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Bolton Archive Service: 1994 Accessions

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  • Bolton local coronation celebrations: misc., 1902-11 [ZZ/608]
  • Bolton Amateur Football Combination: add., 1909-64 [FZ/32]
  • Westhoughton, Wingates Independent Methodist Church:marriage register, 1968-93 [NM XW]
  • Horwich: Horwich Moor (Primitive) Methodist Church: add.,1948-89 [NM PH/4]
  • Farnworth, Plodder Lane (Wesleyan) Methodist Church: add., c1950-63 [NM WF/9]
  • Bolton: plan of Victoria Hall Methodist Mission, 1897 [NMWM]
  • Bolton and Rochdale Methodist District Overseas MissionsCommittee:records, c1900-50 [NM BR]
  • Bolton and Rochdale District Methodist Womens WorkCommittee, 1943-92 [NM BR]
  • Bolton, Park Street (Wesleyan) Methodist Church: add, 1902-33 [NM WP/2]
  • Bolton: Folds Road Independent Methodist Church: add: 1866-1955 [ZZ 454]
  • Bolton Operatic Society: mss., photographs,reminiscences,20th cent [ZNA]
  • Bolton Catholic Boys Club: records, 1946-76 [FZ/42]
  • Bolton Assemblies (Social Club): records, 1946-74 [FZ/41]
  • Turton, Eagley Sunday School: records c1880-1920 [FS/3]
  • Prestolee Alkali Works, Little Lever: business records andlegal papers, 1875-84 [ZPA]
  • Chatwood Safe Co. Ltd., Bolton: illustrated trade handbook,C1910 [ZZ/607]
  • Bradshaw Bleachworks, Bradshaw: typescript history andrelated material, 1950-63 [ZZ/606]
  • Naughton, Bill (Bolton author and playwright, 1910-92):Mss., photographs, memorabilia, 20th cent. [ZNA]
  • Jones, Thomas R. of Bolton: W.W.1 notebook, cuttings,memorabilia, c1914-18 [ZZ/616]
  • Howarth, Percy of Bolton: work and military service records,1918-61 [ZZ/609]
  • Bolton Borough Magistrates Court: add. registers, 1984-89[JBO]
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