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Major Accessions to Repositories 1994 relating to Business

National, Special and University

Bristol University Library

  • Penguin Books Ltd: editorial files 1961-70 (D.M. 1107)

British Film Institute, London

  • Sidney Bernstein (b1899) Baron Bernstein: papers relating to the development and management of the Granada cinema chain, and the company Transatlantic Pictures
  • ACT Films Ltd: production material and miscellaneous papers

British Library, Department of Manuscripts

  • Richard Bentley & Son, publishers, London: further papers 19th century (Deposit 9326)
  • Douglas Cockerell & Son, binders: records (Deposit 9394)
  • Alan Thomas, bookseller: records (Deposit 9425)

Brynmor Jones Library, Hull University

  • Needler & Co Ltd, confectioners, Hull (addnl): records 20th century

Glasgow University Archives Business Records Centre

  • D M Doig & Smith, chartered surveyors, Glasgow: bills of quantity 1897-1955 (UGD344)
  • Ferguson, Shaw & Sons Ltd, grease refiners and soap manufacturers, Glasgow: financial, staff and production records and plans 1926-80 (UGD346)
  • British Alcan, aluminium smelters: records (UGD347)
  • Court Line Ltd, ship owners and holiday operators, London: records (UGD350)
  • W H Dinsmore & Sons, chartered surveyors, Glasgow: financial records 1875-1972 and production records 1901-12 (UGD351)
  • Scott Lithgow Ltd, shipbuilders, Greenock: administrative, staff and production records 1964-90 (GD323)

Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Telford

  • Coalbrookdale Co Ltd, ironfounders: records, including some relating to its London Warehouse 1880s (1994.102) and design material relating to decorative cast iron products 19th-20th centuries (D/Gil/1-78)
  • Ironbridge Gas Co: property documents 1746-1839 (1994.5786-5796)

Liverpool University Archives

  • Bates family: papers relating to Edward Batess Bombay merchant business, trade with India and his fleet of ships, the Cunard Steamship Co & the Brocklebank Line(D641)
  • Rathbone Brothers & Co, merchants, Liverpool: financial ledgers (14) c1932-80

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • Charles Blythe & family, farmers, East Lothian: agricultural records, including farm diaries 1880-1994 (Acc 11021)
  • James Dickson, wholesale stationer, Edinburgh: stock-book 1804-7 (Acc 11149)
  • Gairm Publications Ltd, Gaelic publishers, Glasgow (addnl): editorial correspondence and records 1991-93 (Acc 11028)
  • Robert Macadam, baker, East Lothian: correspondence and papers 1836-1907 (Acc 11127)

Merseyside Maritime Museum

  • Unidentified American china buyer: journal, including account of a visit to the Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent 1862 (DX/1425)
  • Clyde Shipping Co Ltd, Glasgow: records relating to cattle lairage (DX/1479)
  • Leeds & Liverpool Canal & Caryying Co: station accounts 1870-80 and a ledger of work at Taylors Boatyard, Tarieton, Lancs (1994.191)
  • Alexandra Towing Co Ltd, Liverpool: minute books, ledgers, operational records and photographs (c400 items) c1887-1985 (1994.201)
  • Sandbach, Tinnie & Co, merchants, Liverpool: letters (14) from various business correspondents 1809-76 (B/STi)
  • Liverpool Cotton Trade: bills of lading and exchange, delivery notes and invoices 1906-57 (DX/1511)
  • Henry B Hornby & Co, boat builders: letters, invoices and estimates to Edward Johnson (DX/1524)

Nottingham University Library

  • Richard Morley, hosier, Nottingham: papers including some relating to the firm of J & R Morley, Nottingham 1790s-1888 (Acc 1283; Nottingham Collection reference: Mrl)
  • Chilprufe Co Ltd, childrens underwear manufacturers, Leicester: records 1911-64 (Acc 1294; Nottingham Collection reference: BCH)

Post Office Archives, London

  • Investigation Department: papers, case papers, reports 1836-1993 (POST 120)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Harland & Wolff plc, shipbuilders, Belfast (addnl): records 1897-1992 (D.2805 add)
  • Walpole Bros Ltd, linen manufacturers and retailers, Belfast: records 1734-1961 (D.4038)
  • McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd, building and civil engineering contractors, Belfast (addnl): records 1875-1979 (D.2822 add)
  • Thomas Workman, linen and shipping merchant, Belfast (addnl): records 1824-1984 (D.2778 add)

Reading University, Rural History Centre

  • John Gordon & Co (Engineers) Ltd, Epping: records (DX56)

Religious Society of Friends Library

  • Bombay Guardian Mission Press: minutes and papers 1894-1920

Royal Air Force Museum: Department of Research & Information Services

  • Project brochures submitted to the Air Ministry and its successors by various British aircraft companies, detailing their responses to aircraft specifications 1950s- 60s (AC 94/27)

Science Museum Library

  • Joshua Field, civil engineer: records, mostly relating to his work as a partner in the engineering firm of Maudslay, Sons & Field c1805-65
  • Ransomes & Rapier Ltd, railway plant manufacturers, Ipswich: photograph album 1920s (MS 496)
  • Petrochemicals Ltd: photgraph album of the first polystyrene plant at Carrington 1950-51 (MS 497)
  • Cochran & Co Annan Ltd, boilermakers: papers and photos 1883-1971 (MS 2083)

Scottish Record Office

  • Strathern & Blair, W S, Edinburgh: records, mostly 19th century (GD314)
  • Scott Lithgow Group, shipbuilders and engineers (addnl): records 1949-92 (GD323)

Strathclyde University Archives

  • William Baird & Co Ltd: records c1840-1960

Victoria & Albert Museum, Archive of Art and Design

  • Heal & Son Ltd, furniture manufacturers and retailers, London (addnl): records 1847-1987 (AAD/1994/16)
  • G Jackson & Sons Ltd, decorative plasterers, London: papers, charts and photographs c1900-40 (AAD/1994/7)
  • S London Ltd, furrier, London: records, catalogues and photographs c1928-68 (AAD/1994/5)
  • Silhouette (Salop) Ltd, underwear and swimwear manufacturers: catalogues and promotional material 1950s-80s (AAD/1994/21)

Victoria & Albert Museum, National Art Library

  • Furniss, tailors, London: account book, early 19th century
  • David Norie, tailor, London: account book 1768-1819 (86.ZZ. 148)
  • Unidentified London West End tailoring firm(s): tailors account books (3) 1829-1910

Warwick University

  • Confederation of British Industry: company affairs directorate papers, including Grand Council papers, committee papers, environmental and technical legislation division papers and education and training division papers 1963-83 (MSS.200)
  • John I Goddard, management consultant: extensive documentation of his career, incl work study reports and case studies of early computer applications (MSS.340)

Local Repositories in England

Bristol Record Office

  • Bristol Steam Navigation Co: papers 1924-93 (Acc 40621)
  • Gordon Bennett/Smisson Construction Engineers: records 20th century (Acc 40630)

Bedfordshire Record Office

  • Francis Newton, builders, Hitchin: records relating to work in Bedfordshire 1924-89 (Z 839)
  • Nicholls of Bedford: car sales books 1924-33 (Z 302)

Berkshire Record Office

  • Samuel Elliott & Sons (Reading ) Ltd, manufacturer in wood and metal: minutes, accounts, promotional material, photographs and other records 1886-1980s (D/EX 1263)
  • Joseph Hoddinott, bank manager: diaries 1883-99 (D/EZ98)

Buckinghamshire Record Office

  • Wycombe Marsh Paper Mills Ltd: records 1920-c1990 (AccAR 35/94)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Cambridge

  • Thomas Barber, shoemaker and clerk, Isleham: account book 1662-1711 (R94/65)

Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Huntingdon

  • Murkett Brothers (Cinemas) Ltd: records of Grand Cinemas, Huntingdon and Ramsey 1946-71 (Acc 4275)
  • Paine & Co, brewers, St Neots: deeds of brewery and leases of brewery and public houses in Beds, Cambs and Hunts 1698-1991 (Acc 4242)
  • St Neots (until 1889 Eaton Socon) Industrial Co-operative Society: records 1883-1982 (Acc 4289)

Cheshire Record Office

  • Cheshire tradesmens tokens: manuscript volume 17th century (D 5031)

Chester City Record Office

  • Milling Johnson Ltd, chemists, Chester: recipe books 19th-20th century (CR 731)
  • Brookhirst Switchgear, electrical engineers, Chester: photographs and booklets 1920s-60s (CR 733)
  • Smiths, Cutlers & Plumbers Co, Chester: company book and lists of members 1757-1994 (G20)
  • W Vernon & Son, builders, Chester: photographs of buildings built or restored by the firm 1920s-70s (CR 745)
  • J Blake, bakers and confectioners, Chester: account books 1874-1912 (CR 378)
  • Taylor & Son, decorators, Chester: ledger and sales book 1931-69 (CR 747)

Cheshire: Warrington Library

  • Owen, William & Segar, architects (addnl): records, mainly relating to the work of Geoffrey Owen, including plans, daybooks, sketchbooks and photographs 1928-1965 (MS 2661-2689)

Cornwall Record Office

  • St Mawes Pier & Harbour Co: records 1854-1983 (X 926/1-46)

Cumbria Record Office, Barrow

  • James Robinson & Son, auctioneers: records including valuation lists for public houses and other properties, rent books and valuations for war damage 1896-1968 (BDB 54)
  • Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering: photographs (214) of ships, submarines and ships models, including "Colossus" aircraft carriers; "Stratheden", and other ships; captured German submarine "Graph", 20th century (BDP 56)
  • Backbarrow Iron works: order and account book c1742-47, waste book of Nathan Kilner of Backbarrow 1713-17 (BDX/295)
  • Machell family of Pennybridge Hall, landowners and ironmasters: business and domestic account books 1739-1820 (BDX/304)

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle

  • Beckermet Mining Co: papers 1850-1979 (DB 126)

Cumbria Record Office, Kendal

  • J G A Kitchen, inventor (addnl): papers and photographs relating to Elliptical Wheel Syndicate Ltd 1933-48 (WDX/649)
  • K Shoemakers Ltd: papers collected for history of firm 1926-87 (WDB/61)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Derby District National Deposit Friendly Society: membership and financial records 1917-36 (D4031)
  • Bryan Donkin Co Ltd, engineers, Chesterfield: wages records 1897-1960 (D4063)
  • British Coal: engineering drawings, site and workings plans, accident files, mainly relating to Markham Colliery, Chesterfield, and Bolsover Colliery 20th century (N39-N41)

Devon Record Office

  • Exeter, Teign Valley & Chagford Railway Co: registers of shareholders, debentures and shares c1866-1923 (D 5150)
  • Nicks family, Bradninch: correspondence and business accounts c1935-80 (D 5154)
  • Unnamed lead smelter, Bere Ferrers: tally book 1853 (D 5239)
  • N Corry & Sons, stone masons and builders, Brampford Speke: customer ledgers 1894-1951 (D 5241)
  • J Bibby Agriculture Ltd: ledgers and account books 1925-86 (D 5245)
  • Ford Simey Daw Roberts: box of miscellaneous family papers including papers relating to the Sanders partnership in the Exeter Bank 17th-20th century (D 5253)

West Devon Area Record Office

  • Blight Broad & Skinnard, solicitors, Plymouth: records 1856-20th century (Acc 1808)
  • Plymouth Devonport & Stonehouse Pawnbrokers Protection Association: minutes 1843-1905 (Acc 1790)

Durham County Record Office

  • Seaham Colliery: records (D/X 1051)
  • Weardale Steel, Coal & Coke Co: records 18th-20th century (D/WSC)

Essex Record Office, Chelmsford

  • Unnamed Halstead draper: accounts 1897-1915 (D/DU 1728)
  • Zachariah Rogers, builder, Earls Colne: business ledger 1890 (D/F 193)
  • Tilbury Green Acrilite Factory: papers 1971-91 (D/DU 1728)

Colchester and North East Essex Branch

  • Henry Mead, accountant, Mistley: out letter book 1935-41 (C665)
  • Modern Brick Co, Great Bentley: minutes, registers 1900-24 (D/F 190)

Gloucestershire Record Office

  • John Bellows, printer, Gloucester: business and family papers 1773-1992 (D6977)
  • Bream Cinema: minutes and day books 1948-59 (D7112)
  • Cooper Oil Tools of Woodchester (formerly Newman Brice):publicity material and other records 1879-c1990 (D7065)
  • Rotol Airscrews Ltd, Cheltenham: minutes of AGMs 1937-59 (D6327)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Savory & Moore, chemists: prescription registers, works on pharmacology, and sales ledgers 1887-1971 (5M94)

Hereford Record Office

  • Hereford Times: miscellaneous records 1910-50 (BH 32)

Hereford and Worcester Record Office

  • East Worcestershire Waterworks: records and manuscript history 20th cent (BA 11,517)
  • Davies & Ashley, solicitors, Tenbury Wells: records 18th-20th cent (BA 11,708)
  • CRS Ltd: minutes, posters, corresp 20th cent (BA 11,585)
  • Higgs & Sons of Stourbridge, solicitors: records, incl papers rel to Nash Scytheworks, F Rufford, banker, and Redditch Needle Industry (Shrimptons) 19th-20th cent (BA
  • 11,674)

Hertfordshire Record Office

  • Addis Ltd, brush manufacturers, Hertford: records 1920-58 (Acc 2996 and 3000)
  • Stephen Austin & Sons Ltd, printers, Hertford: compositors time book 1892-95 (Acc 2994)
  • Unidentified ironmongers: account book 1755-59 (D/EX 860)
  • County Day Ltd, Hertford: records 1968-93

Humberside County Archives Service, Beverley

  • Tradesmens papers: accounts, mainly rel to Thomas Spence of Walkington 1883-c1918 (DDX)
  • Powell & Young, Pocklington: articles of clerkship and other papers of late C G C Young (former partner) 1924-67 (DDPY)
  • Robert Cundall & Co, manufacturing chemists, druggists and seed merchants, Pocklington: suppliers account books, delivery book 1878-1933 (DDX)
  • Waterloo Mills Cake & Warehousing Co, Hull: catalogue (incl photograph) 1914 (DDX 322)

South Humberside Area Archive Office

  • Great Central Railway: Grimsby docks memoranda book 1905-37 (1001)
  • Laporte Industries Ltd, Stallingborough: papers of W F Cole concerning organization and methods 1956-77 (400/41)
  • Provincial Tramways Co Ltd: corresp 1899-1941 (330)
  • Great Grimsby Street Tramways Co Ltd: corresp 1897-1934 (330)
  • Ross Group, Grimsby: newscuttings and company publications, photographs 1963-80 (1013)
  • Springs of Brigg, lemon curd and preserve manufacturer: corresp 1946-55 (577 addnl)
  • W B Laughton, builder, Messingham: account and quotation books 1894-1946 (422 addnl)
  • Lysaghts of Scunthorpe: engineering order book 1909-30 (640)
  • Frank Trafford, auctioneer, Scunthorpe: corresp 1913-21 (643)
  • Isaac Burkhill of Winteringham, spirit merchant: cash book 1842-57 (526/4/1)
  • G F Tomlinson, joiner, Ulceby: account books 1921-43 (644)

Centre For Kentish Studies

  • Gregory, Prentis & Green, wool merchants: minutes, plans, files 1928-94 (U3212)

Rochester Upon Medway Studies Centre

  • Billingsgate Market, London: depositions concerning dispute over oyster metering 1836-37 (DE.382)
  • Winget Ltd, Strood, engineers (addnl): records incl glass negatives 20th cent (3B/DE.389)
  • Rochester Oyster Fishery: list of free dredgers 1752 (DE.406)

Lancashire Record Office

  • Ingham & Tipping Ltd, corn merchants, Bamber Bridge: ledgers 1892-1944 (DDX 2029)
  • Messrs Henry Hall & Baldwin, solicitors, Clitheroe: corresp with other solicitors 1847-80 (DDX 2040)
  • Shuttleworths, solicitors, Preston: deeds and papers 1773-1862 (DDCm)
  • Carnforth Iron Works: aerial photographs, furnace statistics and corresp with John Brown & Co Ltd of Westminster and Thos Ward Ltd of Sheffield rel history of site 1958-59 (DDX 2049)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • R & W H Symington: accident book 1934-58 (DE 4453)
  • Lewiss Department Store, Leicester: scrapbooks, photos & plans 1930-80 (DE 4457)
  • Wyles Bros Ltd, shoe masters: records 1927-58 (DE 4468)
  • Horace Dyson, shoe factor: records 1905-56 (DE 4479)
  • J H Douglas, solicitor, Market Harborough: day books 1883-1909 (DE 4489)
  • Heather Brickworks: wages and day book 1930-37 (DE 4546)
  • Richards & Son, tailors, Market Harborough: records 1930-50 (DE 4551)
  • Empire Stone Ltd, Narborough: records 1900-90 (DE 4570)
  • British Coal (Cannock) Collieries: Leicestershire records 1909-48 (DE 4642)

Greater London: Guildhall Library

  • Accepting Houses Committee: records c1914-88 (MS 29294-327)
  • Baltic Mercantile & Shipping Exchange: records of the Exchange and its predecessors (Baltic Committee; London Shipping Exchange) 1837-c1950
  • British Tanker Co, shipping company: apprentices journal 1950-51 (MS 29577)
  • Clayton, Sir Robert, and Morris, John, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents (addnl): records 17th cent
  • Corn Exchange: records 1805-1980
  • Corporation of Trinity House (addnl): records 19th-20th cent
  • Drury, Thurgood & Co, accountants: records, 20th cent
  • Edward Arnold Ltd, publishers (addnl): records 1890-1981 (MS 29708-13)
  • Franklin Wild & Co, accountants: records 1891-1973
  • George Mitchell, banker: account book 1822-50 (MS 29409)
  • Gerrard & National Holdings plc, discount house (addnl) records 19th-20th cent
  • Guardian Royal Exchange, insurance company, with subsidiaries and predecessors: records 1887-1973
  • Henry Hewetson & Co, warehousemen: ledger c1825-34
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, publishers, with subsidiaries (addnl): records 1861-1993 (MS 29579-715)
  • Industrial Life Offices Association: records 20th cent
  • Issuing Houses Association: records c1945-88 (MS 29328-38)
  • London Stock Exchange (addnl): records 19th-20th cent
  • National Chamber of Trade: records 20th cent (MS 29340-8)
  • National Conference of Industrial Assurance Approved Societies: records 20th cent
  • National Discount Co Ltd, discount house: records 19th-20th cent
  • P B Burgoyne & Co, wine merchants: out-letter book 1884-6 (MS 29450)
  • Reads & Co, accountants: records 20th cent
  • Sinclair Birch & Co, wine and spirit merchants: records 1862-1915 (MS 29188)
  • Sir John Moore, Lord Mayor (addnl): records 1672-1700 (MS29445/1-2 part)
  • Smith, Mackenzie & Co, general merchants and agents inEast Africa (addnl): records 1870-1945
  • Standard Chartered Bank: records of constituent banks(Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, Bank ofBritish West Africa, Eastern Bank, Standard Bank of SouthAfrica) c1860-1965
  • Steel Brothers Co Ltd: records 1894-1974 (MS 29553-76)
  • Sun Insurance Office (addnl): records 1715-1950
  • T T Curwen & Sons, stockbrokers: records 19th-20th cent
  • W W Pownall & Co, wine merchants: out-letter book 1895-8(MS 29451)

Hammersmith And Fulham Archives

  • Rosser & Russell, engineers, Hammersmith: journal anddeeds 1854-c1955 (DD/876)

Sutton Heritage Service, Archive Section

  • David Knights-Whittome, photographer: ledger books (1888-1903) (Acc 173)

Westminster City Archives

  • Jaeger (addnl): photographs and publicity material (c900items) c1992-93 (Acc 1803)

Greater Manchester County Record Office

  • Joseph Crossfield & Sons: proceedings in the House ofLords against Manchester Ship Canal Co (Q237)
  • Manchester Ship Canal Co: plans of grain silos andpersonal reminiscences (BIO/ADD)

Greater Manchester: Bolton Archive Service

  • Bradshaw Bleachworks, Bradshaw: typescript history andrelated material 1950-63 (ZZ/606)
  • Chatwood Safe Co Ltd, Bolton: illustrated trade handbookc1910 (ZZ/607)
  • Prestolee Alkali Works, Little Lever: records and legalpapers 1875-84 (ZPA)

Greater Manchester: Bury Archive Service

  • Thomas Barlow & Sons Ltd, woollen manufacturers: accounts1830-68 (BTB 011T)
  • Lord & Sons Ltd, boilermakers: order books accountingrecords, plans, photographs 1841-1985 (BLO 002)

Greater Manchester: Oldham Archives Service

  • Highams Group Ltd, textile spinners and weavers: minutebooks and group records 1870s-1980s (1994.021)
  • London & North Western Railway and Lees Station: records1888-91 (1994.005)
  • Oldham Brewery: copy plans and schedules for buildingworks to public houses c1980s (1994.006)
  • Partington Enterprise & Palm Mill: records 1805-c1956(1994.013)
  • Platt Brothers & Co, Butterworth Hall Colliery: accounts1889-1925 (1994.008)

Greater Manchester: Rochdale Libraries

  • Cotton Consumption: wages lists, quotations for machineryand insurance 1844-85 (C/IND/TEX/HUR/2/1)
  • Bowling Green and Hamer Hall Mills: records 1868-89(C/IND/TEX/HUR)

Greater Manchester: Stockport Archive Service

  • J W Johnston, solicitor (addnl): papers 19th cent (D1725)
  • James Jones, steam boiler/steam chest makers, Stockport:copy letterbook 1896-1927 (D1727)

Greater Manchester: Wigan Archives Service

  • Howe Bridge Spinning Co: glass plate negatives of millsc1900-10 (2909)

Liverpool City Record Office

  • Elders Insurance Co & Sea Insurance Co: ledgers, minutes19th-20th cent (5004)
  • Corporation landing stage: tender for works 1855 (5053)
  • Royal Insurance Foreign Agency: minutes and agendas 1851-59 (5075)
  • Standard Marine Fire Ins Co: general meeting minutes 1872-1981 (5075)

Birmingham City Archives

  • William Allday Ltd, portable forge manufacturer: sales andpurchase ledgers, order books, cost book, pattern book andphotograph albums 1920-62 (MS 1813)
  • Bellamy & Wakefield, chemists: minute book 1923-45 (MS1831)
  • John Hardman Studios Ltd, stained glass and metalworkmanufacturers: financial records, order books andphotographs of products 1864-1980 (MS 175 addnl)
  • James Watt, merchant, Greenock: corresp and records 1725-76 (JWP)
  • James Watt, engineer: letter books, corresp, diaries,account and memoranda books; records rel to instrumentmaking, surveying, copying machines and steam engines;legal papers rel to steam engine patents 1698-1819 (JWP)

Coventry City Record Office

  • Rootes Securities Ltd: corresp, financial and productionrecords 20th cent (1690)
  • A C Wickman Ltd: engineering machinery catalogues andoperators manuals 1950s-1960s (1693)
  • Armstrong Siddeley, Coventry: technical memoranda andpublications rel to engines and aircraft production;personnel and wages records, photographs 20th cent (1716)

Dudley Archives And Local History Service

  • N Hingley & Sons Ltd (addnl): records 20th cent (Acc 8952)
  • Thomas Webb & Sons Ltd, flint and coloured glassmanufacturers, Stourbrudge (addnl): records 19th-20th cent(Acc 8959)

Knowsley Archives

  • Huntley & Palmer, biscuit manufacturers: records of Huytonfactory 1960s-70s (KA15/B)

Walsall Record Office

  • Walsall Wood Colliery Co and Pelsall Coal & Iron Co:records 1870s-80s (Acc813)

Wolverhampton Borough Archives

  • Bilston Steelworks: records incl deeds, site plans, plantdiagrams, financial records and production records 1693-1979
  • John Smith, fish, game and poultry dealer: records 1920-42

Norfolk, Record Office

  • Laurence Scott & Electromotors Ltd, electrical engineers:financial and other records 1930s-70s
  • Read Woodrow Ltd, flour millers, Norwich: records c1920-80

Northumberland Record Office

  • William Sample, land agent: papers 19th cent (NRO 4434)
  • Blyth Co-operative Society: small savings & loans register1977-81 (NRO 4449)
  • Alnwick TSB: accounts and reports 1870-1969 (NRO 4496)
  • Broomhill Co-operative Society: quarterly report andaccounts 1892-97 (NRO 4500)
  • Ashington Coal Co: records 1923-74 (NRO 4520)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Greater Nottingham Co-operative Society (addnl): recordsrel to various branches 20th cent (DDGN)
  • Raleigh Industries: posters, catalogues and otheradvertising material c1983-94 (DDRN)
  • Tallants & Godfrey, solicitors, Newark: records 18th-20thcent (DDT)
  • George Green, miller, Sneinton: accounts c1824-29 (DD)

Oxfordshire Archives

  • "The Countryman" (addnl): administrative files 1985-90(3762)
  • Alfred Beechey, wheelwright, coachbuilder & signwriter,Chipping Norton: records 19th-20th cent (3903)

Staffordshire Record Office

  • Philips & Co, Tean Hall Mills, narrow fabricmanufacturers: records 1915-56 (5316)
  • Thomas Whittles Ltd, silk manufacturers and dyers, Leek:records 1852-1987 (D5300)

Lichfield Joint Record Office

  • Lichfield Gas Co: records incl minutes 1854-1934 (D176 andD184)

Suffolk Record Office: Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • F J Lindley, monumental masons, Sudbury: order books 1931-51 (HC 541)
  • H Holland Ltd, builders, Newmarket: records 1941-92 (HC542)
  • Anglia Echo Newspapers Ltd, Haverhill: records 1961-82 (HC543)
  • Great Cornard Mills: records 1794-1990 (HC 545)
  • Haverhill & District Steam Laundry: wages book 1935-37 (HC544)

Suffolk Record Office: Ipswich Branch

  • W S Cowell Ltd, printers, Ipswich (addnl): records 19th-20th cent (HC439)
  • Cornelius and Cornelius Philip Closson, sailmakers,Harwich: accounts 1800-17 (HD 1694)
  • Ipswich Homes Ltd: records1953-84 (GF 413)

Surrey Record Office, Kingston

  • G&H Bunce, photographers, Purley and Caterham: account andorder books 1916-54 (4209)
  • Unamed Ironmongers business, Walton on Thames area(possibly Harold Clarke Ltd): ledgers 1929-33 (4213)
  • Dorking Greystone Lime Co Ltd: files (3) rel to limeworksat Wotton, Surrey; Glynde and Newtimber, Sussex, 1928-58(4231)
  • Myler Falla, cooper, Mortlake: customer account book 1855-64 (4259)
  • Yorktown (Camberley) & District Gas Co: papers 1918-49(4270)
  • R H H Franks, general engineering and toolmakers, Staines:financial records and corresp 1980s (4306)
  • C J Norrington (later C J Norrington & Son Ltd), builders,Epsom: records 1913-88 (6259)

Guildford Muniment Room

  • Drummond Bros Ltd, mechanical lathe manufacturers,Guildford (addnl): records 1912-80 (5179)
  • G Morgan Ltd, dispensing chemists, Guildford: records 1932-74 (5191)
  • M M Brown, chemists, Chiddingfold: records incl accounts,prescription ledgers, poison registers and chemists anddruggists diaries 1907-75 (5223)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Cornerstone estate agency: records 19th-20th cent (Acc6345)
  • Pelham Permanent Building Society: minute books 1907-1961(Acc 6256)
  • Stephen Botting, house and business agent, Brighton:ledger 1899-1914 (Acc 6256)
  • Heringtons, solicitors, Rye: journals 1815-23 (Acc 6246)
  • William Andrews of Fairlight, wheelwright: papers 1845-1903 (Acc 6546)
  • John Savery, John Charles Savery & Stanley AlexanderJulius, physicians, Hastings: articles of partnership 1873(Acc 6325)
  • South Eastern Electricity Board (addnl): records c1948-90(Acc 6359)
  • Samuel Baker, picture frame maker, Hove: account book 1902-16 (Acc 6322)

West Sussex Record Office

  • D H Amey Ltd, builders, Worthing: records 1951-90 (Acc9600)
  • APV Baker, aluminium plant and vessel manufacturers,Crawley: records c1914-49 (Acc 9612)
  • J Eschbaecher, builder, East Preston: records 1933-71 (Acc9727)

Tyne And Wear Archives Service

  • Factory Inspectorate: register of sickness caused byindustrial processes, Tyne and Wear 1914-55 (G/FI)
  • Clarke Chapman Ltd: order books, photograph albums,publicity material and plans (2843)
  • North Eastern Co-operative: regional societies recordsincl Felling Industrial Co-op, Gateshead Industrial Co-opand North Shields Industrial Co-op 1867-1972 (2844, 2852,2866)
  • Washington Glebe Colliery: prices and conditions andcavilling rules 1931 (2847)
  • Sunderland Gas Co: directors reports 1855-1937 (2865)
  • Stanton Croft, solicitors: records incl Northern CountiesOrphanage, Elswick Coal Co Ltd, Wilkinson & Simpson Ltd,Jesmond Park Estate, Newcastle Philharmonic Orchestra 19th-20th centuries (2877)
  • M W Swinburne & Sons (1920) Ltd, engineers, Wallsend:records 1920-c1980 (2881)
  • Harraton Colliery, Washington: miners pay book 1910-13(2886)
  • Pandon Dene, Newcastle: tenants ledger 1861-65 (DX624)
  • Sinton, undertakers, Newcastle: ledger and day book 1916-41 (DX626)
  • Joseph Carter & Sons, builders: records 1918-60s (DT/CAR)
  • Newcastle Stock Exchange: records (2923)
  • Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd: records 19th-20th cent(2931)

Warwickshire Record Office

  • Studley Needle Industries, Arrow Works: deeds, minutes,travellers samples, photographs and records from otherneedle companies, such as Milward & Aero, early 18th-late20th cent

Wiltshire Record Office

  • P G Chesterman: deeds, plans of line and drawings ofbridges for Bath & Weymouth Great Western Union Railwayline 1836 (2874)
  • J Braddock: records of Wilton Fabrics & Carpets, Wilton,c1950 75 (2880)
  • Wyvern Partnership, architects, Devizes: records incldrawings and files of residential, commercial andecclesiastical clients c1950-85 (2888)
  • Pelham Puppets Ltd, puppet manufacturers, Marlborough:minutes, accounts, newsletters 1947-87 (2455)

North Yorkshire Record Office

  • Ruswarp mills: deeds, leases, accounts 1639-1913 (ZCG; MIC2766)
  • Merrybent & Middleton Tyas Mining & Smelting Co: records1865-66 (ZDG(A); MIC 2754, 2758)
  • New Merrybent & Middleton Tyas Mining & Smelting Co:records 1866-78 (ZDG(A) MIC 2754, 2758)
  • Merrybent & Darlington Railway Co: records 1866-78 (ZDG(A)MIC 2754, 2758)

Doncaster Archives

  • Postlethwaite & Stacey, furniture manufacturers: accountbooks and photographs of staff, showrooms and merchandiseand premises furnished by the firm 1901-75 (Acc 1520,1528)

Rotherham Central Library: Archives And Local Studiessection

  • British Steel Corporation: records of Parkgate Iron &Steel Co, Steel, Peech & Tozer and John Baker & Bessemer18th -20th cent (442/B)
  • Hattersley Brothers, iron founders, Swinton: catalogue1901 (464/B)

Local Repositories in Wales

Caernarfon Record Office

  • Thomas John Owen, builder, Llanfairfechan: customeraccount books 1895-1922 (XM9742)
  • R B Roberts, chemist: prescription book 1894-1906 (XM9742)
  • W G Roberts, pharmacist: customer account book 1908-26(XM9666, XM9742)
  • Robert Griffith, carrier, blacksmith and builder, Y Ffor:account books 1888-1900 (XM9742)
  • William Morgan Parry, tailor, Y Ffor: account books 1910-1923 (XM9742)
  • Castle Pharmacy, Caernarfon: records 1880-1936 (XM9813)

Clwyd Record Office, Hawarden Branch

  • Brookes-Jones, grocers, Penyffordd, Holywell: accounts1924-9 (D/DM/616)
  • Castle Hill Brewery, Ewloe: sugar stock book 1939-49(D/DM/1215)
  • Thomas Evans, undertaker, Rhuddlan: order books, accountsand photographs 1935-65 (D/DM/1235)
  • Grosvenor, Chater & Co, papermakers, Greenfield:letterbooks, diaries, order books, wages books, accountsand photographs 1827-1982 (D/GC)
  • Halkyn District Mines Drainage Co: records incl minutesand accounts 1904-70 (D/DM/1228)
  • Llanarmon District Mines Drainage Co: register ofshareholders 1944-64 (D/DM/1228)
  • White Horse Hotel, Overton: spirit stock books 1889-1953(D/DM/1219)

Clwyd Record Office, Ruthin Branch

  • Hughes & Roberts, flannel manufacturers, Llangollen:corresp and records 1833-96 (DD/DM/1122)
  • Humphrey Jones, chemist, Llangollen: corresp and records1850-1942 (DD/DM/1122)

Glamorgan Record Office (Archifdy Morgannwg)

  • Brecon & Merthyr Tydfil Railway Co, Barry Railway Co, Valeof Glamorgan Railway Co: records incl share registers 20thcent (1994/53)

Dyfed Archives, Carmarthen

  • Emlyn Anthracite Colliery: records 19th and 20th cent(DB/102)

West Glamorgan County Archive Service

  • Briton Ferry Docks Co, Dulais Valley Mineral Railway Co,Neath & Brecon Railway Co, Port Talbot Railway & Dock Co,Rhondda & Swansea Bay Railway Co, Swansea Harbour Trust,Vale of Neath Railway: registers of shareholders andprobate registers 1847-1923 (D/D PRO BRB)

Local Repositories in Scotland

Strathclyde Regional Archives

  • W A Fairhurst & Partners, structural engineers, Glasgow:photographs of projects, Scotland 20th cent (TD1306)
  • George Galloway & Co, engineers: records 20th cent(TD1310)
  • W D Ramsay, drapers and clothiers, Glasgow: records 20thcent (TD1315)
  • Kelvin Construction Co Ltd, Kelvin Works, Glasgow: records20th cent (TD1315)
  • Pig Iron Trade of Scotland: minute book 1833-39 (TD1317)

Highland Regional Archive

  • William Dallas, merchant, Inverness: account book 1685-93(HRA/R83)

Perth And Kinross District Archive

  • Sir M MacDonald & Partners, civil engineers, Perth:drawings, files and photographs rel to various contractsin Perthshire c1950-80
  • Morrisons Academy Boarding Houses Association Ltd,Crieff: records 1931-77 (transferred from Dundee Archivesand Record Centre)

Edinburgh City Archives

  • Alex Ferguson Ltd, confectioners, Edinburgh: 1920-60 (Acc255)
  • The Merchant Co, Edinburgh: records 1681-1960 (Acc 264)
  • Edinburgh Cemetery Co: records 1840-1961 (Acc 272)
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