  • Robert Dawson & Co Ltd, slate merchants and roofing contractors, Newcastle upon Tyne: records 1903-37
  • John Gilchrist, cooper: notebook 1865-75
  • TG Trobe: notebook rel to Elswick Munitions Works 1916-19
  • Bage & Cook, solicitors: records incl those of manor of Weatherall South Shields deeds, Russian government and goldmine share certificates
  • Palmers Housing Co Ltd: deeds and related papers 1916
  • Elders Walker & Co Ltd, paint, varnish and colour mfrs, Newcastle upon Tyne: records 1894-1961
  • Walkers, Parker & Co Ltd, lead mfrs, Newcastle upon Tyne: health records of employees 1941-48
  • William Hunter Moody, joiner: bill books 1913-21
  • E Turnbull & Son Ltd, funeral directors, North Shields: accounts 1921-50
  • Laws Stores Ltd, grocers, Newcastle: records 1907-84
  • North East Chamber of Commerce (addnl): records incl those of predecessor bodies

Valence House Museum

  • Samuel Williams & Son Ltd, lightermen, Dagenham: minutes, accounts and share books c1890-1970

Walsall Archives Service

  • Hughes & Son, engineers, Walsall: records 20th cent (Acc 866)
  • HE Lavender & Co, architects, Walsall: records 1880-1940 (Acc 878)

Waltham Forest Archives and Local History Library

  • Waltham Forest Chamber of Commerce: minutes, accounts and ephemera 1920-91 (Acc 10151)

Warrington Library

  • Longford Wire Co Ltd, steel wire drawers, Longford: draft minute book 1899-1907 (MS 2783)
  • Tanners Lane Tannery, Warrington: deeds 1724-1923 (MS 2787)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • Brethertons, solicitors, Rugby: deeds and clients' records (CR 3291)
  • Thomas Fry, wool and seed merchant, Rugby: records c1840 (CR 3291)
  • Rugby Benefit Building Society records c1869 (CR 3291)
  • Royal Baths and Pump Room, Leamington Priors: accounts 1817-23 (CR 3236)
  • The Midland Autocar Co, motor engineers, Leamington Priors: records 1910-61 (CR3351)
  • Summers family, millwrights, Tamworth: business and family records 19th-20th cent (CR 3337)

Wigan Archives Service

  • Thomas Crompton, hinge and lock maker, Ashton-in-Makerfield: order notebook c1910-1920 (Acc 3038)

Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office

  • J Woolford, poultry breeder, Lydiard Millicent: records 1934-57
  • North Wiltshire Herald, Swindon: deeds, ledgers and share registers 1861-1956

Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies

  • Wolverhampton Steam Laundry records 1927-68 (DB/33)
  • Bilston District Provident Society records c1860-1983 (DX/423)
  • Brooks & Co, estate agents, Wolverhampton: records 1931-64 (DX/435)
  • Wolverhampton Chamber of Commerce records 1879-20th cent (DX/436)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Appletreewick Lead Mining Co Ltd, Appletreewick: papers 1872-77 (TD 109)
  • Bedale chemist: prescription books 1892-1929 (ZRX)

Local Repositories in Wales

Carmarthenshire Record Office

  • Carmarthen Gas & Coke Co (addnl): minute book 1841-70 (Carm' Boro' Add)
  • W Spurrell & Son, printers and publishers, Carmarthen (addnl): records 19th-20th cent (DB\107)

Ceredigion Archives

  • Pwll Roman and Bryn Arian silver and lead mines, Cardiganshire: records 1850-60 (DB/19)

Denbighshire Record Office

  • Lady Ann Silver Lead Mining Co, Llanarmon-yn-Il: prospectus and engineers' reports 1800-01 (DD/DM/1231)

Gwent Record Office

  • Barrells, drapers and milliners, Blaenavon: records incl family papers 19th-20th cent (D3365)

Gwynedd, Merioneth Archives

  • ICI Cooke's Explosive Works, Penrhyndeudraeth: records 20th cent (ZDER)

West Glamorgan Archive Service

  • Celtic Studios, designers and mfrs of stained glass windows, Swansea (addnl): records 20th cent (D/D Cel)
  • Port Talbot Railway & Docks Co records c1890-1920

Local Repositories in Scotland

Aberdeen City Archives

  • Sir David Stewart (1835-1919), businessman and Lord Provost of Aberdeen: papers (Acc 077)

Angus Archives

  • Carnoustie Co-operative Association Ltd: minute books and balance sheets 1921-59
  • George Fairweather, funeral director, Montrose: cash books 1911-71

Ayrshire Archives

  • Dalquharran Colliery records c1800-50 (Acc 135)

Dumfries & Galloway Archives

  • Dumfries and Maxwelltown, Annan, Carronbridge, Dalbeattie and Creetown co-operative societies: records 1879-1960 (GGD 273)
  • Maxwelltown, Gasstown and Noblehill co-operative societies: womens guilds records 1944-71 (GGD 273)
  • Dumfries Junior Chamber of Commerce records 1970-95 (GGD 285)

Dundee City Archives

  • Flax and Linen Association (formerly Scottish Flaxspinners and Manufacturers Association): minutes incl papers rel to meetings of Confederation Internationale du Lin et du Chanvre 1917-91 (GD/FLA)
  • Dundee Fireplace and Tile Merchants Association: minutes, accounts and corresp 1949-78 (GD/X271)
  • In Camera/Spanphoto, illustrative photographers, Dundee and Broughty Ferry: records c1971-80 (GD/IC)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Scott & Paterson, chartered accountants, Edinburgh: misc records 20th cent (338)
  • Unknown bookseller, Edinburgh: records c1788-1809 (352)

Glasgow City Archives

  • Coal Merchants Association of Scotland Ltd: records 1908-72 (TD1367)
  • Toffolo, Jackson & Co Ltd, terrazzo workers, Glasgow: records 20th cent (TD1379)

Highland Council Archives

  • Croy farm: account book 1832-39 (D392)
  • Guildry Incorporation of Inverness: minute books and accounts 1858-1964 (D391)
  • Inverness Building Society: minute book and papers 1894-1970 (D407)

Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre

  • Selkirk Savings Bank: cash book 1835-41 (SBA/8)
  • W & R Haldane, solicitors, Galashiels: deeds and papers 1641-1926 (SC/S/81)
  • Fleming & Wood, chartered accountants, Ravensdowne and Berwick: files (SBA/11)

Local Repositories in the Channel Islands

States of Guernsey Island Archive Service

  • NH Guilbert, architect: working papers 1892-1956 (GOO)
  • Jersey Airport records 1937-94 (D/A)
  • Jersey Café Co Ltd, St Helier: accounts and stock books 1894-1966 (L/A/04)
  • Poplar Stores, Maufant: records c1930-1950 (L/A/05)

Local Repositories in the Isle of Man

Manx National Heritage Library

  • Brew Brothers, millers, Sulby: ledgers and cash books 1926-71 (Acc 9637)
  • Isle of Man Steam Packet Co records 1829-1960 (Acc 9694)
  • Isle of Man Railway Co records 1886-1970 (Acc 9653)