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News for exhibition

Great Escapes: Remarkable Second World War Captives

We can today announce our upcoming exhibition, Great Escapes: Remarkable Second World War Captives, opening in February 2024. During the Second...

Tags: captives, exhibition, great escapes, internees, prisoners of war, second world war, Volunteers

New family exhibition Spirit of Invention coming this summer

Be inspired, have fun and find your inner inventor at our next exhibition, Spirit of Invention, opening on Saturday 27 May.   Through a fascinating...

Tags: events, exhibition, inventions

Treason: People, Power & Plot opens this weekend

Our major new exhibition, Treason: People, Power & Plot, opens this weekend featuring some of the most iconic documents from key moments of intrigue,...

Tags: events, exhibition, guy fawkes, plot; treason, power, Treason: People

Our exhibition Treason: People, Power & Plot opens on 5 November

We all think we know the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, perhaps the most famous case of treason remembered today. But in an unprecedented...

Tags: events, exhibition, Gunpowder Plot, guy fawkes, Power & Plot, treason, Treason: People