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  • Henry Rolf Gardiner (1902-1971), writer, farmer, forester: corresp and papers 1911-71 rel to youth movements in Britian and Germany 1920s-30s, farming and conservation in England from 1940s, landscape husbandry in Britain and Europe 1950s-60s, also material on family tea estates in Malawi (Rolf Gardiner papers)
  • State tracts and speeches c1635-50 (Phillipps MS 2402), incl works by Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Henry Howard, lst Earl of Northampton (Add 9276)
  • State tracts, copied in a single hand c1630, incl works by Sir Henry Wotton, Sir Robert Naunton, and Robert Johnson, Archdeacon of Leicester (1540-1625) (Add 9277)
  • Sir Owen Seaman (1861-1936), editor: letters to Margery Sharp 1926-28 (Add 8856/205-218)
  • Admiral George Ramsay (1806-1880), 12th Earl of Dalhousie: journals as commander-in-chief of the South America station 1866-69 (Add 9278)
  • John William Ramsay (1847-1887), 13th Earl of Dalhousie, naval lieutenant: Journal of proceedings of HMS Galatea on a world cruise 1869-71 (Add 9279)
  • Frances Cornford (1886-1960), poet: letters (24) to Sir Edward Marsh 1915-51 (Add 9280)
  • Toynbee Hall, London: letters (31) to Ernest Aves (1857-1917), acting subwarden, from politicians, authors, economists and others, agreeing or declining to give lectures at the Hall 1887-1905 (Add 9281)
  • Giovanni Rizzetti (1675-1751), scientist: draft letter to Christino [sic] Martinelli, in Italian, challenging Newtons optical experiments c1720 (Add 9282)
  • Alexander Aphrodisiensis, Enarratio de anima et Aristotelis institutione: interpret Hieronymo Donato Patricio Veneto written for Cardinal Domenico Grimani 1491 (Add 9289)
  • Sedulius: Breviter transumptum ex carminibus poete Sedulii de vita et gestis Domini Jesu Christi 1495 (Add 9290)
  • Giovanni Cibo, Genuensium res gestae c1571 (a history of Genoa 12th cent to 1570) (Add 9291)
  • Cartulary, Casa delle Donzelle alla Zudecca (nunnery on island of La Giudeeca), Venice c1561-1678: copies of documents from 1330 (Add 9292)
  • Sir Alexander Beaumont Dixie (1851-1924) 13th baronet: letters to his relative, the Revd Wolstan Dixie Churchill (1867-1941) 1917-23 (Add 9295)
  • Zenon Somodevilla y Bengoecha, Marques de la Ensanada (1702-1781), statesman: Carnos hechos al Marques de la Ensanada, y sus Respuestas, charges put to Ensanada, rel to his reform policy in the Spanish American colonies, and his replies, in Spanish 1775 (Add 9296)
  • Extra ordinari Courant 1684: German MS translation of satirical Dutch newspaper Extraordinare Courant (8 pp), incl account of Bacharach wine, a political puppet play, and the invention of a camera obscura in Oxford (Add 9297)
  • Commentary on chapter De Causis in 1516 Concordat between Pope Leo X and Francis I of France 17th cent commentary, in French, on chapter De Causis, pp143-185 of a longer work (Add 9298)
  • Notes, in Italian, on the nunciature to Spain 1685-89 of Cardinal Savo Millini (1643-1701) 17th cent, pp 135-158 disbound from a longer work on Papal diplomacy (Add 9299)
  • Sir Richard Martin (1534-1617), Master of the Mint: treatise on reorganisation of the Mint and recognition of privileges of the Master 1603 (Add 9300)
  • Sir John Skene (1543-1617): Scotiae veteres leges et constitutiones, Scots laws, transcribed by James Mershall 1607, in Latin, but laws of the forest in Scots (Phillipps MS 9491) (Add 9301)
  • Roger Cotes (1682-1716), Plumian Professor of astronomy and natural history: Cambridge lectures on hydrostatics and pneumatics, fair copy c1730 (Add 9302)
  • David Hopkins (c1790-1842) clergyman: English prize poem Delphi 13 June 1809, and other English and Latin verse in different hands (Phillipps MS 22708) (Add 9304)
  • Inigo Lopez de Mendoza, Marques de Santillana (1398-1458): Los Proverbios; Question del Origin de la Cavalleria, in Spanish 15th cent (Phillipps MS 8257) (Add 9305)
  • Note sopra gli appalti Camerali: notes, in Italian, on offices, contracts, fees and expenses, duties and privileges, in the Papal States, with names of current officers and length of appointment c1695-1710 (Phillipps MS 5059), (Add 9307)
  • Medieval English leechbook c1400 (Add 9308)
  • Book of English medical recipes 15th cent (Add 9309)
  • Peter Ackroyd (b1949), writer: letters (5) to Ian Patterson, 3 unpublished poems 1971-2 (Add 8856/230-237)
  • Jessie Crum, later Stewart (1878-1966) of Newnham College: travel diary and archaeological notes on Greece, made during a visit with her tutor Jane Ellen Harrison 1901 (Add 9312)
  • Anthony Askew (1722-1772), physician: MS notes in Latin on optics, hydrostatics and astronomy (in several hands) c1740 (Add 9316)
  • John Keill (1671-1721), Scottish mathematician and astronomer: lectures on catoptics, dioptics, hydrostatica etc, noted by John Ivory, Oxford c1710 (Add 9317)
  • George Robert Ainslie (1730?-1804), general: album of biographical accounts, military notebooks, and corresp on his life and career 1755-1802 (Add 9318)
  • Charles Darwin (1809-1882), naturalist: letters (4) to John Scott, George King and William Carpenter (DAR 185/111-114)
  • Jeremiah Horrocks (1618-1641), astronomer: autograph MS of Venus in sole visa and other works 1639-41 (Add 9320)
  • John Borlase Warren (1699-1763): journal of a tour in France 1728 (Add 9321)
  • A short character of Charles the Second King of England by someone who knew or served him 17th cent (Add 9322)
  • Sir George Pocock (1706-1792), admiral: leters (15) to him about an estate in Jamaica and a post in the customs in Barbados 1769-75 (Add 9323)
  • The Globe: letters mostly to Edward Moran (d1852), sub-editor, from various Government officers, supplying information or contradicting reports already published 1832-1834 (Add 9324)
  • Josef Holbrooke (1878-1958), English composer: 26 letters to him, mostly from composers and writers on music c1900-58 (Add 9325)
  • Sir Thomas Simson Pratt (1795-1879), general: journal 1840-41; Frances Agnes Pratt (née Cooper): journals 1832-43 (Add 9326)
  • John Branthwaite (1643-1695), rector of Harrington: commonplace book c1680 (Add 9327)
  • Henry Severne (1800-1838), midshipman, later clergyman: midshipmans naval log-books for HMS Dublin 1813-14, HMS Bedford 1814-15, HMS Ville de Paris 1815, HMS Savannah 1815-16 (Add 9328)
  • Joseph Brackenbury (1788-1864), poet and clergyman: authors interleaved copy of Natale solum and other poetical pieces with many addnl poems 1810 (Add 9330)
  • Cecil Dunn-Gardner (b1827), brother of John Dunn-Gardner of Bottisham Hall, Cambridgeshire: catalogue of books remaining in his library after its sale 21 June 1880, with additions to 1897 (Add 9332)
  • German moral and religious treatises (7) 18th cent (Add 9338)
  • Sir Graham Moore (1764-1843), admiral: diaries 1784-1843, letter-book 1803-08 (Add 9303, Add 9341)
  • Sir John Moore (1761-1809), general: letter-book 1803-05, and essay Military Report on the reports of an Invasion of Great Britain (20 pp, undated) (Add 9340)
  • Dr John Moore (1729-1802), physician and writer, father of Sir John and Sir Graham: journals 1790-95 (Add 9339)
  • Captain John Moore: letter-book, HMS Harlequin 1846-48 (Add 9342)
  • [Miss] Moore (niece of Sir John and Sir Graham): diary and sermon notes 1831-45 (Add 9343)
  • Canon Law notebook 17th cent (Add 9344)
  • John Henry Griesbach (1798-1875), musician and composer: treatises on The acoustical laws of harmony 1870 and Fundamental elements of counterpoint nd (Add 9347-8)
  • John Maynard Keynes, Geoffrey Keynes, Margaret Keynes: childrens magazine compiled by them The Gem 1898 (Add 9350)
  • Captain John Challenor, 3rd The Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment: letters from South Africa 1900-01 (Add 9351)
  • Bartolommeo da San Concordia (1250-1347): Summa Casuum and John of Fribourg (d1314): Confessionale MS dated 1442 (Add 9352)
  • Samuel Woodward, vicar of Aldworth, Berks: letter from his mother c1655, with Cambridge natural philosophy disputation, probably in Samuel Woodwards hand, and poem (Add 8856/242)
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