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British Library, Manuscript Collections: 1994 Accessions

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  • Letters from Gen. Sir Thomas Fairfax to his cousin James Chaloner, MP; 1651-1659. (Add. MS. 71448)
  • Daniel King, drawings of De Vere monuments in Essex chuches, 1653. Cf. Add. MSS. 27348-27350 (Add. MS. 71449)
  • Papers of the publishing house of Bentley, supplementing Add. MSS. 46560-46682; 19th cent. (Deposit 9326)
  • Letters from G.B. Shaw and T.E. Lawrence to the actor William Hudd, with his visitors book. (Deposit 9308)
  • Papers of the Rumanian diplomatist Raoul Bossy (1894-1975), supplementing Add. MSS. 63730-63741; 20th cent. (Deposit 9307)
  • Correspondence of Sir Roy Harrod, supplementing Add. MSS. 71181-71197; 20th cent. (Deposit 9333)
  • Thomas Simon, royal warrant for him to engrave the Great Seal of England, with his drawing thereof, 1660. His warrant for the Exchequer seal is Add. MS. 71069. (Add. MS. 71450)
  • Facsimile of the Westminster Tournament Roll (1510), College of Heralds. (Deposit 9339)
  • Algernon Charles Swinburne, Epistemidion, 1875. Autograph. (Deposit 9337)
  • George Gissing, letter to his sister Ellen concerning Thomas Hardys novels, 1889. (Deposit 9335)
  • Joint letter from Alexander Pope and John Gay to William Fortescue, 1725. (Add. MS. 71245B)
  • Francis Aston, Secretary of the Royal Society, letter to Johannes Hevelius concerning Halleys Comet, 1682. (Add. MS. 71245C.)
  • Letter from Jonathan Richardson Sr. to Ralph Palmer, 1731. (Add. MS. 71245D)
  • Letters from Edward Bawden, author, to Ruari McLean; 1947- 1988 (Deposit 9349).
  • Sir William Dugdales Book of Monuments, 1640-1641. Formerly Loan MS. 38. (Add. MS. 71474)
  • Correspondence and papers of Kenneth Peacock Tynan. (Deposit 9360).
  • Error of Fact and Misreadings of Texts in Stephen Spender: A Portrait with Background, by Hugh David (Heinemann 1992) (Add. MS. 71250)
  • Correspondence and papers of the Countess Bernsdorff (née Bridget Gilligan). (Deposit 9354)
  • Astronomical diagrams by Thomas Hood, Mathematician; c. 1597; Vellum, in oaken cases. (Add. MSS. 71494, 71495)
  • St. John Climacus, Ladder of Perfection, 17th cent. Slavonic. In a contemporary blind-stamped binding. (Add. MS. 71251)
  • Literary MSS of (Patrick) Rearden Connor (b. 1907), author. (Add. MSS. 71497-71510)
  • Letters from Richard Garnett, Keeper of Printed Books, British Museum (d.1906) to John Lane, etc. (Add.MS. 71496)
  • Letters of the Herries family, supplementing Add. MSS 5736657469. (Deposit 9359)
  • Bevil Skelton, Arms and Badges of the Kings of England; 1684- 1692. (Add. MS. 71511)
  • Papers of Sir James Graham, Bart. (1792-1861), statesman. (Deposit 9374)
  • Political and literary papers of Margaret Gardiner, political campaigner, 20th cent. (Deposit 9381)
  • Papers of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Keyes, supplementing the Keyes archive acquired in 1967. (Deposit 9382)
  • Papers of Henry Marten, regicide, 1625-1649 (Add. MSS. 71531-71534)
  • The Crompton Letters: letters of Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell (d.1865) and George Eliot (d.1880). Together with letters of Charles and Mary Booth, Sir Samuel Romilly, Herbert Spencer etc. (Deposit 9388)
  • Robert Cooke, acting Garter (? d. 1593), notes on medieval peers, charters, seals etc. (Egerton MS. 3872)
  • Miscellaneous notes and memoranda of Sir Frederic Madden, Keeper of Manuscripts 1837-1866, supplementing Add. MSS. 62001-62078.; c.1830-1850. (Add. MS.71512)
  • Charters and seals of the Pakington family relating to the manor of Aylesbury, co. Bucks., 13th cent. (Deposit 9379)
  • MSS of Mrs. Elizabeth Spencer relating to the Rumanian revolution, 1989. (Add. MS. 71530)
  • Papers of the Barrington Family, mostly of William Wildman, 2nd Viscount Barrington (1717-1793), formerly on deposit at the Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich. (Deposit 9389)
  • Letter from Thomas Roper, plantation agent, to Anthony Bown, 1784. (Add. MS. 71245E)
  • Memorandum notebooks of John Levett, a London lawyer, 1688- 1703, n.d. (Egerton MS 3873)
  • Archive of Douglas Cockerell and Son, Binders. (Deposit 9394)
  • Manuscript Notebook of David Gascoyne, 1983-1990. (Deposit 9401)
  • Autograph MS by A C Swinburne of his essay Note of an English Republican on the Muscovite Crusade. (Deposit 9402)
  • Abraham Cowley: Elegy On Mr Crashaw; circa 1649-1652. Autograph fair-copy. From a collection of verses found among the papers of James Butler, lst Duke of Ormonde. (Add. MS 71549)
  • Letter of Edward Rigg, of the Royal Mint, to Robert Chalmers, 1st Baron Chalmers, concerning Wavell Smiths authorship of two pamphlets on currency in the Leeward Islands; 1891. Transferred from Collections and Preservation, Aug. 1994. (Add. MS 71550)
  • Travel journals in the American West of Frederick Horn, a British muleteer, 1868. (Add. MS 71561)
  • Three MS commonplace books of Emilijan Yaroslavsky kept while in a Tsarist prison; 1909-1911. (Deposit 9412)
  • Manuscripts, drafts of poems and correspondence rel. to John Betjeman, 1943-1960. (Deposit 9417)
  • Two letters to Sir William Trumbull, 1687, 1711, and a letter of Joseph Planta. (Deposit 9415)
  • Manuscripts, correspondence and printed books of Lawrence Durrell, including the MS of Justine. (formerly Loan 112)
  • Letters rel. to the history of the discovery of penicillin, etc., c.1980-90. (Deposit 9422 and 9444)
  • Letters of Oliver Le Neve, a Norfolk country gentleman, to his brother, Peter Le Neve, herald and antiquary; 1682-1697. (Deposit 9424)
  • Archive of Alan Thomas, Bookseller. (Deposit 9425)
  • Two notebooks of William Combe (author of Dr Syntax) compiled while in debtors prison; c.1808-1820. (Deposit 9426)
  • Correspondence of the Bramwell Booth family concerning constitutional crisis in the Salvation Army, 1925-1928. (Deposit 9428)
  • Letters of Jonathan Richardson to Ralph Palmer, 1773, 1736, and Michael Tyson to R Gough, 1776. (Deposit 9429)
  • Chronograms collected by James Hilton (supplementing Add.68939-68941). (Deposit 9430)
  • Letters of Mary Ward (Mrs Humphry Ward) to Richard Acland Armstrong concerning the settlement movement, 1888. (Deposit 9431)
  • Diaries (3) of Edward Sackville-West. (Deposit 9432)
  • Letters (65) of Sir Roy Welensky to Col. Theo ODonoven, providing a commentary on the affairs of Rhodesia during
  • UDI, etc.; 1962-1979. (Deposit 9437)
  • Notebooks (11) of David Gascoyne, poet (b.1916). Supplementing Add 71224 (Deposit 9401)
  • Accounts rel. to St Jamess Theatre. (Dep.9433)
  • Military and campaign papers rel. to Maj. Emile Boechner. (Dep.9436)
  • Book of Statutes, 14th cent. (Phillips MS. 4334) (Deposit 9439)
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