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Major Accessions to Repositories in 1995 relating to Medicine

University of Birmingham, University Library

  • J F West, surgeon: certificates from St Thomass Hospital 1854

University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Library

  • Medieval English leechbook c1400 (Add 9308)
  • Book of English medical recipes 15th cent (Add 9309)
  • John Moore, physician and writer: journals 1790-95 (Add 9339)

University of Dublin, Trinity College Library

  • Petr Skrabanek (d1993), lecturer in epidemiology: files rel to literature on disease and its treatment (10847)

University of Glasgow, University Archives

  • Charles Allan Oakley (1900-1993), Lecturer in Industrial Psychology: papers and publications (DC410)

University of London, British Library of Political and Economic Science

  • Body Positive, HIV+ support organisation: minutes of task groups, the Body Positive newsletter, leaflets and organisational papers 1985-87 (HALL-CARPENTER ARCHIVES)

Public Record Office

  • Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council: registered files 1914-86 (FD 5)
  • Medical Research Council: registered files 1952-86 (FD 7, FD 12)

University of Warwick, Modern Records Centre

  • Professor Margaret Stacey: addnl papers from her research for Regulating British medicine, the General Medical Council (Chichester 1992) (MSS 184)

Wellcome Institute, Wellcome Institute Library, Department of Western Manuscripts

  • Medical manual, containing an English translation of part of John of Ardernes treatise on fistula, medical recipes and prescriptions, lists of herbs c1575 (MS 7117)
  • Lady Ann Fanshawe, wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe: recipe book compiled from 1651 (MS 7113)
  • Medical treatises based on the practice of Charles Barbeyrac, physician of Montpellier 17th cent (MS 7126)
  • French manual of chiromancy 17th cent (MS 7136)
  • English medical and culinary recipe book early 18th cent (MS 7124)
  • John Hunter (1728-1793): notes on the principles of surgery and on venereal diseases taken from his lectures (ACC 349837)
  • Unnamed personal surgeon of William Miles, Honourable East India Companys Service: journal, London-India-London 1819-21 (MS 7114)
  • Joshua Brookes, anatomist: notes from lectures on osteology taken by Edward Morton 1821 (MS 7110)
  • Frederick Knight Hunt, surgeon and journalist, and his son Frederick Everard Hunt, surgeon: certificates and papers 1839-1900 (MSS 7128-7129)
  • Charles Lewis Meryon, personal physician to Lady Hester Stanhope: vol III, pt 2 of his Travels of Lady Hester Stanhope (London, 1846) extensively annotated (MS 7116)
  • William Stott Maude, general practitioner of Elland, Yorkshire: commonplace book c1849-65 (MS 7115)
  • Unnamed Leeds apothecary: cash and recipe book mid 19th cent (MS 7111)
  • Physician to Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh: diary of the dukes illness 1889 (MS 7105)
  • Fielding Hudson Garrison, American medical historian: letters to Paul Hoeber, publisher 1918-31 (MS 7135)

Contemporary Medical Archives Centre

  • Action on Smoking and Health (ASH): addnl AGM and Council minutes 1971-1982 and other records (SA/ASH)
  • Fernando Arroyave, psychiatrist: manuscript on alcohol dependence c1980-89 (GCI/28)
  • Dr John Bates, neurophysiologist: notebooks of scientific research on EEG and Parkinsons Disease 1943-1971 with papers rel to the history of the Ratio Club, incl some of its records (GCI/79)
  • Sir Authony Bowlby (1855-1929), surgeon: letters, diary and photograph albums rel to Portland Hospital, service during Boer War and St Bartholomews Hospital (GC/181)
  • Dr John Bowlby (1907-1990), child psychologist: addnl articles, obituaries and letters of condolence (PP/BOW)
  • Dr Francis Blacklay, general practitioner: visits registers, death certificate stubs and financial records rel to his practice in Nantwich, Cheshire, with an illustrated history of the practice 1930-72 (GP/24)
  • British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy: minutes 1971-88, council papers 1985-91 and committee records (SA/SAC)
  • British Society for the Study of Orthodontics: addnl meetings programmes, reports and transactions (SA/BSO)
  • Denis Parsons Burkitt: Safari diaries, autobiography, research notes, photograph albums and records rel to project on dietary fibre and peptic ulcer surveys 1972-75 (WTI/DPB)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (formerly Society of Trained Masseuses): minutes, registers of members, examination papers, photographs and audio-visual material from 1895, incl records of the Society of Remedial Gymnasts 1946-85, the Physiotherapists Association Ltd 1949-70; and the East Surrey Mobile Physiotherapy Unit Ltd 1942-84 (SA/CSP)
  • William F Dunham (1911-1994), physician: notes, drafts and clinical records, incl a number of films, covering his research and career, especially in study and treatment of cerebral palsy (PP/WFD)
  • Philip Rainsford Evans (1910-1990), paediatrician, and his wife Dr Barbara Evans (1909-1995) pathologist, author and journalist: papers rel mainly to Philip Evanss work in Vietnam, with papers rel to Barbara Evanss research and career and further papers rel to Dr Helena Wright, whose biography she wrote (PP/PRE, PP/HRW)
  • Family Planning Association: addnl material c1980- (SAIFPA)
  • Dr Henry Foy and Dr Athena Kondi of the Wellcome Trust Research Laboratories, Kenya: research papers and photographs c1948-85, mainly rel to haematological disorders and B vitamin deficiencies in the tropics (PP/FAK)
  • Dr Jean Guy, radiologist: student notebooks from London Medical College 1963-66
  • Dr Geoffrey Hale, general practitioner: partnership agreements, articles and notes rel to his Pimlico practice 1933-70, with cash books and notes rel to his fathers practice in Eton 1893-1904 (GP/23)
  • Health Promotion Research Trust: administrative and research papers, plus research project files 1985-93 (SA/HPR)
  • Dr Keith Hodgkin, general practitioner: records incl index cards of lectures, ward rounds and case notes while a student at the Radcliffe Infirmary and at the Hammersmith Hospital 1939-43, and patient records from his practice in Redcar 1954-79 (GPI25)
  • Dr R Edgar Hope-Simpson, general practitioner: addnl patient records of Cirencester practice, plus day books and journals 1947-74 (GP/22)
  • Hospital Infection Society: members forms, corresp, minutes and conference papers c1984 onwards (SA/HIS)
  • International Union of Pharmacology: addnl papers of International Congresses, newsletters and minutes of Executive Committee c1972-94 (SAIIUP)
  • Dr Alfons Letchner, general practitioner: financial records of his practice in Harrow 1934-74 with a brief history of the practice (GP/27)
  • Professor George Macdonald, Director of the Ross Institute: papers c1960- (PP/MAC)
  • Sir John McMichael (1904-1993), cardiologist: autobiographical notes (PP/JMM)
  • Professor W V Mayneord, radiation physicist: corresp and notebooks of Medical Research Council Radiation Protection Committee c1923-75 (PP/WVM)
  • Medical Journalists Association: addnl files of Secretary (SA/MJA)
  • Dr Richard Moore, general practitioner: accounts of Shrewsbury practice c1961-93 with partnership agreement 1962 (GP/26)
  • Professor David C Morley, paediatrician: records rel to child health research in West Africa 1950s (WTI/DCM)
  • Dorothy M Newhall, nurse in Serbia and Sanitary Inspector, Serbian Relief Fund: diary 1915-19 (GC/165)
  • Dr Hideo Noguchi, bacteriologist and immunologist: photocopies of letters to Dr Thorvald Madsen of the Danish National Serum Laboratory 1905-27 GCI/80
  • Dr Maurice Pappworth (1910-1994), physician, medical tutor and ethicist: notes, writings and corresp [reference not yet assigned]
  • The Patients Association: administrative files, AGM papers and minutes, and corresp with patients 1963- (SA/PAT)
  • Professor Sir William Paton (1917-1993), pharmacologist: corresp, bibliographic material and papers rel to diving and ethics of animal research (PP/WDP)
  • Physiological Society: addnl committee papers and scientific meeting papers 1994-95, Secretarys files of the Oxford Administration Office 1983-88, photographs of the Committee 1979, letters (copies) rel to the Sharpey Shafer lecture (SA/PHY)
  • Derek Richter: copies from his scrapbooks rel mainly to his work at the Neuropsychiatric Research Centre, Cardiff 1950-83 (GC/175)
  • William Walters Sargant, psychiatrist: records incl notes, drafts, patient records c1945-89 (PP/WWS)
  • Henry Edward Shortt (1887-1987), parasitologist: addnl corresp, records of experiments and writings (WTI/HES)
  • Sigerist Society: proceedings of the Society 1947-55 (SA/SIG)
  • Society for the Study of Addiction: addnl records incl corresp and minutes of the London Section of the Society 1965-68 (SA/SSA)
  • Dr Brian J Sproule, general practitioner: accounts of his practice in Coldstream, Berwickshire c1950-82 (GP/21)
  • Dr Christopher J H Starey, general practitioner: records of his practice in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire 1946-84, incl clinical and maternity records (GP/14)
  • Westminster Hospital Radiotherapy Interview: tape and transcript of interview 1993 with Professor Kurt Hellman, Professor Gerald Westbury and Dr Kenneth Newton, former colleagues of Sir Stanford Cade at the Westminster (GC/171)
  • Air Marshal Sir Harold Whittingham, pathologist, consultant in aviation medicine: papers rel to sandfly fever research, Malta 1921-23, biochemistry lectures London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1926-30; Joint Medical Services Committee c1920-49 (PP/HEW)
  • Professor Andrew Wilkinson (1914-1995), paediatric surgeon: papers and publications (PP/WIL)
  • Dr Mary J Wilmers (1907-1992), paediatrician: notes, photographs and patient records c1950-70 (GC/184)
  • Sir Graham Selby Wilson (1895-1987), bacteriologist: drafts of his unfinished book Biographical History of Medical Bacteriology (PP/GSW)
  • Professor Alan Woodruff (1916-1992), Wellcome Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine
  • : corresp and papers rel to career at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Hospital for Tropical Diseases and University of Juba, Sudan (PP/AWW)

University of York, Borthwick Institute of Historical Research

  • York Lunatic Asylum: records 1777- (YHA/BOO)
  • North Riding Asylum, York: records 1847-1994 (YHA/CLF)
  • St Marys Hospital, York: records 1849-1979 (YHA/MAR)
  • York County Hospital, York: records 1740-1976 (YHA/YAG)

Local Repositories in England

Avon: Bath City Record Office

  • Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic diseases (formerly Royal Mineral Water Hospital): records 1737-1985

Bedfordshire Record Office

  • Three Counties Asylum (Fairfield hospital, Stotfold): architectural plans and drawings 1856-1977 (LF 78)

Cornwall Record Office

  • Falmouth Poor Law Union workhouse, later Budock Hospital: addnl records 1866-1973 (X 977/1-24)

Devon Record Office

  • Devon County Lunatic Asylum: plans 19th-20th cent (D 5317)
  • Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital: records 1868-1974(D 1260 add 4)
  • Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter Medical Library: records incl minutes, accounts, catalogues, accessions registers, borrowers registers, surgeons signing-in register, register of heart cases, Museum Committee minutes, register of specimens in museum, medical officers meeting minutes, Medical Advisory Committee and Medical Staff Committee reports and corresp, corresp, plans, accounts, photographs, papers 1814-1987 (D 1260 add 5)
  • West of England Eye Infirmary: registers of out-patients, registers of operations, daily register of numbers of inmates, diagnosis and treatment books, drug book 1893-1974 (D 1299 add 2)

Humberside County Archives Service

  • Dr J A R Bickford: reminiscences of work at De La Pole Hospital, Willerby c1950-79 (DDX)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Leicester Towers Hospital: records incl admissions, patients, discharge, treatment, visitors, contracts, staff salaries and pensions, annual reports 1869-1989 (DE 4758)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • Eminson family of Scotter and Scotton: papers incl medical casebooks and journals kept by two members of the family 1832-61 (MISC DEP 585)

Greater London: Guildhall Library

  • Bridewell Royal Hospital: records incl Court minutes 1559-1955, General Committee minutes 1737-1952 (Bethlem Hospital Archives)
  • Metropolitan Hospital-Sunday Fund, independent charity: records c1873-1990

West Midlands: Birmingham Central Library

  • Birmingham Eye Hospital: minutes 1823-57 (MS 1819)
  • Birmingham General Hospital: records incl minutes, accounts, registers of patients, annual reports, photographs 1765-1993 (MS 1921)
  • Birmingham Hospital for women: minutes, annual reports, registers of cases and papers 1871-1968 (MS 1940)
  • Birmingham Maternity Hospital: minutes, annual reports and papers 1843-1948 (MS 1614, addnl)
  • Birmingham Skin Hospital: minutes and registers of patients 1891-1973 (MS 1918)
  • Hollymoor Hospital, Northfield: architectural drawings by Martin & Chamberlain 1899 (MS 1809, addnl)
  • Dr Molly Barrow, physician and welfare rights campaigner: papers rel to establishment of Sparkbrook Family Centre and related topics 1929-70 (MS 1914)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Institute of Public Health Engineers, East Midlands branch: minutes, reports and accounts 1971-87 (ACC4851)

Shropshire Records and Research Centre

  • The Salop and Montgomeryshire Asylum: records 19th-20th cent (6175)

Staffordshire Record Office

  • St Matthews Hospital, Burntwood (addnl): records 1862-1993 (D5456)
  • Dr Richard Wilkes of Willenhall, physician and antiquary: medical journal 1736-38 (5350)

Surrey Record Office

  • Brookwood Hospital: addnl records, incl admission registers, plans and elevations of the buildings, photographs and corresp c1860-1989 (6277)
  • Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital: records c1873-1957 (6323)

East Sussex Record Office

  • The Dome, Royal Pavilion, Brighton: album of photographs, some rel to its use as a hospital for Indian soldiers during the 1st World War, newspaper cuttings, corresp c1909-51 (ACC 6611)
  • Eastbourne Pharmaceutical Committee and Panel Chemists: minutes 1927-71 (ACC 6700)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Sussex Medical Womens Federation: records 1949-89 (ACC 10,137)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • Dr H Loebl: papers rel to Enterprise North 1972-83

Yorkshire: Sheffield Archives

  • David Blunkett, Shadow Secretary of State for Health: papers incl corresp files rel to committee and policy work, corresp with MPs (1995/1, 21, 22)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale District Archives

  • Todmorden League of Hospital Friends, records, incl minutes and newsletters 1961-94 (MISC 880)

Local Repositories in the Wales

Glamorgan Record Office

  • Glamorgan County Asylum, Bridgend: records, incl patients case notes and photographs of patients 1864-1970 (ACC 1995/137)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Edinburgh City Archives

  • "Plus", self support group for pain relief, Edinburgh: records c1980-89 (279)
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