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Major Accessions to Repositories in 1995 relating to 20th century Politics

National, Special and University

University of Cambridge, Churchill Archives Centre

  • Mark Alexander Abrams, social scientist: papers rel to work of the BBC Propaganda Research Unit, 1939-41 (ABMS)
  • Austen Harry Albu (1903-94), engineer, minister of state, Department of Economic Affairs: corresp and papers (ALBU)
  • Piers Brendon, keeper of the Churchill Archives, Churchill College Cambridge: papers rel to television series The Windsors and The Churchills 1993-95 (BREN)
  • Sir Henry Frederick Ross Catherwood (b1925) MEP, vice-president of European Parliament: papers rel to Europe (CATH)
  • Major-General Richard Lewis Clutterbuck: papers on international terrorism 1971-95 (CLBK)
  • Sir William John Halley, director general of the BBC, editor of The Times: corresp and diaries 1922-86 (HALY)
  • Davidson Sylvester Hector Willoughby Nicol (1924-94), diplomat, under secretary-general of United Nations: papers (NICL)
  • Sir Eric Clare Edmund Phipps, diplomat (addnl): personal and diplomatic papers 1933-40 (PHPP)
  • Edwin Noel Plowden, Baron Plowden: papers on common market and united states of Europe 1961-73 (PLDN)
  • Dr Peter Squire, lecturer in Russian: paper entitled Memories of Meetings with Churchill (MISC 60)
  • David Randall Wightman, professor of international economic organization: papers rel to US foreign and economic policy 1945-85 (WTMN)
  • Michael Wolff, journalist and researcher: political papers 1966-74 (WLFF)

University of Durham, University Library

  • Harold Blood, Sudan political service: copies of speeches (SAD G//S 1128)
  • Sir Edington Miller, financial secretary: letters home (copies) 1922-43 (SAD G//S 1108)

University of Glasgow, University Library

  • Alasdair Hutton MEP: papers rel to his term as MEP for Scotland South 1979-89 (4646)

University of Hull, Brynmor Jones Library

  • James Johnson, Labour MP: papers c1950-90s
  • Jack Brocklebank, trade union organiser: papers c1930-80s
  • Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (addnl): records c1970-80s
  • Liberty (formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties) (addnl): records c1980-90s
  • John Prescott, Labour MP (addnl): records 1990s
  • Kevin McNamara, Labour MP (addnl): records 1990s

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents

  • Lord Bernstein: papers rel to his appointment as films adviser to the Ministry of Information 1940-45
  • Mrs Rhoda N Bickerdike: papers rel to her appointment as a United Nations relief and rehabilitation administration welfare officer in the American zone of Germany 1945-46
  • Field Marshal Lord Harding of Petherton (addnl): papers rel to his appointment as governor and C-in-C of Cyprus 1955-57
  • Mr and Mrs Oliver Pond: papers of an Austrian couple of Jewish origin who were refugees from Germany 1939-45

University of Leeds, Liddle Collection

  • Field Marshall Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig (1861-1928): unpublished memoirs (6/2/95)

University of London, British Library of Political and Economic Science

  • John Chesterman (addnl): papers rel to the history of the Gay Liberation Front 1970-76 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES)
  • Fabian Society: papers 1881-1980s (FABIAN SOCIETY)
  • Dr Nina Fishman: papers rel to tactical voting 87 campaign and the later organisation Common Voice c1980-90s (FISHMAN)
  • Liberal Movement: records, incl records of the Devon Liberal Movement (Liberal splinter group opposed to amalgamation with the SDP) 1988-93 (LIBERAL MOVEMENT)
  • Liberal Party, Whips office policy department: records c1980-90s (LIBERAL DEMOCRATS)
  • Liberal Party, Candidates Committee: minutes 1973-83 (LIBERAL PARTY)
  • Graham Elson: How We Started Liberalism in South West Hertfordshire 1958-95, leaflet for Rickmansworth UDC elections c1960-69 (COLL MISC 0886)
  • Russell Scott: papers rel to interests in federal union and other supra nationalist movements and a biography by his grandson John Russell Scott c1930-50s (COLL MISC 0894)

Liddell Hart Centre For Military Archives

  • Brian Lapping Associates: research material for the documentary series Death of Yugoslavia made by and transmitted on BBC2 1995 (Death of Yugoslavia)
  • Major-General John Frederick Charles Fuller (addnl): letters to NP MacDonald rel to an article on patriotism requested by MacDonald 1934-35
  • (David) Colin Humphreys, Director of Development of the Royal Institute of Internatioal Affairs: corresp and papers incl a photograph album of tourist views and fellow officers in the Middle East during World War I, compiled by Lieutenant James Cramner 1970-90

School of Oriental and African Studies

  • Mary Elizabeth (Diane) Noakes (1911-83), secretary of the Working Party of the Congress of Peoples: corresp and papers rel to her work in Uganda (PPMS 56)

National Library of Ireland

  • Roger Casement: corresp, incl letters to Richard Morten and Francis H Cowper 1895-1916

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • James Ramsay MacDonald, Prime Minister: albums (6) of letters and messages of condolence on the death of his wife, Margaret Ethel, née Gladstone 1911 and misc letters and papers formerly with the MacDonald collection of printed books 1843-1925 (Accs 11180,11185-90,11198,11205)

National Museum of Labour History

  • JT Murphy, Communist writer and activist: corresp and papers c1920-30s
  • Ron Leighton (1930-94), Labour MP: political papers
  • William Gallacher, Communist MP: papers 1918-65
  • Rajani Palme Dutt, Communist writer and philosopher: papers 1908-73

University of Oxford, Bodleian Library

  • The United Nations Career Records Project: reminiscences and journals of UN officials 20th cent (MSS Eng c 4655-4748 etc)
  • Sidney Dell (1918-90), head of the New York office of the UN conference on trade and development: papers (MSS Eng c 5798-5889 etc)

Rhodes House Library

  • Arthur Theodore Culwick (1905-9?), chairman of the Kenya United Party: political papers and MSS of books
  • Edward Allan Morris: papers rel to his service with the crown agents for the colonies 1928-70
  • Sir John Pestell, secretary/comptroller to the governor of Southern Rhodesia: papers covering the early period of UDI 1965-69
  • Sir James Robertson, governor-general of Nigeria: papers 1955-60
  • Derrick Robinson, British South Africa Police: papers rel to British and Rhodesian affairs 1960-65

St Anthonys College, Middle East Centre

  • Cecil John Edmonds (1889-1979), colonial administrator (addnl): diaries

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Leslie family of Castle Leslie, co Monaghan: political and family corresp 1796-91 (T3827)
  • Harry Midgley MP: political and personal papers c1926-90 (D 4089)
  • Sir Schomberg MacDonnell, private secretary to Lord Salisbury: political and personal corresp 1870-1915 (D 4091)
  • Sir Robert Lynn MP: corresp 1901-45 (D 3480/59)

Theatre Museum

  • Unity Theatre, left wing theatre company, London: papers c1930-39 (RP 95/110)

University of Warwick, Modern Records Centre

  • Sir Victor Gollancz (1893-1967), publisher (addnl): personal papers (MS 157)
  • Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament/Trades Union Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: papers of Noel Hayes via Trades Union Congress Library (MS 181/TUCND)
  • Bookmarks Publications: a selection of publications together with corresp and misc papers of Socialist Workers Party 1979-91 (MS 348)
  • Federal Union (Cavanagh) Collection: JP Cavanaghs collection of periodicals, pamphlets and files rel to the Federal Union, Federal Educational and Research Trust, World Movement for World Federal Government and similar bodies c1948-1950s (MS 350)
  • Tom Mann Memorial Fund: records 1942-94 (MS 353)

Local Repositories in England

Avon: Bristol Record Office

  • Bristol Gay Centre: records 1976-84 (Acc 40765)

Devon Record Office

  • Devon Liberal Party: misc papers c1971-86 (D 5302) Exeter Division Liberal Association: records c1962-76 (D 5300)
  • Exeter Liberalism: corresp and other papers c1961-72 (D 5299)
  • Tiverton Division Liberal Association: records 1980-88 (D 4996 add 2)

Durham County Record Office

  • Durham County Association of Labour Teachers: records 1925-54 (D/X 1099)

Essex Record Office

  • Lucy Thoumaian, wife of professor G Thoumaian, Armenian exile: papers rel to their campaign to free Armenian prisoners and the Armenian Home for Orphans and Destitute Boys c1890-1940 (D/DU 1777)

Gloucestershire Record Office

  • Sir Charles Irving MP: misc papers rel to his political career c1945-91 (D7264)

Hampshire: Southampton City Archives Office

  • Graham Heaney, city councillor (addnl): Labour Party papers incl those rel to housing policy 1980-93 (D/HEA)

Hereford and Worcester Record Office

  • Worcester Conservative Club: records 1895-1970 (BA 11830,11831)

Hereford Record Office

  • Hereford Peace Council: records 1981-93 (BJ98)

Kent Heritage Services, Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Faversham Constituency Labour Party: records 1930-85 (U3272)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Dame Elaine Kellett-Bowman, Conservative MP for Lancaster 1962-70: constituency files (DDX 2067)
  • Lord Rhodes of Saddleworth (1895-1987), Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne: papers 1945-64 (DDRS)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Leicester local elections: printed and MS records 1835-1946 (DE 4731)

Greater London: Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • Tower Hamlets and Bethnal Green Labour parties: records c1950-84 (TH/8640)

Greater London: Waltham Forest Archives

  • Walthamstow Liberal and Radical Association: records 1919-65 (ACC 10126)

Greater Manchester: Bury Archive Service

  • Councillor D Boden of Whitefield (addnl): political papers 1990-92 (GBO)
  • Bury North Conservative Association: records 1880-1951 (GCP)
  • Edwin Leach Hartley, Unionist parliamentary candidate for Bury: scrapbook 1910-15 (FMX/8)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Oxford branch: records 20th cent (3913)
  • Banbury Labour Party: records 1922-70 (3973)

Surrey Record Office

  • Epsom Division Conservative Association: year book 1948 (4424)
  • William Louis Martial Dunlop (1882-1948), diplomat: papers and medals rel to his service in the Foreign Office 1923-1948 (6314)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Madron Seligman MEP: papers c1980-90s (ACC 10,145)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • Newcastle and Gateshead Co-operative Party: minutes 1983-88
  • Newcastle Co-operative Party: registers 1944-87
  • Tyneside District Co-operative Party: minutes 1979-93

Warwickshire: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office

  • Stratford-upon-Avon Liberal Association: records 1933-57 (DR 902)

Wiltshire County Record Office

  • North Wiltshire Constituency Labour Party, Chippenham: records 1919-80 (2921)

South Yorkshire: Sheffield Archives

  • David Blunkett, Labour MP: corresp incl condolences on death of John Smith 1992-94 (1995/1, 21, 22)
  • Sheffield Liberal Democrat Association: administration and corresp files 1993-95 (1995/66)
  • Sheffield Park Constituency Labour Party, Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party and Sheffield District Labour Party: records c1980-86 (1995/72)
  • Sheffield libraries: strike records 1995 (1995/61)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Perth and Kinross District Archive

  • West Perthshire Liberal Association: minutes 1885-87 (MS159) (transferred from Dundee Archives and Record Centre)
  • West Perthshire Unionist Association: minutes 1917-18 (MS152)
  • Kinross and West Perthshire Unionist Association: records 1918-82 (MS152)
  • Blairgowrie and Rattray Unionist Association/Conservative and Unionist Association incl womens section: minutes 1922-59 (MS152)
  • Perthshire Womens Unionist Association/Conservative and Unionist Association, Blairgowrie and Rattray branch: records 1908-52 (MS152)
  • Crieff Unionist Club: minutes 1903-32 (MS152)
  • Crieff Unionist Association: minutes 1918-39 (MS152)
  • Unionist Associations area group no 2: minutes 1936-62 (MS152)

Local Repositories in the Isle of Man

Manx Museum Library

  • Manx Co-operative Society: records 1919-93 (ACC9275)