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Major Accessions to Repositories 1994 relating to Science

National, Special and University

British Architectural Library

    John Paterson, Professor of Construction Management, University of Reading: papers rel to computer-aided design for architects, 1960s-70s

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Francis Aston, Secretary of the Royal Society: letter to Johannes Hevelius rel to Halleys Comet, 1682 (Add MS 71245C)
  • Thomas Hood, mathematician: astronomical diagrams c1597 (Add MSS 71494-95)
  • Letters rel to History of discovery of penicillin etc. c1980-90 (Deposit 9422, 9444)

Churchill Archives Centre

  • Sir William Rede Hawthorne (b1913), Master of Churchill College and Professor of Applied Thermodynamics: additional papers (HATN)

Durham University Library

  • Teesdale Trust and Teesdale Scientific Committee: minutes, working papers, reports etc, 1967-78 (Misc 1993/94:6)

Durham University Library

  • RL Stevens, Head of Science, Rumbek Secondary School: papers 1948-54. (G//S 1098)

Edinburgh University Library

  • Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), natural philosopher: 2 letters
  • Sir RI Murchison (1792-1871) geologist: 3 letters

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Alexander Gow Mearns, author: lectures on hygiene 1954 (Acc No: 4567, MS Gen)

Glasgow University Archives and Business Record Centre

  • Robert Napier, marine engineer (1791-1876): letters from Robert Napier snr, David Napier and other family members, naval officers, engineers, scientists, and others concerning ships, engines, contracts, suggestions, visits, rel to vessels and engines, indentures, certificates, press cuttings, 1814-74 (DC90 (add.))

Greater Glasgow Health Board Archive

  • West of Scotland Health Boards, Department of Clinical Physics and Bio-Engineering: additional corresp (microfilm) 1950s-80s (HB70)
  • John M A Lenihan, clinical physicist: lecture notes, working papers for publications, correspondence, personalia and papers as Chairman of Denny and Bonnybridge Morbidity Review 1940s-90s (HB88)

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Archives

  • John Stodart Kennedy (1912-1993), Professor of Animal Behaviour: papers

The Institution of Civil Engineers

  • F Walley: papers rel to effects of explosions on structures, and wartime reinforced concrete structures in Germany c1939-45
  • Samuel Hocking, civil engineer: sketches and calculations, 1852-77

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

  • George Potts, engineer: engineering drawings, 1798-1802 (1994.523-532)

Leeds University, Brotherton Library

  • School Natural Science Society: records 20th cent

Liverpool University Archives Unit

  • Joseph Rotblat, nuclear physicist: transcript of tape-recorded interview (1992) about his career
  • Miss Joan O. Joshua, Reader in Veterinary Surgery (Small Animals): papers, 1962-73 (D634)
  • Alan Fletcher, Lecturer later Reader in Applied Mathematics: research papers, 1932-69, principally rel to comets and eclipses (D.637)

Merseyside Maritime Museum

  • Collection of brochures (35) for marine engines of various manufacturers c1960s (DX/1455)

National Library of Ireland

  • Irish Radio Transmitters Society: log books, minute books, correspondence, newscuttings and photographs 1904-93

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • Louis Baume, member South Georgia Survey expedition: correspondence and papers, 1955-71 (Acc 11022)
  • Charles Darwin, naturalist: letters (3), 1862-71, to Patrick Matthew, on the question of the latters priority in establishing the theory of natural selection (Acc.10963)

The Natural History Museum

  • James Fisher (1922-1970), ornithologist, naturalist and writer: diaries, field notebooks, research files

Newcastle University, Robinson Library

  • Trevelyan family, baronets: additional papers, including diaries and corresp of Walter Calverley Trevelyan (naturalist) 19th cent

Bodleian Library

  • Sir David Phillips, Baron Phillips of Chiltern: scientific papers, 20th cent.
  • Dame Dorothy Hodgkin: scientific papers 20th cent

Public Record Office

  • Schools Council: secondary science curriculum review, steering committee, papers 1981-84 (EJ 5)
  • Medical Research Council and predecessor: further records 1905-78 (FD1)
  • Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council: annual reports 1914-22 (FD 2)
  • Medical Research Council, Industrial Fatigue Board: reports 1919-47 (FD 3)
  • Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council: reports of special research projects 1915-71 (FD 4)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Thomas Workman, linen and shipping merchant, traveller, yachtsman and amateur entymologist, Co Down, and Belfast: additional personal and business papers, 1824-1984 (D 2778 add)

Royal Air Force Museum: Department of Research and Information Services

  • Drawings registers, servicing records and other papers, rel to the British Aircraft Corporation BAC 221, Hawker- Siddeley Kestrel and Hunting H126, 1960s (AC 94/6:unlisted)

Science Museum Library

  • Joshua Field, partner in the engineering firm of Maudslay, Sons & Field: manuscript and printed papers c1805-51
  • Thomas Henry Court: correspondence and papers rel to History of scientific instruments and their makes, sale catalogues and offprints of articles on instruments. 1892- 1949 (ARCH:COURT)
  • Board of Trade, Standards Department: records 1907- 64 (MS 490)
  • Brunner Mond Laboratory, Research Division of ICI Alakali Division, Winnington: MS notebook recording fractionation experiments carried out on polythene 1938 (MS 493)

Scott Polar Research Institute

  • James Weddell, Antarctic explorer: corresp and papers, incl papers of his biographer John Brown 1819-44

Strathclyde University Archives

  • International Union of Food Science and Technology: papers from 1970

Warwick University Modern Records Centre

  • AESD, Colchester branch minutes, 1928-48, and Association of Scientific Workers, Hayes branch minutes, 1942 (MSS 79)
  • John I. Goddard, management consultant: papers, incl work study reports and case studies of relatively early computer applications (MSS.340)

The Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine

  • British Microcirculation Society: additional papers, incl corresp of Dr PAG Munro (SA/BMS)
  • British Society for the Study of Orthodontics: minutes and transactions 1948-81 (SA/BSO)
  • Sir (Samuel) Rickard Christophers (1873-1978) malariologist and bacteriologist: correspondence, 1964-76, photographs and misc biographical material (GC/161)
  • Frank Pollard Ellis (1913-1989), Surgeon-Captain: papers, naval and medical reports and reprints rel to physiology of heat and cold, 1950s-70s (GC/174)
  • Forrest Fulton (1913-1971) virologist: research papers, wartime files on typhus, corresp and papers rel to teaching of bacteriology, 1940s-70 (GC/177)
  • Sir Henry Harris, Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford: corresp, lecture notes and laboratory notes rel to cellular physiology and biochemistry 1950s-80s (PP/HHA)
  • Sir Harold Himsworth, medical scientist and administrator: notebooks, research files and reports, 1933-94 (PP/HPH)
  • International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR): reports, minutes and corresp rel to Professor Michael Barretts period as Secretary-General, 1981-87 (SA/IUP)
  • Lister Institute: testing and production records from Queensbury Lodge, Elstree, papers rel to research on whooping cough vaccine (pertussis), and misc publications of the Lister 1904-79 (SA/LIS)
  • Robert Gwyn Macfarlane (1907-1986) pathologist: additional papers rel to his biography and Macfarlane Trust annual reports (PP/RGM)
  • Medical Research Club: minutes, proposal book and attendance books, 1891-1984 (SA/MRC)
  • Dr Ian Natoff, pharmacologist: student notes, Chelsea College of Pharmacy, 1952-55 (GC/163)
  • Physiological Society: Editorial Board minutes, registers of papers and corresp received from the offices of the Journal of Physiology, Treasurers papers, and Committee and meeting papers from the Oxford Office, c1940-92 (SA/PHY)
  • Sir William Paton (1917-93), pharmacologist: corresp and experimental notes (PP/WDP)
  • Psychiatry interviews: additional transcripts of interviews conducted by Dr Sam Sussman, Director of Social Services, London, Ontario, 1988 (GC/132)
  • Society for the Study of Addiction: meeting papers and corresp, incl minutes of the London Society for the Study of Addiction (now London section of SSA), 1965-68 (SA/SSA)
  • Sphagnum moss in surgery scrapbook: bound reprints, cuttings, corresp and photograph rel to use of sphagnum moss in surgical dressing, 1915-19 (GC/166)
  • Strangeways Research Laboratory: photograph albums and visitors book (SA/SRL)

Local Repositories in England

Cumbria Record Office, Kendal

  • J G A Kitchen, inventor: additional papers and photographs relating to Elliptical Wheel Syndicate Ltd 1933-48 (WDX/649)

Durham County Record Office

  • Seaham Natural History Club: minutes 1861-80 (D/X 1065)

Rochester upon Medway Studies Centre

  • Rochester and District Natural History Society: records 1879-1980 (DE 368)

Merseyside: Liverpool City Record Office

  • Liverpool and District Radiographers Society: records 1935- 87 (5055)

West Midlands: Birmingham City Archives

  • Watt of Handsworth and Doldowlod (Powys): correspondence and business records of James Watt of Greenock, merchant, 1725-76; notebooks of John Watt of Crawfordsdyke, (1682)- 1732; letter books, 1779-1819 and incoming correspondence, 1761-1819 of James Watt, engineer, including letters to and and from most of the leading men of science in Britain and western Europe; diaries, account and memoranda books of James Watt, 1757-1817, including experiment notebook, 1783; business records of James Watt relating to instrument making c1755-c70; surveying, c1755-74; steam engines, 1698- 1809; legal papers relating to steam engine patents 1769- 1808; business records of James Watt relating to copying machines, 1780; engineering drawings for tools etc., 1809- 18; press copy letter books 1794-1817 and incoming correspondence 1788-1837 of James Watt junior, engineer and steamboat pioneer; architectural and landscaping plans for houses and other buildings associated with the Watt family, 1809-37; William Hampers collections for the History of Aston, c1200-1830; personal correspondence and papers of Gregory Watt, geologist, 1790-1804 (JWP)
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