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We welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve what we do and continue to deliver high quality services in line with the Customer Service Excellence standard. You can contact us directly with your feedback.

Comments and requests updated March 2020

What you said What we have done
The complainant was disappointed that when they telephoned they could not reach our operator. The complainant did not have a touch tone telephone, so could not select the option as instructed. We investigated the telephone issue and found that there was no way to contact the operator without selecting an option. We made a change to the telephony system and now, if a selection is not made the call defaults to the operator.
I wanted to renew my reader’s ticket, and felt the information provided on the back of the reader’s card was out of date and misleading. We reviewed and updated the information on the rear of a reader’s ticket. The new tickets contain a link to our website, where reader’s ticket information, including a full list of the proof of identity and addresses that we currently accept, can be found.
The complainant had trouble using the keypads on the lockers and found that the instructions were too small. We created a larger print version of the instructions and placed them around the locker area.


Here are some examples of our compliments, which we receive in a number of ways, including email, feedback form and letter, to telephone calls, social media and in person.

Date received How received Summary of compliments
28 February 2020 Social Media The location is excellent, the staff are superb, the shop and cafes worth a visit alone. Highly recommended. The shining jewel is of course the resources. Suggest everyone should book a behind the scenes tour!
12 February 2020 Your Views I came expecting little from my research, I came away stunned. The National Archives are truly special and need to be funded to continue to protect, preserve and share (responsibly) for future generations. All staff have been polite, helpful and correct.

Thank you for a very special visit.

29 January 2020 Your Views My friend & I loved the archives! The entrance plaza and grounds are spectacular – loved the globe & “lakes. Although I’m very interested in history, I’d never been to an “archive” before – and I’m in Washington DC every year! We stayed at Kew Rooms and the manager highly recommended you to us. We were delighted that we came. Fantastic gift shop – every book looked so interesting! Now to read those I bought this winter. Next time I’ll come prepared to do some research. Thanks to one and all!


Here are some examples of our complaints, which we receive in a number of ways, including email, feedback form and letter, to telephone calls, social media and in person. Have a look at our Transparency page if you want to know more about complaints.

Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
The complainant was disappointed to learn that they were not allowed to bring their large suitcase in to the building. They had checked the web site prior to their visit and not found any notices. Large suitcases, bags and other items too big to fit into our lockers are no longer allowed into our building.  This change is being introduced for safety and security reasons, and is in line with arrangements at similar institutions across London. Our lockers can accommodate items with a maximum size of 43 cm x 42 cm x 24 cm We apologised that the information was not easy to find and explained why the decision had been taken. We added a news story to the front page of our website and further information can be found on the visit us section of our web site.
The complainant was outraged by the introduction of car parking charges. Car parking charges were introduced for the visitor car park on 3rd January 2019. We explained that we have benchmarked our new car park charges with those of comparable heritage and cultural destinations in the local area and the reason why the charges were introduced.
The complainant voiced concerns that the trial changes to document ordering, which start in March, would adversely affect researchers ability to carry out research projects. On 7 January 2020 we announced that we will be making changes to same-day document ordering. From Tuesday 31 March 2020, as part of a six-month trial, readers will be able to order a maximum of 12 documents for the same day, plus up to 12 documents in advance (a maximum of 24 documents per reader per day). There will be five document ordering slots available each day, with documents being delivered at set times. We explained the background to the trial and detailed the research that underpins these trial changes.

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