Your feedback and our response

We welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve what we do and continue to deliver high quality services in line with the Customer Service Excellence standard. You can contact us directly with your feedback.

Comments and requests updated July 2017

What you said What we have done
I downloaded a Medal Index Card from Digital Downloads and was surprised to find the same card available on the Ancestry website as well. This availability was not reflected on The National Archives website. We updated the Medal Index Cards page and made it clear that these records are available via the Ancestry website as well.
I wanted to renew my reader’s ticket, and felt the information provided on the back of the reader’s card was out of date and misleading. We reviewed and updated the information on the rear of a reader’s ticket. The new tickets contain a link to our website, where reader’s ticket information, including a full list of the proof of identity and addresses that we currently accept, can be found.
Prior to my visit, I had tried to get a statement from my bank and was unsuccessful. Their standard policy is 10 working days to process the request and I was visiting before it would arrive, could you add this information to your site. We added ‘If you bank online most banks will provide a printed statement on request for free or at a small charge, please be aware that they might take several days to dispatch a statement to you’ to the ‘Proof of your address’ section under ‘Obtaining a reader’s ticket’ on our website.


Here are some examples of our compliments, which we receive in a number of ways, including email, feedback form and letter, to telephone calls, social media and in person.

Date received How received Summary of compliments
20 May 2017  Email I would like to acknowledge your colleague *** who provided outstanding customer service to me on May 20, 2017, via your Customer Support Messenger service. ***’s correspondence with me was simply outstanding, directing me precisely to what I was seeking, and doing so with impressive speed and efficiency. He is an asset to your team!

Thank you, and for all the important work that all of you do at the National Archives!

18 February 2017 Email This has involved a number of e mails back and forth and as a result of your staff’s considered and prompt replies I have been able to determine exactly what documents I should order and how I should go about doing so. It has been a pleasure dealing with a variety of knowledgeable and helpful staff who have at all times treated me with courtesy in a timely manner. Please let them know they do a wonderful job…as does the TNA
19 January 2017  Email Dear Friends, I got my first ‘PRO ‘ Reader’s Ticket in 1977 and yesterday 18/1/17 I renewed my card. I have researched many books with your records. From paper tickets to very efficient computerised ordering and very prompt delivery. Staff are first class. I loved the pink sofas and armchairs downstairs. A coffee and a sit down between intense work. A very comfortable and rewarding day.


Here are some examples of our complaints, which we receive in a number of ways, including email, feedback form and letter, to telephone calls, social media and in person. Have a look at our Transparency page if you want to know more about complaints.

Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
The complainant was disappointed at receiving a good quality copy of a record that could not be read due to it being written in 1614’s court hand. They requested that the document’s description be updated. Users can order copies of records from our Record Copying online service. This is a two part process, the page check and the actual copy order. We explained that when we create a catalogue entry, we describe the records following international archival standards. We will describe the language of the record when it is not English, but do not record the hand it is written in. We also provided links to sources that could be useful in helping the complainant decipher the document.
The complainant had concerns regarding the ‘permitted items’ pilot. Specifically, they were concerned about the number of notepads that were permitted. The National Archives is piloting ‘permitted items’ in to the Reading Rooms. We explained the reasons for the change and that we would allow the extra material to be taken in to the reading room. A concession form can be completed in such circumstances. We reassured the complainant that all feedback received would be reviewed at the end of the pilot period.
The complainant was dissatisfied as they felt at no point during the first set of transactions were they made aware that a further cost over and above what had already paid would be required to obtain copies of documents from the archives. Users can order copies of our records from our Record Copying online service. There is a two stage process to obtain copies, the page check and the actual copy order. We explained the system, where the details can be found and other options available. The complainant subsequently decided to place the order.