Dr Eirini Goudarouli

Eirini Gourdarouli
  • Position: Head of Digital Research Programmes
  • Specialism: Digital cultural heritage, Digital research
  • eirini.goudarouli@nationalarchives.gov.uk

Eirini is a member of the Research Team at The National Archives. Her current research interests focus on digital research in cultural heritage. She is particularly interested in bringing together methods and theories from a range of disciplines that could essentially contribute to the rethinking of digital, archival and collection-based research.

Eirini has extensive experience working on interdisciplinary research projects across the Cultural Heritage and Higher Education sectors. In 2015 she received a doctorate in History of Science from the University of Athens, and she has been a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge and the University of Helsinki.

Before joining The National Archives, she was a researcher at the University of Warwick and an Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck, London. In previous years, she spent more than five years working with the University collections belonging to the Historical Archive and the Lab for the Electronic Processing of historical archives at the University of Athens.

Eirini is also a Research Fellow at the Research Centre for the Humanities, Greece, a member of the Digital Committee at the Royal Historical Society, a member of ‘Humanities and Data Science’ special interest group at the Alan Turing Institute, and a board member of the Advanced Information Collaboratory, an international network with partners from leading academic and cultural institutions spanning five continents.

Select publications

'Special Issue on Challenges and Prospects of Born-digital and Digitized Archives in the Digital Humanities', edited by Lise Jaillant and Eirini Goudarouli, Archival Science, September 2022, Volume 22, Issue 3

'Special Issue on Computational Archival Science', edited by Mark Hedges, Richard Marciano and Eirini Goudarouli, ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage Journal, February 2022, Volume 15, Issue 1

Themed volume: 'Materialities of the Archive in a Digital Age', edited by Dr Eirini Goudarouli and Prof Andrew Prescott, Proceedings of the British Academy, University of Oxford Press (accepted, to be published in 2022)

Book chapter: E Goudarouli, ‘Digital Innovation and Archival Thinking’, in A Wiggins and A Prescott (eds.), in Archives, Power, Truth, and Fiction volume, Oxford University Press (accepted, to be published in 2022)

Barbara McGillivray et al., (2020) 'Challenges and prospects of the intersection of humanities and data science: A white paper from The Alan Turing Institute', co-authored by members of the Humanities and Data Science special interest group at the Alan Turing Institute

Eirini Goudarouli, Anna Sexton, John Sheridan (2019) 'The Challenge of the Digital and the Future Archive: Through the Lens of The National Archives UK', J. Philos. Technol., 32: 173-183

Research projects

Archives in the UK/Republic of Ireland and AI (AURA) Loughborough University, Dublin City University, Waterford Institute of Technology, The National Archives UK (2021)

Research Collaboration Network in Computational Archival Science (IRCN-CAS). King's College London, The University of Maryland and The National Archives (2019–2020)

‘Mapping the Enlightenment: Intellectual Networks and the Making of Knowledge in the European Periphery – A European scholarly flows digital cartography project’ (Research Centre for Humanities), University of Athens, The National Archives, and University College London (2016-17)

‘Katoptron: The Digital Library of the Greek Philosophical Manuscripts, 17th–19th century’, Lab for the Digital Processing of Historical Archives, University of Athens

‘Digital Library of the Greek Communities of Constantinople’, Lab for the Digital Processing of Historical Archives, University of Athens