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British Library, Oriental And India Office Collections: 1994 Accessions

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  • Capt (later Lt-Col) William Anderson (1803-58), Bengal Army: Diary 1841-42 as captive of Muhammad Akbar Khan during 1st Afghan War (IOR: Mss Eur C 0703)
  • Edward William West (1824-1905), engineer and orientalist: Addl personal correspondence cl844-60 (IOR: Mss Eur D 1184)
  • Gerald Chetwynd Talbot (1819-85), Private Secretary to Governor-General of India: Private letter books and diary 1856-58 during Indian mutiny (IOR: Mss Eur F 0271)
  • Capt (later Maj-Gen) Henry Parlett Bishop (1828-1908), Bengal Artillery: Typescript copy of diary 1857-59 during Indian mutiny (IOR: Mss Eur C 0698)
  • Sir Thomas Higham (1847-1910), Indian Public Works Dept: Personal letters 1867-1911 (IOR: Mss Eur F 0267)
  • Capt (later Col) Henry Alexander Vincent (1846-1914), Bombay Army: Personal letters 1878-98 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0686)
  • William Edward Hartt (b 1848), Railway Traffic Superintendent, Punjab and Bengal: Personal letters 1882-95 (IOR: Mss Eur F 0270)
  • John Younie (1893-1942), Indian Civil Service: Addl personal letters 1910-42 (IOR: Mss Eur D 0939)
  • Lt Geoffrey W Cheesman, British Army: Personal letters while on service in India 1916-19 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0715)
  • Sao Sein Nyun (b 1916), daughter of Sawbwa (Chief) of South Hsenwi, Burma: Memoir describing early life and the people of Hsenwi c1919-48 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0709)
  • Elizabeth Cornish: Collection of tape recordings Children of the Raj: childhood reminiscences of British India c1920s-30s (IOR: Mss Eur 9495/40)
  • Maj-Gen Thomas Wynford Rees (d 1959), Indian Army: Papers mainly 1939-47 inc reports as Commander, Punjab Boundary Force (IOR: Mss Eur 9495/08)
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