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Science Museum Library: 1995 Accessions

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  • Pocket book of an unnamed West Midlands auctioneer, containing auction records rel to sale of canal barges, parts and equipment, cranes and hardware 1834 (MS 560)
  • Ernest Matthias Feuerheerd: papers mainly rel to his work on mechanical hammers and a needle-threading device 1941-48 (MS 2085)
  • Lancashire and Yorkshire North Eastern Railway: circulars and advertisements rel to its formation (Arch: Lyne)
  • Samuel Bentham: broadsheet of Sir William Pettys plan for a system of instruction rel to the business of the Marine Department 1779 (MSL 190)
  • Two photographs of the launch of the airships R29 and R33 at Barrow, Selby, yorks 1920s (MS1505/1-2)
  • Portfolio of 12 lithographed locomotive drawings, supplements to The Engineer 1869-1881 (MSL 200)
  • J D Hamilton Dickson and Sir James Dewar: letters (c90) to them, mainly rel to experiments with vaccuum flasks (MS 566)
  • John Hammond: further research papers rel to books on camera obscura and camera lucida (Arch HAMMD 2)
  • National Physical Laboratory, Teddington: printed material rel to history 1924-57 (MS 2088)
  • Neptun, cable ship: album of eighteen photographs c1925 (MS 567)
  • Stanley Angwin, cable ship: general arrangement drawing 1952, blue print of midship section (MSL 213/1-2)
  • Photocopy of typescript of Ship Surveying in Singapore from 1866 onwards (no author) 1952 (MS 1515)
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