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Rochdale Libraries, Local Studies Department: 1994 Accessions

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  • Metro Rochdale Papers deposited by Mr R Clegg, Operations Director, Rochdale NHS Trust, Berch Hill Hospital, Littleborough: (To be listed and numbered)
  • Directors Minute Book (Old Manor Pastimes) Norden Rivera 1923-1966 (C/COM/OMP)
  • Champness Hall, Cradle Roll list; 1952-1991. Cradle Roll Transfers (blank) Baptismal Certificate (example) Baptismal details form (R/Met/33/1)
  • Cradle Roll service-suggestion sheet. Example of cradle roll cert. Cradle Roll Register 1961-1990. Examples of Bcards etc for church.
  • Throm Hall, Church Council. Agendas, minutes and reports. 1986 - (R/Met/33/2)
  • Throm Hall Methodist Church 1986-1993 (Minutes of Church Council). (R/Met/33/3)
  • Minutes of Church Council (Throm Hall ?) 1977-86 (R/Met/33/4)
  • Throm Hall Methodist Church. Agendas, Minutes and Reports. March 1980-86 (R/Met/5)
  • Throm Hall - Correspondence 1984-1992 (R/Met/33/6)
  • Throm Hall - accounts etc (R/Met/33/7)
  • Kirkholt Cradle Roll chart 1949-68 (R/Met/33/8)
  • Kirkholt Cradle Roll chart 1967-83 (R/Met/33/9)
  • British Hill Museum: Patent for wool scouring and drying machinery (C/IND/ENG/PET1)
  • Personal papers of Max Morton, formerly a dentist using the premises. Letters 1st W. War, bills etc (F/5/MOR/1- F/7/MOR/1-)
  • Inventory and valuation of Bowling Green Mills 1889 (C/IND/TEX/AUR/1/1)
  • Bill of costs for sale by auction and valuations. Bowling Green Mill and Whitelees Mill, LBoro (C/ind/tx/HUR/1/2)
  • Cotton Consumption records, 1844-1885 (C/IND/TEX/HUR/2/1)
  • Miscellaneous records book (ie wages lists; quotations for boilers/engines; repairs etc to machinery; insurances etc) (C/IND/TEX/HUR 2/1)
  • Purchase Ledger, Bowling Green and Hamer Hall Mills, 1882 (C/IND/TEX/HUR 3/1) Ledger 1868 (C/IND/TEX/HUR 3/2) Bowling Green Mill. Sales catalogue of steam boilers 1891 (C/IND/TEX/HUR 4/2)
  • Bowling Green Mill. Catalogue of machinery for sale by auction 1889 (C/IND/TEX/HUR 4/3)
  • Hamer Hall Mills Catalogue of Cotton Spinning machinery etc. 1886 (C/IND/TEX/HUR 4/1)
  • Castleton UMFC Sunday School Visitors Book. 1881-1924 (R/MET/29/2/3)
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