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Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive Of Art And Design: 1994 Accessions

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  • Ceramic Contemporaries exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum, 1993; papers and slides 1992-1993 (AAD/1994/11)
  • Contemporary Applied Arts: records and photographs c1974- 1980 (AAD/1994/13)
  • Council for the Care of Churches: church furnishers and decorators corresp., catalogues and photographs c1915-1972 (AAD/1994/4)
  • The Crafts Council, a registered charity under Royal Charter promoting contemporary crafts: further archives c1971-1991 (AAD/1994/15)
  • Festival of Britain printed ephemera, photographs and publications 1951 (AAD/1994/10)
  • Heal & Son Ltd., bedding and furniture manufacturers and retailers: further archives 1847-1987 (AAD/1994/16)
  • G. Jackson & Sons Ltd., decorative plasterers: papers, charts and photographs c1900-1940 (AAD/1994/7)
  • Krazy Kat Arkive of Twentieth Century popular culture: further addition 1980s-1990s (AAD/1994/17)
  • S. London Ltd., furrier: papers, catalogues and photographs c1928-1968 (AAD/1994/5)
  • Silhouette (Salop) Ltd, underwear and swimwear manufacturers: catalogues and promotional material 1950s- 1980s (AAD/1994/21)
  • George Backhouse, former Chief Executive Officer, Personnel and Organisation, Festival of Britain: papers and publications c1950-1953 (AAD/1994/9)
  • Basil E. E. Barber (1910-1992), stained glass designer and glasspainter: papers, cartoons and photographs 1929-1992 (AAD/1994/12)
  • Kenneth Clark, photographer for London furniture dealers: photographic negatives 1947-1952; 1972-1988 (AAD/1994/6)
  • Antony Croghans collection of printed ephemera c1982-1994 (AAD/1994/19)
  • Harold Felber (d.1993), fashion designer: designs c1960-1979 (AAD/1994/18)
  • Oliver Ford (1925-1992), interior decorator: archive c1950- 1992 (AAD/1994/20)
  • Jacques Groag (1892-1962), architect, and Jacqueline Groag, (1903-1985) textile and wallpaper designer: papers and illustrations (AAD/1994/2)
  • David Harman Powell (b.1933), plastics designer: papers and models 1950s-1990s (AAD/1994/8)
  • John Shipleys collection of bookjackets c1950-1959 (AAD/1994/18)
  • Victor Stiebel (1907-1976) fashion designer: presscutting albums 1932-1963 (AAD/1994/1)
  • R.E. Stone (1903-1990), silversmith: archives c1920-1990 (AAD/1994/14)
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