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London University, LSE, British Library Of Political And Economic Science: 1994 Accessions : 1994 Accessions

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Note: the collections in this list which do not have acquisition Numbers are not new accessions but have been in BLPES for many years. The majority appear to have formed part of the old holdings of the Library and to have been dumped when the catalogue was transferred to cards in the 1930s. As part of the preparation for the renovation of the archive area in 1994 it was decided to sort through the backlog and to describe briefly the more interesting items.

The collections are described in chronological order. The final number in the description of each collection is the computer control number. The Collection Code is the collections identifier for ordering purposes.

  • Bell, John of West Bromwich: 1837-1917, account of his childhood by John Bell, a coalminer, written in 1910, manuscript and typescript together with letters to Bertram Wilson. (COLL MISC 0846)
  • Poor Law Guardians Elections: 1856-1913, papers relating the Election of Poor Law Guardians including Election leaflets for the London Poor Law Unions, 1893-1913, plus a letter with no year date to Beatrice Webb from (S.G.F.?) Hoare about the education of very poor children and a register of children sent to St Saviours School by Chorlton Union 1856-1858. (COLL MISC 0850)
  • Fabian Society, Enquiry to Parliamentary candidates: 1891- 1892: returns to a questionnaire, published as FabianTract No 24, to Parliamentary candidates on their intentions as Mps. (COLL MISC 0826)
  • Fabian Society, LCC Election 1892: election leaflets of candidates for the London County Council Election of 1892 and returns to the questionnaire issued as Fabian Tract No 26, Questions for London County Councillors. (COLL MISC 0839)
  • Olivier, Sir Sydney (1859-1943): 1893, Intemational Socialist Workers Conference Zurich, minutes of the Proceedings of the British Section, notes by Sydney Olivier together with drafts of a report on the conference and a list of the delegates by organisation and name. (COLL MISC 0829)
  • Fabian Society: School Board Elections: 1899-1902, Ephemera relating to School Board Elections and the 1902 Education Bill and replies to a Fabian Society questionnaire about the constitution of School Boards, Town or Urban District Councils and Boards of Guardians in 1899. (COLL MISC 0832)
  • Salvation Army Farm Colony: 1899-1907, Hackney Union Report upon Men maintained at the Salvation Army Farm Colony, quarterly reports listing men by name, brief history, dates of admission and discharge, also a copy of a letter about Laindon Farm colony by W.G.Martley and T.C.Witherby, and the regulations of the Arbeitshaus der StadtBerlin. (COLL MISC 0842)
  • Reeves, Maud Pember: 1900s, a collection of household account books showing the weekly expenses of a group of London working class housewives. Their names and addresses are given, and in some cases, information about their family circumstances. This collection appears to be the raw data for Fabian Tract No 162,"Family Life on a Pound a Week", 1914. (COLL MISC 0847)
  • Church Army, Mens Social Department: 1906, Letter from Colin F.Campbell to the Reverend J.C.Pringle enclosing particulars of 50 married men who applied for aid to the Church Army in September 1906. (COLL MISC 0843)
  • LCC Election 1907: 1906-1907, papers illustrating the 1907 London County Council Election, particularly the Progressive Party; they include leaflets notes and replies to questions by Wallas. A fine set of black and white and coloured posters are currently too fragile to produce. (COLL MISC 0840)
  • Mudie Smith, R: 1906-1908: catalogue of the Daily News Sweated Labour Exhibition organised by R. Mudie Smith at the Queens Hall May 1906; correspondence between Mudie Smith and Cadbury Bros of Bournville about forced labour in Angola, San Thome and Principe. (COLL MISC 0851)
  • Sherwell, A.J.: 1910, papers relating to a survey by the Temperance Legislation League of the influence and activities of the drink trade on the 1910 General Election. The contents areas follows:
    1. Returns from constituencies and a summary of the returns.
    2. Letters to Sherwell from MPs and candidates
    3. Press cuttings, print, an anti-Temperance handbill.
    4. A photograph of a display of election posters.
    5. A scrapbook containing press cuttings on temperance.
    (COLL MISC 0811)
  • Keeling, F: 1911-1921, correspondence, official print and statistics,press cuttings, reports and leaflets from local labour exchanges about juvenile employment, juvenile labour exchanges and juvenile employment committees in England and Ireland. (COLL MISC 0841)
  • Halsbury Club: 1912, Mackinders set of minutes and papers of the committee on the Reconstruction of the Second Chamber of the Halsbury Club. Its objects were to reform the powers and membership of the House of Lords and its members were J.F.Hope, H.J.Mackinder, Lord Plymouth, Lord Selbome, Lord Robert Cecil, Lord Halsbury and the Duke of Northumberland. Its contents are as follows:
    1. Meetings of the committee 19 January 1912 to 25 June 1912.
    2. Drafts and working papers including schemes for the reform of the House of Lords by Lord Robert Cecil, the Duke of Northumberland, Colonel Welby, the Earl of Galloway and the Duke of Marlborough (F.E. Smith)
    3. Reports of the Committee including Memorandum on theconstruction of the Second
    Chamber, two versions of the confidential Report of the Sub Committee dealing with the second Chamber, Population statistics of the proposed constituencies. (COLL MISC 0866)
  • Leeds Munitions Factories: 1915, manuscript notes on visits to munitions works in Leeds, apparently part of an investigation of women warworkers. (COLL MISC 0854)
  • Carnegie War Records Survey: c1922, replies to a questionnaire circulated by the local War Records Committee of the Carnegie Endowment for Intemational Peace, for the Social and Economic History of the World War and working papers of the committee. (COLL MISC 0842)
  • Ginsberg, Professor Morris, (1 889-1970), Part 2: 1900s- 1960s, further papers of Morris Ginsberg; the contents of the boxes according to the depositors notes are as follows.
    1) Morris Ginsberg and LSE from World War I, appointments/testimonials, formation of Institute of Sociology and Journal of Sociology, 1949; report on sociology in Britain.
    2) LSE 1930s, professional societies, 1930s letters eg McIver, School Meetings on 1934 Laski controversy, with Ernest Graham Little, and the Telegraph Libel of the School as a hotbed of communism.
    3) LSE in Cambridge, social research, social reconstruction,wartime social survey, H.G.Wells, application for DSc.
    4) UNESCO, anthropology LSE 1940s et seq, Audrey Richards etc, Herbert Spencer, Symposium on Nationalism, 1939, Chatham House.
    5) 1929-64, References for and advice to scholars and colleagues, letters from students and friends, 1949 Outlook for Sociology.
    6) Letters to MG from 1948, chairs etc, in Sociology, academic correspondence 1929-60, file on Hobhouse.
    7) Overseas visits, Toronto, Tokyo, Fisk.
    8) Letters 1950s-1970s, mainly 1960s.
    9) Reviews, correspondence on Idea of Progress, offprints and articles
  • Riding, John Robert (1902-1983): 1923-1930, photocopies of papers of the Peckham and Camberwell branches of the Independent Labour Party, including annual reports for Peckham 1928/29 and 1929/30, and circular letters for both branches plus the South London Federation and the Camberwell Branch of the Communist Party.The file also contains a summary list and biographical notes on J.R.Riding and his mother, Esther Riding. (COLL MISC 0867)
  • London and Greater London Council for the Prevention of War: 1925, minute book. The membership included religious, political, trade union cocoperative, peace society, womens, council and youth representatives. The minutes appear to represent the first three months only of the organisation when John Beckett, Labour MP for Gateshead, was chairman. (COLL MISC 0830)
  • Citrine, Walter McLennan, Baron Citrine of Wembley (l887- 1983) Part V.: 1932-1946, additional diaries along with photographs, travel guides and trade union material of Sir Walter Citrine, General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress 192601946, Chairman of the Central Electricity Authority, 1947-1957.
    1. Journeys in Canada and the USA, July 1932-June 1946
    2. Visits to Germany, July 1931-March 1933
    3. Visit to America, 14 September 1934-19 November 1934 (2 volumes)
    4. Visit to Soviet Russia, 1941
    5. Visit to America, 2 May 1942- 20 June 1942 (3 volumes)
    6. Visit to America, 1943
    7. Visit to America, 1944
    8. Visit to Russia, June 1946

    All these diaries include photographs, press cuttings and postcards (CITRINE V)
  • MacRae, Russell Duncan (1888-1956): 1938, description: Leaving Moscow, photocopy of a typescript essay by R.D.MacRae, a member of HM Consular Service describing an overland journey from Moscow to Constanza. (COLL MISC 0820)
  • Progressive League: 1939-1988, archives of the Progressive League (PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE)
  • Progressive League: 1958-1975, additional archives of the Progressive League. (PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE)
  • Freedman, Professor Maurice (1920-1975): 1940s-1970s, papers and correspondence of Maurice Freedman, Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics,1953-1976, relating to his research on Chinese society in Singapore and Hong Kong and to other writings and activities in anthropology. (FREEDMAN)
  • Professor Michael Lee: 1967-1981, papers deposited by Michael Lee relating to his work at the Treasury 1967-1969. (COLL MISC 0817)
  • Professor Michael Lee: diary kept by Michael Lee from January to July1969 while he was on academic secondment to the Treasury Civil Service Department. It reflects the changes to the Civil Service impending after the Fulton Report. (COLL MISC 0870)
  • International Marxist Group: 1969ca-1986ca, ephemera, conference papers and cyclostyled journals of the IMG, plus circulars and publications of other organisations including Red Camden and Am Phoblacht. (IMG)
  • Liberal Democrats working group papers and Whips Office files: 1970s-1980s, Liberal Democrat working group files, Whips Office files from Liberal Party and Alliance (LIBERAL DEMOCRATS)
  • London Gay Campaign Group: 1981-1986, papers, including questionnaire sent to candidates in the GLC elections with analysis (HALL CARPENTER ARCHIVES)
  • Collection: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: 1981-1989, Speeches and articles of Bruce Kent. The contents are as follows:
    1. Speeches and Articles as General Secretary of CND 1981- 1983
    2. Speeches and Articles
    2. As above 1984-85.
    3. Speeches and Articles as ViceCChair and Chair of CND 1986-89.
    Microforms: Filmed by Research Publications as part of their continuing CND series
  • Speakers Commission on Citizenship Covering Dates: 1988- 1990: papers of the Commission set up by the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon Bernard Weatherill PC MP in order to consider under the Chairmanship of Maurice Stonefrost, how to encourage, develop and recognise ActiveCitizenship within a wide range of groups in the community,both local and national including school students, adults, those in full employment, as well as volunteers. Its report was published by HMSO as Encouraging Citizenship in1990. the papers consist of minutes of the meetings of the commission, papers and other evidence submitted to it, correspondence and drafts of the final report including extensive comments by the members of the commission and others. (CITIZENSIW)
  • Phillips, Alban William Housego (1914-1975): 1960s-1980s: papers of AW Phillips, economist, inventor of the Phillips machine, a mechanical model of the British economy and of the "Phillips Curve"; Professor of Economic Science and Statistics, LSE, 1954-1968. (COLL MISC 0857)
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