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Oxfordshire Archives: 1994 Accessions

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  • 3750: Records of Oxford City Moral Welfare Assoc 1929-67 (Cat as O5)
  • 3752: Personal papers of Blackwell family 1857-1910 (Cat as F118)
  • 3753: Records of Oxford Citizens Advice Bureau 1940s-1980s (uncat)
  • 3757: Oxford County Court records 1847-1978 (Cat as CCT/1-6)
  • 3759: Minutes of Thames Area Agricultural Training Board 1990s (uncat)
  • 3762: "The Countryman" administrative files 1985-90 [continuation of ongoing accession] (uncat)
  • 3763: Personal papers of Belson family C19-20 [continuation of ongoing accession] (uncat)
  • 3765: Papers of Metcalfe and Knightley Educational Charity 1889-1993 (uncat)
  • 3782: Records of Oxford University Cricket Club 1834-1939 (uncat)
  • 3783: Diaries of George Gardner, High Bailiff of Banbury C19 (Cat as P142)
  • 3795: Papers of Cornish family, including extensive correspondence with John Keble C18-20 (Cat as F3)
  • 3804: Correspondence between Madeau Stewart and author Elizabeth Goudge 1970s-80s (Cat as P143, but partly closed)
  • 3805: Records of Studeley Almshouse Charity C17-20 (uncat)
  • 3810: Correspondence between Madeau Stewart and Marghanita Laski, etc, C20 (Cat as P143, but partly closed)
  • 3814:Correspondence between Madeau Stewart and Stevie Smith with original Stevie Smith MSS, C20 (Cat as P143)
  • 3831: Diaries of Charles William Early 1880-1942 (uncat)
  • 3833: Records of Oxford Playhouse C20 (uncat)
  • 3884: Estate records of Peyton family of Stoke Lyne C17-20 (uncat)
  • 3897: Chipping Norton Borough archives 1606-1907 (uncat)
  • 3903: Records of Alfred Beechey, wheelwrights, coachbuilders & signwriters of Chipping Norton C19-20 (uncat)
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