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Major Accessions to Repositories in 1995 relating to Labour History

National, Special and University

University of Hull, Brynmor Jones Library

  • James Johnson, Labour MP: papers c1950-90s
  • Transport and General Workers Union (Hull Area): records c1940-90s
  • National Union of Agricultural Workers, Patrington branch: misc records c1930-60s, and some papers of Frank Robinson (branch secretary)
  • Jack Brocklebank, trade union organiser: papers c1930-1980s
  • National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (Hull and District Association) (addnl): records 1980-94
  • John Prescott, Labour MP (addnl): records 1990s
  • Kevin McNamara, Labour MP (addnl): records 1990s

University of London, British Library of Political and Economic Science

  • Fabian Society: papers 1881-1980s (FABIAN SOCIETY)

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • James Ramsay MacDonald, Prime Minister: albums (6) of letters and messages of condolence on the death of his wife, Margaret Ethel, née Gladstone and misc letters and papers formerly with the MacDonald collection of printed books 1843-1925 (Accs 11180,11185-90,11198,11205)

National Museum of Labour History

  • JT Murphy, Communist writer and activist: corresp and papers c1920-30s
  • Ron Leighton (1930-94), Labour MP: papers
  • William Gallacher, Communist MP: papers 1918-65
  • Rajani Palme Dutt, Communist writer and philosopher: papers 1908-73

University of Warwick, Modern Records Centre

  • National and Local Government Officers Association insurance: Board of Management minutes 1967-84 (MS 20)
  • London Society of Compositors, Sun Engraving Company Composing Chapel: minutes 1922-50 (MS 28/CO/6/SE)
  • National Union of Press Telegraphists: records 1909-65 (MS 39/PT)
  • Les Dixon, past president of the National Graphical Association: papers rel to his admission to the Typographical Association and new technology (MS 39/NGA/6)
  • Coventry District Engineering Employers Association: records incl contract drawing offices file and files rel to national bargaining 1955-86 (MS 66)
  • Transport and General Workers Union: research department files and enquiry files (MS 126)
  • National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (ATTI) West Midlands region: records 1939-85 (MS 176)
  • Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament/Trade Union Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: papers of Noel Hayes via Trade Union Congress Library (MS 181/TUCND)
  • General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union, FIATU: records 1896-1989 (MS 192)
  • British Airways Closed Shop Liaison Group (addnl): papers of group secretary Mr Aikin-Sneath (MS 196)
  • British Motor Corporation Joint Shop Stewards Committee: papers of L Gurl, its secretary (MS 22816)
  • Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union (addnl ): records incl ASE reports 19th cent but mainly post-war, rel to specific firms (MS 259)
  • West Midlands Engineering Employers Association: records 1961-88 (MS 265)
  • World Federation of Scientific Workers: updating files (MS 270)
  • Council of Civil Service Unions (addnl): records (MS 296)
  • Fire Brigades Union: records 1927-93, (MS 346)
  • National League of the Blind: files rel principally to wages and conditions for blind and disabled workers and workshop disputes c1950-70s (MS 349)
  • Tom Mann Memorial Fund: records 1942-94 (MS 353)
  • Paul Worm automotive industrial relations collection: misc papers and transcripts of interviews conducted in early 1980s (MS 356)
  • National Union of Glovers and Leatherworkers (MS 359)
  • National Amalgamated Stevedores and Dockers Union (MS 360)

Working Class Movement Library

  • Alliance Cabinet Makers Association, London: records 1872-1901
  • Amalgamated Society of Gilders, London: records 1836-1959
  • Amalgamated Society of Millsawers and Wood-Cutting Machinists: annual reports 1873-1925
  • Amalgamated Society of Wood-Cutting Machinists, Nottingham Branch: records 1879-1973
  • Amalgamated Union of Upholsterers: balance sheets 1907-37
  • Amalgamated Union of Upholsterers, Liverpool: minutes 1891-1906
  • Amalgamated Union of Upholsterers, London: minutes 1936-46
  • Belfast Furnishing Trades Joint Committee: minutes 1940-45
  • Belfast Mill Sawyers: minutes 1874-88
  • Furniture, Timber and Allied Trades Union: annual reports and minutes 1971-85
  • Liverpool Journeymen Upholsterers Association: contribution register 1880-1900
  • London Upholsterers Society: piece price book 1840
  • National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association: records 1902-68
  • National Federation of Furnishing Trade Union: minutes 1937-42
  • National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives, Olney branch no 4: minutes 1970-72
  • National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives, Long Eaton branch: minutes 1939-73
  • National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives, branch 5SF, Belfast: minutes 1950-71
  • National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives, branch 101, Belfast Polishers: minutes 1949-54
  • National Union of Musical Instrument Makers, Durham branch: contribution book 1960-79
  • Organ Builders Trade Society: records 1906-72
  • United French Polishers, London: minutes 1902-03
  • Upholsterers Trade Society, East London branch: minute book and register of members 1889-91
  • Upholsterers Union, Liverpool: contribution register and sick pay/out of work payment book 1896-1913

Local Repositories in England

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (and predecessors), New Mills branch (addnl): records 1913-94 (D1709)
  • Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, Whaley Bridge branch: records 1925-71
  • National Society of Painters, New Mills branch: records 1908-58 (D1709)

Devon Record Office

  • Exeter and District Trades Union Council: records 1985-94 (D 4127 add 2)
  • National Union of Teachers, East Devon area: corresp and financial records c1970-85 (D 5312)

Dorset Record Office

  • National Union of Teachers, Dorset County branch: minutes 1900-78 (D 1411)

Durham County Record Office

  • Durham County Association of Labour Teachers: records 1925-54 (D/X 1099)
  • Washington, Glebe Pit, miners lodge: records 1910-26 (D/X 1118)

Essex Record Office, Colchester and North-East Essex Branch

  • East Essex Teachers Association (later Colchester Association of the National Union of Teachers): minutes 1895-1964 (D/Z 264)

Hampshire: Southampton City Archives Office

  • Graham Heaney, city councillor (addnl): Labour Party papers incl papers rel to housing policy 1980-93 (D/HEA)
  • National and Local Government Officers Association, Southampton branch (addnl): records c1960-75 (D/NAL)

Kent Heritage Services, Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Faversham Constituency Labour Party: records 1930-85 (U3272)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Lord Rhodes of Saddleworth, Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne: papers 1945-64 (DDRS acc 7790)
  • Rossendale Union of Boot, Shoe and Slipper Operatives: records 1903-94 (DDX 1160 acc 7855)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Levi Lovert, Leicestershire Miners Association: corresp and papers 1898-1950 (DE 4730)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • National Farmers Union, Holland branch: records 1918-82 (5 NFU)

Greater London: Hackney Archives Department

  • Amalgamated Engineering Union, Hackney branch: membership registration books 1896-c1970 (DIS 63)

Greater London: Hammersmith and Fulham Archives and Local History Centre

  • Civil and Public Services Association and National Union of Civil and Public Servants: records of local branches 20th cent (DD/893)

Greater London: Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • Tower Hamlets and Bethnal Green Labour parties: records c1950-84 (TH/8640)

West Midlands: Birmingham Central Library

  • National Association of Local Government Officers (formerly City of Birmingham Municipal Officers Guild): misc papers 1935-91 (MS 1906)

West Midlands: Coventry City Record Office

  • Amalgamated Engineering Workers Union and National Union of Vehicle Builders, Coventry branches: minutes c1920-60s (Acc 1810)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • National Farmers Union, various Nottinghamshire branches: minutes and membership records 1922-64 (DD TU 18)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • Banbury Labour Party: records 1922-70 (3973)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Bury St Edmunds and District Trades Union Council: records 1978-93 (GG 502)

Suffolk Record Office

  • National Farmers Union, Suffolk County branch (addnl): minutes 1968-93 (GC 462)
  • Ipswich Working Mens Political and Radical associations: minutes 1876-87 (GC 480)

Surrey Record Office, Guildford Muniment Room

  • Surrey County Association of Trade Union Councils: minutes 1993-94 (5297)
  • Guildford and District Trades Union Council: minutes 1992-95 (5298)
  • United Kingdom Society of Coachmakers, Guildford branch: minute book 1916-51 (5299)

Tyne and Wear Archives Service

  • Newcastle and Gateshead Co-operative Party: minutes 1983-88
  • Newcastle Co-operative Party: registers 1944-87
  • Tyneside District Co-operative Party: minutes 1979-93
  • Gateshead Trades Council: affiliation fees accounts 1971-76 (TU/TC3)
  • National Union of Journalists, Sunderland, Shields and Hartlepool branch: records 20th cent (TU/NUJI)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • National Farmers Union, Warwickshire County branch: records 1918-84 (CR 3157)

Wiltshire County Record Office

  • North Wiltshire Constituency Labour Party, Chippenham: records 1919-80 (2921)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • National Farmers Union, Bedale branch: copies of balance sheets 1904-74 (MIC 3172) (ZSW)

South Yorkshire: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Archives and Local Studies Section

  • Rotherham Trades Union Council (addnl): minute books c1960-92 (443/G)

Sheffield Archives

  • David Blunkett, Labour MP: corresp incl condolences on death of John Smith 1992-94 (1995/1, 21, 22)
  • Sheffield Park Constituency Labour Party, Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party and Sheffield District Labour Party: records c1980-86 (1995/72)
  • Sheffield libraries: strike records 1995 (1995/61)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Society of Journeymen Coopers of Leith: papers rel to 1806-15 (281)

Local Repositories in the Isle of Man

Manx National Heritage Library

  • Manx Co-operative Society: records 1919-93 (ACC9275)