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National Galleries and Museums on Merseyside, Maritime Archives and Library: 1995 Accessions

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  • Documents (3) rel to the sale of slaves (DX/1551)
  • Newscuttings rel to shipping and gold mining in Australia c1896-98 and rel to Titanic, Cunard vessels and WWI and WWII Royal naval vessels c1910-39 (DX/1552)
  • David Hadfield, Liverpool Pilotage: papers incl papers rel to apprenticeship c1949-54 (DX/1534)
  • RMS Carmania, Cunard ship: papers rel to cruise (DX/1540)
  • Booklets rel to cadetships in the Merchant Marine c1972 (DX/1539)
  • Photographs of the pilot boat Ed Gardner c1976-77 (PR232/1-21)
  • Collection of cruise line ephemera from various companies incl White Star Line, Booth Line, P & 0, Yeoward Line c1930s (D/COO/1-9)
  • J Carsley, Chief Engineer of SS Hippomenes: notebook 1893-1894 (DX/1533)
  • Programme for visit of HMS Liverpool to Liverpool 1939 (DX/1548)
  • Towage certificate, unused, for Liverpool Screw Towing Ltd (DX/1547)
  • Sir Aubrey Brocklebank: photographic slides and contact prints of Brocklebank vessels (DX/1545)
  • Grain Apparatus Co Ltd: agreements and letters c1874- 1898 (D/ALEX)
  • Anne Smith, stewardess with Cunard Line: papers and ephemera c1920-33 (DX/1560)
  • Collection of glass slides of vessels at Liverpool c1900 (PR240/1-8)
  • Collection of glass lantern slides of Mersey shipping scenes c1890-1910 (PR240/1-8)
  • Photographs of the ship Empress of Canada submerged in Gladstone Dock c1953 (PR215/1-2)
  • Collection of glass slides, film and video re the salvage of the Empress Of Canada 1953 (DX/1562)
  • Brown & Lenox & Co Ltd, mooring cables, bouys: publicity and newscuttings rel to WWI naval activities c1910-18 (DX/1554)
  • The Sierra Leone Co: report of the directors (printed) 1794 (DX/1554/R)
  • Collection of photographs of sailing ships and article from World Wide magazine rel to Craigmullen 1908 (DX/1557)
  • Charles Norgate of London: letter to William Davenport of Liverpool rel to sale of arrangoes 1768 (DX/1555/R)
  • Liverpool and Glasgow Salvage Association: list of events and order of seating for centenary banquet 1857-1957 (DX/1568)
  • Aerial photographs, BIW, of Liverpool waterfront, Birkenhead and Cammell Laird, believed to have been taken for German bombing programme c1940 (PR2101-3)
  • John C Marshall: journal of a voyage of the ship Princess Royal, Liverpool to Calcutta 1860-61 (DX/1568)
  • Gerald Hermsen, U S Naval Liaison Officer, Liverpool: papers (DX/1565)
  • Photograph of the launch Parana, built by Hornbys Boatyard (PR214)
  • Oral history tapes of West African seamen (Audio tape)
  • Brutus, brig: sale poster 1849
  • Sandbach Tinnie & Co: letters from various business correspondents 1809-76 (B/STI)
  • Misc charts Chart folio 360 of the Firth of Clyde to Firth of Forth, original wartime issue to Convoy Commodores 1941
  • F G Kendall, MN: papers 1899-1910 (DX/1564)
  • Photographs and postcards depicting Houlder Bros, Cunard and Union Castle Line ships (DX/1572)
  • Collection of cruise line ephemera produced and collected by John Partington, ships printer on Elder Dempster ship Acera and Cunard Line ships 1964-67 (D/PAR)
  • Florence Wells, passenger on the Queen Mary: collection of cruise line ephemera 1940 (DX/1586)
  • J Jackson & Sons, travel and emigrant agent, Liverpool: brochure c1900 (DX/1584)
  • T F Adkins: The Nautical Cookery Book 1916 (DX/1577)
  • Traders Guide and Diary, Coastlines Seaway 1936-38 (DX/1575)
  • Tourist accommodation plan for Cunard White Star vessel Alaunia 1938 (DX/1574)
  • Tourist accommodation plan for Cunard White Star vessel Ansonia 1938 (DX/1574)
  • Maritime Museum: photographs of the site during renovation c1983 (PR 2291-88)
  • Mersey Docks and Harbour Co: sale catalogue for contents of Port of Liverpool Building 1994 (MDHB)
  • Typescript of last voyage of California Star, incl discharge book and photographs (DX/1580)
  • Scrapbook of photographs and postcards of sailing vessels and steamers c1890-1960 (DX/1570)
  • Documents belonging to John R Nice, survivor of the Laconia sinking 1942 (DX/1587)
  • Elsom, Mann & Cooper Ltd, Liverpool: photographs c1958 (PR246/1-10)
  • Robert McRithcie, engineer on SS Cedric and SS Adriatic: papers c1914-18 (DX/1571)
  • Yeoward Line: cruise ephemera from SS Avoceta 1934 (D/BRAD)
  • Patrick Jefrers, DEMS RN: pocket book 1942 (DX/1516)
  • Collection of ephemera from Cunard liners Caronia and Lancastria, incl passenger lists, postcards, photographs (DX/1515)
  • Alfred P Errington: journal written on board HMS Andes 1916-18 (DX/1520)
  • Empress News, ships newspaper from Empress of France 1948 (DX/1514)
  • Clan Line Fast Cargo services: advertising leaflet 1949 (DX/1512)
  • Collection of bills of lading, bills of exchange, delivery notes and invoices from various companies involved in the cotton trade in Liverpool 1906-57 (DX/1511)
  • F R Kennedy, ships surgeon: typescript journals of voyages from Liverpool to Rangoon on the Henderson Line ship SS Bhamo 1931, incl passenger list from SS Bhamo and a ticket to Hamburg (DX/1526)
  • Collection of material rel to the Titanic (DX/1522)
  • Edward Johnson: letters, invoices, estimates from Henry B Hornby & Co, launch and boat builders (DX/1524)
  • A Johnson & Sons, boatmen: photographs of gigboats 1910-65 (DX/1523)
  • James Wilson, apothecary to the forces at Senegal Garrison: return for allowance paid for a black servant 1811 (DX/1543)
  • James Calley, manager of a plantation in Berbice: letter to the owner Hugh McCalmont in Belfast 1826 (DX/1544)
  • Fieldwork file rel to the conversion of Fleetwood fishing trawler Harriet into a holiday centre for the disabled, incl photographs and video c1983-93 (D/HAR)
  • M K Stammers: research papers rel to work on Mersey flats, incl file of corresp between E W Paget-Tomlinson and K C Rathbone 1956-65 (MKS/Box 9)
  • Collection of photographs of Fumess Withy vessels (PR234-237)
  • RMS Antonia: abstract of log sailing from Montreal to Liverpool 1930 (DX/1513)
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