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Leeds University, Brotherton Library, Liddle Collection: 1995 Accessions

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  • Field Marshall Douglas Haig (1861-1928), 1st Earl Haig: unpublished memoirs (6/2/95)
  • Rear Admiral O W Philips: photograph albums pre-1914 and 1914-15 (2/3/95)
  • General Sir Frederick Philipse Robinson (1763-1852): letters (photocopies and typescript copies) rel to Napoleonic Wars 1812-16 (5/6/95)
  • Brig Hugo P Ironside: papers rel to Colditz captivity (21/6/95)
  • Lord Ridley: typescript account of April 1945 experiences (27/6/95)
  • Brig E G Davies-Scourfield: typescript account of his life and tape-recorded recollections (16/11/95)
  • Maj Gen C R G Purdon: tape-recorded recollections (16/11/95)
  • Lt A D Looker: letters 1917-18 (25/1/95)
  • E W Haden, signaller RFA: letters 1917-19 (25/1/95)
  • R E Atkinson, private, Essex Regt: Gallipoli diary 1915 (1/3/95)
  • H V L Tubbs: Egypt/Palestine photo album (8/3/95)
  • C E Winterbourn, gnr: letters from him in Egypt/Palestine 1916-19 (9/3/95)
  • A E Milne: memoirs of Gallipoli and Western Front (5/Royal Scots and MGC) (14/3/95)
  • Lt W A D Goodwin, Y and L R: letters 1914/15 (16/3/95)
  • A W Blenkinsop, gnr 5th batt 2nd bde 1st artillery div AIF: diary 1916-18 (25/5/95)
  • George Adams, private in 1st bn Middlesex Regt : letters from him as 16-year old on Western Front 1915 (13/6/95)
  • Lt A J Williams, 4/Welsh Regt: letters and other memorabilia (7/7/95)
  • Lowell S Blaisdell, private 132 US Inf Regt AEF: diary (transcript) 1918 (17/7/95)
  • Eric Cooper, POW in the Far East: papers 1942-45 (14/9/95)
  • S J Wallis RNVR, telegraphist with RFA and later anti-Uboat trawlers: papers corresp and photos (17/9/95)
  • Hearn family: papers 1914-18 (25/9/95)
  • Percy Boothroyd, corporal Royal Signals: diaries in NAfrica and as a POW 1940-45 (16/10/95)
  • Pre-First World war material rel to Leeds social history and family of Mrs Dudley of Hunslet (16/10/95)
  • Erich Sommer, Luftwaffe pilot: typescript recollections 1939-45 (19/10/95)
  • G Calvert, private 1st bn KOSB: letter rel to Y Beach landing Gallipoli 25/4/15 (22/10/95)
  • C J Woosnam, corporal RAMC: diaries 1915-19
  • Captain H Ackroyd VC, RAMC: letters (photocopies) (6/11/95)
  • William Mahony ASC (London buses) and RFC: letters, diaries and photo albums (16/11/95)
  • Major Alan Garthwaite DSO MC, 6/Wilts Regt: letters 1914-19 (27/11/95)
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