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Major Accessions to Repositories 1994 relating to Medicine

National, Special and University

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Letters rel to the History of the discovery of penicillin, etc, c1980-90 (Deposit 9422 and 9444)

Dundee University

  • William Jamieson, physician: papers and photographs rel to Kings Cross Hospital, Dundee, and to the History of infectious diseases, 1889-1989 (MS111)

Glasgow University Archive

  • Ralph Stockman, professor of Materia Medica: lecture notes and examination papers, 1879-1938 (DC394)

Greater Glasgow Health Board Archive

  • Bellshill Maternity Hospital: register of patients and case books, 1924-62 (LK30)
  • Calderbank House Maternity Hospital: register of patients and case books, 1938-54 (LK31)
  • Glasgow Dental Hospital and School: minutes, registers of students, corresp and misc papers, 1885-1974 (HB90)
  • Professor John MA Lenihan, clinical physicist: lecture notes, working papers for publications, corresp, personalia and files as chairman of Denny and Bonnybridge Morbidity Review, 1940s-90s (HB88)
  • Macfarlane, Blair, Short & McQueen, general practitioners: clinical records rel to deceased patients, 20th cent (HB57)
  • Dr Alice Marshall, pathologist: lecture notes and ephemera, 1910s- 70s (HB69)
  • Medical Womens Federation, Scottish Western Association: minutes, financial records, corresp and miscellanea, 1930-81 (HB87)
  • Professor WJ Brownlow Riddell, ophthalmologist: private practice case books and accounts, 1926-71 (HB89)
  • Royal Samaritan Hospital for Women, Glasgow: annual medical reports, financial records and misc papers, 1920s-90s (HB25)
  • Ruchill Hospital: prescription books, 1904-06 and 1938-63, and file on Sister MacTavish enquiry, 1974-75 (HB42)
  • Stobhill Hospital: respiratory unit records rel to domiciliary visits and working party on TB, 1979-89 (HB50)

Imperial War Museum

  • Ronald Haxton Girdwood, professor of therapeutics and clinical pharmacology: papers rel to Service with the Royal Army Medical Corps in India and Burma, 1944-46
  • Dr Humphry Bohun Kidd: diary rel to relief work at Belsen, 1945
  • Sir Henry and Lady Norman: papers, incl records rel to establishment of the British Hospital, Wimereux, 1914-18

Merseyside Maritime Museum

  • Fr Kennedy, ships surgeon: typescript journals (2) of voyages from Liverpool to Rangoon on the Henderson Line ship SS Bhamo, 1931 (DX/1526)

Public Record Office

  • Medical Research Council and predecessor: files, 1905-78 (FD 1)
  • Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council: annual reports, 1914-22 (FD 2)
  • Medical Research Council: Industrial Fatigue Board: reports, 1919- 47 (FD 3)
  • Medical Research Committee and Medical Research Council: reports of special Research projects, 1915-71 (FD 4)

Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Leslie Woods Lauste: registers of operations perfomed at Second World War POW camps, photographs and personal memorabilia

Science Museum Library

  • Alex Adamson, Bombay: letter to Mrs Catherine Coffie, New York, mentioning the use of small pox vaccination, 1796 (in its first year of use) (MS 550)

Southampton University, Archives Department

  • Eugene Heimler, Holocaust survivor, psychotherapist and poet: private papers and papers rel to his work as a psychotherapist, the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning, and Research, teaching and publications based upon this scale (MS 220)

University College of North Wales Library, Department of Manuscripts

  • Florence Nightingale: letters (5 items) to William Rathbone MP rel to the Bangor typhoid epidemic, 1882

Warwick University, Modern Records Centre

  • Professor Margaret Stacey: papers from her term of Office as lay member of the General Medical Council (1976-84) and from her Research into the membership of the Council which resulted in Regulating British medicine, the General Medical Council (Chichester, 1992) (MSS.184)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine

  • British Association of Cancer United Patients (BACUP): corresp rel to foundation, c1985-87, minutes of Executive Committee, newsletters, presscuttings, fundraising files and annual reports (SA/BAC)
  • British Microcirculation Society: additional papers, incl corresp of Dr PAG Munro (SA/BMS)
  • British Society for the Study of Orthodontics: minutes and transactions 1948-81 (SA/BSO)
  • Sona Rosa Burstein (1897-1971), anthropologist and employee of Wellcome: papers rel to gerontology. Also unpublished report of lectures by Jung, London, 1935 (GC/159 & GC/173)
  • Sidney Chave, lecturer: diaries of Harlow New Town Survey 1958-65, lecture notes and scrapbook (GC/178)
  • Sir (Samuel) Rickard Christophers, malariologist and bacteriologist: corresp, photographs and misc biographical material, 1964-76 (GC/161)
  • Ann Dally (b1926), physician and author, and Peter John Dally (b1923), physician: patient and other records of their joint private practice, corresp with General Medical Council, and writings on addiction and other subjects (PP/DAL)
  • John Wanless Dickson, consultant orthopaedic surgeon: additional medico-legal files, 1985-92 (PP/JWD)
  • Frank Pollard Ellis, Surgeon-Captain: papers, naval and medical reports and reprints rel to physiology of heat and cold, 1950s- 70s (GC/174)
  • Forrest Fulton, virologist: Research papers, wartime files on typhus, corresp and papers rel to teaching of bacteriology, 1940s- 70 (GC/177)
  • Sir Henry Harris: corresp, lecture notes and laboratory notes rel to cellular physiology and biochemistry, 1950s-80s (PP/HHA)
  • Sir Harold Himsworth, medical scientist and administrator: notebooks, Research files and reports, from 1933 (PP/HPH)
  • John Holden, general practitioner, St Helens, Merseyside: annual reports of practice, 1987-94 (GP/19)
  • Horfield Health Centre, Bristol: midwifery register 1954; visits diary 1963, 1979-83 (GP/20)
  • International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR): reports, minutes and corresp covering Professor Michael Barretts period as secretary-general, 1981-87 (SA/IUP)
  • Lister Institute: testing and production records from Queensbury Lodge, Elstree, papers rel to Research on whooping cough vaccine (pertussis), and misc publications of the Lister, 1904-79 (SA/LIS)
  • JD Little, general practitioner, Darlington: accounts and deeds of partnership for practice, 1948-69 (GP/16)
  • Robert Gwyn Macfarlane (1907-1986), pathologist: additional papers rel to his biography and Macfarlane Trust annual reports (PP/RGM)
  • Medical Research Club: minutes, proposal book and attendance books, 1891-1984 (SA/MRC)
  • Mental Aftercare Association: minutes, financial records, annual reports, some case records and photographs, from 1879 (SA/MAC)
  • Charles McMoran Wilson, Lord Moran of Manton (1882-1977), physician: additional folder of corresp, notes and reports (PP/CMW)
  • National Birthday Trust Fund: financial and other records (SA/NBT)
  • Ian Natoff, pharmacologist: student notes, Chelsea College of Pharmacy, 1952-55 (GC/163)
  • LJ Page, doctor, Bushey, Herts: practice accounts, 1962-68 (GP/15)
  • Physiological Society: editorial board minutes, registers of papers and corresp received from the offices of the Journal of Physiology, treasurers papers, and committee and meeting papers from the Oxford Office, c1940-92 (SA/PHY)
  • Sir William Paton (1917-1993), pharmacologist: corresp and experimental notes (PP/WDP)
  • Dr Sam Sussman, Director of Social Services, London, Ontario: additional transcripts of psychiatry interviews, 1988 (GC/132)
  • Queens Nursing Institute: papers, incl registers, minutes of committees and ledgers, from 1840 (SA/QNI)
  • Paul Rowntree, doctor, York: patient statistics from his practice, 1945-81 (GP/17)
  • Royal Army Medical Corps Muniment Collection: additional papers, photograph albums and memorabilia (24 boxes), mainly 20th century (RAMC Acc nos 2101-2217)
  • Save a Life Campaign: papers, 1985-88 (GC/164)
  • Society for the Study of Addiction: meeting papers and corresp, incl minutes of the London Society for the Study of Addiction (now London section of SSA), 1965-68 (SA/SSA)
  • Sphagnum moss in surgery scrapbook: bound reprints, cuttings, corresp and photograph rel to use of sphagnum moss in surgical dressing, 1915-19 (GC/166)
  • Christopher Starey, doctor, Stokenchurch, Bucks: practice and patient records, 1946-84 (GP/14)
  • Strangeways Research Laboratory: photograph albums and visitors book (SA/SRL)
  • Sir John Stallworthy (1906-1993), obstetrician: papers, incl medico-legal literature and notes, and records and corresp rel to litigation cases (PP/JAS)
  • West Granton Medical Group, Edinburgh: practice accounts and statistics, 1947-79 (GP/18)

Local Repositories in England

Buckinghamshire Record Office

  • Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital: records, incl minutes of board 1830-41, 1876-1938 (Acc No AR 14/94)
  • Buckinghamshire Lunatic Asylum: registers of admissions and discharges 1853-c1930 (Acc No AR 23/94)

Devon Record Office

  • West of England Eye Infirmary: section of register of patients, volume recording patients and dates of treatment, volume recording administration of drugs, housekeeping book, registers of operations, admission register, volumes of notes on patients treated by Mr R.Pickard and Mr Hawker, daily register of number of inmates, legacy register, registers of minor operations, volume recording occupation of beds and photocopied article from periodical, 1841-1984 (D 1299 add)
  • Exeter Port Health Authority: minutes, 1942-60 (D 5244)

North Devon Record Office

  • Alexandra Hospital, Barnstaple: additional records, 1914- 49 (3070addsl-4)
  • North Devon Infirmary: additional records, 1856-1945 (B292addsl-4)
  • Barnstaple and Bideford Port Health Authority: Record of inspections and reports of Port Medical Officer of Health, 1939-88 (B333)
  • Barnstaple and North Devon Medical Book Club: minutes, 1839-75 (B334)

West Devon Area Record Office

  • Plymouth Medical Society: records, 1794-c1980 (1670)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Alton: committee minutes, registers of admission and patients, and photographs, 1860s-1990s (47M94)
  • Knowle Hospital, Fareham: minutes, case books, medical and admissions registers, 1854-1970s (48M94)

Southampton City Archives Office

  • Southampton Eye Hospital: records, incl minutes, accounts, admission and discharge registers and case registers, 1889-1949 (D/EH)

Hereford Record Office

  • Burghill Asylum: registers, ledgers and other records 1871-1956 (BJ 10)

Hereford and Worcester Record Office

  • Shewrings Hospital, Worcester: accounts, c1700-1850 (BA 11,687)

Hertfordshire Record Office

  • Hill End Hospital, St Albans: records, 1879-1992 (Off Acc 1025)

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service

  • Rawcliffe Hospital: patients files, medical journals, visitors books, registers of patients, etc, 1920-74, and patients files incl X-ray details (Accession 2826, 2833)
  • JAR Bickford, doctor: articles rel to mental illness and treatment, 1950s-80s (DDX)

Centre for Kentish Studies

  • Preston Hall, Maidstone: operation registers, admission and discharge registers, patient registers 1921-83 (MH/Md2)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Fielding Palmer Cottage Hospital, Lutterworth: records, 1969-89 (DE 4496)

Greater London: Barking and Dagenham Libraries Department

  • Upney (Barking) Hospital: patient registers, reports, drug books, etc 1898-1957

Greater London: Sutton Heritage Service

  • Hospital records, primarily from the Wandle Valley Joint Hospital Group, 1915-80s (Acc 165)

Greater Manchester: Manchester Central Library, Local Studies Unit

  • Duchess of York Hospital for Babies: misc papers
  • Manchester City Council: municipal midwifes day books, 1946-48

Greater Manchester: Salford Archives Centre

  • Salford Family Health Services Authority: papers, incl case minute books, 1913-85 (G/HAS)

Greater Manchester: Stockport Archive Service

  • Stockport and District Medical Society: accounts, receipts, etc, 1880s-1939 (D 1734)

Greater Manchester: Tameside Archive Service

  • Tameside and Glossop Family Practitioner Commmittee, 1983-84 (2481)

Greater Manchester: Wigan Archives Service

  • Wigan Health Authority: minutes of governing bodies of hospitals, 1948-73 (2904)

Merseyside: Knowsley Archives

  • Whiston Hospital: registers, administrative and medical records, 1917-66 (KA49/U)

Merseyside: Liverpool City Record Office

  • Hilda Rose: medical records rel to treatment for diptheria, 1935 (4999)
  • Florence Nightingale: letters to William Rathbone, 1868-98 (5027)
  • Alder Hey Childrens Hospital: nursing and related registers, 1892-1975 (5079)

West Midlands: Birmingham City Archives

  • Dudley Road Hospital (formerly Birmingham Union Workhouse): additional records of admissions and discharges, c1890-1960 (MS 1790, MS 1792 addnl.)
  • Hollymoor Mental Hosipital, Northfield: minutes and patient records, incl records rel to use as an emergency hospital during World War II and to the Northfield Experiments, c1920-90 (MS 1809)
  • Rubery Hill Hospital: additional records 19th-20th cent (MS 1600)
  • Selly Oak Hospital (formerly Kings Norton Union Workhouse): records, c1900-75 (MS 1855)
  • United Birmingham Hospital Group: medical advisory comittee minutes, 1930s-80s (MS 1825)

West Midlands: Coventry City Record Office

  • Bonds and Fords hospitals, Coventry: records, c1860-1974 (1714)

Staffordshire Record Office

  • Biddulph Grange Orthopaedic Hospital: records, incl admission registers and sunlight treatment register, 1942-71 (D5297)

Surrey Record Office

  • Botleys Park Hospital for the Mentally Handicapped, Chertsey: records, 1939-80s (6206)
  • Netherne Hospital, Coulsdon: patient case files, 1909-50s (6230)
  • Royal Asylum of St Annes Society: records, incl minutes, financial statements, annual reports, corresp and photographs, c1715-1993 (6239)
  • Dorking General Hospital: patient records, 1945-76 (6241)
  • Redhill General Hospital: patient records, 1962-87 (6241)
  • Rowley Bristow Hospital, Pyrford: records, 1917-62 (6248)
  • Long Grove Hospital, Epsom: records, incl discharge registers, post mortem registers, case books, ward diaries, etc, 1907-68 (6251)
  • West Park Hospital, Epsom: records, 1924-56 (6260)

Surrey Record Office, Guildford Muniment Room

  • SW Surrey Mobile Physiotherapy Service: patients visiting Record books and minute book 1968-91 (5194)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Lady Chichester Hospital, Hove: records, 1905-73 (Acc No 6343)
  • Southlands Hospital: records, 1907-48 (Acc No 6236)
  • St Francis Hospital, Haywards Heath: records, 1897-1981 (Acc No 6261)
  • Lady Chichester Hospital, Brighton: management minutes, 1921-35 (Acc No 6261)
  • In-patients Information and programmes rel to the Fairlight TB Sanatorium, Ore, The Victoria Hospital, Lewes, The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, and the Bexhill Convalescent Home for Men, 1941-68 (Acc No 6370)

Isle of Wight County Record Office

  • Royal National Hospital, Ventnor: annual reports, post mortem register and alphabetical list of patients, 1869-1952 (94/18)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Firby Hospital: account books, 1717-1828 (TD 99; MIC 2942)

Rotherham Central Library: Archives and Local Studies Section

  • Rotherham County Borough Council, Tuberculosis Care Committee: minute book, 1929-31 (61/C(Add))
  • Moorgate Hospital: registers of cases detained in padded room, medical officers examinations books (lunatics), register of patients admitted under Lunacy Act, register of mechanical restraint and certificates of examinations of persons of unsound mind (l24/H(Add))
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