Boards and advisory groups

A number of boards and groups meet to make decisions or give advice on aspects of our work. Find out more in the pages below.

The Advisory Council on National Records and Archives also advises the Secretary of State on public access to records and the care of archives and manuscripts.

We also listen to what the people using our services have to say through the User Advisory Group and the User Forum.

The CEO and other directors of The National Archives meet annually with leaders of the leading British professional historical bodies.

The Departmental Whitley Council is a meeting between The National Archives' senior managers and the three recognised trade unions.

Find information about the panel’s selection issues and its meeting summaries.

The Discovery Content Strategy Board considers proposals for digitisation and cataloguing projects, including those with a volunteer component or externally-funded projects.

A panel of experts from The National Archives assesses major cataloguing projects to improve searchability and access to public records.