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Reference 49/44
Covering dates 16th - 19th Centuries
Held by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service, William Salt Library
Extent 156 files
Creators Parker-Jervis family of Staffordshire; Jervis, Parker- family of Staffordshire

This collection consists of three gifts made by Miss Parker-Jervis in 1944, numbered 45/44, 49/44 and 63/44. These have now been amalgamated under the one number 49/44. Other papers relating to the family may be found in the Hand Morgan deposit. These relate mainly to the Oxfordshire estates at Kingston Blount and Aston Rowant [see D 1798/264-279B, and 384-398]. A few deeds for Staffordshire, with miscellaneous settlements, legal papers, and correspondence are included in D 1798/290-316. For Shenstone Manorial Records see 62/44.
The part of the collection listed here covers the estate at Meaford, Darlaston and Stone and the surrounding district. There are few title deeds, but it is possible that some of the deeds catalogued as miscellaneous may refer to parts of this estate, though no connection can be proved.
There is little material to show the running of the estate, though there are a number of accounts and rentals kept by William Jervis for the period c.1660-1700.
Among the family correspondence there is much interesting material including a number of political letters to John Swinfen (Bundle 83), who was one of the sponsors for a bill to exclude the Duke of York in 1681; also the correspondence of Admiral Sir John Jervis, 1st Earl St. Vincent, (Bundle 91), much of it on naval affairs, giving his opinions on the war at sea and his fellow officers.
The legal papers (Bundles 98-127) are of particular importance because they include briefs, opinions and judgments annotated by Sir Thomas Parker, who was made Chief Baron of the Exchequer in 1742 (Bdls.107-110). There are also some legal notebooks of Swinfen Jervis (Bundle 111). An unusual case is that between some cottagers and the Corporation of Newcastle following their eviction in 1734 after not voting for Earl Gower in the election (Bundle 115). John Jervis of Darlaston was high sheriff of Staffordshire and his papers include some relating to the 1745 rebellion (Bundle 53). Sir Thomas Parker stood for election as member of Parliament for Stafford Borough in 1734, and his election addresses, with poll books and election correspondence, are include in the collection (Bundle 60).

TITLE  [no ref. or date]

Land Acquired  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/1/44  1652-1679

4 deeds

STAPELEY, CO. CHESTER, messuage containing one cottage where Robert and Ralph Lowndes dwelled, with 8a. land inclosed from Meyverel's wood, (Cromwell/Parker/Cobbe).
Includes leases, (Cromwell/Butler; Cranwell/Wright, et al).

[no title]  49/2/44  1663

1 deed

STONE, messuage inhabitated by R. Smith with cottage in Stone occupied by Eleanor Sale, 16 days work in Stonefield, closes called Oulton Cullymans, The Black Flats, The Mooremeadow, The Lowfield, The Hill, The Spinick, The Cherry Tree, The Ditchfield, The Smith Flatt, 2 days math and ¼ day math in Oulton Meadow. HORSLEY, p. ECCLESHALL, 3 messuages occupied by Ellen Mills and others with 4 closes called The Two Crossfield, Elford Field and The Yeald Field at Yeald Bank. WOODHOUSES, 1. KIBBLESTONE, messuage in tenure of Thomas Rand and closes called The Flatfield, The Yard field, The only yard field, The Ridding and The Little Spring Wall, in tenure of Thomas Henne. COTWALTON, messuage in tenure of John Hurdman, (Smyth/Thomas Parker of Leek).

[no title]  49/3/44  1545-1792

CHELMARSH, CO. SALOP, grant of the manor and 1. of, to Richard Jervaise. July 37 Hen.VIII [1545]
DARLASTON, p. STONE, The Morelowe (in 6 parts), and The Kilnehouse, (Webb/Thomas Hattrell in trust for heirs of John Jervis). 1 Mar. 1717/8
STAFFORD, 7 messuages, barns and gardens with appurtenances, (Neville, Mary Tildesley, plts., Swinfen Jervis, def), final agreement. 12 Geo.II[1738]
STONE, 1 days work in Stonefield, (Hayes/Jervis), feoffment. 25 Mar.1792
STONE, 1 days work in Stonefield, (Jervis/Hayes). 14 Feb. 1741/2

[no title]  49/4/44  1708

STONE, messuage now inhabited by John Palmer in the Raw, 2a. in The Common field of Stone, now in possession of Woodrich, i.e. Stonefield purchased from Ed. Short, (Woodrich/Mainwaring), lease and release.

[no title]  49/5/44  1654-1705

MEAFORD, estate of Edward Short, ? connection with Jervis purchase deed, if any, is missing.
[9 deeds].
MEAFORD, houses, cottages and tenements with appurtenances in tenure of Humphrey Cole and Thomas Emery, (Robt. Dakyn, Annabel his wife/Edward Short the elder). 10 May 1654
MEAFORD, messuage and appurtenances where Edith Preston now dwells and Berrys meadow, (Short/Emery), grant. 5 June 1662
MEAFORD, messuage with appurtenances in tenure of Thos. Hawkins, and Upper Brook Field, (Short/Mumford, Gamull), lease. 16 Oct.1668
STONE, messuage with appurts. in Willaston, where Edward Wright now dwelleth, (Leacroft/Short, Jervis). 10 Jan. 1671/2
MEAFORD, closes called Keelings Banks and Knightley Mills, (Short, Emery/Astbury), lease. 25 June 1685
MEAFORD, The Intake and Oulton Heath pasturage, (Short, et al/Unitt), lease and release. 8 Dec. 1704
MEAFORD, messuages which Thomas Dainty and John Cheadle inhabited, (Short, Emery/Croxton). 6 Mar. 1704/5
Abstract of title, 1638-1727.

Land Sold  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/6/44  1628-1666

WYBUNBURY, CO. CHESTER, Podmore Field, (Mainwaring/Wilkes/Gleave dau. of Wilkes/Cobbe).
Including assignment of lease, (Gleave/Ellison), 1666, and seating of parishioners in Wybunbury Church, 1612.

Land Leased  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/7/44  1638-1738

[5 deeds].
WALTON, p. STONE, Rivers Hall farm and Black Flatts, Upper Acre and meadow adjoining, 4 days work in Walton Field in possession of Thos. Leacroft, New Closes and Lake field in possession of John Hawkins, (Wilson, Jervis/Horne).
Messuage in ? (deed cut), with tithes of corn, (John Jervis/Johnson, Woolrich, Bucknall). 1671
ECCLESHALL, The Pillow Croft, Middle Field, The Pingle and Durslowleafield for 30 years with tithes of same for 2 years, (John Jervis of Chatcull/Gratewood). 1678
WOODHOUSES, p. STONE, messuage in tenure of Goodwin, The Pongcroft, Little Meadow, The Hoo bean yards, Adderly's croft, Isops field, The old yard, The Reading, Mill Leasow, Two Ten Lands, The Tonge, Two Shutts and Drumble thereto adjoining, Three Ashlys with all tithes and appurts., (Swinfen Jervis/Goodwin). 1738
STONE, croft called Pipe ....? and 5 days work in Stonefield in tenure of Baxter, (John Jervis/Baxter), counterpart lease. 1736/7

[no title]  49/8/44  1726

BLYTH MARSH, p. DILHORNE, 3 water mills, with a kiln and the land they stand on, and a messuage thereto belonging now in tenure of Richard Reyd, (Parker/Reyd), lease for 99 years.


Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/9/44  1652-1687

3 deeds

DARLASTON, messuage with all appurts. in tenure of Thornton, The two Town leases, The Little Bankhead, day's work at back of cottage in tenure of Jane Barnes, 2 butts in the New Meadow, and 1 day's work on Darlaston Moor, (Underwood/Jervis), assignment of remainder of mortgage.
Followed by quitclaim of the above.

[no title]  49/10/44  1657-1768

DARLASTON, p. STONE, The Marsh, into 2 parts divided, The Marsh Meadow, The Holmes, into 2 parts divided, (Wm. Jervis/Emery), mortgage. 12 Aug.1657
DUTTON Park, CO. CHESTER, (Wm. Jervis/Lord Gerard), assignment of mortgage. 16 Mar.1699/1700
GREAT SUGNALL, LITTLE SUGNALL, CROXTON and WOODWALL GREEN, all in p. ECCLESHALL, Quarry Flats, Darslow Butts, The Alborns, now in holding of Wm. Bourne, in, (Henry Jarvis (trustee of Peter Jervis)/Preston), assignment of mortgage. 8 Feb.1716/7
MEAFORD, closes called Ox Leasow (in 2 parts), Knightley Hills and the Barn piece, grazing for 40 sheep on OULTON Heath (now in holding of Geo. Green), (Moreton by direction of ?Wm. Jervis/Kinnersley), assignment of mortgage. 1 Feb.1767/8

Settlements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/11/44  1587-1698

CHATCULL, land in, (Humphrey Gervys and Margaret Sawyer), marriage settlement. 1587
Marriage settlement of dau. of John Heath with a nephew of Wm. Jervis, correspondence. 1698

Abstracts of Title  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/12/44  1667-1737

STONE, land in, 2 abstracts of title.

WILLS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/13/44  1728-1841

John Jervis of Darlaston. Copy of will and papers relating to it. d.1746
Elizabeth Batwell (nee Jervis). d.1764
Daniel Batwell's release of Tindal and John Jervis from the trust imposed on them by her will, with costs of probate.
Mary Anne, 2nd Viscountess St. Vincent. Copy of will. 1841-1837
John Jervis of Darlaston. 1728
William Jervis of Meaford. 1698
George Ricketts. 1760

MISCELLANEOUS DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

Co. Stafford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/14/44  1550-1719

HILDERSTONE, Geythye Close now in occupation of Powe, (Saunders/Powe), lease. 1550
OULTON, messuage and cottage in, and in Ashcroft, (Hall/Underwood). 1615
STONE, bay of barn newly erected on Tyll's land, with one other bay of barn, (Tyll/Smyth). 1626
HULME, messuage in tenure of John Wood, (Conyers/Wood, Walerlott), assignment of lease. 1634
STAFFORD, garden, orchard and slaughterhouse adjoining Crabberie Lane in tenure Arthur Hill, burgage house in Crabberie Lane in tenure of John Hill, (Craddock/Fowler). 1639
WALTON, p. STONE, close called Tillares, (Hawkins/Jenynings), mortgage, marriage settlement of Richard Jenynings and Margaret Frankland. 1674
WETLEY Moors, renumeration of all right, title and interest in the common waste called, (Wood/Coyney). 1664
HULME, cottage or tenement with appurts. in holding of Nich. Fox, (Rowley/Wood), lease. 1691
BARLASTON, messuage with appurts. in tenure of Mary Banks and Baggaley Close, (Stringer/Whitehurst). 1683
KIBBLESTONE, messuage in Berryhill farm with barn and garden belonging lately in occupation of Thos. and Eliz. Porter and lands called The Friendship Close, Ryecroft, Leycroft, Rough Close and meadow adjoining, (Langley/Bassett). 1693
STONE, The Brooms with appurts. now in possession of John Amery, (Amery/Underwood). 1718/9
Manors of DRAYCOTT, PAINLEY, NEWTON, CRESWELL, CUNSALL, KINGSLEY, WHISTON, (creation of Francis Bagshawe as tenant to the use for). 1674

Co. Salop  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/15/44  1592-1732

DONINGTON: KNIGHTON, CO. STAFFORD, messuage in, (Brewer/Brewer), assignment of lease. 1592
Fragment. No Date
PORKINGTON, CO. SALOP, messuage in, (Jones/Higgins, Payne) (concerning marriage settlement of R. Jones and Martha Higgins). 1668/9
PIPE MINOR alias PRESS, the prebend of, (Kimberley/Ward), lease. 1726/7
PORKINGTON, 2 pieces of land called Crofton and Skybor extending from lands of Ric. Ap Thomas to mills of Powell of Park, (Jones/Kyffin). 1732

Co. Chester  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/16/44  1598-1702

Arrangement: No Bundle 17

WRENBURY, tithes of corn and grain, Woodsoske and Newall, (Frances Dowager Countess of Huntingdon/Willson), lease. 1702
BROUGH, CHESTER, messuage formerly in tenure of Poole and now in holding of Preston, with the Mawfield, Mawfield Meadow, White Field, Leene meadow, Poosit Dale, Milne field, Batter-shaw meadow, Churchfield, etc., (Steele (for Poole)/Preston). 1718
ODDRODE, messuage and tenements in, (Harden/Lawley). 1598
Release of all right and interest in estate of John Tompson of ODDRODE.

Deeds re Crompton Estate in STONE and FENTON VIVIAN  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/18/44  1624-1634

Sale of new closes, Moor Meadow, Black Flatts, New Hill, The Holmes, The Sprinke, Cherry Tree Yard, 1/3 part of The Cullimore, lands in Oulton Meadow and Low Field, (Crompton, Sneyd/Smyth). 1624
Mosty Lees, 22a. in Oulton - Cullimore (added to [...] 44s. in previous purchase) making ½ The Cullimore, (Crompton/Smyth). 1625
FENTON VIVIAN, capital messuage containing dwelling house of Ed. Vise, etc., (Crompton et al Rawlins). 1628
KIBBLESTONE, messuage in tenure of Thos Reade, late in tenure of John Reade, also closes called Home Close, Thutt land, Nether Field, Middle Furlong, Broad Close, Callow Croft, Over Croft, The Keelne Croft, The Montepit and little pasture adjoining, The Crook oakesand The Thorne Croft, etc., (Crompton/Smyth). 1646
STONE, barn and cowhouse on north side of Tentry Croft in occupation of T. Challoner, innholder and late in tenure of Ed. Day, (Day the elder/Crompton). 1648
OULTON, lands late in tenure of Morrey, Crew, Hall and Emery, (Aston, Harryman (executors of Eliz. Countess of Anglesey)/Crompton). 1633
ROLLESTON, OULTON. Lands of chapel of Anglesey in Rolleston - house occupied by Randall Crewe, lands in Oulton in tenure of Hall and Emery, (Aston, Harryman (executors of Christopher Lord Anglesey)/Crompton). 1633
OULTON, cottage with appurts. in occupation of Thos. Hall, (Crompton/Underwood), lease. 1634

DRAFT AND COPY DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

Land Acquired  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/19/44  1669-1739

WHITTINGTON, LITTLE SUGNALL, CHATCULL, messuages in, (Broughton/Vyse/Jervis). 1669
MEAFORD, KIBBLESTONE, messuage in where Rob. Taylor dwelt - Meaford Farm, (Taylor/Wm. Jervis). 1695
TUNSTALL, messuage occupied by H. Jervis, (Smityman/Henry Jervis of Chipnall). 1698
STONE, copy of grant of 2 seats in the church, (James Collyer/John Jervis). (1699)
STONE, The Trenflat in Stone Field, (Emery/Jervis), copy lease. (1719)
HULME, The Storkwall House, (Shaw/Jervis). 1720
HILDERSTONE, parcel of land in holding of Thos. Adams, (Shelley/John Jervis). 1722
DARLASTON, The Lea Croft, Upper Croft, Over Croft, Up Leasow, Nether Leasow, The Fairley, Fairley Meadow, The Quarrell and The Lane between the Upleasow and Middle Leasow and the same at the head of the wood, (Flint/John Jervis). 1723
CHEBSEY, tithes and tithe barn, (Dean and Chapter/Jervis), copy lease. (1735)
COTWALTON, messuage inhabited by Rich. Durham, (Nicholls/Swinfen Jervis), copy purchase deed. (1737)
FORSBROOK, The Palehouse, etc., (Barnett/Swinfen Jervis), draft sale. No Date
MEAFORD, closes in, (Webb/Jervis). 1738-9
HILDERSTONE, DARLASTON, tithes in, (Wright/John Jervis), copy sale. (1697)
MEAFORD, Knightley Hills in, (Smallwood/Collins, Jervis), copy sale. (1673)

[no title]  49/20/44  1738 & No Date

PIPE RIDWARE, manor of, draft partition between Fisher Littleton and Thomas Parker, husbands of the co-heiresses. 1736
FORTON, messuage in, (Ege/Parker), draft release for uses of a recovery. No Date

[no title]  49/21/44  1687

DARLASTON, messuage occupied by Thornton, with closes called The Cross Flats, The Hill Top, Marsh Meadow and Thornton's Heath, (Thornton/Hatrell).

Land Sold  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/22/44  1679-1737

AUDLEY, The Manor Highfield and Highfield Banks, (Jervis/Baddeley), draft mortgage assignment. No Date
SPOT, p. STONE, messuage, barn and closes, (Wm. Jervis/Atkinson, Wiggin), 1679
MODDERSHALL, tithes of corn and grain, (Philips/Sherrat), draft lease, (previously granted to Philips by Wm Jervis). 1689
DARLASTON, Flints Crofts, (Jervis/Corker), draft lease. 1723
COTWALTON, p. STONE, messuage in, (Jervis/Moreton), draft mortgage. 1737
EAVES, p. STOKE ON TRENT, messuage in, (Hambleton, Jervis/Hinde), draft. 1669

[no title]  49/23/44  No Date

WISTASTON, CO. CHESTER, pastures adjoining Thieves Lane, 4 butts in Malpas field, (Mainwaring/Wilding), draft mortgage.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/24/44  1669-1702

STONE, messuage in possession of John Brett, (Cooke/Shelley), copy bargain and sale. 1669
STONE, capital messuagein, (Crompton/Rudyard). 1671
STONE, messuage late in possession of Thos Emery, (Stubbs/Bradley), draft. 1673
STONE, messuage formerly occupied by Judith Fisher, (Collier/Fisher). 1678
STONE, malthouse in possession of Peter Frankland, (Steele/Skillet). 1687
WALTON, p. STONE, assignment of issues of Bagnall's land at Stone in trust for poor of Kibblestone and Stone. 1689
STONE, messuage in Dynton, (Bond/Wimslowe). 1702
STONE, closes in Drynton, (Bond/Astley (trustee)), draft mortgage with money collected for poor. 1702
STONE, abstract of deeds relating to estate of Willis and Hulton in.

[no title]  49/25/44  1641-1665

COTWALTON, 1. KIBBLESTONE, closes in tenure of Beech, (Crompton/Sacheverell). 1641
COTWALTON, messuage inhabited by Mary Bead and closes belonging to Bead, (Daniel/Smyth). 1665

[no title]  49/26/44  1670-1738

Messuage in Stafford in tenure of Rickard Walker and messuage in Caverswall, (Doldman/Powell, Bagnell).
ASTON, p. STONE, messuage, (Shelley/Webb), draft sale. 1679
NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME, part of croft between High Street and Lower Street, (Boughey/Bork). 1680
BURSLEM, messuage with appurts. where Richard Rowley now dwells, (Rowley/Daniel), draft purchase. 1681
BARLASTON, closes and meadows in holding of George Eldershaw, (Eldershaw/Greatbach), copy mortgage assignment. 1687
BARLASTON, meadows and pastures, (Eldershaw/Greatbach), mortgage. 1678
ECCLESHALL, Nether End Close, Messes Croft, (Faulkner/Jones,), copy sale. 1699
RICKERSCOTE, draft assignment of term of 100 years of part of premises, (Abnett/Mitchell). 1722
BENTILEE, p. ABBOTS BROMLEY, messuage in, (Moore/Fieldhouse), draft lease. 1723
STONE, Little Hobbergate, (Warslow/Bond), draft sale. 1725
Manor of ALREWAS, (Turton/Davies), draft notice of intent to levy fine. 1735
BRADLEY, parsonage house at, (Meynell and Kennedy), copy deed of exchange. (1738)
CAVERSWALL, messuage, tenement and cottages in Cookshill, (Blood/Joseph Hill of Park Hall), copy purchase. (1743)
CAVERSWALL, messuage, tenement and cottages in Cookshill, (Hill/Parker), mortgage.
OULTON, Hawkins tenement, 3 days work in Stonefield, (Dent/Gretton), copy. (1736)
DARLASTON, p. STONE, Croft adjoining the house of Robert Colecliff, (Colecliff/Cheadle), lease for 6 years. 1670
DARLASTON, p. STONE, messuage where Elizabeth Bolson now dwells, (Collier et al/Bolson), draft. 1677
MEAFORD, messuage and lands called Middle Hills, Lower Pool Meadow, Little Downs, The Risewood, The Great Black Furlong and 2 crofts, (Bullock/Johnson), copies of grant. (1735)

Out County and No Place  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/27/44  1642-1739

No place, copy of lease, (Poshall/Tillesley). 1642
? Vyse Park, (Gregorie/Laybank), draft. 1669
? place, (Arnett/Keene). 1670
p. ST. MARY, STAFFORD, tenement in, (White/Ward), copy lease. (1690)
CARBURTON, NORTON, CO. NOTTINGHAM, parcel of land in, (Wheeler/Heyford). 1698
NEW WOODHOUSES, CO. SALOP, messuage late in possession of Wm. Sandford, (Sunderland/Sandford), draft. 1700
NETHER SEAL, CO. LEICESTER, capital messuage at; manor of [...] (?Benticle) near Abbots Bromley, co. Stafford, (Moor/Sorsbury). 1739
HADLEY, CO. SALOP, messuage in, (Grice/Greenway), draft bond for conveyance of. No Date
DRAYTON, CO. SALOP, Colleys Croft, (James/James), copy of grant. No Date
CHESWARDINE, CO. SALOP, ?park and ground, (Butler/Tillesley), fragment. No Date
?KENTHORPEWOOD, CO. DERBY, messuage, (? /Brown), fragment of draft. No Date

Draft Settlements and Trusts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/28/44  1652-1686

STONE, land in, abstract of title of Mr Austen. 1652-86
TUNSTALL, WOLSTANTON, land in, abstract of title of John Wood. No Date
WEST BROUGHTON, CO. DERBY, messuage in, (John Wall to son), draft settlement. 1679
DARLASTON, p. STONE, messuage now in possession of Francis Corbridge, (Parker/Stubbs), draft deed of trust. No Date

Draft Marriage Settlements  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/29/44  1651-1741

Parker's draft of ?his marriage settlement to Ann Whitehall. No Date
STONE, property in, draft marriage settlement of Rasse Smith and Elizabeth Russell. 1651
CHARNES, ½ capital messuage inhabited by Ralph Young, draft marriage settlement of John Young and Mary Skrimsher. 1676
BUCKNALL, Askin Ridding, Hall Court, Beene Laughton, The Sprinkals, The Spring, The Springsome, Highfield, draft marriage settlement of John Beech and Mary Stubbs. 1685
TITTENSOR, capital messuage in, draft marriage settlement of Thomas Wright the younger and Mary Tagge. 1687
PERSHALL, capital messuage inhabited by Ralph Best, copy marriage settlement of Ralph Best and Elizabeth Shenton. (1687)
WALTON, p. STONE, capital messuage of Richard Beech, draft marriage settlement of Wm Beech and Ann Townsend, (John Jervis a trustee). 1741
Copy marriage settlement of Creswell and Mary Beech, property, ? place, 1 sheet only. No Date
DARLASTON, CHATCULL, property in, copy of marriage settlement of John Jervis. (1692)

Draft Wills  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/30/44  1631-1740

Draft will of James Gratwich. 1631
Opinion on a will - no names. Signed C. Talbot. 1729
Draft will of Ralph Proctor of London. 1729
Copy will of Richard Fletcher of Footherley. (1734)
Copy will of Richard Sale of Stone. (1735)
Draft will of Mr Johnson, ?place. No Date
Draft will of James Simons, ?place. No Date
Copy will of Elizabeth Crompton. (1739/40)
Will of Richard Taylor. 1688

ESTATE PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/31/44  1678

Papers concerning tenements at Broadoak belonging to ? William Jervis.

[no title]  49/32/44  1675-1692

Assessment of 4d. in the pound of PODMORE, for purposes unknown. 1692
Rental of lands of William Jervis in CHATCULL, PODMORE and LITTLE SUGNALL. No Date
Levy for the repair of the parish church at [...] weeford 1675

[no title]  49/33/44  1702 - 1736

Fragments of valuation of tenement belonging to Daintry. No Date
Survey and estimate of Harlowde farm. No Date
Survey of the Dairy house farm in ps. CHEADLE and DILHORNE. 1736
Account of STOKE tithes. No Date
Search warrant for houses in DARLASTON, STONE and TITTENSOR to be searched for timber lately stolen from John Jervis of Darlaston. 1702/3
Rental of Buerton. 1721

[no title]  49/34/44  1815 - 1818

Index of letters on agricultural matters. No Date
Journal of agricultural labourers work. 1815-1818

ACCOUNTS  [no ref. or date]

Estate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/35/44  c.1650-1700

Miscellaneous assessments including:-
Book of accounts - mainly tithe. 1650-53
Assessment of the royal aid in DARLASTON. 1666
Assessment of DARLASTON for a levy for disbanding forces and paying off seamen. 1698
DARLASTON, assessment of a constable's levy at 20/- for the repair of bridges. 1669
Return of the constables for DARLASTON of all those liable for payment of a poll. No Date, c. 1670-80
Assessments of poor relief, levy - p. STONE. 1678, 1679, 1661
Assessment of a royal aid DARLASTON. 1689

[no title]  49/36/44  1646-1727

102 docs

Miscellaneous estate accounts, bills and receipts, including many for building and glazing from Emery, and costs of purchase of manor of DARLASTON by William Jervis, 1685, with copy of purchase deed.

[no title]  49/37/44  1798 and No Date

Land tax assessment of Wm Jervis for estates in p. STONE. No Date
? Particulars of valuation of tithes, p. STONE. No Date
Receipt for rent for allotments at OULTON Heath, Wm. Jervis paid to Thomas Fenton. No Date
Rental of Wm Jervis's lands in CHATCULL, PODMORE and LITTLE SUGNALL. No Date

[no title]  49/38/44  c.1661-1677

Note book of ? William Jervis containing estate accounts, memoranda, etc.

[no title]  49/39/44  1654-70

Rent book of William Jervis, ? all STAFFS. property; listed under tenants names.
At rear: out letters and memoranda, 1684-1700.

[no title]  49/40/44  1732-40

NORBURY, CO. DERBY, rent accounts of manor and living including tithes and receipts - mainly with Saunders.

[no title]  49/41/44  1820-21

MEAFORD farm accounts; money in and out - mainly stock and sundry farm purchases.

[no title]  49/42/44  c.1779

Folder of accounts of the Ricketts estate in JAMAICA; including value of land, and names of native servants.

Household  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/43/44  1668-1706

Household bills. 1668-1706
Book of household accounts - mainly cheese. 1683-87

[no title]  49/44/44  c.1740-60

Mrs Swinfen Jervis - 4 household and dress account books.

Personal  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/45/44  1658-68

Account book of ? John Jervis (d.1680) mainly for money lent.
Also entries in hand of William Jervis.

[no title]  49/46/44  1656-80

Personal financial papers of William Jervis.

[no title]  49/47/44  c.1670-1700

Financial papers of William Jervis including: -
Money owed to William Jervis. 1677
Accounts of John Jervis. 1692
List of subscriptions towards maintenance of Mr Bradley, Minister of Stone. Wm Jervis among the subscribers. No date
William Jervis - bond for payment of £3C. 18s. to Sarah Richards of Broughton. 1673
Discharge of a debt of £20, (Brian Daintry/Wm. Jervis). 1685/6
Receipt for £500 of purchase money paid by Wm. Jervis to James Collyer. 1686

[no title]  49/48/44  1728 - 1740

Swinfen Jervis - personal account book. 1728-31
- 4 miscellaneous financial papers. 1735-40

[no title]  49/49/44  1758-1764

Naval accounts of John Jervis afterwards 1st Earl St. Vincent.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/50/44  1586 - 1742

Miscellaneous accounts including: -
Receipt for £4, Thomas Lawton from Philip Lawton of Church Lawton. 1586
Discharge of debt, (Randall/John Lawton).
Direction to Mr Vize to hand over commission moneys for Lady Day last past. 1649
Receipt for £4,100 purchase money for Ralph Smyth's estate in ECCLESHALL and STONE, (William Daniell/R. Smyth). 1667
List of debtors and creditors of John Bucknall. 1674
Account of Charles, Lord Gerard and papers. 1685
Peplow's title to MODDERSHALL tithes. 1695-1714
Assessment for the 1703 war levy for NEWCASTLE. 1703
Receipt for WALTON tithes. 1727
Accounts (disbursements) of the fire engine and coal work at the Woods. 1728-1730
Account of sums for which Mr Trusley drew on his bank. 1742
Survey of Woodhouse farm, belonging to Thomas Lander. No Date
List of debts owing to Thomas Rowley, ?place. 1631
Woollands copy of his bond to Wm Jervis. 1679
Copy of John Bradbury's bond to Broughton. 1675

FAMILY  [no ref. or date]

Public Office and Private Business  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/51/44  1665-1688

Bailiffs accounts for Lord Pagett's share of the manor (cf. Dugdale ii 1066). Passed by J. Swinfen ? steward.

[no title]  49/51A/44  1708

George Parker. Certificate of summoning of papists before the Justices of the Peace.

[no title]  49/52/44  1660 - 1682

William Jervis. Manor of DOVERIDGE, CO. DERBY, papers relating to the manorial administration.
William Jervis was the steward.
Includes: -
Copy of court leet of manor of DOVERIDGE. 1679
Papers in case concerning copyhold tenements in DOVERIDGE, (Henshawe v. Cavendish and Jervis). 1676
Copy of release of a copyhold tenement in DOVERIDGE in occupation of John ?, (Robert Bull/John Bond, William Jervis, R. Walls), with bond of above for payment of £6 p.a. to Bull. 1676
Manor of DOVERIDGE, court leet and court baron, before William Jervis, steward. 1677
Lord of manor was Henry Cavendish.
Arms of Henry Cavendish.
Copies of court baron. 1681, 1682
Money received by John Jervis for malt owed to Cavendish. 1660
Agreement between Cavendish and his tenants. 1672

[no title]  49/53/44  1744-5

John Jervis of Darlaston - high sheriff of Staffordshire.
7 papers relating to the 1745 rebellion including examination of prisoners held before various Cheshire Justices

[no title]  49/54/44  1735-1742

Archival history:
Other documents sold at Sothbys [17.6.49]

Accounts of the receiver for land tax. 1741-2
Accounts of the receiver for duty on houses. 1735, 1740, 1741

[no title]  49/55/44  1723-32

69 docs

Swinfen Jervis
Correspondence, accounts and receipts concerning the sequestration of the tithes of HIGH OFFLEY.

[no title]  49/56/44  1745-1757

Swinfen Jervis
Correspondence concerning Seamens Hospital at Greenwich.
N.B. He was Auditor of the Hospital
Inventory of S.J., household goods at Greenwich College 1757
Note of payments of Merchant Seamens Sixpences to the Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. 1745-6
Appointment of Swinfen Jervis as Auditor of the Revenues of the Charity of the relief of widows of commissioned and warrant officers of the Royal Navy. 1747

[no title]  49/57/44  1795

William Jervis (son of Swinfen).
Account of William Jervis, Surveyor of the roads in KIBBLESTONE.

[no title]  49/58/44  1651 - 1692

William Jervis including: -
Appointment of William Jervis as attorney for John Maw. 1651
Warrant for the release of William Dawson from sheriff's custody (signed by William Jervis). 1661/2
Petition of the widow of Ed. Church, lunatic, for his estate. No Date
Bond for payment of £9. 10., (Wm. Farnall, R. Degg/Biddulph). 1667
Bond for payment of £12, (Robt. Ford, John Lutwynd/Peake). 1671
Bond for £5. 6s., (Wm. Lithgow, Geo. Venables/John Arnet). 1674
Bond for payment of £7. 10., (Thos. Smith/Wm. Wall). 1677
Receipt of Henry Kerke and John Turner for purchase money from Thos Cookes. 1692

[no title]  49/59/44  1665/6

Sir Thomas Parker.
[N.B. That all his legal briefs are listed under Legal Papers].
Interrogatries on part of Mary Lowis and Jonathan Britain. Signed: Parker. No Date
Thomas Leacroft's appointment of Thomas Wood, Thomas Parker and Michael Turton as his proctors in the Court of Common Pleas. 1665/6

[no title]  49/60/44  1734

Papers relating to the STAFFORD election including: -
Poll books, Parker's election addresses, and poll books 1722, 1734 & 1754, and a list of burgesses 1727.

[no title]  49/61/44  1717/8

Henry Jervis.
Copy of will of Griffith Vaughan of Hinstock, co. Salop, Archdeacon of Salop - witnessed by Henry Jervis.

[no title]  49/62/44  1632-1684

William Jervis (? brother of Swinfen).
Papers and deeds relating to the rectory of SWYNNERTON. 1636-1728
Rental of manor of SANDON. 1632
Fine of £5 on the goods of Thomas Daintry, deceased, for being buried in linen instead of wool. 1683
Agreement between Sir Ed. Hungerford and Lord Gerard concerning dower house at Brimley. 1684

[no title]  49/63/44  1747

Thomas Hattrell (father in law of Wm Jervis b. 1728).
Case against Rev. R. Williams vicar of Hawarden for unjust removal of the parish clerk.

Swinfen Jervis  [no ref. or date]

Most of these papers concern his work as a solicitor. Amongst the legal papers there may be briefs of his, but not positively identified, and therefore not included here

[no title]  49/64/44  1724-63

6 documents relating to the lands in NANTWICH, CO.
Chester and CHESTERTON, CO. STAFFORD, of Randle Hancock, left in trust of which Swinfen Jervis was a member including -
CHESTERTON, articles of agreement concerning the assignment of a lease of a messuage in, (Wm Bourne/executors of Randall Hancock). 1732
Certificate of contents of will of Jane Bromhall, signed by Matthew Meakin, Swinfen Jervis and others. Swinfen Jervis made a trustee. 1736
Deed of trust for the dau. of Randall Hancock, (Jane, married John Bromhall), (Meakin, Hancock the younger/Burgess). 1737
Release of debts, (Bromhall, Howitt/Swinfen Jervis).

[no title]  49/65/44  1690-1739

Swinfen Jervis. Deeds relating to BARLASTON land involved in a settlement of which Swinfen Jervis was a trustee.
BARLASTON, The field above the town adjoining the land of Thomas Foley and in occupation of Richard Hand, The Lay Furlong, Pool Furlong and all woods, etc., belonging, (Colclough, Browne (executors of Colclough/Bassett). 1690
BARLASTON, The field above the town, etc., [as above]. (Bradbury, Beech/Bagnall). 1718
BARLASTON, moiety of messuage late occupied by John Bradbury and now is possession of Clewley, also The field above the town, etc., [as above], (Swinfen Jervis, Furnival, with consent of Clewly/Johnson), mortgage. 1732
BARLASTON, messuage, 2 gardens, 6a. land, 20a. meadow, 60a. pasture, 4a. common of burbary with appurts. in, (Clowley et al/Amery), final agreement. 1740
BARLASTON, The town field, etc., [as above], sale under Clewley's settlement. 1739

[no title]  49/66A/44  1732

Swinfen Jervis
Papers in case concerning Wilbraham, lands at CHURCH MINSHULL, CO. CHESTER.

[no title]  49/66B/44  c.1730-50

Papers relating to the Chetwynd family.

[no title]  49/67/44  c.1730

Papers in case concerning the estate of William Cobb, late Receiver General of the co. of CHESTER.

[no title]  49/68/44  1735

Papers in case concerning lands in BRIDGMERE, CO. CHESTER, with abstract of title, (Bayley v. Wybunbury).

[no title]  49/69/44  No Date

Case concerning the appointment of a schoolmaster to SHREWSBURY School, (St. John's College, Cambridge v. Mayor and burgesses of Shrewsbury).

[no title]  49/70/44  1731

Marriage articles, John Shelley and Judith Litman, with bond.

[no title]  49/71/44  1687-1738

Miscellaneous papers including: -
Summary of case concerning the Stanton estate at NEWPORT, CO. SALOP. 1687
Note of CHESHIRE land measures. No Date
Letter concerning a power of attorney sent to John Swinfen (d1694) by his nephew. 1694
Draft release of lands in CO. LEICESTER disputed in case of Lowther et al v. Thornton and Rider. 1738
Names of brewers in STAFFORD charged by Luke Bill, officer, (annotated by Swinfen Jervis). No Date

[no title]  49/72/44  1729-1740

Miscellaneous papers including: -
Abstract of marriage settlement between Adam Soresby of Chesterfield, co. Derby and Jane Tenth of Low Leighton, co. Essex. 1740
Advowson of GRENDON, CO. WARWICK; NORTHMEOLS and LEYLAND, CO. LANCS, (Walter Chetwynd of Grendon/Richard Ryder, Swinfen Jervis), grant in trust so that W. Chetwynd may fill the vacancy by letter when he is abroad. 1731
Marriage settlement, (Jane Pratchet and John Bromhall), £520, (Swinfen Jervis a member of the trust). 1729

[no title]  49/73/44  1698-1739

Miscellaneous papers including: -
Case concerning presentation to the church of ENFIELD, CO. MIDDX, notes - Swinfen Jervis. No Date
Estimates for rebuilding the Church at NORTON, CO. DERBY. No Date
Notes on case concerning presentation to the Church of STANDON. 1712-20
Case concerning LEOMINSTER tithes. 1698
Authorization to Swinfen Jervis, and others to appear as attornies for James Sutton. 1739

[no title]  49/74/44  No Date

Personal notebooks of Swinfen Jervis, one mainly blank. (2).

[no title]  49/75/44  1730-1742

Admission to act as solicitor, Court of Exchequer. 1730
Admission to practice as solicitor in the Court of Chancery. 1730
Notice to appear in the Court of Exchequer. 1742

[no title]  49/76/44  1735

Newcastle Charities Trust, John and Swinfen Jervis including: -
Various rents in NEWCASTLE made over by executrix of Sir John Turton to a trust of which John and Swinfen Jervis were members. 1735
Nomination of Thomas Hatrell and Swinfen Jervis as attornies for the trust. 1735

William Jervis  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/77/44  1715

Marriage settlement of William Fitzherbert and Elizabeth Owen including: -
Grant of manor and advowson of NORBURY, with opinion.

[no title]  49/78/44  1654-1670

Deeds concerning purchase of a tenement in MODDERSHALL, part of marriage settlement of Aldersey Dicken and Mary his wife including: -
Grant of MODDERSHALL, to Charles Nichols and Wm. Adams, of Chas. II. 1654
MODDERSHALL, (Pacheverell et al/Adams). 1670
MODDERSHALL, messuage and tenement in where Adams now dwells, (Lycett/Adams). 1671
MODDERSHALL, tenement where Adams dwells in, (Sacheverll, Adams/Snesby), mortgage and counterpart to secure purchase price of sale of this land, (Sachevell/Adams). 1670
MODDERSHALL, messuage where Wm. Adams dwelt with The Meadow before the door, The Croft, The backside of the barn, Cowhay; Peases Field, The Haynooks, The Close, and moiety of the Boolow Close, (Licett/Spendlove, Palmer), (marriage settlement of Wm. Dicken and Sarah Licett).
Signed in presence of Peter Jarvis. 1693
MODDERSHALL, messuage with lands [as above], (Licett, Dicken/Dicken, Massey), lease and release, (marriage settlement of Aldersey Dicken and Mary his wife). 1721

[no title]  49/79/44  pre 1450-1710

Bradbury Deeds, Estate in BARLASTON including: -
BARLASTON, fee in, (John son of John son of Philip, lord of Berleston/John de Blorton, son of Philip), grant. No Date
BARLASTON, land in, recently had from said John, (Thomas Clyff of Etwall, John Berthren/John Lawand, Isabelle his wife), grant. 1450
BARLASTON, manor and l. of, (Lord Stafford/Charles Cavendish), grant. 1578
BARLASTON, messuage with appurts. in tenure of John Ridgway and Richard Willat, (Yonge/Barbour). 1586
BARLASTON, messuage with appurts. in tenure of John Ridgway and Richard Whillet, (Whorwood/Fowke). 1618
BARLASTON, messuage with appurts. in tenure of Richard Willat and Geo. Nuttshaw and messuage called The Shutts, (Fowke/Bradbury). 1625
BARLASTON, all right and tithe to messuage with appurts, now in tenure of Richard Willatt, (Fowke/Bradbury), quitclaim. 1625
BARLASTON, The Great Leasowe adjoining Maysome Moor, Pitt Croft, Middle Leasowe, The Meadow in the Leasowes with adjoining lane, Over Leasowe, Lower Leasowe, Trent Meadow, The Five Beast Gate, (Colclough/Thos. Bradbury). 1619
BARLASTON, exchange of Moors Croft, (Turton/Bradbury), for 4a. adjoining Turton's land in possession of Bradbury. 1648
FOLE, p. CHECKLEY, messuage with appurts. now in occupation of Wm. Bradbury, (Wm. Bradbury, Ellen his wife/Isaac Johnson), lease. 1652
BARLASTON, The Priors Flatt containing 3½a. in tenure of Bradbury, Stanley Meadow, dole containing 1a. in tenure of Willat, Bennetts Croft containing ½ day's work of land in occupation of Webbe, (Colclough, Smythe, Jervis, trustees/Bradbury). 1653
BARLASTON, messuage in tenure of Geo. Colclough, (Colclough, Smyth, Jervis, trustees/Geo. Colclough). 1653
BARLASTON, parcels of land in Woodeaves called Square Snape and The Little Croft, (Bradbury/Digge), in exchange for William Flatt and William Flatt Meadow. 1653
BARLASTON, all his messuage and lands in, (Thos. Bradbury, the elder/Thos. Shelley, John Bradbury, Sampson Shelley, Thos. Bradbury), settlement. 1659/60
FRADSWELL, 2 messuages with appurts. in manor of, formerly in tenure of Thos. Beech, granted to him by Wingfield Lord Cromwell, (Wm. Bradbury/John Bradbury). 1659/60
Will of Richard Bradbury of Blackfriars, London. 1699
BARLASTON, messuage with appurts. late in possession of Wm. Bradbury and now in possession of Thos. Bradbury, his son, also The Field above the town adjoining to a lane of Thos. Foley, Hay Furlong, Poole Furlong, Wastland, 3a. in Rough Close, The Wast [...] as Baggaley's wastfield containing 7a., 7a. in The Great Waste and Little Waste, (Bradbury and son/Astbury, Furnivall, Furnivall). 1700
MEAFORD, messuage with appurts. inhabited by John Shutar with the Meaford Cullamore, also pasturage for 100 sheep on CALTON Heath, and pasturage for 20 sheep in Stonefield, p. STONE, (Bradbury/Licett), mortgage. 1710
COLD NORTON, messuage inhabited by Adderley and leased to him by John Mainwaring, (Adderley/John Bradbury), assignment of lease. 1711
BARLASTON, Bradbury's waste (in 3 parts), in exchange for Eldershaw waste, (John and Alice Bradbury/Martha Eldershaw). 1714
Petition, on behalf of John Bradbury, imprisoned for debt, signed by the Staffordshire dissenting ministers and chief members of the congregation of the dissenting meeting house at Stone. 1720
Bradbury v. Colclough, Bradbury's case. 1725

[no title]  49/80/44  1649-1689

STOKE, p. STONE, closes called Further Lane Flatt, Over Canhill, Millcrofts, Longcroft, The Paddock, (Bromley/Henn), lease. 1649
DARLASTON, The Mearles ground and adjoining meadow, (Phillips/Bailey), assignment of lease. 1680
Articles of agreement on marriage of Lord Gerard and Mary Webb, (witnessed by William Jervis). 1689

John Jervis, 1st Earl St. Vincent.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/81A/44  1748-59

Certificates and commissions as midshipman and Lieutenant.

CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/81B/44  2 Dec.1715

George Parker, letter to his son John.

[no title]  49/82A/44  1711-1748

7 letters to Mrs Elizabeth Parker, from George Parker, William Parker, and her son and brother. Family and estate matters.

[no title]  49/82B/44  1781-1856

Letters of Thomas Parker including his obituary, 2 letter from Dickenson, 1825 and account of the portraits at Park Hall, 1856.
Letters concerning the fire at Park Hall, 1781 with list of furniture damaged.

[no title]  49/83/44  1648-1693

53 letters

Letters to John Swinfen including: -
From John Birch concerning the war in Holland. 18 May 1648
From William Paget about money owing to Paget. 4 Nov.1676
From Phillip Foley, asking Swinfen to secure interest for Sir Walter Bagot and Sir Walter Wrottesley as members for the County of Stafford; 4 Feb.1677/8
Also about matters in Parliament and the death of Richard Hampden. 5 June 1689
From W. Bagot, soliciting his vote. 30 Jan.1678/9
From J.S. about local election. 6 Feb.1677/8
From Crewe, with London gossip. 15 Dec.1681
From John Baker about their exclusion bill (i.e. bill brought by Hampden, Foley and Swinfen for the exclusion of the Duke of York). 22 Oct.1681, 20 Oct.1682
Letter and draft of will of The Lady Eliz. Wilbram, friend and adviser of John Swinfen. 1692
And various other letters from members of the family on family and estate business.

[no title]  49/84/44  No Date and 1735-1741

John Jervis of Darlaston, letters including: -
4 letters of Mary Jervis to her husband, family matters. No Date
Letter from R. Acherly about a case of damages. No Date
21 letters of John Jervis to his son Swinfen. 1735-41
Other letters on family and estate matters.

[no title]  49/85/44  No Date

Thomas Purtell to John Jervis [d.1670] about an acquittance (enclosed).

[no title]  49/86/44  3 Oct.1656, No Date

2 letters to William Jervis of Meaford, financial.

[no title]  49/87/1/44  c.1762

William Jervis. Mr Tindall to Wm. Jervis, including one about the marriage of E. Jervis to Mr Batwell, No Date

[no title]  49/87/2/44  1745-1773

Miscellaneous letters to William Jervis including an anonymous reflection of his papist tendencies.

[no title]  49/87/3/44  1721-1742

Swinfen Jervis, includes 6 business letters from "P.P."; 1733-37
19 letters from Sir Thomas Parker - family and estate matters and about Parker's appointment as Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 1721-42
Family and estate letters. c.1730-41

[no title]  49/88/1/44  1745-71

Letters to Mrs Swinfen Jervis including 7 letters from her cousin, Mrs Donne - family affairs; and letter from J. Hamilton, 1748, about her son (Admiral John Jervis) first going to sea.

[no title]  49/88/2/44  No Date

Former reference: SR 206

Household recipe book of Mrs Jervis.

[no title]  49/89/44  1759

Elizabeth Jervis (Mrs Daniel Batwell) including: -
To her mother, Mrs Swinfen Jervis, before her marriage, with copy letter from Henry Davers to her Brother Jack on the back, written before the death of Davers and asking Capt Jervis to carry out certain errands for him & bequeathing some small gifts to him
To her mother after her marriage describing life in Stepney; gossip about royal family and letters from Greenwich and Stepney.
Letters from Nicholas Tindal, the historian, who was Captain at Greenwich and a friend of the family

[no title]  49/90/44  1758-1813

Letters of Mary Jervis (Mrs Wm. Henry Ricketts) and her husband

[no title]  49/90/44/1  1764-1813

Letters from Edward Long from Jamaica to Mr and Mrs Ricketts, with a few replies from the Ricketts. 1764-1813
Also poem by C.W. Palmer on the death of Geo. C. Ricketts,(mainly estate affairs).

[no title]  49/90/44/2  1758-60

Mrs Ricketts to her mother including accounts of life in Jamaica.

[no title]  49/90/44/3  17 Mar.1783

Their son, Lieutenant W.H. Ricketts, commission as Master of the Shrewsbury.

[no title]  49/91/44  1756-c 1888

Letters of John Jervis, 1st Earl St. Vincent

[no title]  49/91/44/1  1756-1797

18 letters of John Jervis to his father and brother, from sea or ports of call.

[no title]  49/91/44/2  1797-1800

21 letters of John Jervis, Earl St. Vincent to his brother and Captain Jervis, (with enclosure Mr Holliday to Earl St. Vincent).

[no title]  49/91/44/3  1801-1810

Letters of John Jervis, Earl St. Vincent to his brother, Mr Jervis Ricketts, and an unnamed correspondent about St. Vincent's nephew.

[no title]  49/91/44/4  1762-64

Correspondence of Captain John Jervis and Lord Colvill on naval matters including fleet orders.

[no title]  49/91/44/5  1811-23

Letters of Earl St. Vincent to Edward Ricketts and his wife - family and estate.

[no title]  49/91/44/6  1813-14

2 letters of Earl St. Vincent to Mr Richard Penn, one concerning the appointment of a superintendent of the anchorage in Plymouth Sound.

[no title]  49/91/44/7  1827

Circular request to the 2nd Earl St. Vincent for the return of consular returns to the Parliament office for reprinting.

[no title]  49/91/44/8  1800

3 letters from Ushant concerning the gallant conduct of Captain Pilford.

[no title or date]  49/91/44/9

9 letters to Rear Admiral John Jervis (Earl St. Vincent) on naval matters, plus resumé of his naval career.

[no title]  49/91/44/10  1828-43

6 letters to St. Vincent including 2 from Ed. Jervis to his father 1837, 1843, with itinerary of a tour in Europe.

[no title]  49/91/44/11  No Date

Clothes list, ?naval.

[no title]  49/91/44/12  No Date

4 papers - poems in praise of Earl St. Vincent.

[no title]  49/91/44/13  July 1824

Passport of Viscount St. Vincent.

[no title]  49/91/44/14  c.1888

Letters relating to relics of Earl St. Vincent, i.e. a Baton used by him, the medal given by St. Vincent to his captain, a miniature of the battle and sale of 2 prints of the battle.

[no title]  49/91/44/15  No Date

2 letters from Martha Jervis (nee Parker) to William Jervis, her brother-in-law and Mrs Swinfen Jervis.

[no title]  49/92/1/44  No Date

Letters to Edward Ricketts, (Viscount St. Vincent), various matters including family and estate, Day school at DARLASTON, MEAFORD affairs.

[no title]  49/92/2/44  1809-1834

Papers and letters concerning the estate in JAMAICA, purchased by his grandfather, George Ricketts.

[no title]  49/93/44  1825

Character book of the Hon. Edward Swinfen Jervis, Summer Holidays, 1825.

[no title]  49/94/44  1837-54

3 letters to ? 3rd Viscount St. Vincent, family affairs.

[no title]  49/95/44  1893-4

Letters to Carnegie Parker-Jervis, 5th Viscount St. Vincent, mainly about estate matters.

[no title]  49/96/44  1662-1755

Miscellaneous letters

[no title]  49/96/44/1  1662-1755; No Date

Includes Rev. Thomas Burnet to Gilbert Burnet Bishop of Salisbury on the death of the Bishop's wife. Lady Hertford to Dr. Burnet about the death of her son.

[no title]  49/96/44/2  No Date

Including a shorthand book, the Duke of Beaufort's recipe for colic water.
2 covers franked by Thomas Bishop of Winchester. Particulars of a journey through the German courts at the time of Frederick The Great of Prussia, writer unknown.

[no title]  49/97/44  1694-1703

Letters of Alice Matthew (?grandmother of John Jervis of Darlaston) to her grandchildren ? John and Mary Jervis.

LEGAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Cases involving the Family  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/98/44  c.1670

Case concerning land in STONE, (Lowe v. William Jervis), Exchequer Court.

[no title]  49/99/44  No Date

Papers in case of Lord Gerard v. William Jervis about rent on a lease made to Richard Barr at HILDERSTONE.

[no title]  49/100/44  c.1675

9 docs

Challinor v. Jervis, about TITTENSOR.

[no title]  49/101/44  1673-4

Papers in case Brewster v. William Jervis, about lands in WALTON, p. STONE.

[no title]  49/102/44  1731

21 docs

Jervis v. Astbury and Biddulph about STONE Rectory tithes.

[no title]  49/103/44  c.1735

Henry Jervis v. Bishop of Lichfield and Chancellor and scholars of Oxford, dispute as to presentation to SWYNNERTON, (includes mortgage of advowson by Fitzherbert).

William Jervis  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/104/44  1678

Papers in case between Walter H. Esq. and the parishioners of STONE about repairs to the parish church.

[no title]  49/105/44  17th cent

Miscellaneous legal accounts - bills of cost, etc., many endorsed by William Jervis.

[no title]  49/106/44  17th cent

6 docs

Miscellaneous legal papers, annotated by William Jervis.

Parker (Chief Baron of the Exchequer)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/107/44  1737-1750

Notes on cases including: -
Copy of miscellaneous orders of transportation.
Cases tried at the Lent Assizes - Oxford circuit. 1744
East India Co. v. Gestlin. 1737
Jervis v. Biddulph. No Date
Alexander v. Harrison.
Hollidge v. Hungerford.
Fazakerly v. Bordeau.
H.M. advocate v. Alexander, Lord Forbes of Pitsligo and Attorney General v. Sir John Pread, bar [9 docs]. 1749-50

[no title]  49/108/44  1767

7 docs

Sir Thomas Harrison, Kt, Chamberlain of the City of London v. Allen Evans, with Parker's notes.

[no title]  49/109/44  1669-1758

Cases heard before Chief Baron Parker with his notes including: -
Rowell and Lyndley v. Town and others. 1744
Executors of Robert Bradshaw, clerk v. George Bradshaw. 1738
Ginger on demise of White v. White. 1718
Bettesworth Dean of the Arches et al v. Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's and Master and Fellows of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 1726
Middleton and wife v. Crofts, Lord Hardwicke's judgment. 1736
Duke of Bedford v. Duke of Devonshire. 1744
Jacob, Bt. v. Morley. 1744
Omichund v. Bell et al. 1744
Copy of will of William Forrester of Dottell, Salop, including a bequest to Parker. (1758)
Metcalfe on the demise of Kynaston v. Parry et al. 1743
Copy of the uses in Lord Francis Russell's marriage settlement. 1669
Copy of the uses in marriage settlement of Wriothesley, Marquis of Tavistock to Elizabeth Howland. 1695

[no title]  49/110/44  1761

Notes of Chief Baron Parker including procedure for gaol discharge and judges commission.

Swinfen Jervis  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/111/44  c.1730-40

6 books of notes on cases heard, ?Swinfen Jervis.

[no title]  49/112/44  1725

The Attorney General v. Mayor and burgesses of Stafford, misapplication of STAFFORD charities including copy of James I charter and lists of charity bequests.

[no title]  49/113/44  c.1734

Lord Dudley v. Lord Berkshire, dispute over release of the copyhold messuage at ELFORD between.

[no title]  49/114/44  c.1663-1750

22 docs

Delves and Broughton about settlement of estates at ECCLESHALL.

[no title]  49/115/44  c.1735

48 docs

Cottagers v. Corporation of Newcastle, about eviction from cottages after not voting for Earl Gower in the 1734 election. Swinfen Jervis counsel for the defence, with Baron Parker's notes.

[no title]  49/116/44  No Date

Cases with Jervis's notes including: -
Brett v. Jervis
Lutley v. Eardley.
Underwood v. Offley.
Heale v. Ettensor.

[no title]  49/117/44  1731

10 docs

Burdett v. Burdett, about a settlement trust.

[no title]  49/118/44  c.1735

10 docs

Gilbert of Uttoxeter, case of debts.

[no title]  49/119/44  c.1730-37

45 docs

Rider v. Webb, about lands in STONE.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/120/44  18th cent

Miscellaneous briefs and opinions - most annotated by Parker or Swinfen Jervis.

[no title]  49/121/44  17th-18th cents

24 miscellaneous briefs, some signed by Swinfen Jervis.

[no title]  49/122/44  17th-18th cents

15 docs

Miscellaneous legal correspondence and opinions.

[no title]  49/123/44  c.1740

Opinions on various cases, mainly Swinfen Jervis.

[no title]  49/124/44  1747-77

10 printed appeals - Lockhart v. Dickson, Lawrence v. Hardyman, James v. Meserve, Toledano v. Mackintosh, Pease v. Pullibank, Chandler v. Powell, Lord Forbes v. H.M. Advocate, Garden v. Rigg, Lords Shelburne and Dunkerron v. Biddulph.

[no title]  49/125/44  c.1660-1740

27 docs

Miscellaneous legal papers and notes, Jervis.

[no title]  49/126/44  17th-18th cent

Miscellaneous legal papers including: -
Copy of will of Richard Beech of Tittensor. 1721
Survey of estate of John Woolrich in WALTON, p. STONE.
Examination of prisoners sent to Stafford Gaol. 1748
List of rents of lands belonging to the Unicorn in STONE.
Parker's argument on Rex v. Wolstanton.

[no title]  49/127/44  c.1690

Brief of case of Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London, ?concerning election of Sir Thomas Pilkington as Lord Mayor.

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  49/128/44  c1600-1743

Copy of inquisition to enquire into the lunacy of Edward Church of Drayton-in-Hales, Salop. 1743
Mr Walton's directions about serving the office of high constable in North Staffordshire with rate assessment. No Date, [?1600]
Names of ? jurors listed in hundreds. No Date
Warrant of the sheriff to all bailiffs and constables to arrest John Coton for collecting, but not handing over, a royal aid. 1663
Certificate that Philip Weston is sworn a member of H. M. Privy Chamber and is therefore to be accorded the privileges of the same. 1662
Copies of portions of the acts relating to papists. 1699-1701

[no title]  49/129/44  18th cent

Miscellaneous papers - no dates, mainly poems in several different hands including: -
Copy of Mr Addison to Mr Hughes who had sent a copy of verses on the tragedy of Cato, with answer. 1713

[no title]  49/130/44  1690

Admission of William Beard, manor court of PENKHULL.

[no title]  49/131/44  1738

Agreement of the justices of the peace (Chetwynd and Bagot) to pay £1 weekly to the overseers of the poor of Stone for upkeep of Thomas Hemmersley and his family.
Appointment of overseer for the workhouse at ATHERSTONE, CO. WARWICK.

[no title]  49/132/44  No Date

Abstract of title, Mr Joliffe to estates in CO. STAFFORD. No Date
Valuation of Bradley demesne, Parish LASTINGTON, CO. CHESTER. No Date
Abstract of title to messuage in GRAVENHUNGER, CO. SALOP, Mr Thorougood. No Date

[no title]  49/133/44  1671-1723

Churchwardens presentments, ECCLESHALL. 1723
Petition to the Commission of the Great Seal to appoint Mr Peter Green as Schoolmaster for NEWPORT, CO. SALOP, from the burgesses of Newport. 1671

[no title]  49/134/44  1746 - 1809

Commission from Admiralty to Captain Preston of the Basilis to press seamen to complete his crew. 1746
Navy list. 1766
Steel's list of the Royal Navy. 1809
List of vessels lost, damaged and saved in the Storm that happened at JAMAICA. 1751

[no title]  49/135/44  c1710-1732

7 docs

? Staffs. election, Poll (part). ?1710
List of freeholders (jurors list). 1732, etc.
List of gentlemen. No Date

[no title]  49/136/44  1740-1825

Miscellaneous acts and bills, 1 ms., 15 printed, including:
Bill for the better and more easy collecting of Charity money on briefs, 2 printed, 1 ms. copy. 1740
Act for the purchasing of land for Royal Hospital, GREENWICH. 1747
Inclosure of commons at GREAT and LITTLE CLEYBROOKE, CO. LEICS.
Bill for regulating trials at Nisi Prius.
Abolition of slavery. 1833
Bill regulating number of alehouses in England.
Act for consolidation of the larceny laws.
Act for the better regulating of co-partnerships of certain bankers in England.
Act for the relief of certain Spiritual Persons and Patrons of Ecclesiastical preferments from certain penalties.
Act reducing to one act The road repair laws.
Minutes of evidence taken on the second reading of the Bill annulling the marriage of Ellen Turner and Edward Gibbon Wakefield. c. 1820
Complaint of prisoners in the Fleet against the warden. 1746
Copy of a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer from the English Corn Distillers about the conversion of Rum into Gin. (1825)
Report from the Sugar Distillery Committee. 1807
Act for repairing and widening road from STONE to LANE END. 1771
Act for amending act for preservation of turnpikes.

[no title]  49/137/44  1715-1795 and No Date

18 volumes, Miscellaneous - sermons, etc., some marked Swinfen Jervis.

[no title]  49/137/44/1  1715

Lincoln, Bishop of, Sermon of the excellency and benefits of a rel. education.

[no title]  49/137/44/2  1717

Marsden, R. Archdeacon of Nottingham, Remarks on a Sermon on the Nature of the Kingdom.

[no title]  49/137/44/3  1740, 1741

2 copies

London, Lord Mayor of, A Present for an Apprentice.

[no title]  49/137/44/4  1744

Life of Alexander Pope.

[no title]  49/137/44/5  1745

The Genuine Journal etc. [marked Swinfen Jervis]

[no title]  49/137/44/6  1745

Ranby, J., Narrative of the last illness of the Earl of Oxford.

[no title]  49/137/44/7  1746

Ministers of the R.C. princes, Protest to the Secretary of State.

[no title]  49/137/44/8  1748

The Art and Mystery of Vintners and Wine Coopers. [marked Swinfen Jervis].

[no title]  49/137/44/9  1748

Huffunrbourghausen, The Congress of the Beasts. [marked S. Jervis].

[no title]  49/137/44/10  1750

Llangtyddre, Parson of, Sermon on the Prodigal Son.

[no title]  49/137/44/11  1752

Beaumont, Sir Henry Crito - or a Dialogue of Beauty.

[no title]  49/137/44/12  1753

Henderson, Andrew, Memoirs of Dr. Archibald Cameron. [marked Swinfen Jervis].

[no title]  49/137/44/13  1754

Miss Canning and The Gipsy. [marked Swinfen Jervis].

[no title]  49/137/44/14  1757

Holden, Sermon preached at Maldon, 11th Feb.

[no title]  49/137/44/15  1761

Turner, M, An Account of the extraordinary medical fluid called Aether.

[no title]  49/137/44/16  1795

Roland, Citizeness, An appeal to Impartial Prosperity.

[no title or date]  49/137/44/17

Notice of a perspective exhibition with notes on back.

[no title or date]  49/137/44/18

Tindal, N, Introduction to the Continuation of Rapians History of England.

[no title or date]  49/137/44/19

Pelagius, History of the Popes.

[no title]  49/137/44/20  1726

The British Journal, 1 Jan.

[no title or date]  49/137/44/21

The Rambler, Nos. 11-16.

[no title or date]  49/137/44/22

The London Gazette, Nos. 8081-8114.

[no title or date]  49/137/44/23

The St. Jago Gazette, various numbers in folder.

[no title]  49/137/44/24  3 Nov.1828

Sale catalogue of furniture, etc., of Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B., with prices written in.

[no title]  49/137/44/25  1710

Speeches of the Bishops of Salisbury and Oxford on the Sacheverell Case.

[no title]  49/137/44/26  No Date

The Litchfield Squabble.

[no title]  49/137/44/27  1781-2

Bill for workhouses in STONE.

[no title]  49/137/44/28  1766, 1809

Navy lists.

[no title]  49/138/44  No Date

[No documents].

[no title]  49/139/44  1746

Fox to Lord Gower, about disbanding of Lord Gower's regiment, raised for suppression of 1745 rebellion.

[no title]  49/140/44  May 1834

The Court Magazine.

[no title]  49/141/44  Mar 1799

Election address of Nigel Bowyer Gresley.

[no title]  49/142/44  1734-47

Papers concerning the Charity of Poor at UTTOXETER.

[no title]  49/143/44  1747

Sworn statement that Thomas Tibbets did not drink the pretender's health while in Stafford gaol.
Blank form for taking the oath of allegiance required in 1 Geo. I against The Pretender.

[no title]  49/144/44  1576 - 1765

Miscellaneous bundles labelled "Old very interesting papers from 1576-1765". Includes: -
Purchase of DARLASTON by William Jervis.
His father's tomb at ECCLESHALL.
Births and marriages of the Jervis family. 1576-98

[no title]  49/145/44  1660-1740

Miscellaneous wills:
William Allen of Hedneston, 1 Dec. 1660
Randall Union alias Tunstall, 13 Jun 1663
Ralph Smith (mentions MEAFORD), 28 Dec 1667
Nun cupative will of C. Lane, 27-28 Aug 1667
Letters of administration, Abraham Ward, 21 Mar 1690
Samuel Denston of Ashley, 10 Jun 1697
John Holmes of Stanford Bridge, 5 May 1722
Letters of administration to Mary, widow of Wm. Greene, dec., 4 Feb 1703
Mary Podmore, wife of John Podmore of Olton, Staffs., 10 May 1740

[no title]  49/146/44  1728

Copy of the articles of cockfighting made by Lord Gower and the Earl of Exeter when they fought their match at ASHBOURNE, Co. DERBY

[no title]  49/147/44  1663

John Walker bound to John Bowyer concerning the office of gaoler at STAFFORD

[no title]  49/148/44  No Date

Rules of the STONE Female Provident Society (signed E J Ricketts esq.)

[no title]  49/149/44  15 Jun 1737

Settlement certificate for paupers of ESSINGTON, from churchwardens of Willenhall

[no title]  49/150/44  1653-1740

Court order concerning the building of a new gaol at BRIDESWELL, DEVON, because of an outbreak of infection there. 1740
Appointment of Robert Smith as gaoler of all prisons in Co. Stafford 2. Dec. 1653

[no title]  49/151/44  (20 Ap. 1646)

Copy (contemporary) of agreement for surrendering TUTBURY Castle to Parliament

[no title]  49/152/44  temp Chas. II

Copy of NEWCASTLE Charter

[no title]  49/153/44  1760

Plan for LONGBRIDGE-Wilden Canal (printed - Emerton & Brindley

[no title]  49/154/44  [c.1150]-1671

Miscellaneous papers

[no title or date]  49/154/44/i

Inventory of Thomas Lawton of Church Lawton, Chester, 23 May 1583

[no title or date]  49/154/44/ii

Manor court of DOVERIDGE [CO. DERBY], licence to Edward Henshawe to sublet, 22 Nov 1646

[no title or date]  49/154/44/iii

NEWPORT - land near Church and cross "set up" No Date [17th cent.]
Audley to Burgesses of Newport

[no title or date]  49/154/44/iv

[STONE] Attorney to recover debt of Falcon, 1657 Atkins/Gulliford

[no title or date]  49/154/44/v

WOLSTANTON] Brieryhurst, note of lands, No Date [c.1150]

[no title or date]  49/154/44/vi

Letters re affairs of Legh of Lawton, (Cheshire), 13 Nov [?c.1550] Stanley to Brereton

[no title or date]  49/154/44/vii

CHATCULL messuage and lands copy, 1647 Shropshire of Chatcull to Walker

[no title or date]  49/154/44/viii

Biddulph mill house, Bradfield etc. Wenches Hill etc. Wedgwood of Biddulph to Fenton and others, 1507

[no title or date]  49/154/44/ix

Wildblood (nee Lawton) marriage settlement, cash only, no land, 1559

[no title or date]  49/154/44/x

LAWTON (Cheshire) - Note of Lawton lands (brief), 1608

[no title or date]  49/154/44/xi

STRETTON-en-le-field (Leics. (once Derbys.) Browne to Fitzherbert, 1671

[no title or date]  49/154/44/xii

LEIGH, attachment of Edge re land, 1667

[no title]  49/155/44  1335-1603

Miscellaneous papers including:-
SHENSTONE, field with appurts., (William Faber de Thorns, William his son/Hugh sone of Hugh de Aston), 1335-1603 18 Jun 1335
SHENSTONE manor of, view of frankpledge and court baron. Surrender - Fletcher 18 Apr 1593
SHENSTONE, view of frankpledge - Admission of Fletcher, 2 Apr 1572
SHENSTONE, court baron. Admission of Botham. 29 Oct 1603

[no title]  49/156/44  c. 1300-1750

Parker pedigree (draft)

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