Your feedback and our response

We welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve what we do and continue to deliver high quality services in line with the Customer Service Excellence standard. You can contact us directly with your feedback.

Comments and requests updated December 2022

What you said What we have done
A number of  our international event attendees asked for events to be at times that suited their zone. Due to working hours we couldn’t make that change, but we made the events accessible for 48 hours post-live event to registered attendees only so they aren’t excluded.
A number of visitors commented on our restaurants opening hours, the fact that it closed at 15:00 hrs. Our catering supplier listened to the feedback and extended their opening hours to 16:00 Tuesday through Saturday.


Here are some examples of compliments, which we receive in a number of ways, including email, feedback form and letter, to telephone calls, social media and in person.

Date received How received Summary of compliments
18 November 2022 Email Just visited your exhibition on Treason today the 18th of November. It was really fascinating and I really enjoyed it. The documents on display were really interesting and although the exhibition was small I spent almost an hour in there and could have spent more. Well done to all those involved in it. It’s one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen in London ever. I hope you do more exhibitions like this in the future.
7 November 2022 Email [Following refund of unnecessary extra pages from copy order] How kind of you to catch this and to refund the excess amount. I appreciate the honesty and diligence on this. Just one more reason why you and your team are the best. You are making my dissertation possible!
3 November 2022 Email [Following resolution of a technical issue] Thank you and everyone involved in getting things fixed and back up and running! I also wanted to say how much I greatly appreciate the record copying service you all provide – you do a fantastic job! I wish the US national archives had a similar system!


Here are some examples of complaints, which we receive in a number of ways, including email, feedback form and letter, to telephone calls, social media and in person. Have a look at our Transparency page if you want to know more about complaints.

Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
The complainant believed that we had charged them a fee and had provided no service. There is no fee for our services, but 3rd party websites who manage and use digitised records do run paid subscription services. We looked into the matter and found that the complainant had been charged by Archives UK, and mistaken their name for The National Archives. We alerted them to this, so that they could cancel the subscription to Archives UK they had made by mistake.
The complainant raised concerns that there were pages missing from their Record Copying order.

Users can order copies of records from our Record Copying department.

We reviewed the order details and the file and found that the pages of concern were in fact blank pages and therefore not copied.
The complainant raise concerns about the release of the 1921 Census. The concerns related to the fact you can currently only access the census via Findmypast, the cost and the lack of free access. This release is the culmination of almost three years of highly skilled work to digitise the 1921 Census for online publication. We explained  why the census is currently only available on Findmypast, the tender process and why there is a cost to access the records online. We explained that there are three regional hubs were the census can be accessed for free.

External feedback

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