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Reference D.Misc
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No further details   Letter from John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon (1751-1838), Lord Chancellor 1801-1827, to Mr Hand at Lincoln's Inn Hall, St Clement Danes, explaining that he has to attend the examination of persons arrested the previous evening in the Cato Street Conspiracy. He goes on to describe the plot to assassinate the Cabinet and the events of the evening of 23 February.  D.Misc/1  24 February 1820
No further details   Notice from Samuel Wase (for the 4th Duke of Portland) to William Wood of the terms of the grant of a reversionary lease of the Cock Public House in Great Portland Street and Margaret Street, St Marylebone, by the Duke of Portland; with Wood's formal acceptance of the terms.  D.Misc/2  September 1830
No further details   Printed letter to Robert Steward, Viscount Castlereagh (1769-1822), Foreign Secretary 1812-1822, from Thomas Preston, 17 Princes Street, Drury Lane, discussing the Cato Street Conspiracy and the part played by George Edwards, and entitled 'A Letter to Lord Viscount Castlereagh; being a full development of all the circumstances relative to the diabolical Cato Street Plot'.  D.Misc/3  1 November 1820
No further details   Particulars and conditions of sale of a house and shop at 14 Little Marylebone Street, St Marylebone, and annotated with agreement by Thomas Cheel, 30 Little Marylebone Street, St Marylebone, to purchase the property.  D.Misc/4  20 October 1842
No further details   Marriage sermon on the marriage of King George III and Queen Charlotte delivered on 13 September 1761 at the Oxford Chapel (now St Peter, Vere Street, St Marylebone) and at St Marylebone parish church, and on 20 September 1761 at the North Audley Street Chapel.  D.Misc/5  September 1761
No further details   Transfer of 5 Regent's Canal shares by John White, Devonshire Place, New Road, St Marylebone, to David Caldwell, Golden Square, St James, Piccadilly.  D.Misc/6  3 May 1813
No further details   Transfer of 5 Regent's Canal shares by John Sims, Oxford Street, St Marylebone, to James Wilkinson, Castle Street, St Giles-in-the-Fields.  D.Misc/7  2 February 1813
No further details   Draft deed of appointment of Dr Thomas Young, Welbeck Street, St Marylebone, as trustee under Mr Robert and Mrs Cordelia Beeby's deed of separation.  D.Misc/8  February 1801
No further details   Certificate of baptism at St Marylebone parish church on 24 November 1792 of Charlotte Esther, daughter of John and Esther Elizabeth Peachey.  D.Misc/9  27 November 1792
No further details   Grant of administration to George Powlett of the goods left unadministered in the estate of Henry Morley Herbert of St Marylebone.  D.Misc/10  18 May 1782
No further details   Letter from Desborough Bedford to George Buck, 5 Princes Street, St George, Hanover Square, about Bedford's lease of 8 Montagu Street, Portman Square, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/11  17 March 1845
No further details   Particulars of a sale of goods at Turner & Co., drapers (1829-52) 27 and 28 Crawford Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/12  n.d
No further details   Price list, entitled 'trade list for common work', of Charles Barker, bookbinder, 29 Great Portland Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/13  1882
No further details   Petition of James Price, of the Lamb and Flag, Oxford Street, St Marylebone, victualler, for a victualler's licence.  D.Misc/14  [c.1758]
No further details   Rental of leasehold and freehold estates of James Ward and leasehold property of Siras Daniell at Christmas 1851.  D.Misc/15  1851
No further details   Receipted bill of John Tayler, poulterer, to Mr McQuire, 5 Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/16  December 1807-April 1811
No further details   Duplicate of bill in D.Misc.16.  D.Misc/17  [n.d.]
No further details   Receipted bill of William Cooke, hardware dealer, 44 South Audley Street, St George, Hanover Square, to Mr P. McQuire [5] Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/18  January 1810-March 1811
No further details   Bill of James Stone, wine merchant, Crawford Street, St Marylebone, to V. Kennett.  D.Misc/19  February-July 1811
No further details   Receipt of John and James Perry, carpenters and builders, Perry Place, Oxford Street, St Marylebone, to Mr McQuire [5 Chandos Street], St Marylebone.  D.Misc/20  December 1811
No further details   Receipted bill of George Moore, wax and tallow chandler, 3 Great Marylebone Street, St Marylebone, to Mr McQuire [5 Chandos Street], St Marylebone.  D.Misc/21  May 1813
No further details   Bill of Clark and Debenham, haberdashers, 44 Wigmore Street, St Marylebone, to Lady Whale [7 Harley Street, St Marylebone].  D.Misc/22  January 1831
No further details   Transferred to A/Archives 1974.  D.Misc/23  [n.d.]
No further details   Instructions for administering the will of Miss Anne Hyett of 28 Green Street.  D.Misc/24  11 October 1827
No further details   Letter from Charles Bradlaugh (1833-1891), radical politician and MP for Northampton 1880-1891, 20 Circus Road, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, to Henry George Calcraft, Board of Trade, about labour statistics.  D.Misc/25  16 October 1886
No further details   Letter from Henry Du Pré Labouchere (1831-1921), journalist and politician, to Mr S.H. Northcote, with reply from Northcote, about a proposal for an art library and ways of promoting art and artists.  D.Misc/26  24 and 26 July [1910]
No further details   Letter from Sir Edmund William Gosse (1849-1928), poet and man of letters, translator to the Board of Trade, to Mr Martyr about a piece of work for the Board of Trade.  D.Misc/27  8 April 1902
No further details   Broadsheet. "Parish of St Marylebone. May 1855. A List of Parochial and other officers, published for the benefit of the inhabitants in case of fires, want of water, accident, pavement waiting repair etc.", giving details of local services.  D.Misc/28  May 1855
No further details   Lease for 99 years by the Commissioners of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues (Charles Arbuthnot, William Dacres Adams, Henry Dawkins) to Charles Gale, Broadway, St Margaret and St John, Westminster, of a plot of ground in Regent's Park, St Marylebone, "on the south side of the road formed at the north end of the east side of Park Square with a message thereon being the 6th house eastward from Park Square.." With 2 plans (plot to be leased and Crown's Regent's Park Estate).  D.Misc/29  15 April 1826
No further details   Affidavits concerning the lunacy of Samuel Sandys, Berners Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/30  December 1793
No further details   Tracing of a plan of a freehold estate in Hill Road, St John's Wood, St Marylebone; part of the estate of Richard Powell.  D.Misc/31  August 1861
No further details   Commission of Ralph Quixano Henriques as 2nd Lieutenant, Volunteer Forces, 1st Middlesex Royal Engineers.  D.Misc/32  9 November 1898
No further details   Commission of Ralph Quixano Henriques as Lieutenant, Land Forces, 1st Middlesex Royal Engineers.  D.Misc/33  20 February 1900
No further details   Letter from Julia Corner, Lisson Grove, St Marylebone, about her reading and work on the antiquities of America.  D.Misc/34  7 November [n.d.]
No further details   Letter from C.R. Leslie, 12 Pine Apple Place, Maida Vale, to Charles Wentworth Dilke (1789-1864), antiquary and critic, editor of the Athenaeum 1830-46, about the publication of a lecture given by Leslie.  D.Misc/35  18 February 1848
No further details   Letter from Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema RA, artist (1836-1912), 34 Grove End Road, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, to Miss Joan Joshua about tickets for a. function at the Royal Academy.  D.Misc/45  9 December 1907
No further details   The Observer, 12 March 1820: report on the Cato Street Conspiracy, with engravings of the stable in Cato Street, St Marylebone, where the conspirators met.  D.Misc/47  12 March 1820
No further details   Papers about building alterations and extensions to the old Marylebone Town Hall, Marylebone Lane; with 10 plans of the old Town Hall, giving details of alterations.  D.Misc/48/1-46  August 1923-September 1928
No further details   Letter from Benjamin Oliveira, MP, FRS, Chairman of the Committee of the Marylebone Free Library, to the Chairman and Directors of the London and North Western Railway Company about the Company giving support to the proposed Marylebone Free Library; with circular about the Marylebone Free Library, containing a list of subscribers.  D.Misc/49-50  6 April 1853
No further details   Copy plan of property in Edward Street, Dorset Square, St Marylebone, to be sold by Mr Price on 3 August 1848.  D.Misc/51  1848
No further details   Plan of property of H. Clayton at 29a-35a Edward Street, Dorset Square, St Marylebone, to be sold on 3 August 1848.  D.Misc/52  1848
No further details   Letter from Frederick Williamson, 49 Townsend Road, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, to the St Marylebone borough treasurer's department enquiring about 8 Blandford Place, Regent's Park, St Marylebone, and giving some historical information about Cornwall Residences, Allsop Place, St Marylebone, and the Regent's Park North Gate explosion of 1874.  D.Misc/53  9 June 1937
No further details   Bill of Clark and Debenham, haberdashers, 44 Wigmore Street, St Marylebone, to Mr Kennett; and photocopy of bill.  D.Misc/54  24 April 1834
No further details   Photocopy of bill of Debenham, Pooley and Smith, haberdashers, 44 Wigmore Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/55  8 June 1839
No further details   Prospectus for the New Polytechnic Institution Ltd. (formerly the Royal Polytechnic Institution), 309 Regent Street and 5 Cavendish Square, St Marylebone. Printed.  D.Misc/56  1859
No further details   Illustrated article entitled 'Our Ground Landlords in the Twentieth Century. The Portland Estate, Marylebone', being an account of the back-ground to the High Court case of the Portland Estate Trustees v John Lewis, Oxford Street, St Marylebone, supporting John Lewis' case; with plan and cross section of Holles Street, Cavendish Square, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/57  n.d
No further details   "An Accompt of the Lands, Rents, forfeited Estates and other hereditaments of the Crowne which have been granted in Fee or by Lease for yeares since 25 Martii 1640 made up and certified to the honorable house of Comons according to their vote and order of the 12th and nynteenth of december 1667". Entries for Marylebone Park (6 May 1664) and St John's Wood (20 November 1666), St Marylebone.  D.Misc/58  April 1640 - October 1667
No further details   Loyal address from married females of the parish of St Marylebone to Queen Caroline, wife of King George IV, after her return to England in 1820. Printed.  D.Misc/59  c.1820
No further details   3 letters from the College of Arms to W.H. Garbutt, Town Clerk, St Marylebone, about the grant of arms for the borough of St Marylebone.  D.Misc/60-62  March - September 1901
No further details   Address to the inhabitants of the parish of St Marylebone from the Committee of Association, with a plan for a General Association of the inhabitants.  D.Misc/63  12 June 1797
No further details   Lunch menu, with programme of music, at the Great Central Hotel on the occasion of the opening of St Marylebone New Town Hall by HRH Prince Albert; menu autographed by persons attending the luncheon.  D.Misc/64  27 March 1920
No further details   "Regent's Canal. Paddington and Limehouse Railway. Memorial to the Commissioners of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues". Memorial of Crown tenants and other inhabitants of Regent's Park and its immediate vicinity, objecting to the Regent's Canal Company's plans for a railway from Paddington to Limehouse passing through Regent's Park; with names and addresses of memorialists.  D.Misc/65  1847
No further details   Window and house tax receipt of Mr Barry of the parish of St Marylebone.  D.Misc/66  9 December 1791
No further details   Request for a Christmas box by the dustmen of St Marylebone; annotated with details of Christmas boxes of various local officials and tradesmen.  D.Misc/67  1813
No further details   Letter from Arthur Jepson, 19 South Bank, Regent's Park, St Marylebone, to Sir Berkeley William Guise, 6 Pall Mall East, St Martin-in-the-Fields, requesting support for a project planned by his wife and daughter to open a preparatory school; with list of subscribers to the project, with addresses.  D.Misc/68  30 March 1824
No further details   Transferred to A/Archives  D.Misc/70  [n.d.]
No further details   Indemnity and covenant between Robert Hay Graham, Eden Brows, near Carlisle, Cumberland, doctor, and Robert Scace, Court House, Oxford Street, St Marylebone, surveyor, relating to 19 Upper Lisson Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/71  7 December 1849
No further details   Summons to Joseph Smith, 32 Charles Street to serve in the militia.  D.Misc/72/1  28 January 1793
No further details   Receipt of East Regiment, Middlesex militia for substitute money from Joseph Smith for providing substitute, Joseph Home, to serve in the militia.  D.Misc/72/2  4 February 1793
No further details   Letter from Frederick H. Sutton, Magdalen College, Oxford, to John ----, on various domestic matters, including the work being done for poor London parishes by friends (or relatives) of Sutton.  D.Misc/73  n.d
No further details   Card from Albert Gilbert, The Avenue, 76 Fulham Road, Kensington, sculptor, about attending a meeting; and a letter from Albert Gilbert, 16 Maida Vale, St Marylebone, to Dr Morgan about a dinner arrangement.  D.Misc/74/1-2  8 March 1889; 10 July 1899
No further details   Receipted bill of Marshall and Snelgrove, drapers and silk mercers, 10-15 Vere Street, St Marylebone, and 18-20 Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, St Marylebone, to Mrs Percy Anderson.  D.Misc/75  9 July 1843
No further details   Confirmation of payment of £80 reward to Samuel Elliott, William Prior, and William Germaine, for apprehending two highwaymen, James Johnson and Thomas Bath, who assaulted and robbed William Germaine in St Marylebone on 2 September [1775]; endorsed with receipt for payment of reward.  D.Misc/76  18 October [1775]; 23 October 1775
No further details   Letter from Sir Robert Peel (1822-95), politician, Drayton Manor, Tamworth, to C.J. Sadler, Mayor of Oxford, apologising for being unable to address members of Oxford Public Library, and requesting that statistics be kept of the literary tastes of library users, as done at St Marylebone, Liverpool and Manchester.  D.Misc/77  26 November 1854
No further details   Metropolitan Board of Works. Extract from the minutes of the Board of order to renumber Acacia Road; with copy plan.  D.Misc/78  17 January 1868
No further details   Letter from Thomas Hood, (1799-1845), poet, Devonshire Lodge, 26 Finchley Road, St Marylebone, to Frederick Oldfield Ward, inviting him to dinner.  D.Misc/79  n.d.; [c.1843-45]
No further details   Letter from W.H. Garbutt, Court House, St Marylebone, to Mr Paton about local history, including Greenwell's 'History of St Marylebone'.  D.Misc/80  12 June 1886
No further details   Sale particulars of a house and shop, 22 Milton Street, Dorset Square, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/81  1839
No further details   Letter from George Henry Lewes (1817-78), writer, 16 Blandford Square, St Marylebone, to C. Bolton, about the dramatisation of George Eliot's Silas Marner.  D.Misc/82A  13 June [ ]
No further details   Letter from [Lord] Milton, on behalf of his father, informing his correspondent that his father would present the petition from the Vestry and inhabitants of St Marylebone for the repeal of the Corn Laws.  D.Misc/82/B  20 February 1839
No further details   Letter from Sir George James Frampton (1860-1928), sculptor and craftsman, 32 Queen's Road, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, to Mr Phillips, thanking him for a ticket.  D.Misc/83  n.d
No further details   Additional letters and cuttings found in D.Misc. 84/2-3 and annotated by Sir Sydney Cockerell, including letters from C. Edmund Maurice and Harriet Yorke to Cockerell, and articles from The Times on Octavia Hill's life and work and the obituary of Florence Hill, her youngest sister, 1935.  D.Misc/84/4/1-9  1912-52
No further details   Further Account of the Walmer Street Industrial Experiment, 1872 and Letters to my Fellow-Workers, 1872-90 by Octavia Hill, a printed volume presented to Sir Sydney Cockerell by Octavia Hill and inscribed by her, 1892.  D.Misc/84/5  1872-92
No further details   Volume of the Election Committee for the 2nd Baron Teignmouth (1796-1885), MP for St Marylebone, in the St Marylebone Election of 1837. It includes minutes of Committee meetings, lists of members present, memoranda about the progress of the campaign, and an alphabetical list of canvassers, with addresses.  D.Misc/87  July 1837-March 1838
No further details   20 letters from Charles Locock, doctor, to Dr Richard Phillips Jones of Denbighshire, on personal matters mainly connected with the medical profession.  D.Misc/89/1-20  12 July 1818 - 29 July 1839
No further details   14 letters addressed to the Rev. Dr Wynne, 11 Queen Anne Street, St Marylebone, on personal and social matters; also 2 letters to Lord Bessborough from Mr Cholmondeley, Excise Office, about some wine imported by Dr Wynne.  D.Misc/90/1-16  c.1786-1795; 15 November 1795 - 21 January 1796
No further details   Letter from Thomas Frognal Dibdin (1776-1842), bibliographer, to Mr Hatchard concerning a dispute with the St Marylebone vestry.  D.Misc/91  n.d
No further details   Letter from Lord Charles William de la Poer Beresford (1846-1919), admiral and MP for East Marylebone 1885-1889, 2 Lower Berkeley Street, St Marylebone, to General Sir Charles George Arbuthnot (1824-1899), thanking him for information he supplied and indicating his imminent departure for Hong Kong.  D.Misc/92  22 August 1898
No further details   Letter from Charles Bradlaugh (1833-1891), MP for Northampton 1880-91 and reformer, 20 Circus Road, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, to J.H. Saunders about introducing the Criminal Practice Amendment Bill into the House of Commons.  D.Misc/93  26 January 1890
No further details   Letter from I.M. Bellow, 67 Portsdown Road, Maida Hill, Paddington, about arrangements for meeting a friend.  D.Misc/94  10 November 1869
No further details   Letter from James E. Downing, 98 Marylebone High Street, St. Marylebone, to Timothy Lincoln about Downing's proposed entry into the church and requesting a loan to assist in the education of Mary Downing.  D.Misc/95  1 July 1833
No further details   3 letters from Sir Alfred Gilbert (1854-1934), sculptor to Mr Cope, John Fulleylove (1845-1908), landscape painter, and Mr Waller concerning Gilbert's work and social life.  D.Misc/96  24 February 1892-10 June 1900
No further details   Letter from John Henning (1771-1851), modeller and sculptor, 5 Kent Terrace, Camden Town, to David Murray about Murray's proposal to launch a public subscription to alleviate Henning's poverty, and about copyright problems.  D.Misc/97  10 December, 1847
No further details   Letter from Samuel Johnson, Devonshire Street, St Marylebone, to William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (1738-1809), introducing a relative, Col. [Kerjean].  D.Misc/98  23 September 1794
No further details   Letter from George Henry Lewes (1817-78), writer, 31 India Street, Edinburgh, about Shirley, comparing it to Jane Eyre, and giving some general observations about types of female writers.  D.Misc/99  n.d
No further details   4 letters from M. McFarland to her nephew, James Hastie, solicitor with Messrs. Oliver Son and Denby, 8 Frederick's Place, Old Jewry, City of London, about a family legal matter, and various business and personal matters. Also a letter from J. McFarland to James Hastie.  D.Misc/100/1-4  19 August - 29 September 1831
No further details   Letter from Florence Marryat (1838-99), novelist, 88 Boundary Road, St. John's Wood, St. Marylebone, to William Tinsley, publisher, about the publication of her novel Written in Fire.  D.Misc/101  6 March 1878
No further details   Letter from Mrs Elizabeth Montagu (1720-1800), writer and 'blue-stocking', Portman Square, St. Marylebone, to a woman, praising her newly published work.  D.Misc/102  n.d
No further details   Letter from Violet Moore to [Mrs Alex Tweedie] praising her book of reminiscences and describing her own memories of living in Harley Street, St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/103  12 April 1916
No further details   Letter from Henry Savage, mental physiologist, Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and Children, Lower Seymour Street, St. Marylebone, enquiring about a cheap edition of the Medical Digest.  D.Misc/104  n.d
No further details   Letter from Genevieve Ward, actress, 22 Avenue Road, St. Marylebone, to Mrs Tweedie about a performance at the Lyceum Theatre in aid of disabled soldiers.  D.Misc/105  12 March 1900
No further details   2 letters from Bishop E.E. Williamson, 45 Blandford Square, St. Marylebone, about a proposed home and club for the homeless working boys of St Marylebone and Paddington, and about the committee to set it up.  D.Misc/106/1-2  29 January-9 February 1886
No further details   Letter from Forbes Winslow, 70 Wimpole Street, St. Marylebone, to Mr Templar Saxe thanking him for his assistance at a concert at the Steinway Hall, on behalf of the British Hospital for Mental Disorders.  D.Misc/107  11 July 1890
No further details   Formal letter to the Rev. Dr. Wynne from the 4th Viscount Gage (1791-1877), and Lady Gage, Arlington Street, St. George, Hanover Square, on social matters.  D.Misc/108  29 May [1825]
No further details   8 letters from Admiral Sir Nesbit Josiah Willoughby (1777-1849) to Sir John Philippart, editor of the Naval and Military Gazette, about naval and personal matters, and about his book on Horatio Viscount Nelson.  D.Misc/109/1-8  10 December 1837 - 21 August 1843
No further details   3 letters from W.H. Garbutt, St. Marylebone Court House, Marylebone Lane, St. Marylebone to C.E. Pettitt about Pollitt serving as a presiding officer in the Vestry Election of 1898.  D.Misc/110  18-27 May 1898
No further details   3 letters from W. James Smithies to Jules Georges mainly about his social life in London; he also mentions his work as a canvasser for Lord Teighmouth in the 1837 Election in St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/111/1-3  2 January 1837 - 30 July 1838
No further details   24 letters from George Bustin to Joseph Neeld, MP for Chippenham and philanthropist, about the management of Neeld's London house, 6 Grosvenor Square, St. George, Hanover Square, and property, especially rents, rates and repairs, and general business matters.  D.Misc/112/1-24  December 1829 - 3 September 1839
No further details   Letter from Augusta Princess of Weimar, 16 Portland Place, St. Marylebone, sending congratulations to a friend, Mary, on the birth of twin nieces, and mentioning other domestic matters.  D.Misc/113  16 July 1892
No further details   Letter from Sir Julius Benedict (1804-85), musician, 2 Manchester Square, St. Marylebone, to Mr. Simpson on various musical matters, including Alberto Randegger (1832-1911), musician, and the Philharmonic Society.  D.Misc/114  7 February 1883
No further details   Letter from John L. Benham to Charles Jones, Ampthill Place, Vassall Road, Kennington, about a deed of covenant.  D.Misc/115  20 November 1824
No further details   Letter from Viscount General William Carr Beresford (1768-1884), Cavendish Square, St. Marylebone, to Lord Salisbury about procuring a clerkship for Robert Chester's son.  D.Misc/116  18 July 1828
No further details   Letter from C.R. Bone, artist, 12 Percy Street, Bedford Square, Holborn, to his patron, Joseph Neeld, MP for Chippenham, about his work and future plans.  D.Misc/117  3 September 1834
No further details   Letter from the Rev. Berdmore Compton, Rector of St. Paul, Covent Garden 1865-73 and Vicar of All Saints, Margaret Street 1873-86, All Saints Clergy House, Margaret Street, St. Marylebone, to Mrs Menier about some proposals by Sister Etheldreda regretting his inability to offer any positive support.  D.Misc/118  8 December 1873
No further details   Letter from W.H. Fox to Thomas Attree, solicitor, about various legal matters including a notice served on Thomas Coats, an overseer for the parish of St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/119  10 June 1815
No further details   Letter from Charles Albert Fechter (1824-79), actor and dramatist, 30 Park Road, St. Marylebone, to William Wilkie Collins (1824-89), novelist, about his debts to Collins and Charles Dickens, and also referring to Collins' novel The Woman in White and play Black and White, written with help from Fechter and Dickens, for Fechter to act in. Letter written in English and French.  D.Misc/120  28 January 1869
No further details   Letter from George Bellas Greenbough (1778-1855) geographer and geologist, Regent's Park, St. Marylebone, to Miss Caroline Clarke on various personal matters including her riding accident and the meeting of the British Association at Cambridge.  D.Misc/121  18 June 1833
No further details   Letter from George Grossmith (1847-1912), singer, actor and author of Diary of a Nobody, 28 Dorset Square, St. Marylebone, to Mrs Routledge about the recovery of Gerald, (her son?).  D.Misc/122  20 April [ND]
No further details   Letter from the Rev. Hugh Reginald Haweis (1838-1901) writer and minister of St. James, Westmorland Street, St. Marylebone, 1866-1901, The Amber House, Lord's, Regent's Park, St. Marylebone, to Professor R. Owen (1804-1902) proposing an interview between Owen and M. Renan.  D.Misc/123  n.d
No further details   5 letters from Francis Henry Jeune, Baron St. Helier (1843-1905), judge, Judge Advocate General 1892-1904, 79 Harley Street, St. Marylebone, and Arlington Manor, Newbury, to Thomas H. Tristram K.C. (1825-1912), Chancellor of the Dioceses of London, Hereford, Ripon, Wakefield and Chichester and Commissary-General of the Diocese and City of Canterbury, 12 King's Bench Walk, City of London, in which Jeune mainly discusses legal matters relating to divorce, especially in connection with his work for the Ecclesiastical Discipline Commission.  D.Misc/124/1-5  14 June 1892 - 13 February 1905
No further details   Letter from Robert Jupe, Welbeck Street, St. Marylebone, to [Joseph Neeld, MP for Chippenham and philanthropist] about cases of paintings and parcels being sent from [6] Grosvenor Square, St. George, Hanover Square, to Grittleton House. (Neeld's London house)  D.Misc/125  3 September 1839
No further details   Letter from George Henry Lewes (1817-79), writer, The Priory, 21 North Bank, Regent's Park, St. Marylebone, to N. Trubner, publisher, about books on comparative grammar.  D.Misc/126  n.d
No further details   Letter from General Sir John Fox Burgoyne (1782-1871), Inspector General of Fortifications, War Office 1845-1868, to Arthur Richard, 2nd Duke of Wellington (1807-1884), Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex, about the use of the riding school at St. John's Wood barracks for volunteers' drill.  D.Misc/127  24 October 1861
No further details   Letter from William John Arthur Charles James Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland, to the author of Leaves for family Chests pointing out errors in the chapter on the Bentinck family, including the ownership of the Marylebone estate, which passed from the Portland to the Howard de Walden family, under the will of the 4th Duke of Portland (William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck).  D.Misc/128  30 December 1886
No further details   3 letters from Clement William Scott (1841-1904), dramatic critic, working for The Daily Telegraph 1871-98 and editor of The Theatre 1880-89: one to Mrs Gowing about helping the Heraud family; one to Mr Croke about writing his reminiscences; and one to Westworth Sturgeon about an arrangement to meet.  D.Misc/129/1-3  2 June 1882; 12 March 1890; n.d
No further details   Letter from Mary A. Sloane to Mrs Fulleylove, wife of John Fulleylove (1845-1908), landscape-painter, giving directions to her home, 3 Montagu Mansions, Crawford Street, St Marylebone, with a sketch map, and commenting on a Burne Jones exhibition.  D.Misc/130  26 February 1899
No further details   Part of a letter from [Miss Steele], 3 York Gate, St. Marylebone, to her mother about her school activities.  D.Misc/131  2 February 1833
No further details   2 formal letters from the Marchioness of Thomond, niece of Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-92) 31 Great George Street, St. Margaret and St. John, to Henry Bone (1753-1834), miniature portrait painter, 15 Berners Street, St. Marylebone, about a visit by Bone and about Bone's portrait of her husband.  D.Misc/133/1-2  30 June 1808 and 15 June 1815
No further details   Letter from James Wright, 8 Quebec Street, St. Marylebone, to the Rt. Hon. Hugh Elliot, Portman Square, St. Marylebone, asking for a character reference and giving information about his family and his desire to find a job outside England.  D.Misc/134  7 May 1821
No further details   Memorial volume presented to the Rev. Sanderson Robins, minister of Christ Chapel (later Emmanuel Church), Maida Hill, St. Marylebone, 1834-41, from the congregation, on Robins becoming rector of Shaftesbury, Dorset in 1841. The volume comprises a water colour of Christ Chapel, a testimonial about the work done by the Rev. S. Robins and the signatures and addresses of the congregation.  D.Misc/135  c.1841
No further details   Certified copy of St. Marylebone marriage register entry: marriage of Sir Henry Joseph Wood (1869-1944), musical conductor, 1 Langham Place, St. Marylebone, to Olga Hillman (née Michailoff), 20 Duke Street, St. Marylebone, on 20 July 1898.  D.Misc/136/1  27 September 1900
No further details   Certified copy of Eastbourne marriage register entry: marriage of George Edward Hillman, solicitor, of Eastbourne, to Olga Michailoff, of Lewes, on 27 October 1888.  D.Misc/136/2  27 September 1900
No further details   Newspaper cutting and manuscript note about Sir Henry Joseph Wood, conductor, and about his wife's (Olga) background.  D.Misc/136/3  n.d
No further details   Letter from Mary Chandos Pole, Park Hall, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, to Mr. Milsted, 48 Edgware Road, St. Marylebone, about payment of taxes and about her house, 10 Gloucester Place, St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/138 A  11 January 1825
No further details   Letter from the Rev. Arthur Buxton, 12 Weymouth Street, St. Marylebone, of All Souls, Langham Place, St. Marylebone, answering an enquiry about the history of the Oxford Chapel, Welbeck Chapel and Portland Chapel, St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/138 B  10 March 1927
No further details   Three IOU's, William Carter, grocer of St Marylebone, to James Norris  D.Misc/141/1-3  December 1773-January 1774
No further details   Receipts from John Perkins, James Norris, William Newcombe and Thomas Gibson for payments received from William Carter.  D.Misc/141/4-5  March-July 1774
No further details   Deed of composition between William Carter, late of Great Marylebone Street, St. Marylebone, grocer, and John Perkins, Poland Street, St. George, Hanover Square, teaman; James Norris, Panton Street, St Martin-in-the-Fields, blue-maker; Robert Sowerby, Crutched Friars, City of London, tea broker; William Newcombe, St. Martin's Lane, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, teaman, and Thomas Gibson, Wood Street, City of London, seal maker, creditors of William Carter.  D.Misc/141/6  21 February 1774
No further details   St. Marylebone Bank, 17 Cavendish Square, St. Marylebone. Minutes of the Committee of Enquiry appointed by the proprietors to investigate and report on the affairs of the bank; with inventory of documents referred to in the minutes.  D.Misc/142  11 August 1841-31 July 1845
No further details   6 letters from Thomas Woolner (1825-1892), sculptor and poet, 29 Welbeck Street, St. Marylebone, mainly about his work as a sculptor, and about the landscape painter, John Sell Cotman (1782-1842); three of the letters are addressed to William Hepworth Dixon (1821-1879), historian and traveller, and include one about his design for Thomas Babington Macaulay's statue.  D.Misc/143  11 October 1860-19 January 1876
No further details   Day book; (Including at the end part of a ledger, mainly relating to work for Mrs Bruley, 1821-24)  D.Misc/145  January 1833-August 1837
No further details   Account of houses belonging to Robert and John Pringle. Indexed.  D.Misc/146  1830-1835
No further details   Trade account book; (At the front details of time worked by Pringle employees, 1833-35).  D.Misc/147  January 1836- November 1842
No further details   'Executorial accounts of the late Mr John Pringle: Indexed.  D.Misc/148  1842-1844

Folder icon  Lease for 21 years by Henry Van Hagen, Dynes Hall, Halstead, Essex to [Col.] Richard Ellison, Great George Street, St Margaret and St John, Westminster, of messuage in Great George Street being the eighth house on the north side of the said street reckoning from King Street'. Schedule. 20 August 1822 Endorsed with assignment of lease by Mrs Jane Ellison, Teddington, Middlesex, to Robert and John Pringle, upholsters, Regent Street for remainder of term of 21 years. 1 May 1828  D.Misc/149  [n.d.]

These documents are held at City of Westminster Archives Centre

Papers with deed:
(a) Schedule to lease of house in Great George Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster. 20 August 1822
(b) 4 letters to John Pringle, 232 Regent Street, St. James, Piccadilly, from Henry Van Hagen, Tickford Park, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, about the lease and assignment of [26] Great George Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster. 20 May 1828 - 4 December 1830
(c) 2 letters from Eliza Clara Van Hagen to John Pringle about repairs, and extending the terms of the lease on 26 Great George Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster. 27 October 1834 - 6 May 1836
(d) Memorandum of an agreement of 13 June 1842 between Eliza Clara Van Hagen, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset and Harriet Van Hagen, Tickford Park, Buckinghamshire, and Robert Pringle, Margate to let to Robert Pringle for one year from 29 September 1842, 26 Great George Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster. 13 June 1842
(e) 2 letters from George Trollope and Sons, house agent, Parliament Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster, about the lease on 26 Great George Street and the tenant, H. Manners Sutton, MP. 1842
(f) Copy letter from Robert Pringle, 65 New Bond Street
To H. Manners Sutton, 26 Great George Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster, and copy of Manner Sutton's reply, about the agreement concerning 26 Great George Street. June-August 1842
(g) Memorandum of an agreement of 24 November 1841 between George Trollope, 15 Parliament Street, St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster, (agent for John Pringle, Margate, Kent) and John Henry Thomas Manners Sutton, MP to let to Manners Sutton for 2 years, 26 Great George Street; with list of repairs needed. 24 November 1841

No further details   Agreement between Robert Pringle, Buenos Ayres, St. John, Margate, Kent, and John Pringle, Charlotte Street, St. Marylebone, auctioneer, about their being tenants in common of certain houses and furniture in London, and appointing John Pringle as manager of this property and agent for Robert Pringle.  D.Misc/150  29 February 1836
No further details   Counterpart conveyance by Thomas Wright, Norwood Park, co. Nottingham and Emma Pringle, Margate, Kent, widow and executrix of John Pringle to Marian Pringle, Margate, Kent, widow and executrix of Robert Pringle, of one moiety, and surrender by Emma Pringle to Marian Pringle and James Bassett, 32 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, silversmith and executrix of Robert Pringle, of the other moiety, for the remaining terms of years of leasehold premises at 44 Berners Street, St. Marylebone and coachhouses in Wells Mews. Also assignment by Thomas Wright to Marian Pringle of benefit of entering into contracts for a further lease.  D.Misc/151  12 May 1843
No further details   Counterpart assignment of lease for remainder of term of 21 years by Emma Pringle and Marian Pringle, both of Margate, Kent, widows and executrixes of John and Robert Pringle respectively to Richard Richards, Bedford Square, Holborn, Master in Ordinary of the High Court of Chancery, of a house, coachhouse, stables, offices etc. at 21 Park Crescent, St. Marylebone.  D.Misc/152  18 March 1843
No further details   Release from the terms of the will of 21 October, 1815 of John Pringle (died 1816), Wardour Street, St. James, Piccadilly, cabinet-maker, by Janet Inch, 59 Warren Street, St. Pancras, granddaughter of John Pringle, to Emma and Marian Pringle, widows and executrixes of John and Robert Pringle respectively (died 1842), sons of John Pringle.  D.Misc/153  9 March 1843
No further details   Covenant by John Robert Pringle, 59A Beach Street, Deal, Kent, with Robert William Pringle, 9 Upper Grosvenor Place, Margate, Kent, to produce indenture of appointment of 11 October 1841 relating to a piece of land in Margate, Kent.  D.Misc/154  29 July 1861
No further details   Counterpart lease for 21 years by John Robert Pringle, 123 Hertford Road, Kingsland, Middlesex, to Mrs. Caroline Van Heythuysen, widow, 18 Gloucester Place, Paddington of 18 Gloucester Place. Plan and schedule of fixtures.  D.Misc/155  10 July 1878
No further details   Letter from Benjamin W. Richardson, writer, 25 Manchester Square, St. Marylebone, to W. White, thanking him for his book and referring to his own work, "The Field of Disease". [157 Tilbury letters]  D.Misc/156  26 January 1884
No further details   Printed circular letter from William Cooper & Co., linen drapers, 55 Oxford Street, St. Marylebone, advertising their goods, and addressed to Mrs Butt, Howland Street.  D.Misc/158  n.d
No further details   Letter from J. Rossiter, Oxford Street, to Frederick Leigh, Cullompton, Devon containing a plea for money to set up a school to support herself and child; with a transcript of letter.  D.Misc/159  5 May 1838
No further details   Letter from Sir Edmund William Gosse (1849-1928), poet and man of letters, 17 Hanover Terrace, St Marylebone, to Mr Richards about an article by M. Davray on 'R.L.S.' [Robert Louis Stevenson]  D.Misc/160  7 May 1903
No further details   Letter from Edmund Boulnois (1838-1911), MP for Marylebone East 1889-1906, to Mr Clark, thanking him for his letter of congratulations, presumably on his gaining a seat in the House of Commons.  D.Misc/161  23 July 1889
No further details   Letter from George Grantham, Cowes, Isle of Wight, to Dr. Charles Barnard, 10 Nottingham Terrace, St Marylebone, about the repayment of a loan.  D.Misc/163  2 January 1837
No further details   Typescript of unpublished autobiography entitled 'Poor Mary' or 'From my youth up until now' by Mary Elizabeth Frances Richardson-Eyre (d.1922), daughter of Henry Samuel Eyre (1816-1890), vicar of All Saints, Finchley Road, St Marylebone 1870-87 and wife of John Richardson-Eyre, vicar of All Saints from 1889. The autobiography includes accounts of Mary's life in St John's Wood, family history and the history, architecture and fabric of All Saints Church, Finchley Road. Also a photograph of a miniature portrait of Mary Richardson-Eyre; and the Eyre crest, motto and coat of arms.  D.Misc/164  1904
No further details   12 letters from John Lucas (1807-1874), portrait painter, 22 St John's Wood Road, St Marylebone, to Mr and Mrs Acton Tindal, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, mainly about his work as an artist; 2 receipts for payment for portraits, one of Acton Tindal and one of the Hon. Mrs Cust; and letter from John Lucas' son, J.T. Lucas, St John's Wood Road, St Marylebone, to Mrs Tindal about his father's death in 1874.  D.Misc/166/1-15  January 1857-June 1873; August 1864-February 1873; May 1874
No further details   7 letters to Captain John Jones, Paris and Vere Street, St Marylebone, from his sisters, Cynthia Jones and Eliza Jones and aunt, Mrs E. White, on family matters; and from Fr. P. Bedingfeld about reports of the death of his brother, Richard Bedingfeld, in India; and from John Jackson on a legal matter and Eliza Jones' engagement to Dr Tucker.  D.Misc/167/1-7  October 1829-May 1830
No further details   5 letters from 2nd Baron Teignmouth (1796-1885), politician and MP for St. Marylebone, 23 Portman Square, St Marylebone, and Redcar, Yorkshire, mainly about the Wakefield Reformitory and its committee.  D.Misc/168/1-5  May 1842-February 1860
No further details   3 letters to Edward Berkeley, 1st Viscount Portman (1799-1888), Liberal MP for Dorset (1823-32 and for St Marylebone 1832-33, Bryanstone, Dorset, about his political career, especially relating to Dorset and the county's reaction to his resigning his Dorset seat in Parliament; also 2 formal petitions to Portman trying to persuade him not to resign his Dorset seat.  D.Misc/169/1-5  December 1830-April 1832
No further details   4 letters to R. Wilson, furniture manufacturer, 63 George Street, Portman Square, St Marylebone on business and personal matters; also 1 letter to Mrs Wilson from C. Jones on domestic matters.  D.Misc/170/1-5  March 1821-March 1835
No further details   56 letters from Miss Elizabeth Masters, Sion Cottage, Bath, to her fiance, James Wroughton Harrison, 2 Lincoln's Inn and 8 Grove Terrace, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, on personal and family matters, and one to him as Mrs Elizabeth Harrison.  D.Misc/171/1-57  December 1838-c.October 1839; August 1882
No further details   13 miscellaneous letters [indexed in detail] relating to St Marylebone, including four from two school children to their parents, 1868-69, one from a music teacher and applications from Marylebone artists for the 1829 Royal Academy exhibitions.  D.Misc/172/1-13  March 1774 - c. 1870
No further details   Letter from James Silk Buckingham (1786-1855), writer and traveller, 11 Cromwell Terrace, St Marylebone, to Messrs. Browne and Ives, merchants, Rhode Island, USA, requesting information about a relative, Captain John Jennings.  D.Misc/173  4 September 1824
No further details   Two tax assessments of George Bellas Greenough (d.1855), geographer and geologist, Grove House, Marylebone Park, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/174/1-2  16 December 1842 and 17 October 1843
No further details   Letter from Henry Buxton Forman (1842-1917), man of letters, 46 Marlborough Hill, St Marylebone, to Alick Abrahams concerning Abrahams' enquiry about descendants of John Taylor, friend of John Keats (1795-1821), poet, and about a picture by Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846) artist.  D.Misc/175  14 April 1913
No further details   Bond between James Tobin, merchant, of the parish of St Clement Danes, and Stephen Dillon, merchant of the City of London, and Peter Holmes, baker, of St Marylebone; with an assignment of lease, for the remainder of a term of 98 years, by James Tobin, merchant of St Clement Danes, Edmund Tobin, and Elizabeth Coughling, widow of St Marylebone, to Peter Holmes, baker of St Marylebone, of property in Princes Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/176  18 August 1750
No further details   Warrant from William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (1738-1809) to the Keeper of Reading Gaol about receiving a prisoner - Robert Oliphant - convicted of treason; with transcript of warrant.  D.Misc/177  9 June 1801
No further details   3 letters addressed to C. Edward Wallis, 26 Welbeck Street, St Marylebone: 2 from Edward Blunt, the Howard de Walden Office, 23 Queen Anne Street, St Marylebone, about engagements to meet; 1 from Sir Dawson Williams, Editor of the British Medical Journal about publishing Wallis' request for information about the history of Harley Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/178/1-3  October-November 1924, February 1925
No further details   Letter from W.E. Henley, 69 Harley Street, St Marylebone, to Mr Richards, enquiring about a novel on the Paris of Balzac and Berlioz.  D.Misc/179  15 May 1902
No further details   Letter from S.A. Hunt, 28 St Anne's Villas, Kensington, by Mr Tinsley, on a question of copyright.  D.Misc/180  n.d
No further details   Letter from Daniel Hipwell, 84 St John's Wood Terrace, St Marylebone, to Mr Abrahams, on various aspects of London local history, the Sloane manuscripts and bibliographical matters.  D.Misc/182  16 December 1913
No further details   2 letters from Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873), painter; one to Mr Marshall arranging a meeting and the other about an 'impression'.  D.Misc/183/1-2  n.d
No further details   Letter from Ellen Pelham, actress, to Mr [Stalders] requesting his patronage for her benefit night.  D.Misc/184  n.d
No further details   Letter from Mr Phillips, 3 Hamilton Place, St Marylebone, to Messrs Bellerby and Son, about inserting an article on the Jewish question in the Lincolnshire Chronicle.  D.Misc/185  7 April 1849
No further details   Letter from I. Pickering, 23 Lisson Grove North, St Marylebone, to W. Bentley, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, concerning a financial dispute; with Bentley's reply added to the end of the letter.  D.Misc/186  1 August 1826; 2 August 1826
No further details   Letter from J. Prince, Magdalen Hospital for the reformation and relief of penitent prostitutes, St. George's Fields, Southwark, to the Rev. Dr. Clarke, Great Quebec Street, St Marylebone, about the measures taken to help Elizabeth Greville, notably getting her a position as a nursery maid with Mrs Mayhew, Broad Street, St. James, Piccadilly.  D.Misc/187  9 July 1798
No further details   Letter from Cyrus Redding, St John's Wood, St Marylebone, to J. Watkins about some photographs.  D.Misc/188  n.d
No further details   A Surveyor employed by the Commissioners for Excise's notebook containing miscellaneous accounts with various tradesmen, partly in code, with some descriptions of information gathered about suspects, premises and seizures and one account of a chase. Incidents in the City of London and elsewhere in London and Essex. Added later are cuttings on several insurance companies, probably by another hand.  D.Misc/189  c.1783-1805; c.1804-44
No further details   The Three Arts Club, 19A Marylebone Road, and 35 & 35A Great Cumberland Place, St Marylebone. Guest book; miscellaneous notices of the Club and collection of posters and play bills.  D.Misc/190  June 1913-February 1954
No further details   Letter from G.A. Raikes, Burghfield, to his father, Rev. H. Raikes, 43 York Terrace, St Marylebone, on personal matters including his health.  D.Misc/191  4 March 1831
No further details   Correspondence, accounts, estimates and other papers of Richard Stuart Lane, English Secretary to the Japanese Legation, 29 Portman Square, St Marylebone, relating to a High Court case concerning the payment of bills for repairs, alterations and decorations to Lane's house in Portman Square, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/192  1876-1884
No further details   Counterpart lease for 21 years by James Duberly, Bentley Priory, Middlesex and Abraham Langford, Ludgate Hill, City of London, to George James Cholmondeley, Bentinck Street, St. Marylebone, of 31 Somerset Street, St Marylebone, with coachhouse and stable. Schedule.  D.Misc/193/1  14 August 1784
No further details   Counterpart lease for 24 years by George James Cholmondeley, Hereford Street, St Marylebone, to the Rt. Hon. Mary Countess Dowager of Lonsdale, of 31 Somerset Street, St Marylebone, with coachhouse and stable in White Hart Yard, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/193/2  27 December 1802
No further details   Lease for 61 years by John Wingfield, Stratford, Malling, Kent, to the Rev. John Monkhouse, clerk of Church Oakley, Southampton, Thomas Twinning Wing, Bedford, and Thomas West, barrister, Newton Great Ayton, Yorkshire, of 17 Stratford Place, St Marylebone. Plan and ground plot.  D.Misc/193/3  30 May 1870
No further details   Assignment of lease for the remainder of a term of 80 years by John Cayley, estate agent, Claremont Villa, 30 Tollington Park, Islington, to Miss Sarah Ann Bowden, 10 Melina Place, St John's Wood, St Marylebone (formerly Wilton Place).  D.Misc/193/4  7 June 1877
No further details   Printed agreement for putting into operation the Act "for the more effectually Paving, Repairing, Cleansing, and Lighting the Streets, Square, Lanes, and other Passages, and for regulating Weights and Measures within the Parish of Saint Mary-le-Bone...", 10 Geo III c.23, St Marylebone Improvement Act, 1770.  D.Misc/194  c.1770
No further details   Will of John Starke, midshipman HM Orford  D.Misc/195/1  16 March 1772
No further details   Deed of appointment of Dr Richard Starke, physician, as attorney of the estate of his brother, John Starke, midshipman HM Orford.  D.Misc/195/2  16 March 1772
No further details   Deed of appointment of Lieutenant John Starke as attorney of the estate of his brother, Dr Richard Starke, physician, St Marylebone  D.Misc/195/3  26 February 1786
No further details   Bond by James Gibson, builder, St Marylebone, and John Allday, mahogany merchant, Carlisle Street, St Anne, Soho, to pay John Elwes, Welbeck Street, St Marylebone, £4000.  D.Misc/195/4  11 July 1789
No further details   Probate of the will of Thomas Whyman, 9 Coopers Place, St Marylebone, with extract of the will, made 5 March 1828, attached.  D.Misc/196  19 June 1828
No further details   Paper by Joseph Jopling, architect, 31 Somerset Street, St Marylebone, entitled "Mary-le-bone Improvements. Calmel Buildings", arguing in favour of demolishing Calmel Buildings, St Marylebone and erecting a public hall in its place, to include a public meeting hall, lecture and conversation rooms, reading rooms, library, baths, general recreation and refreshment rooms etc.  D.Misc/197  October 1833
No further details   Letter from William Michael Rossetti, 3 St Edmunds Terrace, St Marylebone, to Miss Tomkins on various personal matters.  D.Misc/198  30 May 1910
No further details   Letters from Charles Santley, operatic singer, 5 Upper Hamilton Terrace, St Marylebone, to a friend, Benedict, agreeing to a singing engagement.  D.Misc/199  31 January 1898
No further details   Letter from Edmund Yates, 114 Marine Parade, Brighton, Sussex, to Miss Hemister, on a medical matter.  D.Misc/200  4 January 1884
No further details   Particulars of dilapidations of 51 Queen Ann Street, Cavendish Square, St. Marylebone, on determination of lease to Henry Gee Barnard by George Mercer, dated 17 March 1838. Compiled by Frederick William Bushill, architect of [3] Mortimer Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/201  23 January 1851
No further details   Auction Sale Particulars of 31 Somerset Street, Portman Square, St Marylebone, a leasehold family residence with a coach-house and four stall stable (Household furniture and part of library also to be sold).  D.Misc/202  24 July 1832
No further details   Probate copy of the will, dated 6 March 1813, of John Collins of Harley Street, St Marylebone, unique butler to the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn. With grant of probate at Prerogative Court of Canterbury.  D.Misc/204  10 June 1813
No further details   Copy receipt for Westminster Fire Office Insurance policy, 1867 and two deeds, 1868, relating to 54 Harley Street, St Marylebone (estate of Charles Rowlls), handed to Bailey Shaw Smith and Bailey, solicitors, [5] Berners Street, St Marylebone by Charles Lewis Bebb, attorney.  D.Misc/205  25 October 1870
No further details   Order for removal of Joseph Mason, Mary Ann his wife and their children from St Marylebone to St Anne Soho. Endorsed with memorandum of family's delivery to workhouse.  D.Misc/206  21 January 1831
No further details   Certificate of appointment as attorney of the Queen's Bench of John Russel Rush of 1 Chichester Place, Westbourne Terrace, Paddington.  D.Misc/207  25 November 1867
No further details   Copy of will, dated 2 February 1835, of Thomas Heaphy (1775-1835), artist in water colours, 8 St John's Wood Road, St Marylebone, including reference to £1,250 secreted by his first wife, Mary, which is to be left to Harriet Jane, his second wife. With letters of administration to Harriet Jane Heaphy, widow.  D.Misc/208  19 November 1835
No further details   Marriage certificate of Garratt Prenderghast, labourer and Margaret Byron, spinster, both of 86 Salisbury Street, St Marylebone, at the Lady Chapel [Grove Road (now Lisson Grove) St John's Wood] St Marylebone.  D.Misc/209  4 August 1840
No further details   Warrant of attorney to John Anderson and William Holship, attorneys of the King's Bench, to appear for Francis Marsh, gentleman, Poland Street, St James Westminster defendant, in an action of debt (for £420) at the suit of Elizabeth Mills spinster, Great Titchfield Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/210  20 November 1786
No further details   Voucher from Edward Thornhill to Sir William Chambers (1726-1796), architect, [13] Berners Street, St Marylebone, ordering payment of £6.8.0d. to Miss Anne Thomas on William Minell's account.  D.Misc/211  13 October 1790
No further details   Copy of will dated 6 June 1789 of John Colborne of the [Army] Pay Office Whitehall and Chapel Street, Lisson Green, St Marylebone, with codicil dated 7 January 1802 and affidavit by Humphrey Simmons of the Pay Office and Samuel Franks, [24] Carey Street, St Clement Danes.  D.Misc/212  29 March 1802
No further details   Licence to trade as carriage dealers at 24 Baker Street, St Marylebone, issued by Edward Berkeley, 1st Viscount Portman to Joseph Arnold and Richard Leonard Hawkins.  D.Misc/213  14 November 1876
No further details   Licence to trade as carriage dealer at 24 Baker Street, St Marylebone, issued by Edward Berkeley, 1st Viscount Portman to John Thomas Peacock.  D.Misc/214  23 December 1867
No further details   Copy memorial, registered at the Middlesex Land Registry, of deed of appointment by Edward, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Mortimer and Henrietta Cavendish Holles, Countess of Oxford and Mortimer, of Henry Howard Viscount Morpeth (1694-1758) son and heir of Charles [3rd] Earl of Carlisle, and John Verney Chief Justice of Chester (1699-1741), Robert Harley, Lincoln's Inn, and James West, Middle Temple as trustees of the manor and rectory of St Marylebone including tithes, advowsons etc. (Deed dated 2 August 1737)  D.Misc/215  13 November 1738 (watermark 1808)
No further details   Extract from enrollment, of lease for 99 years by the Commissioners of His Majesty's Woods, Forests and Land Revenues, Charles Arbuthnot (1767-1850) diplomatist and politician, William Dacres Adams and Henry Dawkins, to William Waterman, builder, [4] Winsley Street St Marylebone, of a house on the corner of east side Albany Street and north side William Street (now William Road), abutting to the east on Albany Lane (? Little Albany Lane) St Pancras.  D.Misc/216  19 August 1826
No further details   Extract from minutes of St Marylebone Committee of Management of resolution that Sir William Horne (1774-1860) [MP for St Marylebone 1833-1834] be requested to procure three copies of the Poor Law Bill for the vestry.  D.Misc/218  23 April 1834
No further details   Proposals for reform of the Sewers Commission [Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers] submitted to a meeting of delegates from the Metropolitan parishes, held at the Court House, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/219  13 November 1850
No further details   Copy affidavit in Chancery Suit, of John Fraser, 16 Furnival's Inn, solicitor to Richard Clout, [4] Augusta Place, Clapham Road, Surrey, stating that his client bought a freehold property, 41 Devonshire Street, St Marylebone and describing complications in completion of sale, resulting in financial loss to his client.  D.Misc/220  11 January 1864
No further details   Two letters from James Wilson, town clerk of St Marylebone, concerning the decorations in Oxford Street for the procession of the King and Queen of Portugal (Carlos I and Amelie) to the City of London on 17 November 1904.  D.Misc/221/1-2  8, 12 November 1904
No further details   Agreement between Harry Wilson, Manchester Street, Manchester Square, St Marylebone and John Anderson, [29] Golden Square, St James Westminster, attorney for Harry Wilson in an action of usury against John Baber, assigning John Anderson one half of the penalties to be recovered in the suit in return for payment of a levy upon a writ of Fieri Facias to the Sheriff of Middlesex.  D.Misc/222  28 October 1794
No further details   Letter from Peter Bathurst of Harley Street St Marylebone to William Strong [solicitor], [5] Lincoln's Inn, inviting him to call the next morning.  D.Misc/223  27 June 1794
No further details   5 Vouchers for money due from Dr John Wolcot (1738-1819), poet and satirist under the title 'Peter Pindar,' to W and C Spilsbury [for printing].  D.Misc/224  10 September 1798-16 May 1803
No further details   Warrant of attorney to John Fielder of [21 & 22] Duke Street, Grosvenor Square and William Wrangham, attorneys of the King's Bench, to appear for William Fermor the younger of [58] George Street, Portman Square defendant in an action of debt (for £1260) at the suit of Edward Harris of [56] Harley Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/225  6 June 1806
No further details   Draft will of Mrs Isabella Garnett widow of High Street Terrace [53-55] St Marylebone High Street, bequeathing property in Bucklersbury Walbrook, City of London, to Charles Semple her brother-in-law and Richard Bowzer in trust to sell it and distribute various bequests, the residue of the estate to go to the family of Catherine Semple, deceased, sister of the testator and wife of Charles Semple. Also two letters and a note relating to the engrossing of the will.  D.Misc/226/1-4  January 1806
No further details   Inventory made by J. Slingsby and William Lodder for Mrs Cowell, with valuation, of furniture in rooms of 20 Wigmore Street St Marylebone, the property of Francis Fauquier and comprised in lease.  D.Misc/227  December 1805
No further details   Agreement that John Stacie of 'The Bedford Arms', public house, Covent Garden vintner, assign to Joseph Hider of Upper Marylebone Street, stablekeeper, a lease [of property in Park Lane] dated 28 February 1777 and a bill of exchange dated 30 October [1792], acquired by John Stacie from John Wood, deceased, late of Park Lane, and also the household goods and effects of John Wood.  D.Misc/228  17 March 1793
No further details   Receipt from Stamp Office for legacy duty, containing account of the estate of William Mason exhibited by the executor of his will, William Gustard.  D.Misc/229/1  15 December 1815
No further details   Draft quit claim by Mary Gray, spinster of Alnwick, Northumberland and Robert Ferguson baker of Alnwick and Dorothy his wife (née Gray) to William Gustard of Cadogan Street, Chelsea, of all interest in trusts and directions contained in the will, dated 16 July 1814, of William Mason, (d.23 July 1814) watch and clockmaker of Oxford Street, bequeathing his property to William Jefferys (since deceased) and William Gustard in trust to pay dividends to Elizabeth Gray, sister of the testator and after her death (5 October 1849) to divide the principal between her two daughters, Mary and Dorothy.  D.Misc/229/2  December 1849
No further details   Particulars of demands and notice requiring immediate payment by Benjamin Morelle upholsterer of 15 Berners Street, St Marylebone, for goods supplied by Henry Newberry, fringe manufacturer of 19 Percy Street, Bedford Square [St Pancras] between December 1852 and July 1855.  D.Misc/230  3 September 1855
No further details   Notice of determination of lease of 3 Hanover Terrace (Cumberland Terrace) Regent's Park from Francis Nalder to Sir Charles Rowley (1770-1845), Fern Lodge, Windsor.  D.Misc/231/1  19 August 1842
No further details   Letter from Bell Broderick and Bell, solicitors of 9 Bow Church Yard to Sir Charles Rowley enclosing above notice from Francis Nalder.  D.Misc/231/2  17 September 1842
No further details   Memorandum of agreement that James Wilton Hulme Powell milliner of Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, sublet (for 16½ years) shop premises at 55 Rathbone Place to William Laycock, surgeon of Old Compton Street, Soho, with the condition that Laycock should not practise as a milliner nor Powell sublet 56 Rathbone Place to a surgeon, chemist or druggist.  D.Misc/232  5 May 1841
No further details   Certified copies from registers, of baptism of: a) Eliza Lucy Byng (Mrs Lynn) daughter of Hon. John Byng and Bridget on 23 July 1769 at St Marylebone. b) Sophia Ann Fraser [married 1st William Steir 2nd Sir Charles William Doyle], daughter of William and Mary Fraser on 27 June 1771 at St James, Westminster. Copies sent to Messrs Bedford and Vincent, attorneys, 5 Trafalgar Square.  D.Misc/233  March-May 1838
No further details   Notice of delivery of four tons of coal to Mr Willson [John Wilson, linendraper], 159 New Bond Street, St.George Hanover Square by Samuel Richard and John Buckingham Pope, coal merchants of York and Augusta wharves, Regent's Park Basin.  D.Misc/234  4 September 1839
No further details   Notice of determination of lease of 22 Bryanston(e) Street, St Marylebone (21 years from September 1826) on 29 September 1840 from Louisa Sarah Townshend widow of Thryburgh near Doncaster, administratrix of Maria Milner lessee, to Edmund Treherne executor of Thomas Miles, and John Hurley his agent.  D.Misc/235  30 April 1838
No further details   Indenture of apprenticeship of Henry John Wood son of Henry Wood of Moore Street St Marylebone, coachman, apprenticed to Joseph Deer and John Cook of 20 Bryanston Street, St Marylebone, coach wheelwrights, to be trained as a coach wheelwright.  D.Misc/236  5 December 1836
No further details   Invitation from J. Smith to Miss Linwood [? Mary Linwood (1775-1845) artist in needlework], Leicester Fields (Leicester Square) to attend a private exhibition at the Diorama, Regent's Park, on 22 March prior to its re-opening on 24 March.  D.Misc/237  March 1828
No further details   Two receipts from the Stamp Office for duty paid on legacies from the estate of Martha Hinton East, widow, formerly of St Andrew, Jamaica, and later of Upper Montagu Street, Montagu Square (died 9 September 1816), of cutlery linen and furniture to Mrs Elizabeth Drake and £100 in shares to Joanne Harris. Anna Fitzgerald, widow, of Bath, Somerset, is named as executrix.  D.Misc/238  1 November 1820
No further details   Deed of transfer of two shares in the Grand Junction Water Works from John Deacon of Bishopsgate Street, London, to William Hinves of [22] Upper George Street, Portman Square, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/239  31 January 1826
No further details   Agreement that Mrs Maria Nollekens lease to Richard Sutton (for 14 years), 50 Margaret Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/240  24 June 1813
No further details   Fire insurance policy of the Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Company for an eating house and dwelling house at rear of 45 Rupert Street, Haymarket, issued to John Gosden of 'The Blenheim Arms', Blenheim Terrace, St John's Wood, John Lucas, Thomas Bywaters and Robert Francis Showler.  D.Misc/241  13 January 1853
No further details   Receipt for two quarters assessed taxes (for male servant, carriage, two horses and armorial bearings) due Michelmas 1850 paid by Mr Fenton of 3 Lower Seymour Street (now part of Wigmore Street) to George Ensor Tarner, collector of taxes, 16 High Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/242/1  17 January 1851
No further details   Demand note from G.E. Tarner to Mr Fenton for four quarters assessed taxes due at Lady Day 1853.  D.Misc/242/2  [1853]
No further details   Summons to Percy Henry Bowley [bootmaker] of 40 Merrow Street, Walworth, to appear at Marylebone Police Court on 31 May 1906 to answer a charge made under the Motor Car Act 1903, of exceeding the speed limit of twelve miles per hour in Maida Vale, contrary to regulations laid down by the Local Government Board.  D.Misc/243  19 May 1906
No further details   First part of schedule of fixtures of house belonging to Mr Dodd(s) on the corner of Norfolk Street (Cleveland Street) and Tottenham Street, St Pancras describing fittings in shop and three storey house with attics and basement. (compiled for unidentified indenture)  D.Misc/244  [c.1804] (watermark)
No further details   Letter from Revd. Hugh Reginald Haweis (1838-1901), author and preacher, 16 Welbeck Street Cavendish Square St Marylebone, submitting a novel "by a new novelist though not a new writer who desires to remain anonymous at present" to be considered for publication.  D.Misc/245  N.d. [1871-1879]
No further details   Letter from John L[avicount] Anderdon (1792-1874), angler, 14 Upper Harley Street St Marylebone to Mr Herring (?) [bookseller], ordering four books and giving instructions on bindings etc.  D.Misc/246  24 August 1825
No further details   Letter from Joseph Angus (1816-1902) biblical scholar and president of the Baptist college, Regent's Park, 1859-1893, to Dr T.H. Huxley (1825-1895) sending him a volume of summaries, written by Angus, for an edition of Joseph Butler's (1692-1752) Analogy of Religion and Sermons on Human Nature.  D.Misc/247  5 October 1889
No further details   Letter from (Sir) Victor Horsley (1857-1916), surgeon, 80 Park Street Grosvenor Square to Stephen [Paget?] introducing Doctor Gerland, investigating a cure for rabies. (Letter written from 33 Seymour Street, Portman Square, residence of Henry Lumley).  D.Misc/248  10 June 1891
No further details   Draft article by Prideaux (for the Athenaeum ?) disputing a statement made by a reviewer in the Athenaeum, of a bibliography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge by Dr. John Louis Haney (1903), that Robert Southey's 'Omniana' was first published by Longman Hurst Rees Orme and Brown, and supporting the theory of Richard Herne Shepherd (1842-1895) bibliographer, put forward in another bibliography of Coleridge (left unfinished at his death and completed by Prideaux), that Gale and Curtis, of Paternoster Row, were the first publishers of 'Omniana'.  D.Misc/249/10  N.d. [c.1904]
No further details   Letter from E[dward] B[osworth] Harris, 5 Sussex Place St Marylebone discussing material on early auction sales of books and their catalogues and concluding that the first sale of this kind was Dr. Seaman's sale in 1676.  D.Misc/250  22 August 1910
No further details   Note to Mr Andrews, Bond Street requesting that a box at the Olympic Theatre, Strand be reserved for Marchioness Cornwallis (Louisa, wife of 2nd Marquis), [12] Park Crescent, St Marylebone, for a performance of "He Would Be An Actor".  D.Misc/251  N.d. [?1825 or 1850]
No further details   Note sent by B. Hopland to Miss James [dressmaker] explaining that both she and her colleague had to attend sick friends and relatives and therefore tickets on petticoats had not been "marked".  D.Misc/252  N.d
No further details   Letter from Jessy [Sarah] Goldsmid (widow of Henry Edward Goldsmid, 1812-1855, Indian civil servant), 32 Nottingham Place, Regent's Park to Mr Hendricks, thanking him for his efforts in obtaining a post for her son Bartle in the tea business but expressing reservations about her son travelling to the far East in the near future.  D.Misc/253  20 July [1865]
No further details   Letter from Joseph Hume (1777-1855) politician and MP for Middlesex, 1830-37, [6] Bryanston Square St Marylebone to George Fisk declining offer to purchase more land.  D.Misc/254  17 June 1825
No further details   Letter from Joseph Hume, [6] Bryanston Square, St Marylebone to Dr Thompson, Hyde Street [?Bloomsbury] introducing the bearer to his course "Materea Medica" and requesting an interview himself to discuss matters connected with the University [of London?].  D.Misc/255  28 April 1832
No further details   Letter from Edward Protheroe (MP for Bristol, 1813-1820), [39] Harley Street, St Marylebone to Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth, Home Secretary, forwarding a letter from a Bristol constituent containing details of a scheme for the prevention of forgery. Endorsed: "Transmit to Sir Joseph Banks".  D.Misc/256  22 January 1819
No further details   Letter from George [Granville] (1758-1833) second Marquess of Stafford [and Duke of Sutherland], Stafford House, to Lady Stuart (wife of Lord Stuart de Rothsay, British Ambassador to France, 1829-1831) introducing [Robert] Sutherland H.M. Consul at Maracaibo, Venezuela, on a visit to Paris and describing his former exploits in the army in Haiti and Spain. Also reference to royal family returning from review [of troops?] attended by King of Wirtemberg.  D.Misc/257  26 July 1830
No further details   Letter from Lord G[eorge] Bentinck (1802 - 1848), son of 4th Duke of Portland and racing enthusiast, Harcourt House, Cavendish Square, St Marylebone to James Ewing.  D.Misc/258  1 January 1830
No further details   Letter from George Granville 2nd Duke of Sutherland, discussing the housing of a painting offered to him by the correspondent for Stafford House, suggesting that it should be offered first to the Queen's collections either at London or Windsor.  D.Misc/259  8 September 1841
No further details   Last page of letter signed J [?William John Cavendish Bentinck-Scott, Marquess of Titchfield and 5th Duke of Portland], Cavendish Square concerning forged sets of prints being offered for sale.  D.Misc/260  18 December 1841
No further details   Letter from Charles Stevenson, builder, 14 Osnaburgh Street, St Marylebone to Henry Robert Abraham (1773-1850), architect, 1 Torrington Street, Torrington Square, St George Bloomsbury, discussing estimate and tender for construction of [St Andrew's] church in Wells Street, St Marylebone.  D.Misc/261  19 June [18]45
No further details   Letter (pencil) from SPC Moon, bookseller, 17 Norfolk Square Paddington to the Chief Librarian at Marylebone Public Library offering for sale documents relating to St Marylebone.  D.Misc/262  26 August [19]48
No further details   List (pencil) of 19 Documents relating to St Marylebone comprising deeds, auction sale catalogues, wills etc. 1770-1909. D Misc 264-274 all appear on list of documents, D Misc 263.  D.Misc/263  N.d. [c 1948]
No further details   Lease (75 years) by George Palmer, glass merchant, St Martin's Lane, St Martin-in-the Fields to Hepburn Hastie and James Hastie, builders, [72] (Great) Portland Street, St. Marylebone, of a house, 71 (Great) Portland Street. With schedule of rooms and fittings.  D.Misc/264  4 April 1791
No further details   Auction Sale Particulars of a public house "The Prince Regent", Seymour Place St Marylebone (99 years lease from 1802) ordered to be sold in a Commission of Bankrupt against Joseph Appleyard. Printed description of property and manuscript notes re-purchase.  D.Misc/265  8 June 1813
No further details   Auction Sale Particulars of 21 Queen Anne Street and 55 Great Portland Street, St Marylebone (leasehold premises) with printed description of properties and manuscript notes re-sale of 21 Queen Anne Street.  D.Misc/266  27 June 1820
No further details   Auction Sale Particulars of the ground rent and lease (41 years) of 53 Portland Place, St Marylebone, a mansion with coachhouse and stable. Memorandum of purchase of ground rent by Edmd. Sharp.  D.Misc/267  20 March 1833
No further details   Will (copy) of Mary Garton widow, linen draper, [85] Great Titchfield Street, St Marylebone listing bequests to her five children and distribution of estate including details of a fund to be lodged at the St Marylebone Savings Bank, in trust for her grandchild Emma Ingham.  D.Misc/268  24 November 1838 (watermark 1840)
No further details   Will (copy) of Charles Pitt Bartley, solicitor, 30 Somerset Street, Portman Square, St Marylebone and 54 Princes Square Paddington, detailing bequests of personal property and distribution of land and leases of property in Paddington, St Marylebone and Caldecote near Newport Pagnell, to his wife and ten children. Probate granted 22 June 1868.  D.Misc/269  11 March 1865
No further details   Lease (copy) for 30 years from David Porter, builder, Park Place, St Marylebone to Hon. Henry Brand, Lieutenant-Colonel in H.M. Coldstream Guards, Montagu Square, St Marylebone, of a house, 14 Montagu Square with coach-house, stables and out-offices. Property leased(99 years from Lady Day 1803) to David Porter by Edward Berkeley Portman (1771-1823). Includes list of conditions of lease.  D.Misc/270  5 September 1811
No further details   Plan (detached from a deed) of land bounded by Margaret Street and Cavendish Square (north), Oxford Street (south), Princes Street (east) and Holles Street (west), showing stable yards, passages and numbered plots with measurements of frontages.  D.Misc/271  N.d. ? [1727-1731]
No further details   Copy of will of Lady Anne Carleton second daughter of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Effingham and widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Carleton, Great Quebec Street St Marylebone, dated 18 September 1796. Grant of probate to the sisters of the deceased, Lady Elizabeth Courtney, wife of Henry Reginald Courtney Bishop of Exeter, and Lady Maria Dorchester wife of Guy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester.  D.Misc/272  18 August 1800
No further details   Memorial, recording grant by Alice Lane wife of John Lane of St Marylebone and Revd. George Lewis Jones of Limpsfield Surrey to Sarah Mitchel widow of Limpsfield, Surrey, of a rent charge on premises in St Marylebone (mortgaged to Samuel Blount for £1,100 by deed dated 16 February 1767).  D.Misc/273  10 November 1770
No further details   Notice of funeral sermon for Prince Albert, to be preached by Revd. John Chippendall Montesquieu Bellew (1823-1874), author and preacher, incumbent of St Mark's Church Marlborough Road (now Marlborough Place), St John's Wood, 1857-1862.  D.Misc/275  25 December 1861
No further details   Printed booklet entitled Cartage Day Work, St Marylebone giving the number of "draws" between the parish stoneyard, Richmond Place, and streets in St. Marylebone, listed alphabetically. Published by John Smith and Co, stationers and printers, [52] Long Acre, St Martin's.  D.Misc/279  1866
No further details   Letter from Oscar Clayton, surgeon, 5 Harley Street, St Marylebone to Rev. Canon James Edgar Sheppard (1845-1921), [70 Oxford Terrace, Paddington], sub-dean of the Chapels Royal (from 1884), asking what time he should arrive at St James's Palace the next day to go to Kew.  D.Misc/284  2 September 1889
No further details   Last page of letter of condolence on bereavement from Sir Thomas Barlow, first baronet, physician (1845-1945), 10 Wimpole Street, St Marylebone. (Identities of deceased and recipient not known but they appear to be connected with University College, London, where Barlow studied)  D.Misc/285  N.d. [?c1925]; (after 1918)
No further details   Letter from Octavia Hill (1838-1912), social reformer and philanthropist, 14 Nottingham Place, St Marylebone, on behalf of the Kyrle Society (for provision of music for poor communities), to Rev. Hon. Francis Godolphin Pelham, rector of St Mary the Virgin, Lambeth, inviting him to represent the Lambeth vestry at the opening of Vauxhall Park by the Prince and Princess of Wales (Edward VII and Alexandra).  D.Misc/286  4 July 1890
No further details   Letter from Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, musical composer (1786-1855) enclosing letter from Madame V[estris] (Lucia Elizabeth Mathews, (1797-1856) actress and singer) about her retirement from the Opera and requesting an answer. (recipient (male) not named).  D.Misc/287  N.d.[pre-1855]
No further details   Letter from Edwin Atherstone (1788-1872) poet and writer, 7 Union Place, New Road Marylebone Road, offering two paintings [for sale?] one by Wilson and one by 'a great Italian master' (not named).  D.Misc/289  14 April [1840-46]
No further details   Letter from R[ichard] J[ames] Lane [(1800-72), line engraver and lithographer] 11 Chester Place, Regents Park, St Pancras to J[ohn] P[ritt] Harley [(1786-1858) actor and singer and collector of theatrical reliques] sending him a hat worn by the Duke of Wellington in the character of General Bombastes. He had obtained the hat from Bartley [George Bartley (1782?-1858) comedian and stage manager at Covent Garden from 1829 (?)] and the hat was originally supplied to the Duke by Moore and Co., hatters.  D.Misc/290  16 October [1843-c1848]
No further details   Letter from Hon Miss H[arriet] Waldegrave, 4 Park Square, Regent's Park to Mr Leighton [John and James Leighton, bookbinders and sellers, 40 Brewer Street, Golden Square (?)] ordering books to be bound and sent to the Marquis of Blandford [John Winston, 7th Duke of Marlborough ?] at 3 Wilton Terrace, St George Hanover Square.  D.Misc/291  23 September [c.1850]
No further details   Letter from M.J. Vernon, Honorary Secretary of society to secure a park for Kilburn and Paddington, 59 Carlton Hill, St John's Wood to Doctor Richardson asking permission to use his name on circulars supporting the scheme and also requesting signature on petition to be sent to the Board of Works.  D.Misc/292  15 October 1878
No further details   Duplicated letter from Wilson Carlile (1847-1942) founder of the Church Army (1882), 130 Edgware Road, St Marylebone to Doctor Trisham asking for donations to the Army Labour homes for the destitute.  D.Misc/293  14 January 1904
No further details   Letter from Frederick Shields, painter of religious themes, Morayfield, Merton Park, Surrey, to Miss E Densham [of 8 Cochrane Street, St John's Wood] about prices of paintings of The Good Shepherd and mentioning work he had done at the Victoria (Methodist) chapel in St John's Wood.  D.Misc/294/1  21 January 1906
No further details   Report of visit to Hastings by staff of Richard Densham and Sons, builders of 120 Fortune Green Road, Kilburn, to celebrate centenary of firm.  D.Misc/294/2  1950
No further details   Letter from G.R. Edwards of 18 Friern Watch Avenue, London N12, enclosing the two documents (above) and giving details of the Densham family in Marylebone.  D.Misc/294/3  1 November 1977
No further details   Letter from George S. Lane-Fox, Vice Chancellor of the Primrose League, 1889-1912, 20 Sussex Place [Regent's Park?] to Mrs Tristam(?) accepting a dinner invitation. With cutting from newspaper about meeting of the Primrose League at his retirement as Vice-Chancellor.  D.Misc/295  24 May (?) [1878?];[1912]
No further details   School Board for London Marylebone Division. Results of poll to fill vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Thomas Henry Huxley giving numbers of votes cast for each candidate at polling station in parishes of St Marylebone, St Pancras, Paddington and St John Hampstead.  D.Misc/296  28 March 1872

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