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Nottingham University Library: 1994 Accessions

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  • ACC 1280 Mary Howitt (1799-1888), writer and collaborator with her husband William Howitt; private and family letters, 1822-1888. (Nottingham collection reference; Ht)
  • ACC 1282 Arthur Wells, liberal election agent in Nottingham, 1840s-1860s. Local election papers and associated political correspondence. (Nottingham Collection reference; Wp)
  • ACC 1283 Morley family papers, of Richard Morley, hosier of Nottingham (d. 1855) and his family; primarily family and executory papers, with some concerning the firm of J and R Morley, Nottingham; 1790s - 1888. (Nottingham Collection reference; Mrl)
  • ACC 1294 Business records of Chilprufe Company, Leicester, 1911-1964. (Nottingham Collection reference; BCH)
  • ACC 1318 Denison of Ossignton additional family papers; legal and financial, 1864-1926. (Nottingham Collection reference; De)
  • ACC 1324 Holden of Nuthall Temple, Nottinghamshire, family and estate papers, 14th -19th centuries (Nottingham Collection reference; Hn)
  • ACC 1325 Thoroton and Hildyard of Flintham family and estate papers, 17th - 19th centuries (Nottingham Collection reference; Hf)
  • ACC 1329 Laurence Pollinger business correspondence with Frieda Lawrence, 1940s (Nottingham Collection reference; La)
  • ACC 1349 Nottingham Park Estate, legal, financial and administrative papers, including plans, 19th and 20th centuries. (Nottingham Collection reference; NPE )
  • ACC 1350 Newsprint archive of the British Military Government in Berlin, 1946-81, transferred from the Universitys Institute of German, Austrian and Swiss Affairs.
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