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Liverpool University, Department of Special Collections and Archives: 1994 Accessions

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  • A.K. MCIlwraith, The life and works of Philip Massinger (typescript Oxford DPhil thesis).
  • Rathbone papers (additions): 14 ledgers of financial transactions c.1932-c.1980. (CLOSED) These are the only known surviving ledgers from the company, much material having been lost due to Second World War bombing raids on the City of Liverpool.
  • Richard Henry Harrison, BSc (1890-1969): memorabilia relating to the Dardanelles campaign during the first World War
  • Katharine Bruce Glasier: 14 letters & articles to William & Margaret Harvey, 1922-45.
  • Rathbone papers (additions): received from Lace, Mawer Solicitors via Sebastian Rathbone, Rathbone Brothers plc: bundle 431 enclosing Articles of Partnership dated 17 April 1886, bundle 746 containing Deed of Dissolution dated 15 March 1852, also including financial settlements (marriage and post-nuptial)
  • Rathbone papers (additions) A further large addition to the Rathbone Papers was received as a gift from William Rathbone X: the personal correspondence (late 19th/early 20th century) of William Rathbone VI, William (Gair) Rathbone VII and his wife, and their daughter, Elena E. Rathbone, who later married Sir Bruce Richmond, editor of the Times Literary Supplement. It includes correspondence from Perey Lubbock, John Singer Sargent, F. Korbay, and other people notable in musical, literary and artistic circles. Also, British Records Association 2441, marriage settlement re Esther Emily Rathbone, 1878 and 1903

    Liverpool University Archives

  • Research notes and correspondence of Professor Thomas Kelly (1909-92) on the subjects of Mechanics Institutes, Public Libraries, and the History of Adult Education. (D.623)
  • Transcript of tape-recorded interview (1992) of Professor Joseph Rotblat about his career in nuclear physics research, and copy of letter (1993) of Professor Le Couteur re construction of the Liverpool Synchocylotron. (D.625)
  • National Union of Seamen papers re the Cunard Steamship Co.: correspondence, agreements, minutes, press cuttings, etc., 1959-90. (D.626)
  • Photocopies of annual reports of the Liverpool Dispensary/Dispensaries for 1796, 1803, 1807-11, 1830, 1838, 1842-57 (with gaps), and 1871-90, and rel papers (D627)
  • Copy of privately published: Ralph Allison (ed.), Cousins Chronicle : An Account of the lives of the grandchildren of Charles Allison and Susanna Bellamv Morris (1976). (D.629)
  • Annual reports of Maria Ryes Emigration Home for Destitute Little Girls, 1887-94, and related papers. (D.630)
  • Papers of and about Miss Joan O. Joshua (1912-93), Reader in Veterinary Surgery (Small Animals), 1962-73. (D.634)
  • Transcript of tape-recorded interview (1991-92) of Professor Gordon Stephenson, C.B.E. (Lecturer in Architecture, 1932-36, Lever Professor of Civic Design, 1948-53). (D.635)
  • Research papers of Dr. Alan Fletcher (d.1981), Lecturer later Reader in Applied Mathematics, 1932-69, principally re comets and eclipses. (D.637)
  • Papers of Professor Ronald Fletcher (192192; Emeritus Professor of sociology, University of Reading), re Sir Cyril Burt and the posthumous controversy surrounding the latter. (D.639)
  • Papers of the Granby Toxteth Community Poverty 3 Project (EC- funded), 1991-94. (D.640)
  • Family and business papers of the Bates family (including Sir Edward Bates, d.1899, Sir Percy E. Bates, d.1946, and Col. Denis H. Bates d.1959), 1747-1961,1 and copy of [P.E. Bates], Bates of Bellefield, Gyrn Castle and Manydown (privately published, 1994). (The business papers relate in particular to Edward Bates Bombay merchant business, trading with India and owning a fleet of ships , the Cunard Steamship Co. and the Brocklebank Line.) (D.641)
  • MS. autobiographies of Professor E. Allison Peers (1891- 1952), Gilmour Professor of Spanish, 1922-52, and of "Bruce Truscot" (Peers pseudonym). [edited by Ann L. Mackenzie and Adrian R. Allan, published by Liverpool U.P., 1995] (D.642)
  • Research papers of Dr. Margaret T. Gibson (1938-94), Lecturer, later Reader, later Hon.Senior Fellow, in History, 1964-94. (D.643)
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