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Birmingham City Archives: 1995 Accessions

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  • Birmingham Regional Hospital Board: minutes 1950-67 (MS 1523,addnl)
  • Birmingham Eye Hospital: minutes 1823-57 (MS 1819)
  • Birmingham General Hospital: records incl minutes, accounts, registers of patients, annual reports, photographs 1765-1993 (MS 1921)
  • Birmingham Hospital for women: minutes, annual reports, registers of cases and papers 1871-1968 (MS 1940)
  • Birmingham Maternity Hospital: minutes, annual reports and papers 1843-1948 (MS 1614, addnl)
  • Birmingham Skin Hospital: minutes and registers of patients 1891-1973 (MS 1918)
  • Hollymoor Hospital, Northfield: architectural drawings by Martin & Chamberlain 1899 (MS 1809, addnl)
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham: sample radiotherapy case records 1937-50 (MS 1942)
  • Matthew Boulton College (and predecessors): minutes and papers c1895-1994 (MS 1877)
  • H M Prison, Winson Green, Birmingham: register of executions 1894-1962 (MS 1815, addnl)
  • James Carr & William Ford Ltd, gunmakers: business records 20th cent (MS 1941)
  • Empire Stone Ltd, artifical stone castincr manufacturers, Narborough, Leics: plans and stone casting details for buildings in Birmingham 1929-79 (MS 1889)
  • Remo Granelli, architect: practice drawings and papers 1960s-80s (MS 1886)
  • John Hardman & Co, stained glass and metalwork manufacturers: office records 19th cent; index to cartoons 1845-66; miscellaneous leases and family papers 1820-1973 (MS 175, addnl)
  • Smith & Pepper, jewellers, Birmingham: financial records c1890-1945 (MS 1875) (Transferred from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery)
  • Cadbury Trusts: copy trust deeds 1921-68; grant files 1973-95 (MS 1579, addnl)
  • Middlemore Homes, Birmingham: annual reports 1873~90 (MS 517, addnl)
  • Diocese of Birmingham: minutes, pastoral scheme and secretariat corresp files c1930-90 (EDR, addnl)
  • Dr Molly Barrow, physician and welfare rights campaigner: papers rel to establishment of Sparkbrook Family Centre and related topics 1929-70 (MS 1914)
  • N F Fletcher (1898-1992), metallurgist: personal and professional papers 20th cent (MS 1867)
  • Gooch family of Benacre (Suffolk):detailed plan and elevation of houses in Digbeth 1793 (MS 1895)
  • David Hart, poet and arts administrator: diaries, note books, literary mss and personal papers c1955-92 (MS 1892)
  • Sir Barry Jackson, theatre manager: cassette tape of speech 1959 (MS 1904)
  • Richard Peyton, impresario: scrapbook rel to the Baroness von Beck affair c1849-51 (MS 1552, addnl)
  • Robins, Martin and Mott families of Birmingham and elsewhere: letters, diaries, photographs, commonplace books and papers c1850-1920 (MS 275, addnl)
  • St Martins Rectory estate, Birmingham: plan 1734 (MS 1871)
  • Scott family of Great Barr: family settlements 1793-1849 (MS 1900, addnl)
  • Taylor family of Moseley and Strensham (Worcs): plan of estates at Kings Norton and Yardley 1853 (MS 1932)
  • Birmingham Botanical & Horticultural Society: minutes 1975-85 (MS 1520, addnl)
  • National Association of Local Government Officers, formerly City of Birmingham Municipal Officers Guild: miscellaneous papers 1935-91 (MS 1906)
  • Society of the Chemical Industry, Birmingham section: minutes and papers 1963-90 (MS 1227, addnl)
  • Carl Chinn, historian of the working class: corresp, oral history recordings and transcripts and ephemera donated by interviewees 19th-20th cents (MS 1902)
  • Philip Domellen, television and film producer: film, videos and related papers c1950-90 (MS 1938) (Transferred from Wolverharnpton Borough Archives)
  • Charles Parker, radio producer: cassettes, tapes and transcripts of Charles Parkers lectures and interviews by Gary Bryson c1970s (MS 1905, addnl); recording of BBC documentary The Ballad of Charles Parker 1995 (MS 1913)
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