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Major Accessions to Repositories 1994 relating to Political History

National, Special and University

Birmingham University

  • Sir John Elijah Blunt: personal papers and consular reports from the Middle East 1870-1902

British Library Department of Manuscripts

  • Raoul Bossy (1894-1975), Rumanian diplomat: additional papers, to Add MSS 63730-41 (Deposit 9307)
  • Margaret Gardiner, political campaigner: political and literary papers 20th cent (Deposit 9381)
  • Emilijan Yaroslavsky: three MS commonplace books kept while in a Tsarist prison, 1909-11 (Deposit 9412)
  • Mary Ward (Mrs Humphry Ward): letters to Richard Acland Armstrong rel to the settlement movement 1888 (Deposit 9431)
  • Sir Roy Welensky: letters (65) to Col. Theo ODonoven rel to Rhodesia during UDI, etc; 1962-79 (Deposit 9437)

British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

  • Gerald Chetwynd Talbot (1819-85), Private Secretary to Governor-General of India: private letter books and diary 1856-58 (IOR: Mss Eur F 0271)
  • Sir Thomas Higham, Indian Public Works Dept: personal letters 1867-1911 (IOR: Mss Eur F 0267)
  • John Younie, Indian Civil Service: further personal letters 1910-42 (IOR: Mss Eur D 0939)
  • Sao Sein Nyun, daughter of Sawbwa (Chief) of South Hsenwi, Burma: memoir describing early life and the people of Hsenwi c1919-48 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0709)
  • Elizabeth Cornish collection of tape recordings: Children of the Raj: childhood reminiscences of British India c1920s-30s (IOR: Mss Eur 9495/40)

British Library of Political and Economic Science

  • Poor Law Guardians Elections: papers 1856-1913 incl election leaflets for the London Poor Law Unions, a letter to Beatrice Webb from (S.G.F.?) Hoare, register of children sent to St Saviours School by Chorlton Union 1856-58 (COLL MISC 0850)
  • Fabian Society: returns to a questionnaire, published as Fabian Tract No 24, to Parliamentary candidates on their intentions as MPs 1891-92 (COLL MISC 0826)
  • Fabian Society: election leaflets of candidates for the London County Council Election of 1892 and returns to the questionnaire issued as Fabian Tract No 26, Questions for London County Councillors (COLL MISC 0839)
  • Sir Sydney Olivier: International Socialist Workers Conference Zurich, minutes of the British section, notes and drafts of a report on the conference and a list of the delegates by organisation and name 1893 (COLL MISC 0829)
  • Fabian Society: ephemera relating to School Board Elections and the 1902 Education Bill, replies to a questionnaire about the constitution of School Boards, Town or Urban District Councils and Boards of Guardians in 1899 (COLL MISC 0832)
  • Richard Mudie Smith: catalogue of the Daily News Sweated Labour Exhibition at the Queens Hall May 1906; correspondence with Cadbury Bros of Bournville about forced labour in Angola, San Thome and Principe, 1906-08 (COLL MISC 0851)
  • F Keeling: correspondence, official print and statistics, press cuttings, reports and leaflets rel to juvenile employment, labour exchanges and employment committees in England and Ireland, 1911-21 (COLL MISC 0841)
  • Halsbury Club: minutes and papers of the Committee on the Reconstruction of the Second Chamber of the Halsbury Club 1912 (COLL MISC 0866)
  • John Robert Riding: photocopies of papers of the Peckham and Camberwell branches of the Independent Labour Party, incl annual reports for Peckham 1928-30 and circular letters for both branches plus the South London Federation and the Camberwell Branch of the Communist Party; summary list and biographical notes on J.R.Riding and his mother, Esther Riding 1923-30 (COLL MISC 0867)
  • Walter McLennan Citrine, Baron Citrine of Wembley: additional diaries, photographs, travel guides and trade union material 1932-1946 (CITRINE V)
  • Russell Duncan MacRae, HM Consular Service (1888-1956): Leaving Moscow, photocopy of a typescript essay describing an overland journey from Moscow to Constanza 1938 (COLL MISC 0820)
  • Progressive League archives 1939-88 (PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE)
  • Professor Michael Lee: papers rel to the Treasury 1967-69 (COLL MISC 0817, 0870)
  • International Marxist Group: ephemera, conference papers and cyclostyled journals of the IMG, circulars and publications of other organisations including Red Camden and Am Phoblacht c1969-86 (IMG)
  • Liberal Democrats: working group papers and Whips Office files 1970s-80s (LIBERAL DEMOCRATS)
  • London Gay Campaign Group: papers, including questionnaire sent to candidates in the GLC elections with analysis 1981- 86 (HALL CARPENTER ARCHIVES)
  • Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: speeches and articles by Bruce Kent 1981-89 (CND/KENT)
  • Speakers Commission on Citizenship: minutes, papers, evidence submitted, correspondence and drafts of the final report 1988-90 (CITIZENSIW)

Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge

  • Auckland Campbell Geddes, lst Baron Geddes (1879-1954), Conservative MP: private correspondence and papers (GEDD)
  • Sir Andrew Graham Gilchrist (1910-1993), soldier, diplomat and administrator: military, diplomatic and literary papers (GILC)
  • Edwin Noel Plowden, Baron Plowden: correspondence with the Opinion Research Centre, 1976-88 (PLDN)
  • George Russell Strauss, Baron, Labour MP 1929-79, Minister of Supply 1947-51: unpublished autobiography (STRS)

Durham University Library, Sudan Archive

  • John Spenser Ritchie Duncan (b.1921), diplomat: official papers, personal letters, historical notes, Nuer Grammar and printed items (G//S 1078)
  • Sir Donald Hawley, Sudan Political Service 1944-55: early draft of memoirs (G//S 1094)
  • Robin A Hodgkin, Ministry of Education, Sudan: letters home from Bakht er Ruda, 1949-54 (G//S 1095)
  • Frank Denys Kingdon: papers rel to the Sudan Political Service 1921-48 (G//S 1097, 1105)

Glasgow University Archives

  • John Scott Maclay, Viscount Muirshiel of Kilmacolm: political papers, correspondence, and press cuttings 1939- 88 1942-44 (DC371)
  • Donald Macmillan, President of Glasgow University: SRC quincentenary celebration papers 1948-53; correspondence and papers rel to rectorial and parliamentary election campaigns of Walter Elliot, MP 1945-54 (DC382)

House of Lords Record Office

  • Batley Corporation Water Bill 1871, Stockport Corporation Water Bill 1901 and Grangemouth Water Order 1903: papers (Hist Coll 381)

Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library

  • Hull Communist Party: records, 1950s-80s
  • Austin Mitchell MP: papers, 1980s-90s
  • John Prescott MP: papers, 1980s-90s

Imperial War Museum

  • Lt-Colonel Arthur Brian Boyle: papers as Military Assistant to the Chief of the Imperial General Staff 1943-45
  • Sir Winston Churchill: working draft of speech at the Mansion House following the Battle of El Alamein, November 1942

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, Kings College London

  • Lt-Colonel J A Codrington: ms memoir, Gathering Moss, 1898-1944, incl service with the British Military Mission, Smyrna 1920, and as British Liaison Officer to French Forces, Smyrna, 1926-29
  • Sir Frank Cooper: papers rel to EUREKA, the European high technology research programme; correspondence 1985-86 rel to competition for European defence business; four photographs of Chiefs of Staff Committee in session, 1967- 82
  • Brigadier H E Hopthrow: papers rel to the Royal Engineers, 1914-35; BEF France, 1940 and as Director of Fortifications and Works, War Office, 1943-45
  • Major General V W Street: papers and photographs rel to 14th Infantry Brigade, Palestine, 1938-39 and Kenya, 1940; Allied Forces, Greece, 1941; SAS, North Africa, 1942; SOE, Yugoslavia, 1943-44; as military advisor to King Hussein of Jordan, 1959-60

Liverpool University Archives

  • Granby Toxteth Community Poverty 3 Project: papers, 1991-94 (D 640)

Merseyside Maritime Museum

  • Telegrams and newscuttings rel to the inquiry into the Lusitania (DX/l78)

National Library of Ireland

  • Irish National League, Timahoe branch: minute books, correspondence, committee lists, etc 1888-97 (John Headen)
  • Crowley family of Kilbrittain, Co Cork: correspondence, mainly rel to the Third Cork Brigade of the IRA, incl an account of the war in the Kilbrittain area by Denis Crowley, and letters from Dorothy Price (nee Stopford). 1918-21 (Patrick D. Crowley)
  • J.J. Clancy, T.D.: correspondence, incl a letter from Michael Collins rel to the Dail loan 1918-19 (Ms Maria Wooton)
  • W & G Baird, photographic engravers, Belfast: letter declining to print photograph of a nationalist subject, with associated photographs of designs for Sinn Fein Cumainn 1920 (Mr Mairtin McCullough)
  • Authorised text of the northern Loyalists ceasefire announcement. 12 Oct 1994 (Mr Brendan O Cathaoir)
  • Collection of letters and cards from miscellaneous correspondents, including Kuno Meyer, T.W. Rolleston, Augustine Birrell, Sir Shane Leslie, William Starkie, Tim Healy, Horace Plunkett, Alfred Percival Graves, Arthur Griffith, Lady Gregory, Constance Markievicz, Padraig Pearse, Bulmer Hobson, Roger Casement and Douglas Hyde, 1893-1912 and n.d.
  • Commandant Vincent (Vinnie) Byrne: papers, incl notes rel to planned shootings of British agents and army personnel 1920-70
  • Roger Casement: letters and cards (c40) to Richard Morten, incl from Africa, South America and Pentonville Prison, 1895-1916; letters (c60) to Francis H Cowper rel to his travels in Africa and South America, etc 1900-14

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • A.S. Cunningham, Liberal activist, Dunfermline: correspondence incl letters from Henry Campbell Bannernan and Augustine Birrell c1886-1904 (Acc 11048)
  • William Winter Hamilton, Labour MP for West and Central Fife: political, literary and personal correspondence and papers 1936-92 (Acc 10951)
  • James Ramsay MacDonald, Prime Minister: political articles 1910, 1919 (Acc 11026)

National Library of Wales

  • Megan Lloyd George: over seven hundred letters, 1940-57, from Philip Noel-Baker, Labour politician, together with related papers, including letters from her father David Lloyd George 1910-c1918 (NLW MSS 23254-68)
  • John Morris MP: papers 1960s-90 (John Morris Papers) Gordon Parry, Baron Parry of Neyland, Chairman of the Wales Tourist Board, 1978-84: papers, 1956-91 (Lord Parry Papers)

Nottingham University Library

  • British Military Government in Berlin: newsprint archive, 1946-81, transferred from the Universitys Institute of German, Austrian and Swiss Affairs (ACC 1350)

Oxford University, Bodleian Library

  • Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton and his son, Maurice Macmillan: papers (not available until catalogued)
  • Clement Attlee, statesman: letters to his brother Tom, 1915- 60
  • Sir Walter Clegg, MP: reports on parliamentary business, 1972-73
  • Round Table Organisation: additional papers 20th cent

Public Record Office

  • British Council: additional minutes and papers 1939-63 (BW1- BW 137)
  • General Nursing Council for England and Wales: additional finance, area and regional nurse training committee files 1978-83 (DT 46); accounts, correspondence and papers 1974- 83 (DT 47)
  • School Curriculum Development Committee: Board of Management: agenda, minutes and papers 1984-88 (EJ 4)
  • Schools Council: secondary science curriculum review, steering committee papers 1981-84 (EJ 5)
  • Medical Research Council and predecessor: further records 1905-78 (FD1)
  • Medical Research Council; Industrial Fatigue Board: reports 1919-47 (FD 3)
  • Medical Research Committee And Medical Research Council: reports of special research projects 1915-71 (FD 4)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Stevenson family of Strabane, Co. Tyrone, and U.S.A.: family, business, political and education records, including emigrant letters, 1783- 1939 (D 4042)
  • Trade Boards and Wages Councils in Northern Ireland: minutes 1922-93 (WC)
  • Privy Council of Northern Ireland: minutes 1922-72 (PRI 8/1)
  • Health and Safety Agency for Northern Ireland: minutes 1979- 93 (HSA)

Scottish Record Office

  • Papers rel to Rudolph Hess 1933-66 (RH4/202)

Swansea University

  • Miners strike: minutes, accounts and correspondence for Abergwynfi, Ammanford, Blaengwynfi and Neath committees 1984-85 (1994/30)
  • Transcript of trial of miners for incident at Port Talbot docks during miners strike 1985 (1994/32)
  • Aneurin Bevan, statesman: speeches, newspaper cuttings, interviews collected by Professor David Smith, historian and critic, in course of writing biography c1945-73 (1994/7)
  • Ness Edwards, MP: papers incl "A Rebels Testament", "A Brief History of Ness Edwards" and some Penallta miners lodge minutes, 1927-83 (1994/17)
  • Cymric Federation Press: ledgers, examples of work carried out for National Union of Mineworkers, 1920-87 (1994/1)
  • Garthewin family and estate papers, 17th-20th cent, incl c150 letters from Saunders Lewis (1894-1985), writer, scholar and politician to Robert Wynne
  • Florence Nightingale: five letters to William Rathbone MP rel to Bangor typhoid epidemic of 1882

Warwick University

  • Political and social ephemera: topics include the General Strike in Oxford, demarcation in shipbuilding, working agreements in the building industry, British Union of Fascists, the iron, steel and allied industries in 1879, 1880, 1886; Committee of 100 and other radical ephemera (MSS 21)
  • Professor Richard Hyman: additional research and political papers, incl Conference of Socialist Economists, International Socialism, 1975-80, Sheffield City Council industrial relations procedures, Coventry Toolroom Agreement (MSS 63, 84)
  • Lord Allen of Hurtwood: political albums 1931-39 (MSS 121)
  • Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: additional papers of Bruce Kent as Secretary, CND policy and publication files, correspondence with the Foreign Office and with military persons, and about meetings and Walks for Peace, 1980-90 (MSS 181)
  • Society of Civil and Public Servants: papers rel to review of its structure, organisation and operation, carried out by Peter Fairbrodier and Bob Fryer, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, 1979-80 (MSS 232)
  • Dr James Hinton: papers rel to CND, incl as convenor of the Public Information Campaign Group and chair of West Midlands CND 1980s (MSS 343)

Local Repositories in England

Bedfordshire Record Office

  • Third London Airport (Thurleigh) resistance campaign: papers 1969-70 (CS/LA)
  • Campaign against Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive (NIREX) dump at Elstow: papers 1984-87 (PI/Nix)
  • Shefford, Clifton and Henlow bypass committee: scrapbooks and records, 1979-90 (Z 564/17-18)
  • National Health Service Executive Committee and predecessors: records, 1913-89 (NHS/EC)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office

  • Sir F Catherwood, MEP: constituency and special subject correspondence 1979-94. (R94/50; closed 30 years from date of creation).

Cheshire Record Office

  • United Nations Association, Hartford Branch records 1947-71 (D 5026)

Cornwall Record Office

  • David Penhaligon, MP: constituency correspondence 1974-86 (AD 1010/1-267)

Cumbria Record office, Kendal

  • Arnside Village Society: correspondence rel to housing policy 1986-1988 (WDSo/194)
  • Braithwaite Fold Protection Group: minutes, correspondence rel to development at Windermere 1978-88 (WDSo/193)
  • Settle-Carlisle Joint Action Committee: minutes, reports, correspondence rel to Settle-Carlisle Railway line 1983-88 (WDSO/195)

West Devon Area Record Office

  • Plymouth Conservative Association: minutes and papers c1937- 90 (1825)

Durham County Record Office

  • Darlington branches of United Nations Association and League of Nations Union: records, 1935-93 (D/X 1061)
  • Chart plotting the progress of Rudolf Hesss journey to Britain, 1941 (D/X 1064)

Gloucestershire Record Office

  • Gloucester Conservative Association: minutes, accounts etc 1924-59 (D3127)
  • Paul Marland, MP for West Gloucestershire: correspondence files 1982-92 (D7075)

Hereford Record Office

  • League of Nations, Hereford committee: minutes 1920-53 (BH 27)

Worcester Record Office

  • Sir Hal Miller, MP: additional election papers 1970s, 1980s (BA 11701)
  • Henry Usborne: papers rel to Crusade for World Government 1940s (BA 11538)

Humberside County Archives Service, Beverley

  • Humberside Police Authority: records, including predecessor forces Hull, East Riding, Grimsby, Lincolnshire 1836-c1980

South Humberside Area Archive Office, Grimsby

  • Sir George Doughty, MP for Grimsby: two autograph letters, 1897 and 1913 (1001)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Captain F N Blundell: political and military correspondence and papers 1886-1936 (DDBL)
  • Preston Women Citizens Association: minutes, accounts, registers of members etc 1960-94 (DDX 1749)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Leicester Peace Council: records 1980-92 (DE 4485)
  • Leicestershire Racism-Awareness Consortium: records 1983-90 (DE 4505)

Greater London: Hackney Archives Department

  • Diane Abbott, MP: constituency correspondence c1986-90 (1994/3&13)

Greater London: Sutton Heritage Service - Archive Section

  • Sutton and Cheam Society (1959-1982): minutes and campaign files (Acc 213)

Greater London: Tower Hamlets Archives

  • Campaign to Save Spitalfields from the Developers: records 1970s-80s (TH/8606)

Greater Manchester: Wigan Archives Service

  • G. Tyldesley Hilbert councillor: diaries and yearbooks, 1948-80s (2899)

Greater Manchester: Greater Manchester County Record Office

  • Joseph Crossfield & Sons: proceedings in the House of Lords against Manchester Ship Canal Co (Q237)

Greater Manchester: National Museum of Labour History

  • Communist Party of Great Britain: records, 1943-90
  • Labour Party: records including material on Labour and the Black Electorate and the Militant Tendency
  • Labour Party Manifesto Group: papers, minutes and correspondence, 1976-92
  • Jo Richardson MP: papers 1949-90 incl minutes and correspondence of the Labour Party Tribune Group and the Victory for Socialism Campaign

West Midlands: Birmingham City Archives

  • Paul Mackney, political activist: additional records of International Socialist Movement, Troops Out newsletters, papers of Birmingham United against Motorway Plans (BUMP), 1970s-80s (MS 1591, addnl.)

West Midlands: Knowsley Archives

  • RL Thomas, councillor: miscellaneous papers 1916-52 (KA21/P)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Councillor RE Brown: papers 1962-1994 (Acc. No. 6249)

Wiltshire Record Office

  • Austin Underwood, district and county councillor for Amesbury, founder of "Imber Forever" and campaigner: newscuttings and papers 1940-85 (2860)

Local Repositories in Wales

Caernarfon Record Office

  • George Alexander Sawyer: papers and photographs (1910-1950) incl political, social, military and hospital photographs from the First World War (Lloyd George Museum Collection) XD33 (Addit.), XS2009 (Addit.), XCurios

Local Repositories in Scotland

Dundee District Archive Centre

  • William Knight Fitzgerald, Lord Provost of Dundee, Convenor of Tayside regional council: cuttings and photographs: 1968- 84 (GD/LP/WF)
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