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Public Record Office: 1994 Accessions

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  • British Council: minutes and papers (additional) 1939-1963 (BW 1 - BW 137)
  • General Nursing Council for England and Wales: finance, area and regional nurse training committee files (additional) 1978-1983 (DT 46)
  • General Nursing Council for England and Wales: finance: accounts, correspendence and papers (additional) 1974-1983 (DT 47)
  • School Curriculum Development Committee: Board of Management: agenda, minutes and papers 1984-1988 (EJ 4)
  • Schools Council: secondary science curriculum review, steering committee: papers 1981-1984 (EJ 5)
  • Medical research council and predecessor: files (additional) 1905-1978 (FD1)
  • Medical research committee and Medical Research Council: annual reports 1914-1922 (FD 2)
  • Medical research council: industrial fatigue board: reports 1919-1947 (FD 3)
  • Medical research committee and medical research council: reports of special research projects 1915-1971 (FD 4)
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