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Bury Archive Service: 1994 Accessions

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  • Woolfold: Estate deeds, Meadowcroft and Key family, 1736-1886 [DMX/10 014]
  • Tottington: Great House/Tonge Estates, Hawkshead Lane, 1791-1886 [DMX/7 003]
  • Bury: Trinity/Ingham Streets, 1862-73 [DMX/8 006]
  • Bury: Rochdale Old Road, 1839 [DMX/9 01 IT]
  • Electrical Association for Women, Whitefield Branch: add.,misc.correspondence, 1973-84 [GEW 018]
  • Walmersley, Park U.R.C: add., records including registers,1809-1951, c1816-1992 [CPA 012]
  • Bury, New Road and Bury U.R.C: 1793-1987 [CNR 004]
  • Bury, Freetown Mission: 1909-87 [CFM 004]
  • Bury, Casdecroft: 1841-1964 [CCA 004]
  • United Reformed ChurchBury, Bethel (Henry Street): 1806-1965 [CBL 004]
  • Ramsbottom, Market Place Wesleyan (Christ Church): misc.records, 1904-77 [CRM 009]
  • Holcombe Brook United: Sunday School cashbook etc., 1913-81[CHL 005]
  • Edenfield, Rochdale Road Primitive: cash book, c1870, SundaySchool registers, 1902-34 [CRR 005]
  • Bury, Bolton Road (Fairy St.): report, 1992 [CFU 005]
  • Bury and Heywood Methodist Circuit: add., includes circuitdirectories and plans, 1979-94 [CBH 005]
  • Lord and Sons Ltd. of Bury, Boilermakers: order booksaccounting records, plans, photographs etc., 1841-1985 [BLO 002]
  • Thomas Barlow and Sons Ltd. of Bury, woollen manufacturers:accounts etc., 1830-68 [BTB 011T]
  • Wrigley, Mrs Rebecea of Whitefield: misc. papers (includesBury poll book, 1859), 1836-1942 [FMX/5 013]
  • Openshaw, Miss E. of Bury: misc. family papers, mostlyNewland family papers, c1820-40 [FMX/6 016]
  • Mather of Bury, Radcliffe/Cheetham of Pilkington: includescorrespondence from John Mather, 97th Regiment, Canada, 1848-56, 1835-1939 [FMX/4 010]
  • Falshaw, Dr. William of Ramsbottom: patient visiting bookand accounts, 1853-64 [BFA 017]
  • Unsworth, St. Georges C of E School: managers minutes,1941-73 [SGU 008]
  • Unsworth Comprehensive School: governors minutes, 1971-73[SUC 008]
  • Elton Council/Bury West Group Primaries, Bury managersminutes, 1910-1973 [SEC 008]
  • East Ward Council School, Bury: logbooks, 1909-79 EltonCouncil/Bury West Group Primaries, Bury [SEW 001]
  • Bury Grammar School: trustees book of statutes, 18th cent[SBG 011T]
  • Bury Metropolitan Borough: deposited building regulationplans and planning applications (microfiche) add., 1974-90[ABM 015]
  • Bury County Borough: Treasurers notes re financial changesunder 1888 Local Government Act, c1890 [ABU add. 011T]
  • Bury County Borough: Tramways Dept; wage books etc.,1903-04[ABU add. 011T]
  • Bury County Borough: misc. legal opinions etc., 1885-1911[ABU add. 011T]
  • Bury County Borough: Gas Siding papers, 1891 [ABU add.011T]
  • Bury County Borough: Education Committee; Blind Persons Sub-Committee minutes, 1922-32 [ABU add. 011T]
  • Summerseat, Rowlands Wesleyan: file re demolition, 1974-78[CRL 009]
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