Catalogue Week 2023

In the final week of November each year we hold Catalogue Week, a celebration of projects and initiatives currently taking place at The National Archives.

You can explore all of this year’s Catalogue Week content in the range of blogs and presentations below.

In this recorded presentation, archivist Ada Mascio explains the skills, techniques and processes involved in cataloguing one of The National Archives’ previously unsorted and uncatalogued series.

This presentation by James Cronan celebrates a completed cataloguing project relating to civil defence awards. Learn about how the brave actions of Britons during the Second World War were recognised.

This blog looks at the Archives Revealed Cataloguing Grants, a round of funding awards we are proud to offer in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust and the Wolfson Foundation.

What stories came to light during a recent volunteering project? Keith Mitchell explains in this blog about indexing record series WO 208, noting people who assisted Allied prisoners of war in the Second World War.

This presentation explores stories of belonging and identity surfaced by a cataloguing project on the series CO 730, our collection of Colonial Office correspondence about Iraq under British mandate in the 1920s.

Caroline Catchpole explores a recent data enhancement project she undertook to research and enhance authority files of women in The National Archives’ online catalogue, Discovery.

Lisa Berry-Waite looks at a project completed by four volunteers to transcribe data from three passenger lists: the Ormonde, Almanzora, and Empire Windrush in this blog and series of interactive maps.

This blog from Dr K Faith Lawrence introduces the key user groups involved when we developed a new system for managing catalogue data, and how input from those communities fed into our design process.