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Birmingham University Library: 1995 Accessions

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  • Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), theologian and man of science: letter to a lady 1788
  • David Tipton (b1934), poet and author: collection of material rel to
  • Church Pastoral Aid Society: records
  • J F West, surgeon: certificates from St Thomass Hospital 1854
  • Simon Eden, eldest son of Lord Avon: letters (27) to Sheila Smith 1945
  • Arthur Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940), statesman: letters (7) to Mr and Mrs J R Knowles 1894-95
  • Charles Butler (1750-1832), Roman Catholic Lawyer, historian and biographer: lectures on Littleton c1832
  • Miss Laurence Alma-Tadema (d1940), writer: letters (3) to G H Boughton 1898
  • Dr K W Humphreys: collection of medieval and modern manuscripts
  • Edward Lucie-Smith (b1933), poet and critic: letter to Glyn Jones 1973
  • Geoffrey Grigson (1905-1985), poet and critic: letter to Mr Stephens 1973
  • Patric Dickinson (b1914), poet and playwright: letters (2) to John Hammond 1975 and letter to Charles Osborne 1966
  • Diary of an un-named traveller to Russia to start some works at Malakova, near Moscow 1887
  • Annie Lambert: journal (2 vols) 1845-46
  • Journal of a young man and other officials of a British canning and fisheries concern on a visit to Siberia to inaugurate a new cannery on the Kamchatka peninsula 1914
  • Lydia Ann Nicholson: notes of a journey from Versailles to Florence 1820
  • Abram E Cutter: souvenir of summer vacation 1873
  • James Martin: exercise book, entitled A collection of pleasant questions to exercise all the parts of vulgar arithmetic 1767
  • Richard Eaton: journal and commonplace book, incl copies of poems and accounts of the authors trips to York and Dovedale 1830-33
  • St Johns College, Nottingham: records
  • Walter Collins, CMS lay agent in Uganda: papers 1890-92
  • James Frederick Schon, CMS missionary in Sierra Leone: family papers 1832-47
  • James Kibuka Kabazzi Miti, Swahili interpreter to the British East Africa Company: papers rel to his book History of the Buganda 1875-1934
  • Leslie Weatherhead (1893-1976), Methodist Minister and author: papers
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