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Major Accessions to Repositories 1994 relating to Military History

Barnet Archives and Local Studies Dept

  • ARP Fire Guard: rota and notices for Hendon and Edgware areas 1941-45 (MS 19188)

Bolton Archive Service

  • Percy Howarth of Bolton: work and military service records 1918-61 (ZZ/609)
  • Thomas R Jones of Bolton: World War I notebook, cuttings, memorabilia c1914-18 (ZZ/616)

British Library, Department of Manuscripts

  • Sir Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Baron Fairfax: letters to his cousin James Chaloner, MP 1651-59 (Add. MS. 71448)
  • Admiral of the Fleet Lord Keyes (1872-1945): papers, supplementing the Keyes archive acquired in 1967 (Deposit 9382)

British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

  • Lt Colonel William Anderson, Bengal Army: diary as captive of Muhammad Akbar Khan during 1st Afghan War 1841-42 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0703)
  • Gerald Chetwynd Talbot, Private Secretary to Governor-General of India: private letter books and diary during Indian mutiny 1856-58 (IOR: Mss Eur F 0271)
  • Major General Henry Parlett Bishop, Bengal Artillery: copy of diary during Indian mutiny 1857-59 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0698)
  • Colonel Henry Alexander Vincent, Bombay Army: personal letters 1878-98 (IOR: Mss Eur C 0686)
  • Lieuenant Geoffrey W Cheesman, British Army: personal letters while on service in India 1916-19 (IOR: Mss Eur C0715)
  • Major-General Thomas Wynford Rees, Indian Army: papers, mainly 1939-47, incl reports as Commander, Punjab Boundary Force (IOR: Mss Eur 9495/08)

Buckinghamshire Record Office

  • 46th Regiment: medical reports on the regiment, 1848-58 (9409-34)
  • Bucks Yeomanry Cavalry: correspondence, returns etc. mostly of Sir William Clayton (colonel) for lst (Southern) Regiment 1804-26; regimental orders for 2nd (Mid) Bucks Regiment 1819-47 (Accession No. AR 138/94)
  • Royal Bucks Hussars: papers and memorabilia 1905-28 (Acc. No. AR 138/94)

Caernarfon Area Record Office

  • George Alexander Sawyer (1910-1950): papers and photographs of his estate: includes many political, social, military and hospital photographs from the First World War. (Lloyd George Museum Collection) XD33 (Addit.), XS2009 (Addit.), XCurios Acc.9704

Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge

  • Admiral Sir Harry Ralph Crooke: diaries 1909-52, sketch book and photographs (CRKE)
  • Sir Andrew Graham Gilchrist (1910-1993), soldier, diplomat and administrator: military, diplomatic and literary papers (GILC)

Clwyd Record Office, Ruthin Branch

  • Henry Jones, private in Royal Welch Fusiliers in France: letters to his wife 1914-15 M/1163

Cornwall Record Office

  • County War Memorial Committee records 1917-29: (X 932/1-13)

Coventry City Record Office

  • Joan Thornton, Coventry: letters 1939-42, including first hand accounts of the Blitz (1692)

Devon Record Office, Exeter

  • Frederick John Southcott Toby: report of the Grand Review of English Volunteers (printed), 1881; list of camps attended as a private in the Volunteers and his biographical details covering 1865-1914 (D 5164)

North Devon Record Office

  • 21st Devon Volunteer Rifle Corps: muster rolls 1860-1881 (B311)

West Devon Area Record Office

  • Civil war map of Mount Stamford c1650 (1669)

Durham County Record Office

  • Chart plotting the progress of Rudolf Hesss journey to Britain 1941 (D/X 1064)

Durham University Library (Sudan Archive)

  • Edward Sidney Herbert, Egyptian Army: papers, etc, relating to his military career, including decorations, brevets and cuttings (G//S 1104).

Essex Record Office, Chelmsford

  • William Robinson: notebook while cadet, 2nd Artists Rifles at Romford and notes on service 1915-16 (D/DU 1729)

Essex Record Office, Southend Branch

  • Great Wakering parish Invasion committee: 1941-43 (S2643) (TS 641)

Gloucestershire Record Office

  • Lord Crewe of Crewe Hall, Cheshire: two bound albums of manuscripts from the Cowper and Smythe-Berkeley Collections mainly relating to the Civil Wars 1592-1650s (D7115)

Hampshire Record Office

  • Basingstoke rifle volunteers roll 19th century (11M94)

Hereford Record Office

  • RAF Hereford: photographs, cuttings and memorabilia 1940-88 (BG 86)

Humberside County Archives Service, Beverley

  • Haltemprice UDC Air Raid Precautions Dept: Cottingham Group air raid report and log books 1941-45 (DDX 236)
  • Camouflage exercise book, plans of schemes and lecture notes re RAF bases to include Pocklington and Melbourne 1942-4 (DDX 589)

Imperial War Museum

  • Charles Pearson Ambler: diary as a civilian internee in Singapore 1942-45
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir Denis Hensley Fulton Barnett: papers relating to his service with the Royal Air Force 1939-64
  • Lieutenant Louis Charles Baume: diaries as a prisoner of war in the Far East 1942-45
  • Lt-Colonel Arthur Brian Boyle: papers relating to his service in the War Office as Military Assistant to the Chief of the Imperial General Staff 1943-45
  • Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill: working draft of his speech at the Mansion House following the Battle of El Alamein November 1942
  • Lieutenant Commander Donald Montague Noel Davidson: diary of his service as a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve officer during a Special Operations attack on Japanese shipping in Singapore 1943
  • Major Charles Humble Dudley-Ward: diaries of his service with the Welsh Guards on the Western Front 1915-19
  • Sir Robin Horace Walford Dunn: papers relating to his service with the Royal Artillery 1940 and 1942
  • Captain Peter Evelyn Fanshawe: papers relating to his naval career 1936-51
  • Richard Enraught Hale Fletcher: diary of a Jersey resident during the German occupation of the Channel Islands 1940-42
  • Frank P Forster: diaries covering his employment with engineering companies in Chester 1939-44
  • Rear Admiral John Stewart Gordon Fraser: papers 1899-1947
  • Professor Ronald Haxton Girdwood: papers relating to his service with the Royal Army Medical Corps in India and Burma 1944-46
  • Captain Andrew Nichol Grey: papers relating to his naval career 1917-46
  • Flying Officer Kenneth Cradock Gundry: papers relating to his service with the Royal Air Force, including as a pilot in the Battle of Britain 1940-42
  • Field-Marshal Lord Harding of Petherton: diary of service in Italy 1944
  • Lieutenant Thomas McKenny Hughes: papers relating to his service in the Royal Flying Corps 1914-18
  • Dr Humphry Bohun Kidd: diary of a medical student engaged on relief work at Belsen camp 1945
  • Colonel Henry Frederick Lyall Grant: papers 1890-1922, relating to his service in India and East Africa
  • Brigadier Hugh Murray Johnstone McIntyre: papers 1918-46
  • Dr Edward Russell Matthews: letters relating to the evacuation of his children to the United States 1940-44
  • General Sir Thomas Lethbridge Napier Morland: papers relating to his service with the West African Frontier Force 1900-10; on the Western Front, 1914-18; and post-war 1919-24
  • Sir Henry and Lady Norman: papers, including records of their establishment of the British Hospital, Wimereux 1914-18
  • Major-General Ladislaus Herbert Richard Pope-Hennessy: diaries of his service on the Western Front and in Mesopotamia 1915-18
  • Jeffrey Kindersley Quill: papers relating to his career as a test pilot and in the aircraft industry 1936-83
  • Vice Admiral Sir John Felgate Stevens: papers 1918-45
  • Lt-General Sir Treffry Owen Thompson: papers 1912-50
  • Brigadier Gerald Ernest Thubron: papers relating to his service in North Africa and Italy 1943-45
  • General Sir John Francis Martin Whiteley: papers relating to his career 1915-51

Lancashire Record Office

  • Preston Unit Royal Naval XS: newsletters, 1975-78 (DDX 1735)
  • William Robinson (1795-1880), Waterloo veteran: biography (DDX 1095)
  • Captain F N Blundell: correspondence (including World War I) and political papers1886-1936 (DDBL)

Leicestershire Record Office

  • Leicester Home Guard: War Office map showing positions 1940-42 (DE 4506)

Leeds University, Liddle Collection

  • Bernard Eyre Walker, artist, Corporal RAMC on the Western Front: art work and illustrated diaries 1914-18
  • Pat, Norman, Robin and Frank Salisbury: letters documenting service on several fronts during the war 1914-18
  • Dr Richard Campbell Begg, Lt RN: letters, logs, notebooks and unpublished autobiography relating to North Russian Convoys, Mediterranean and Far East 1939-45
  • Dr G Godfrey, Captain RAMC: letters and various personal and official papers relating to North Africa, Italy and Occupation of Austria 1939-45
  • AD Churchill, Lt. Military Police: letters, maps, photos and various papers relating to Normandy landings 1939-45

Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives, Kings College London

  • Field Marshal Lord Carvers correspondence file 1991-93, relating to funding and design of a statue of Lord Alanbrooke
  • Brigadier Travers Robert Blackley: copy out-letter book as Area Intelligence Officer, 5th Indian Division, Ethiopia 1941
  • Sqadron Leader Ronald Brice: policy report relating to the career progress and staff appraisal of RAF officers 1957
  • Lt-Colonel R H Bright: Gas turbine plants for traction purposes in Germany, printed in Proceedings of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Vol 157 1947
  • Lt Col J A Codrington (1898-1991): unpublished memoir, Gathering Moss, 1898-1944, including his service with the British Military Mission, Smyrna 1920, and as British Liaison Officer to French Forces, Smyrna 1926-29
  • Sir Frank Cooper (b 1922): additional papers 1985, relating to EUREKA, the European high technology research programme; correspondence 1985-86, relating to competition for European defence business; four photographs of Chiefs of Staff Committee in session 1967-82
  • Col Francis Drake: text, Normandy, 1944: from the angle of Deputy Provost Marshal relating to the work of the military police, Normandy
  • Capt M V Duke, RN: notes on the Battle of Dogger Bank 1915; printed memorandum from Adm Beatty relating to Operation ZZ 1918; photographs, including Adm Beatty and HMS Warspite 1918
  • Brigadier Alfred Francis Hely (1902-1990): accounts of the Battle of Sidi Rezegh, North Africa 1941, and of the Siege of Sinzweya, Burma 1944, with an appreciation of Helys life and work
  • Brigadier H E Hopthrow (1896-1992): papers relating to his career with the Royal Engineers 1914-35; British Expeditionary Force, France 1940; service as Director of Fortifications and Works, War Office 1943-45
  • Lt-Commander A M D Lanipen: draft of Naval reminiscences 1941-44, including the Battle of Crete 1941, and the construction of Mulberry Harbours, Normandy 1944
  • Adrian Liddell Hart: additional letters from John Lehmann 1940-86
  • Vice Admiral Sir Roderick Macdonald (b 1921): official report on joint forces operation, Borneo 1966, by Macdonald as Commander, Naval Forces Borneo, to Commander, Far East Fleet
  • Air Marshall Sir Harold Maguire (b 1912): photographs and letters home relating to RAF flying boats, UK, Middle East and Singapore 1930-36
  • I W G Martin: articles relating to his work as Greek interpreter attached to Special Branch, Cyprus Police and lst Bn, Royal Ulster Rifles, Cyprus 1957-58
  • L A G Morriss: additional correspondence relating to notification of his capture by the Japanese 1943, as broadcast by Radio Tokyo and Vatican Radio; postcards home from PoW camp
  • Brigadier G J de W Mullens (1899-1981): diaries and photographs relating to his service as major commanding 4/7th Dragoon Guards, Palestine 1938-39
  • Air Commander A B Riall: additional account of the last two years of the RAF Levies, Iraq 1953-55, describing the disbandment process
  • Lt-Colonel K F Scott: The attack on the Asopos Viaduct in German occupied Greece, 1943
  • Major General V W Street: papers and photographs relating to his service with 14th Infantry Brigade, Palestine 1938-39 and Kenya 1940; Allied Forces, Greece 1941; SAS, North Africa 1942; SOE, Yugoslavia 1943-44; as military advisor to King Hussein of Jordan 1959-60
  • Wing Commander M C Wells: memoir of his RAF career 1935-50, including service with the Advanced Air Striking Force, France 1939-40, and PoW camps, Germany 1940-45; photographs, including (unnamed) PoW camp; and Wells family history

Liverpool University Special Collections and Archives

  • Richard Henry Harrison: memorabilia relating to the Dardanelles campaign during the First World War
  • Bates family (including Sir Percy Elly Bates and Colonel Denis H Bates): family and business papers 1747-1961 (D.641)

Merseyside Maritime Museum

  • Aerial photographs of Liverpool waterfront, Birkenhead and Cammell Laird, believed to have been taken for German bombing programme c.1940 (PR210.1-3)
  • Charts of the Firth of Clyde to Firth of Forth, original wartime issue to Convoy Commodores c.April 1941 (Acc. No.1995.17)

National Army Museum; Department of Archives, Photographs, Film and Sound, London

  • Middlesex Regiment and its predecessors: private papers 18th-20th cent (9403-1 to -83; -100 to -160; -304 to -342. 9404-11 to -49; -382 to -498, 9405-114 to -197)
  • Cox Heath Camp, Kent: order book, 1779 (9405-331)
  • Hood Family, Viscounts Hood: military papers of various family members 1807-1904 (9406-1)
  • Major-General Sir George Bell 1794-1877, and others: letters, including some relating to the Peninsular War and the Crimean War c1811-58 (9401-215)
  • Field Marshal Sir Stapleton Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere: additional papers 1816-57 (9406-185)
  • General Charles Edward Bates, Indian Army: papers 1819-76 (9409-10)
  • Major DArcy DuCane, 19th Light Dragoons: diary of journey through Turkey and Greece 1826 (9402-165)
  • Unknown soldier of the 17th Regiment: memoirs, mostly concerned with the Indian Mutiny 1839-58 (9405-383)
  • General Brackley Kennett, Indian Army: correspondence 1845-57 (9411-156)
  • 46th Regiment: medical reports on the regiment 1848-58 (9409-34)
  • General John Archibald Ballard, Bengal Engineers: letters and diaries 1845-80 (9405-400)
  • Soldier, possibly named Connelly, 2nd Bn Rifle Brigade: diary of Indian Mutiny 1857-60 (9402-175)
  • General Sir Stanley de Burgh Edwardes(1840-1918) Indian Army: military and family papers (9405-138)
  • Major-General Edward Douglas Loch, 2nd Baron Loch, Grenadier Guards: additional papers 1893-1927 (9412-249)
  • Captain David Stephen Robertson, Royal Scots Fusiliers: papers relating to attachment to the Japanese Army in Manchuria 1905-06 (9405-10)
  • Captain Alan John Bowles, Royal Berkshire Regiment: letters and papers, Western Front 1914-16 (9404-106)
  • Captain Reginald Arthur Helps, b1885, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Machine Gun Corps and Sudan Defence Force: papers 1914-23 (9405-4)
  • Colonel Felix Tolcher Birdwood, Indian Army: additional First World War papers, particularly rel to Mesopotamia 1915-19 (9405-48)
  • Womens Royal Army Corps and its predecessors: papers of Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, Colonel Julia Margaret Cowper, Brigadier Dame Frances Coulshed and Brigadier Dame Mary Colvin 1917-88 (9401-240, -243, -247 and -253)
  • 4th Bn The Queens Regiment and its successor units: letters and papers 1932-59 (9405-3)
  • Brigadier Leslie Skipp Lloyd: papers as GS02 Staff College and relating to 2nd Armoured Division, Western Desert 1933-41 (9405-19)
  • O Wright Holmes, Royal Army Ordnance Corps: correspondence and papers 1939-46 (9405-25)
  • 2/15th Punjab Regiment: papers relating to regimental history, probably collected by Lt-Colonel F G Milligan 1939-45 (9405-43)
  • Sir David Towry Piper, Lieutenant, 9th Jat Regiment: papers 1940-45 (9406-110; 9411-124)
  • Major-General Charles Harold McVitie, Royal Army Ordnance Corps: papers relating to the fall of Singapore and his time as a prisoner of war 1942-45 (9409-32)
  • Lt-Colonel Philip White Parker, Indian Army: papers relating to his time as a prisoner of war of the Japanese 1942-45 (9410-43)

National Library of Ireland

  • Crowley family of Kilbrittain, Co Cork: correspondence, mainly relating to the Third Cork Brigade of the IRA in the War of Independence, including an account of the war in the Kilbrittain area by Denis Crowley, and letters from Dorothy Price (nee Stopford) 1918-21 (Patrick D Crowley)
  • Lt. Henry Douglas of the Sherwood Foresters: copy of diary concerning service in Ireland during the 1916 Rising (Mrs Margaret E. Kempster)
  • Research Materials relating to Florence MacCarthy of the 60th regiment of foot (Col. JW Berridge)
  • Volume of newscuttings relating to First World War (Mr Patrick Thompson)
  • Authorised text of the northern Loyalists ceasefire announcement 12 Oct 1994 (Mr Brendan O Cathaoir)
  • Charles II: letter to James Butler, Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and others, requesting them to administer the oath of allegiance to their officers and soldiers 1658; eighteen autograph letters to James Butler, first Duke of Ormonde, including details of the Kings policy towards Ireland 1654-84; Thirty-four official letters and documents, together with official drafts or copies of eleven other letters by the King, addressed variously to the Marquess of Clanricarde, Deputy General of Ireland, Viscount Muskerry, the Earl of Castlehaven, Colonel Charles MacCarthy, the Lords Justices of Ireland, the Earl of Arran and the Duke of Ormonde 1652-84
  • Charles Fox, Joint Receiver-General and Paymaster for Ireland: receipt for part of the pay of the soldiers lately employed in reducing Ireland 1693 Commandant Vincent (Vinnie) Byrne: material relating to him, including notes relating to planned shootings of British agents and army personnel 1920-70.
  • Butler family, Earls and Dukes of Ormonde: letters sent to members of the family 1572-1711
  • Roger Casement: letters and cards to Richard Morten, including many from Africa, South America and Pentonville Prison 1895-1916.

National Library of Scotland, Department of Manuscripts

  • Brigadier Sir Bernard Fergusson, Baron Ballantrae: correspondence and papers (addl) 20th cent (Acc. 10985)
  • Lieutenant Harry Jacob, Royal Fusiliers: letters (copies) from the Western Front to his mother Violet Jacob, novelist, 1914-16, and father Maj. Arthur Jacob, 1915-16; diary, 1915-16; and some related photographs (Acc.11110)
  • Clement Lemprire, military cartographer: map 1731, entitled A description of the Highlands of Scotland, the situation of the several clans & the number of men able to bear arms, as also ye forts lately erected & roads of communication or military ways carried on by his Majestys command ...; kept in NLS Map Library - related closely to BL Map K Top. XLV111.12 (Acc. 11104)
  • Richard Henry Malden, naval chaplain, later Dean of Wells: memoir of the battle of Jutland, 1916, and some related papers (Acc. 11093)
  • Gertrude Susan Nicholson, Lady Nicholson: correspondence and papers relating to POW welfare, 1916-17 (Acc. 11006)

National Maritime Museum

  • Admiral Charles Middleton, Lord Barham: further papers c1772-1806 (MS94/010)
  • Admiral CJBarlow: papers c1869-1919 (MS94/015)

Oxford University, Bodleian Library

  • Captain John Betton: letters written while serving in the Peninsular War 1805-9

Royal College of Surgeons of England, London

  • Leslie Woods Lauste: registers of operations perfomed at Second World War POW camps, photographs and personal memorabilia

Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth

  • Royal Naval Benevolent Society: records 1791-1968
  • Thomas Atkinson, volunteer 1st class: letters (35) 1842-1843
  • Arthur Paget, midshipman: journals (3) 1853-63 (Document 330/1994 (1-3))
  • Fanshawe family: journals and scrapbooks, including those of Admiral Arthur D. Fanshawe 1867-70 and 1904-05 (Document 292/1994)
  • Desmond Wettern, naval journalist: correspondence and papers 1961-90 (Document 442/1994)

Royal Air Force Museum: Department of Research & Information Services, London

  • Air Vice-Marshal HAV Hogan (1909-93): papers (AC 94/2)
  • Drawings registers, servicing records and other material relating to the British Aircraft Corporation BAC 221, Hawker-Siddeley Kestrel and Hunting H126 1960s (AC 94/6)
  • Alexander McKee, author: correspondence with RAF and Luftwaffe veterans of the Battle of Britain, gathered for Strike from the Sky: the story of the Battle of Britain (AC 94/18)
  • Presentation document relating to the Avro Lancaster: description of the Lancaster bomber prepared for Sir Charles Craven, Controller-General, Ministry of Aircraft Production; includes performance charts and photographs (AC 94/26)
  • Project Brochures submitted to the Air Ministry and its successors by various British aircraft companies, detailing their responses to aircraft specifications, 1950s-60s (AC 94/27)
  • Group Captain FV Beamish: flying log books 1922-42 (AC 94/36)

Scottish Record Office

  • Plan of Boston and of attack on Bunker Hill c1800 (ex SC54) RHP9, 3240

Southampton University Library

  • Journal of the operations of the Spanish First Army in Spain under General Copond y Navia 1813 (MS 253)
  • Manuel Godoy Alvarez de Faria, Principie del Paz: papers, including files of his correspondence with Pedro Cevallos, and other officials in the provinces, about the war with England 1805 (MS 255)

Stockport Archive Service

  • Cheadle Hulme Military Auxiliary Hospital: letters, 1919 (DD/MAH/ D1743)

Suffolk Record Office: Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Royal British Legion, Kedington branch: records 1927-89 (GB 553)

Suffolk Record Office: Ipswich Branch

  • Charles Broke (afterwards Sir Charles Broke Vere): notebooks while at High Wycombe Military College, 1799, c1803 (HA 93)

Surrey Record Office, Kingston

  • Miss W Hutchings of civil defence Group 9 Control centre at County Hall Kingston: album 1939-74 (4272)
  • Royal British Legion, Addlestone branch: records, including minute and account books 1947-76 (4294)

Surrey Record Office, Guildford Muniment Room

  • Ray Chudley: World War II records, incl ms diary of air raid warnings of Guildford 1939-42; accounts of qualifying as an army parachutist (5251)

Tameside Local Studies Library

  • Malcolm Hathaway and Donald Cope of Mottram: army service records 1914-19 and 1941-44 (T 2494)
  • Manchester Regiment: records, including papers of Lt-Colonel WH Colley, 16th Bn 1913-70 (2470, 2562, 2473, 2506-2540, 2469)

University of Wales Swansea Library

  • Alwyn Skinner: personal papers relating to Spanish Civil War 1934-86 (1994/20)

Warwick University Modern Records Centre

  • Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: additional deposit of Bruce Kents papers as Secretary, 1980-90; CND policy and publication files, 1988-9; correspondence with the Foreign Office, 1981-5; correspondence with military persons, 1984-5; correspondence about meetings and Walks for Peace, 1986-9 (MSS. 181)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine

  • Surgeon-Captain Frank Pollard Ellis: papers, naval and medical reports and reprints rel to physiology of heat and cold 1950s-70s (GC/174)
  • Royal Army Medical Corps Muniment Collection: additional papers, photograph albums and memorabilia (24 boxes), mainly 20th cent (RAMC Accession nos 2101-2217 )
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