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Major Accessions to Repositories in 1995 relating to Science

Birmingham Central Library, Archives Division

  • N F Fletcher (1898-1992), metallurgist: personal and professional papers (MS 1867)

University of Birmingham, University Library

  • Joseph Priestley, theologian and man of science: letter to a lady 1788

University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Library

  • Giovanni Rizzetti, scientist: draft letter to Christino [sic] Martinelli, in Italian, challenging Newtons optical experiments c1720 (Add 9282)
  • Roger Cotes, Plumian Professor of astronomy and natural history: fair copy of lectures on hydrostatics and pneumatics c1730 (Add 9302)
  • Anthony Askew, physician: MS notes in Latin on optics, hydrostatics and astronomy c1740 (Add 9316)
  • John Keill, Scottish mathematician and astronomer: lectures on catoptics, dioptics, hydrostatica, noted by John Ivory, Oxford c1710 (Add 9317)
  • Jeremiah Horrocks, astronomer: autograph MS of Venus in sole visa and other works 1639-41 (Add 9320)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Naval Radar Trust: papers rel to development of naval radar 1935-94 (NVRT)

University of Dublin, Trinity College Library

  • Henry Ussher, astronomer: letter to M Taylor 1787 (9308/550)
  • Petr Skrabanek, lecturer in epidemiology: files rel to literature on disease and its treatment (10847)

University of Glasgow, University Archives

  • George Thomson (1904-1979), lecturer in chemistry: papers, incl Lanark research papers, paper-making research papers, music papers (DC95)
  • Charles Thomas Rees Wilson (1869-1959), physicist: publications, photographs (DC448)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Edmondson Spencer, scientist: corresp, photographs and press cuttings 1920-32 (DDX 1863 acc 7857)

University of Liverpool, University Archives

  • James Johnstone, oceanographer: scrapbook 1898-1909 (D661)

University of London, Liddell Hart Centre For Military Archives

  • E R Drake Seager, Atomic Weapons Establishment: report on Operation Buffalo atomic tests at Maralinga, Australia 1956 with revisions 1994

University College London, manuscriupts Room

  • C F Goodeve, lecturer in chemistry: lecture notes (MS ADD 394)
  • Sir William Jenner (1815-1898), Professor of Materia Medica: letters (5) to Charles John Fare, physician (MS MISC 3J)

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • Bottomley and Barlow families, scientists and engineers, Belfast and Glasgow: records, incl letters of their kinsman, William Thomson, Baron Kelvin 1843-1924 (Acc 11263)
  • William Ross, scientist, Royal Radar Establishment: corresp and scientific papers 1925-78 (Acc 11236)

National Library of Wales, Department of Manuscripts and Records

  • Dr Richard Price, political philosopher and mathematician: letters to William Petty, 1st Marquess of Lansdowne 1771-90 (MSS 23291-2E)

Royal Botanic Gardens

  • Laurence Chalk (1896-1979): papers on wood anatomy and growth (QX 95-0017)
  • Charles Russell Metcalf, Keeper of the Jodrell Laboratory, Kew: papers, incl papers rel to his book The anatomy of Dicotyledons 1950 (QX 95-0018; QX 0019)

Science Museum

  • J D Hamilton Dickson and Sir James Dewar: letters (c90) to them, mainly rel to experiments with vacuum flasks (MS 566)
  • National Physical Laboratory, Teddington: printed material rel to history 1924-57 (MS 2088)

University of Warwick, Modern Records Centre

  • World Federation of Scientific Workers: updating files (MSS 270)

Wellcome Institute, Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy: minutes, council papers and committee records 1971-91 (SA/SAC)
  • William Valentine Mayneord (1902-1988), radiologist/radiation physicist: corresp and notebooks (PP/WVM)
  • Dr John Bates, neurophysiologist: notebooks of scientific research on EEG and Parkinsons Disease 1943-1971 with papers rel to the history of the Ratio Club, incl some of its records (GCI/79)
  • Dr Hideo Noguchi, bacteriologist and immunologist: photocopies of letters to Dr Thorvald Madsen of the Danish National Serum Laboratory 1905-27 GCI/80
  • Henry Edward Shortt (1887-1987), parasitologist: addnl corresp, records of experiments and writings (WTI/HES)
  • Sir Graham Selby Wilson (1895-1987), bacteriologist: drafts of his unfinished book Biographical History of Medical Bacteriology (PP/GSW)
  • Alan Woodruff (1916-1992), Wellcome Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine
  • : corresp and papers (PP/AWW)
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