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Major Accessions to Repositories 1994 relating to Literature

National, Special and University

Bodleian Library, Department of Western Manuscripts

  • Percival Stockdale, author: letters (37) 1785-1805
  • Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837-1915), editor: corresp rel to Oxford English Dictionary
  • Penelope Gilliatt (b1932), author: notebooks and scripts

Bristol University Library

  • Penguin Books: editorial files 1961-70 (DM 1107)
  • Penguin Books: corresp and papers rel to the trial of Lady Chatterleys Lover (DM 1599)

British Film Institute

  • Guy Hamilton (1922-66) film director: scripts and scrapbooks
  • Janet Green (b1914), screenwriter: scripts and corresp
  • Jerry Epstein: scripts and misc papers
  • John Finch: scripts and notes rel to the television series SAM

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Bentley, publishers: Records supplementing Add MSS 46560- 682 19th cent (Deposit 9326)
  • William Hudd, actor: letters from G B Shaw and T E Lawrence and visitors book (Deposit 9308)
  • Algernon Charles Swinburne, poet: autograph copy of Epistemidion 1875 (Deposit 9337)
  • George Gissing, author: letter to his sister Ellen rel to Thomas Hardys novels 1889 (Deposit 9335)
  • Alexander Pope, poet, and John Gay, playwright: joint letter to William Fortescue 1725 (Add MS 71245B)
  • Edward Bawden, author: letters to Ruari McLean 1947-88 (Deposit 9349)
  • Stephen Spender, poet: paper entitled Errors of Fact and Misreadings of Texts in Stephen Spender: A Portrait with Background by Hugh David (Heinemann 1992) (Add MS 71250)
  • Patrick Rearden Connor (b1907), author: literary Manuscripts (Add MSS 71497-510)
  • The Crompton Letters: letters of Mrs Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, Charles and Mary Booth, Sir Samuel Romilly, Herbert Spencer and others (Deposit 9388) David Gascoyne (b1916), poet: manuscript notebook 1983-90 and notebooks (11) supplementing Add MS 71224 (Deposit 9401)
  • Algernon Charles Swinburne: autograph manuscript of his essay Note of an English Republican on the Muscovite Crusade (Deposit 9402)
  • Abraham Cowley, poet: autograph copy of elegy On Mr Crashaw c1649-52 (Add MS 71549)
  • John Betjeman, poet: Manuscripts, drafts of poems and corresp 1943-60 (Deposit 9417)
  • Lawrence George Durrell (1912-1990), author: Manuscripts, corresp and printed books, incl the manuscript of Justine (formerly Loan 112)
  • William Combe, author: notebooks (2) compiled while in prison c1808-20 (Deposit 9426)

Trinity College Library, Dublin

  • W E H Lecky (1838-1903), historian: letters to Knightley Chetwode (MS 10728)
  • Maria Edgeworth, novelist: letters to Marquess of Lansdowne 1832-40 (MS 10732)

Durham University Library

  • William Plomer, poet: letters (20) to Mrs Joan Feisenberger 1961-72 (Plomer MSS 250); letters and cards (272 items) to James Stern 1950-73 (Plomer MSS 277)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), historian: letters (5)
  • Walter De la Mare (1873-1956), poet: letters (9)
  • Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), novelist: letters (8)
  • W.H. Auden (1907-73), poet: letters (2)
  • Christopher Murray Grieve alias Hugh McDiarmid (1892- 1978), poet: letters (14)

Fawcett Library

  • Beatrice Heron-Maxwell, author: typescripts of plays, short stories and silent film, photographs, corresp and press cuttings c1890-c1920 (3/1994 7/BHM)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • James McNeill Whistler, author: letters (3) 1878-1894 (Acc 1994/1-3)
  • James Ewing, author: letter to Alexander West Hamilton 1814 (Acc 4558, MS Gen 519/29)
  • George Donald Valentine, author: papers c1926-40 (Acc 4568)

Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library

  • Philip Larkin, poet: diaries 1940s-80s and letters to Anthony Thwaite 1958-85
  • Anthony Thwaite, poet and editor: papers rel to Larkin at Sixty 1980-82

Kings College Library, Modern Archive Centre

  • E M Forster, novelist (addnl): book review 1919 and letters to G Valassopoulo 1915-56 (EMF)

Leeds University, Brotherton Library

  • Katharine Mary Briggs (1898-1980), folklorist: corresp and papers

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • John Lehmann, author and editor: letters to Adrian Liddell Hart 1940-86

Liverpool University

  • A K McIlwraith: The life and works of Philip Massinger (typescript Oxford DPhil thesis)
  • Rathbone papers (addnl): corresp and papers incl letters from Percy Lubbock, John Singer Sargent, F Korbay and other people notable in musical, literary and artistic circles.

National Library of Ireland

  • Seamus O Scolai: papers incl letters of Sinead De Valera, Maud Gonne MacBride, Ernest Rlythe, Eoin O Duffy, Mrs Mary Childers 1936-93
  • Gerard Slevin: radio scripts and manuscript of novel, Aileacht do thi (published 1959)
  • Brendan Behan, playwright: two postcards to Bejamin Dwyer 1955 and 1959
  • W B Yeats: letter to Molly Allgood c1909-10
  • Tom MacIntyre (addnl): literary Manuscripts and corresp
  • George Russell, poet: volume of early poems with coloured drawings n d
  • Mary Tighe: manuscript of Psyche or The legend of love 1802

National Library of Scotland, Deparment of Manuscripts

  • Alan Bold, poet, biographer and artist (addnl): literary corresp 1974-94 (Acc 10964, 10987, 11078)
  • Hamish Brown, mountaineer and author: literary papers 1963- 93 (Acc 11088, 11134)
  • George Bruce, broadcaster and poet (addnl): corresp 1950, 1965-88 (Acc 10998)
  • Robert Burns, poet: copy of Edinburgh edition of Poems 1787 with various identifying names added in his hand; autograph manuscript of his Epistle from Esopus to Maria c1794-95 (Acc 10981-82)
  • James B Caird, educationalist and author, and Janet Caird, author: corresp and literary papers 1928-90 (Acc 11108-09)
  • Gavin Ewart, poet: corresp and literary papers 1979-91 (Acc 10965, 11093)
  • Alastair Fowler, academic and poet (addnl): literary corresp (c350 items) 1960-94 (Acc 11117)
  • Gairm Publications Ltd, Gaelic publishers, Glasgow (addnl): editorial corresp and papers 1991-3 (Acc 11028)
  • Duncan Glen, poet and publisher (addnl): corresp and papers 1987-93 (Acc 10968)
  • Alasdair Gray, novelist and artist (addnl): corresp and papers 1991-3 (Acc 10986)
  • William Winter Hamilton, politician and author: literary papers and political and personal corresp and papers 1936- 92 (Acc 10951)
  • John Herdman, author: corresp and literary papers 1950-94 (Acc 11089)
  • Mollie Hunter, novelist: corresp and literary papers 1960- 93 (Acc 11073)
  • Ruari MacLean, typographer and author: corresp with Alfred Fairbank and Reynolds Stone 1944-77 (Acc 11071-72)
  • J Leslie Mitchell, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, novelist and journalist (addnl): corresp and papers 1901-84 (Acc 10966)
  • Janet Adam Smith, author and literary editor: research papers for John Buchan: a Biography (1965) incl notes of interviews and corresp with friends of Buchan (Acc 11164)
  • Dame Muriel Spark, novelist (addnl): literary papers c1943-93 (Acc 10989, 11050)
  • Nigel Tranter, novelist: corresp and papers 1948-91 (Acc 10967)

National Library of Wales, Department of Manuscripts

  • Glyn Jones, poet, novelist and writer of short stories: letters (c4000) 1931-91
  • Saunders Lewis (1893-1985), writer and critic: further papers (NLW MSS 23224-33)
  • Roland Mathias, poet, critic and former editor of The Anglo-Welsh Review: corresp and literary papers 1925-92 (Roland Mathias Papers)
  • John Cowper Powys (1872-1963): papers (NLW MSS 23193-97)
  • George Emlyn Williams (1905-87), actor and playwright: papers incl scrapbooks, literary drafts, corresp, photographs and audio-visual material (Emlyn Williams Papers)

Nottingham University Library, Manuscripts Department

  • Mary Howitt, writer: private and family letters 1822-88 (Acc 1280)

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office

  • Winifred Harrison, housemaid at Mason Croft: papers rel to Marie Corelli and Mason Croft, incl autograph album 1906-27
  • Mary MacKay, alias Marie Corelli, novelist: letters (7) 1903-23

Southampton University, Archives Deparment

  • Dr Eugene Heimler, poet: papers incl poetry in Hungarian and his account of the Holocaust Night of the Mist (London 1959) 1905-93 (MS 220)

University College of Swansea Library

  • Bert Lewis Coombes, author: Manuscripts, scrapbook of reviews, newspaper cuttings 1926-84 (1994/8)
  • Elaine Morgan, playwright and author: scripts for radio and television plays 1955-87 (1994/34)
  • Saunders Lewis (1894-1985), writer, scholar and politician: letters (150) to Robert O F Wynne

Theatre Museum

  • Windmill Theatre: scripts and accompanying music 1932-48 (RP 94/1197)

Local Repositories in England

Cornwall Record Office

  • Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, novelist: scrapbooks compiled by his biographer 1940s (X948)

Devon Record Office

  • Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924), author: corresp, notebooks and printed books (D5203)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Harris family, Earls of Malmesbury: family, literary and political papers 17th-19th cent (9M73)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Phoebe Hesketh: draft poems 1952 (DDX 2025)
  • Robert Neill, novelist: Manuscripts, typescripts, press cuttings and notes 1951-79 (DDX 177)
  • J J Bagley, historian and author: corresp and royalty statements 1945-88 (DDX 2038)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • R J Lees, spiritualist and author: papers 1890-1940 (DE 4481)

Greater Manchester County Record Office

  • Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society: proceedings (Q228)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • Stevie Smith (1902-71), poet: corresp with Madeau Stewart (P143)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich

  • Harold Webber Freeman (1899-1994), novelist: literary Manuscripts, diaries and family papers (HD 1686)

Wiltshire Record Office

  • Anne Dorothy Duffield, romantic novelist: papers 20th cent (2895)
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